Emails from blackBerry Smartphones don't automatically get pushed to my curve. Only when I use the browser.

Yesterday, I posted my emails from my hotmail account seem to come in batches to my Curve 8330. Someone suggested that the problem was due to MS Messenger running on my computer. That makes sense, so I considered resolved thread. Unfortunately, the same thing occurs still even after I Quit Messenger. Now I realize that my e-mails only get pushed to my BB, when I use the browser on my phone. Is there a setting I can adjust?

Thank you!


In situations of this kind, it would be useful to post again this same thread, so that we can follow the previous suggestions.

However, do the following on your BlackBerry:

1. options > advanced > host Routing Table > Menu > register.

2 send your service from your carrier's BIS site books.

3. with the BlackBerry device powered time, remove battery for a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart

4. dial * 228 on your device.

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  • Email from blackBerry Smartphones don't Synch correctly

    HI -.

    My wife has a 8330 on Verizon wireless.  She also has a account as his e-mail.  I can implement his e-mail to download wireless between and her BB, but I can't get them to sync.  Which means, if I delete an email from his account his account on Outlook or webmail, the e-mail message is not removed from his BB.  Is it possible to have an e-mail removed (from Outlook or webmail) automatically delete the email from his BB?

    Thank you!

    the BB will communicate with outlook... the BB communicates with the Web server, but because verizon uses POP servers, you want can be done. get a free gmail account and use the IMAP protocol... IMAP will do what you want, especially if you use the gmail app

    POP servers are one such limited technology... its all from the manual controls

  • Emails from blackBerry Smartphones don't no projection in the HUB

    "When emails are pulled through another phone, it cannot be seen" pulls "on priv, I got the z30 before and never had such a problem

    Help, please

    Hmmm... ' ' similar ' <> 'identical '. However, you should probably work with your company and/or SM system administrator to see if they can look and see what might be wrong.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones-error message when you use the browser

    My Blackberry Storm began to display: error occurred during parsing XML: Expecting '; '.  When I go to the browser.  No idea how to eliminate this error message every time I use the browser?

    Error message went away by itself (a day after my post).  Thanks for the posts.

  • Emails from blackBerry Smartphones now take several hours to reach handset BB: dept IT don't believe me!

    Have a BB 8310 on a British provider (O2).  It's a working BB so everything is done by the IT Department and the company's server.  The first weeks it worked fine.  Last week, I noticed that I wasn't getting emails. As I was on vacation, I wasn't too worried, but then I realized that I had not received emails for a day or two.  Check on my laptop, I had received a lot of emails in the intermediate days.  The BB just seemed to be stopped automatically reconclining with my Outlook.

    Switch the phone on, turn off, forcing him to reconcile or remove an email on my BB seems to force to reconcile and will solve the problem temporarily.  The handset will behave so for an hour or two and then seems to go back to sleep.  It takes hours for an email coming through the handset and it's just bcause (I think) I went in a place with little or no service and when it detects a signal once again, he is reconciled with Outlook.

    Back the BB to my local IT Department.  They went on and outside telephone, sent a test email (which happens quickly) and told me it was fixed (haven't tried to tell them that it is only a temporary fix). After persuading, they kept their hands on the BB for a few hours and sent emails from test etc which have all failed to pass through. Advisable to take for our largest IT Department.

    Went through the same thing with them, but they do not see a problem (Yes, they he turns on and turns off again and of course the test e-mail came through). Would not quite believe me when I told them what was going on.  It's my second BB so I'm confident enough to use it etc so I can't imagine!

    Any ideas of what to do or what to say the IT Department to do?

    Thank you.


    Thanks for the email.  Tried your suggestion, but nothing helped.  I had to restore the CMIME file.  I will send it to the IT Department once more!

    Thanks again.


  • Emails from blackBerry Smartphones retaining on the mail server

    I just got my new storm and love it.  I use an e-mail account personal via Comcast which is linked to the storm.  Is there a way to change the configuration of e-mail on the storm so that it does not delete emails from the comcast email server, when they are sent to the storm?  I also use MS Outlook at home to keep my emails managed at my office.  I know that in Outlook, I can choose to not delete mail from the server after downloading and want to be able to do this on the storm so I can drop later in Outlook on my PC.

    Thank you.

    Access the Messages. Then press the Blackberry menu button to get the menu message. Go to Options. In the E-mail Options for reconciliation.  In this menu, you should find an option delete on.  Specify this Handheld.  Then on conflicts, the value wins box mailbox.

    If I remember correctly in the web based Blackberry server personal email to installation site, when you email account settings, you should be able to dissable the possibility to allow the Blackberry to delete the contents of the email from the server.

    I think this should do it for you.

    Jerry G.

  • Problem of strange Email from blackBerry Smartphones. Emails show as read in outlook when delivered to the blackberry phone


    our company has recently migrated from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2010.

    All of our blackberry phones use the provider service, so no BIS/BES participates in our side.

    Before the migration to exchange 2010, everything was fine.

