emails are not sent from Outlook 2007

I'm not able to send emails from Outlook 2007, when I'm home, they send only when I'm at my desk.  I tried the test problems, but it did not help.  When I write an email, that it just sits in my Outbox, I don't get any kind of error message.  I'm on a laptop to connect to a wireless router.  Help please.

Please set up your e-mail account in Outlook 2007. Please see the link below:


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  • My emails are not sent and I get an error message - error 550 server windows live mail error ID 0x800ccc79.

    My emails are not sent and I get an error message - error 550 server windows live mail error ID 0x800ccc79.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you

    original title: network

    Hello GerryBenjamin,

    The best place to ask your question of Windows Live is inside Windows Live help forums. Experts specialize in all things, Windows Live, and would be delighted to help you with your questions. Please choose a product below to be redirected to the appropriate community:

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  • Photo emails are not sent

    For two weeks I could not send email with attachment image. Only, they remain in the box shipping and after a few days are deleted without being sent. I also still receive an error message that Windows Live could not send or receive mail. But I'll receive all messages and any other mail that isn't photo e-mail is sent. I tried to send the photo as an attachment; their sending the application and reduce the size of transmit them Photo Gallery! Nothing works, the photo of emails are not sent. What is the problem?


    The question you have posted is related to Windows Live, and would be better suited in the Windows Live forum. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the support you want.

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  • Hotmail, viruses, emails are not sent by me

    receive e-mail messages that are not sent by me as being undeliverable titled "I bet he's OK", "GSP", "73R"

    Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists:

    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.
    E-mail address of the recipient not found in the recipient e-mail system. Microsoft Exchange will not try to deliver this message to you. Please check the email address and try to resend this message, or provide the text of diagnosis according to your system administrator.

    You can set up a message rule in OE to move all messages (say with the subject "delivery failed" or anything that is the subject of such messages) and then move the message to a junk mail folder.  Then, you can filter the junk e-mail folder to the one you want and then delete them both.  There is not that you can do to block otherwise these messages, the originals are probably generated by infected computers on which you have no control.  The parody of virus (in this case your) e-mail address, it seems that you sent the message, and you can overcome that.


  • Acrobat Pro XI created a PDF file are not sent in Outlook.  Other manufacturers pdf work.  Help!

    When I create a pdf file in Acrobat Pro XI and attach it to an email (Outlook 365), the email will not send.  He will sit in the Outbox to always generate an error in the transmission.  When I create a pdf file with another program (for example pdf Complete), he gives and sends fine.  I have Norton 365 and off Scan outgoing emails and disabled the Norton Spam filtering.  This problem started in the last 2 weeks.  Anyone has a solution or have seen this problem?  Thanks in advance.  Curt

    By by the way, what is the size of one of these files (in KB or MB)? Too big files will BE rejected by godaddy with a message.

  • Emails are not sent and cannot delete emails from the Inbox

    I recently bought an iMac, retina of 27-inch end 2015 model 5 k pro. 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5 8 gb 1867 MHz DDR3
    I use OS x El Capitan v 10.11.4 and Mail v9.3

    E-mail was setup and fine for a month or so of work. Yesterday, it started to get really slow and slower.
    It allows me to delete messages in my Inbox and it wont let me move messages to other folders.
    It also will not let send me e-mail messages.  It won't even put it in my drafts folder, they disappear.
    Then in the column on the left down at the bottom it says "send message" and is stuck on about 1/4 of the way and never ended up sending.

    I have read in this forum and tried a few things to fix it without success.
    And I even went in connection doctor and it says that everything is connected and works fine.

    Very frustrated because I need emails for my business and it has not worked for two days.

    Anyone has any suggestions for me on what to try next?

    See if reconstruction of the support mailbox.

    Instructions here > Mail (El Capitan): rebuild the mailbox

  • Emails are not sent

    I have 4 separate e-mail addresses which all were working well but last week that it is impossible to send, to send only one email.  I need to have the correct settings for,, @[email protected],

    Hi there mbhs1959,

    I understand that you are unable to send email from your MacBook Air. Here is an article for you that will help you address this issue in an appropriate manner:

    If you cannot send or receive e-mail on your Mac - Apple Support

    Thank you for coming to Apple Support communities!

  • My emails are not sent but I get emails, can help you please?

    So I got glow host see if there is a question on end, but they found nothing. I have some screenshots various different error messages that I received.

    The port no. the outgoing server to 465.

  • Mailbox are not sent

    I have a 34.5 attachment to send and email are not sent there suggesting that I use the mailbox, but which is not send it either and it get stuck in the Outbox.

    What is an "34.5" attachment, it's a file size, if there are so many 34.5 what? k, K, KB, MB, GB, TB, PB, EB, ZB, YB?

    your provider allows to spare part of this size, area of the receiving party allows to spare part of this size? How are you connected? you have run the connection doctor? What kind of file (s) is it? have you have compressed files?

  • Sent print Outlook 2007 emails as attachments


    My new HP Photosmart Premium e-all-in-one C310 is a personal printer.

    I work from home using a VPN connection - so I can't print directly - I send my emails from the printer.

