EMF Tiff image conversion does not properly on Windows 7 PC

I have a c# application that monitors the Clipboard.  When an EMF
comes, I extract the EMF of the Clipboard data and try to
Save offshore in a TIFF image. Everything works fine on a windows XP PC. However, when you do the conversion to grayscale, the converted image is not readable (blurry) on Window 7 PC (32-bit / 64-bit).

I have using the standard GDI + for the conversion needs. What could be changed as the origin of the problem? Any help appreciated.


Your question of Windows 7 is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. It is better suited for Visual c# in the MSDN forums. Please post your question in the Visual c# MSDN forum.
Aziz Nadeem - Microsoft Support

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    In windows 7 the touchad does not work properly, which means I can't scroll pages by dragging my finger on the edges of the touchpad. It worked perfectly witn Vista and now it isn't. I have the 64 bit version.

    I tried new drivers, but there aren't any. How should I solve this?

    Thank you

    Hey Buddy,

    You have the most recent driver for the touchpad? Usually the Vista drivers also work on Windows 7.
    Check this box!

    In addition, the exact model number would be interesting.

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    The logo of Windows get stuck, then I get a blue screen very quickly and it restarts. Also when I try to start in safe mode, it's the same thing. loading everything, then it gets stuck and also a really fast blue screen and reboot.

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    I did restore by image much, many times without ever a problem.

    • I only use the integrated Windows 7 image creating installation
    • I only use a DVD + R White, never-r
    • I create the image ONLY on install brand new to be absolutely certain, there is no corruption

    I've heard of this kind of problem does not happen when the image was made from a damaged disc.  Which simply transfers the corruption.

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    I already tried to uninstall and install the back card (not physically). Also, I tried to update the driver, that does not work either.

    Do you have someone had the same problem and was able to remedy?

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    Alan Wake was working properly in Windows 7?

    How the device has been upgraded to Windows 8?  Was it a new installation or an upgrade on the spot?

    It seems that the system can have switchable graphics with Intel and AMD.  Was this the driver you have installed?  You mentioned that it didn't work.  He did install the driver correctly and the problem persists or not installing driver fail?

  • HP Envy 360, model 15-U363CL: Synaptics Clickpad setttings works does not properly in Windows 10

    Synaptics Clickpad v. settings are not saved after Windows 10.  Every time I have stop and restart Win 10, I have to disable "TAPPING" I hate go in the settings of the mouse/clickpad.  Settings have been saved on close and worked well in Win 8.1.  HP needs to come with a new driver.   In the meantime, I guess I might have to go back to 8.1 win?

    Anyone else having this problem?

    Software and driver results for:

    HP ENVY x 360-15-u363cl (ENERGY STAR)

    Synaptics TouchPad Driver Rev.A 188,0 MB 17 July 2015

    You must use Win 8.1 driver as driver Win 10 is not available for the touchpad.

  • Pavilion g6 2303sh 7650 Radeon graphics driver does not properly with Windows 7 (Code 43)

    Hi all

    I can't get my radeon card to work on a new installation of Windows 7. In the device manager it is a sign of warning on the name of the card. The camera has error code 43, but not other information on what might be wrong.

    I tried to reinstall the latest drivers AMD (not beta) at least a dozen times, but nothing works.


    Here is the link to the W7 x 64 driver which you are interested.


    There is no W7 32 bit driver for the 7670M graphics card, then you must either install W7 x 64 or live with what you have now.

  • Client VPN works does not properly in windows 7

    I use the latest version of the VPN client in windows 7 for multiple users and each of them have problems, they connect apparently but when trying to access the network internal no navigation link is set up, someone has the same problem, nothing has been published in reclassification microsoft site this issue they claim, it should work perfectly but aparently not.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

    We use VPN client v5.0.05.0290 without problem.  Here is a link I found initially when testing with Windows 7 and VPN client... maybe it will help you solve your problem.


    I didn't have to resort to this procedure on windows 7 pro 32-bit.

    On a different note, can pass you the traffic to hosts on your internal network by IP address or hostname?  I found a problem using the AnyConnect client - only to not configure the connection profile to indicate to the client that connects to what our internal domain name was... then my clients have not been able to establish connections incoming withougt manually by adding the domain name until the end of the hostname... shot in the dark...

    Good luck!!

  • Acer lcd x192w version x192w b does not properly in windows 8, unavailable native resolution

    This monitor worked correctly on windows 7, the series is SNIDS: [under the direction of privacy]

    Now I upgraded my desktop acer Windows 8 pc and I can only select a 4:3 1280 x 1024 maximum resolution.

    There is no resolution 16:9 so I can't put it correctly on 1440 x 900.

    The graphics card is installed correctly with the latest available ati drivers it's a radeon x 1250.

    Help, please.

    I don't know who told you anyway it turns out the problem was a faulty vga cable, replace it with a new one is the solution.

  • I have error GETan say for this device does not properly because windows cannot load the drivers required for this device (code 31) to 6to4 adapt #2 and #7 wher can I get these re install

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!

    Ideas: where can I find these adapters

    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem


    Control Panel - Device Manager - do a right-click on the two - UNINSTALL - REBOOT

    Nothing else to do, Windows will do the rest. And you can ignore errors if
    you want and on some computers, it will always be there but don't cause any trouble.

    On a Windows Vista-based computer or on a Windows Server 2008-based computer, the
    Map Microsoft ISATAP appears with a yellow exclamation mark next to it in device
    Manager and you also receive an error message

    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Edit in Photoshop as greyed out.rebooted several times does not properly, can someone advise?