    However, we started to notice what follows with the accounts migrated to exchange 2010:

    The user receives an email in his 2007 Outlook e-mail client.

    the user does not read the message, the message shows as unread.

    BlackBerry survey involved provider, connect to our exchange 2010, the voting user account. As soon as this happens, the email gets "read" in outlook, but pronounced as "unread" in the blackberry phone.

    I would like some advice about what to do next or maybe there's something related to exchange server 2010 or my service providers.

    I tested it with my blackberry 9000 and is happening exactly as described.

    Thank you

    Hey eaperezh,

    Thanks for the information.

    There is an article on this topic:

    To resolve this issue: integrate accounts as OWA or IMAP or to configure a rule to redirect to the exchange server to forward to another address or address BlackBerry.

  • Calendar and contacts from blackBerry Smartphones don't synchronize with outlook 2013 (win8) - in collaboration with IPhone and Ipad air 5s

    Hi all

    I just moved to a new PC (ex: Sony Vaio with win 7 pro, outlook 10 pro > new: duo of vaio from sony with win 8, Outlook 13 home office 365). I used to sync outlook contacts and calendars with blackberry and iphone and ipad on my old laptop using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

    Now with my new PC, iphone and ipad are always works well and they synchronize with outlook: new entries on the outlook calendar and new contacts are added to my laptop and vice versa, but when I connect my Blackberry "BOLD" I n get the updates.

    I confirm that I use the latest version of the desktop manager 7.0.

    My organizing Office Manager is configured to sync both calendar and contacts

    Any idea please?

    Thanks in advance for your help


    Hello and welcome to the community!

    Unfortunately, you went beyond the platforms supported, see:

    Outlook 2013 is not supported at this time.

    I'm sorry.

  • Emails from blackBerry Smartphones do not sync with Outlook 2010

    Hi all. I just built a new PC with Windows 7 and Office 2010. My old PC run Win XP and Office. When I open Outlook (XP) my emails removed themselves from my BB 9320, but this does not happen with OL 2010. Can someone advise please.

    Kind regards...

    Help me understand... you want all of your removal from the BlackBerry emails when they are downloaded into your client application to Outlook?

    In your configuration, Outlook, value on the function to delete emails from the server after downloading to Outlook.

    This isn't a matter of BlackBerry, but one of Outlook.

  • Email from blackBerry Smartphones Outlook vs BB

    My emails come through my outlook and then hit my BB.  When it hits my blackberry it changes my unread on outlook emails to read, but I never open emails from outlook.   Can someone help me?

    might want to remove the integration with your BB and re - integrate

  • Emails from blackBerry Smartphones endangered since the handset

    I use BIS and in the last two months emails started to disappear out of my blackberry handest. They disappear usually within 45 minutes of receipt.

    I did a hard reset and I have about 160 MB of free memory, but it still keeps happenning. I use Outlook to check my email, but this happens even if my computer is turned off while Outlook is not running.

    Thus, your Yahoo email is reconciled with its web server.

    Which means, if you download this email in Outlook, and your Outlook settings to delete email from the server, it will inturn also remove on your BlackBerry handheld.

    And, if you read or delete this e-mail in your Yahoo webmail, it will inturn also being marked read or deleted from your handheld.

    Together check where you set your email, to disable the removal of e-mail.

    And on your device, you can access your Messages > Options > Email reconciliation and extinguish the reconciliation.

  • Response of emails from blackBerry Smartphones

    I'm not able to send replies to the letters of my handset from BB which are downloaded on my laptop. When I send the message in default, it passes through.

    Check the following scenarios to see if any apply to you:

  • Emails from blackBerry Smartphones...

    When I send an email from my phone, he sent me a copy.  How can I stop this?

    Thank you!!

    NM fix everything.

  • Emails from blackBerry Smartphones marked in red "piracy."

    I have a Torch 9800 and I have received approximately 246 messages a space of five minutes. Messages have been marked in red with a title "HACKERS" of . The message was very written chicky «your phone has been hacked, while we enjoy hacking your phone» Should I worry about my information being exposed and used? How protected are my data? How can I avoid this happening again?

    EDIT: Personal information such as PIN for your safety are prohibited. Please see the guidelines of the user   under article ""be sure to." "

    While exceptionally boring with that amount, the message in red and the pin number would indicate that it is a message of pine rather than an email from a hacker. Have you published your PIN anywhere?

    As long as you do not have something suspicious on your phone your should be ok. If you still receive these messages, you can block their origin of the firewall options to prevent messages from pine of anyone not in your contacts

  • Email from blackBerry Smartphones of accts involved in the work on BBerry email

    My bberry is set to receive emails from work via the company's server, but I also receive emails sent to my gmail account in my "work email" on bberry. After leaving a job in December, I created my gmail acct/icon separated as well as first e-mail account, and since my new employer set up my bberry to work with the company's server, my email acct address has received emails from gmail as well as work. Any help would be appreciated.

    OK, well now you know how it works, I described and a good suggestion to fix it.

    All account personal BIS will flow into the main folder (and their own personal file as well). You can not change this.

    You are welcome.

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