    If I send a single email - to make the content I want to print in the email - it works.

    However if I send a number of emails - like attachments - it does not - print with the error message "FAILED." - not enough

    Why is this?  I thought ePrint supports printing from Outlook 2007?

    Can someone help me to print emails and attachments?

    Thank you


    Hi kjgunn,

    Currently, ePrint don't support Outlook message as an attachment.

    Prospects are referring to the body of the Outlook e-mail.

    This is certainly a good feedback and something that HP will want to improve in the future.

    Thank you.

  • Problem blackBerry Smartphones synchronization of the sent folder Desktop Client from Outlook 2007 to BB Pearl 8100

    I have problem synchronizing the items in the folder sent customer Desktop Outlook 2007 to BB 8100.

    I read the support doc 'delay in syncing from Outlook 2007..' say... but in my case it is not sync at all.

    I tried the folder redirection of pocket... but the 'sent' folder is grayed on and not be able to select all.

    BB 8100 sent mails are well visible in blackberry.

    BB Dektop Manager version 4.5

    Version of the software for device

    Version of the platform

    All advice or suggestion will be really appreciated.

    ~ AEK

    Solved the problem!

    Updated to latest OS: 8100 /

    Check this link

    NOTE: Go through the full post... its risky... I had a lot of trouble to make it work... but once its work... it works very well. If you're lucky, you can not face any problems.

  • Outlook express 6 error 0x8xxccc6f - Email is not sent

    I get the following error message when I try to send email from Outlook Express 6. the email is not sent. How can I fix it?

    An unknown error has occurred. "Account: 'POP3', server: '', Protocol: SMTP, server response: ' 554 bizsmtp bad too many orders of ', Port: 25, secure (SSL): no, Server error: 554, error number: 0x800CCC6F

    Check via webmail and ensure that webmail access works.

    Then remove interference antivirus and make sure that your antivirus software is not defined on analyze them (see

    So try to go to file | Identities and setup a new identity.  Then try to add your account and see if it works.


  • When I click on a link to seend an email to someone, I get an erro message which indicates that the yahoo mail server can not connect and my messages are not sent.

    Problems sending messages.

    When I click on a link to seend an email to someone, I get an erro message that says that this yahoo mail server can not connect

    and my messages are not sent. I have a total of 9 messages that have been blocked.

    Do I need to have a pop3 address or can you tell me what is happing.

    You must have an account set up under Tools | Accounts | Mail to send from Windows Mail.  If you click on a link, it will not lead you to a webmail interface, but called instead a mail client, such as WinMail.  Around that, the only way is to copy the email address and paste it into a new message you have composed of webmail.


  • Contact form are not sent to email

    I've done loads of this time contact form and it works very well, but for some reason that this particular form are not sent to email. Php is good, so it must be my form. I'll put the two pieces of code up anyway. Thank you


    <? PHP

    If {($_POST)}

    If (! filter_input (INPUT_POST, 'email', FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) {}

    $message = 'Please enter a correct e-mail address' ;} else {}

    $name = strip_tags($_POST['name']);

    $company_name = strip_tags($_POST['company_name']);

    $telephone = strip_tags($_POST['telephone']);

    $email = $_POST ['email'];

    $comments = strip_tags($_POST['comments']);

      $to = ' [email protected] ';

    $subject = 'Under contact form.';

    $body = $name. "\n". $company_name. "\n". $telephone. "\n". $email. « \n ». $comments;

    $headers = ' from: '. $email;

    If (mail ($ $subject, $body, $headers)) {}

    echo ' please contact us. We\ will be in contact soon!';

    } else {}

    $message = ' sorry, an error has occurred. Please try again later.';



    ? >

    <? PHP echo "< style p =" color: red "> $message < /p >"? >


    < form id = "contact form" action = "" method = "post" > "

    < p > name: < br / > < input name = "name" type = 'text' required / > < / p >

    < p > company name: < br / > < input name = "company" type = "text" required / > < / p >

    < p > telephone: < br / > < input name = "phone" type = "such" required / > < / p >

    < p > E-mail: < br / > < input name = "email" type = "email" required / > < / p >

    < p > comments: < br / > < textarea name = required "comments" / > < / textarea > < / p >

    < input type = "submit" name = "submit" value = "Send!" formmethod = 'post' / >

    < / make >

    There is nothing wrong with the PHP script. If the mail service is not available or for some reason any does not run, you get the message "Sorry, an error has occurred." Because you do not get this consignment, the problem lies elsewhere.

    The server administrator is a person. Mean nobody that does not work contact form and ask if mail is configured on the server and if there is a reason email PHP would not work.

  • Email with a large attachment are not sent.  How to cancel it?

    I sent an email (via my yahoo account but using my mail app on my iMac) with an attached video.  Well, the video was apparently too big and is not stuck and are not sent.  It drives me crazy because I can't access my e-mail and it slows everything down while the circle of Rainbow rotation will not stop!  How can I stop it?  I tried the reboot, restart, force, abandonment of post.  I'm afraid to open mail application more because every time I do, the spinner starts and I am doomed!  Help!

    Menu messaging-> window-> activity there, you can stop sending the mail.

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