    Creative could use, recently not able to 'Edit in Photoshop' as grayed out. I uninstalled both and restarted several times now. Still does not properly, can anyone advise?

    Hi sandy,

    Please check the image you try to change, the Images should not miss the Lightroom library.

    Please try and complete the step with a different image.

    Kind regards

    ~ Mohit

  • Safari Web Clip does not properly

    Hello everyone

    I have a problem with safari Web Clip and that is does not properly for almost all pages, as example, I participate in a contest of therapy dbrand/unbox, and I really don't want to open the web page, whenever a new winner is announced, so I created a web clip, but it does not work well When I click the web clip icon he asked the location of the clip and when click on done, the web clip is from a different region and I can't fix.

    Is this some sort of bug or can I fix it myself?

    Web Clip still didn't work if the cut element remains in the exact same on exactly the same site. This is apparently not the case here.

    Dashboard widgets in general, are an old technology that has not been updated in many years.

  • Image Viewer does not offer native zoom level unless layout.css.devPixelsPerPx is set to 1.0, which makes all the tiny interface.

    Asked me to shake my question in one sentence, so this is.
    Image Viewer does not offer native zoom level unless layout.css.devPixelsPerPx is set to 1.0, which makes all the tiny interface.

    DevPixelsPerPx is - 1.0 by default, which causes Firefox to scale with the parameter of the BONE, which is perfectly fine. The problem is that it causes also open image files and especially the zoom level, nationwide also identical to the user interface. A zoom level is adapted to the screen, the other is native. (One is a magnifying glass with a '+', the other a '-'.) Or rather, the other * should * be native, but in practice, it is not native, is climbed by the setting of the BONE, making it as arbitrary and fuzzy like any other level of zoom, which defeats the whole point and does not allow access to a native scaling in any reasonable way.

    If you want to experiment, here is something you can try, a bookmarklet that inserts a 'Native' button on the page. It takes into account your level of "net" zoom current and reduced the image natural dimensions.

    (1) select and copy the following script:

    javascript:var btn=document.createElement('button'); btn.style.cssFloat='right'; btn.appendChild(document.createTextNode('Native')); document.body.insertBefore(btn, document.body.firstChild); btn.addEventListener('click', function(){var img=document.querySelector('img');img.style.transform='scale('+(1/window.devicePixelRatio)+')';}, false); void 0;

    (2) right-click a task on your bookmarks bar or, if you do not display this bar, click on the bookmarks menu button and right click a place there, and then click new bookmark

    (3) paste the script in the location line

    (4) assign a name like native, and then click Add a bookmark

    While you look at a picture, click the bookmark (let) to inject the button. Then click on the button to resize the image.


    If you change the zoom level of the 'page', click on the new button to resize it due to the change.

  • Toshiba 47L7453DG - CEC does not properly using exernal amplifier

    I bought Toshiba 47L 7453 a few days ago.

    It is connected to the amplifier Onkyo TX-NR535 but CEC does not properly. Volume control works fine but On / Off or stanby does not at all.

    My previous TV Toshiba 42XV635DG was communicated by the CEC with the Onkyo even without any problem.

    The wire connection is HDMI 1.4 certified.
    Maybe the problem is with the firmware of the TV.

    Maybe someone had the same problem.

    Any suggestion?

    Thank you


    From my point of few TV and amplifier are connected some CEC (Volume control) functions that work. I think you should check the auto power settings and HDMI CEC standby control system.

    Manual, you will find some important notes:

    _Page: 11_
    + You can control the basic functions of audio/video devices connected with s TV remote if you connect an HDMI-CEC compatible AV amplifier or playback device. +
    + If several devices are connected, the HDMI CEC control function may not work correctly. +

    _Page: 86 - 87_
    + When the point to activate the HDMI CEC control in the menu of HDMI CEC control configuration is defined on.
    + On, also allocated to individual features will be activated. +
    + When the connected equipment work, HDMI CEC control automatically detects the TV input selection. If the TV is in standby mode, it will be automatically reactivated. +
    + If the TV is off (standby), television will send a message turns off (standby) all devices HDMI CEC control connected to the TV. +

  • EQUIUM A60: graphic ATI does not properly



    Can you tell me when this message appears?
    First of all, you can try to update the graphics driver from Toshiba. It is a first step that you can try.
    Check this page for the driver download.

    Good bye

  • Error message: Shockwave, Flash Player does not properly during playback Slotomania

    Original title: shockwave flash player

    Hi I have problems with some games. Especially slotomania. When I enter the RM of slotomania that flashing message saying that Flash shockwave Player does not properly can give to interrupt or stop options taken but its gone too fast for me to do something. Then the really slow game. Can you help me?

    Hello Marilyn,.

    Thanks for posting your query in the Microsoft Community Forum.

    According the information, you are facing problems to play games online as Slotomania due to the Adobe Shockwave, Flash Player error messages.

    It would be useful that you can answer these questions to help you further.

    1. are you facing problems that when you play online game Slotomania?

    2. using Internet Explorer or another web browser?

    3. what version of the Windows operating system is installed on your computer?

    4. have you made a recent software or hardware changes to the system?

    If you use Internet Explorer, you can see the article and check if it helps to solve the problem.

    The problems of games online using Internet Explorer

    It will be useful.

    Let us know if you need help with Windows related issues. We will be happy to help you.

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