Enter multiple lines in a text box & display the upper left corner

I have forms where a large amount of comment might be entered in the form - perhaps an entire page.  When I create a large text box and allow multiple lines, the currently entered text displays in the center of the box and expands to fill the box, upwards or downwards to the Center.  Is it possible to have force the text you entered appear in the upper left corner of the box and flow down.  It's a box that people have written, is how they would do it.

Thank you very much for the help.


Click on the object and the palette of fonts (maybe it's not visible - you can activate in the window menu) click the paragraph on this menu, you can choose the text alignment.


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    Your screenshot shows affinity CSS file of the project seven is selected in the tabs.

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    Nancy O.

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    I figured this out, at least in my case - which, by your description and a screenshot, was identical.  This grey area was related to the Manager restore backup & Dell (I think that was his name) - I found on the notifications area, click with the right button on it and left it.  If it happens again, I'll understand how to disable.

    In any case, this is what seems to cause this particular thing.

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    I finally solved.

    In practice, it is necessary to ensure that the text is null ("" ") when you enter the frame and the value at the time of enterFrame (* not * prepareFrame!).

    It's a bit "a pain in the *, but at least it works..."

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    Update your AntiVirus package and run a scan complete. He pointed out a malicious software found?

    If you boot into 'safe mode' (via the option) is he still there?

    If the AV scan finds nothing, but box isn't there in safe mode, try to download, install, update and run a full scan with malwarebytes (free) to see if that is something and also to start in a clean boot and diagnose the (' see the 'How to determine what is the cause of the problem by performing a clean boot "section) help.

    EDIT - also see this - http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-desktop/small-gray-box-in-upper-left-hand-corner/1f3c01ea-d12d-41b0-b9d7-954e675f75e0?msgId=c0ef45f5-3129-4070-939e-90de7298da6b that looks like.

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    Now, I know, it is a very low Setup compared to other builds here, but I was hoping that it would work very well for my workflow Full-HD amateur clips mostly under 30 minutes.

    The problem is when I activate the acceleration of the OpenCL, all clips with stabilizer warp then become about 1/4 of the preview window; he wears the final render. I tried this with the AMD card and without it (OpenCL have enabled with the Intel's HD4600). Nothing helps.


    Now the funny part is that I used to have that same card in my old system. running on a Gigabyte obsolete UD3 with core i5 750 inside and... IT WORKED! It is with the same first version, running on the same OS. I dropped this computer a few days ago, but my new computer has this problem inexplainable.

    The build is not the question, because I got the test computer and everything is stable with decent temperatures.

    I'm also having a lot of crashes when editing, but I think it's because of the infamous suite S.redgiant which, as I read on the forums is probably to blame. It's ok, I just need to save often. Neat video could be better? Does anyone know?

    Another problem is sluggishnes and offsets when my clip reaches beyond 30 minutes; I don't think it's ok, my videos produced with EOS M should not be demand for this configuration. When I monitor the use of the ram, it is never more than 8 GB (and Yes, I welcomed CC to use up to 13 GB of total ram); other resources are also almost inactive during editing.

    The sluggishnes and the offset is however still worst in SpeedGrade; there when I move a slider, I have to wait seconds! Somehow, it improves over time, but again, I have just notice now that this software suite is very very poorly made. I am pleased, that I do not use it to make money...

    Please correct me if I'm wrong and that all the links that could help me solve problems are very welcome.

    Kind regards


    Thanks for the report. We believe that we have identified the problem and are working on a fix. At the moment the solution renders in software mode.


    Peter Garaway


    Premiere Pro

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    I have InDesign CS5, and since this is my first experience with this type of program, I'm a real newbie.

    I have a problem with making multiple lines in a text box.  Everything works fine when I type in my first line of text.  If I type "Enter/Return" to create a second line of text, the cursor disappears and automatically creates an icon to insert additional text into a new text box.  I am at a loss to know what to do.  I tried to adjust the leader and who does not either.

    Any suggestions?  I am a student and taking a class in this program and I am currently unable to finish an assignment because it does not work.  As a side note, it also happens in PhotoShop CS5.

    I'm sorry for the issue of such a beginner, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    InDesign think you type 'Enter', the key on the numeric keypad, which is actually insert column break. Not the same thing as "Return","the key to the right of the 'L '.

    You are on a laptop? Try the Fn or Numlock?

    If it isn't happening, so can be confusing the BIOS of your machine and check again there is not an update of the bios. Again, you can bypass with Edit > keyboard shortcuts and will area of product: Menu Type and the removal of the Insert a Break character: column break.

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    Only, the machine has Outlook, Visual Studio 2010 on it and is 4 hours.

    "I have a win 7 computer brand new, out of the box. It displays a white box in the upper left.  According to a similar question, I have disabled all the add-on in Internet Explorer and explore restarted (with the display of all the option on) and it still has or deleted.
    The machine does Outlook, Visual Studio 2010 on it and is under 4 hours. »

    Same problem here: uninstall Manager restore backup & Dell immediately.  I had hurt the DBRM started disabling because a new instance would appear after each reboot.

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    Once more, I'm working on another form for the boss.  It is a form of assessment where you make a section for comments.  I know how to select the text field so it will allow several lines, but I can't find a way that allows me to set the starting point of the text in the upper left corner of the text box and then sink.  It always starts in the Center.  If I do the text box too small as an up/down arrow icon is displayed and the user must drag the arrows up or down to read the comments and is not the effect I want to create.

    Thank you.

    M Campbell

    With the field of selected text, switch to the view of paragraph. You can switch between ' change the caption and value ","Change Caption"and"Change value"by clicking on the chevron. Select alignment for the caption and the value.


  • I create a text field and I can't get the text to start typing in the upper left corner

    I created a pdf file for and added to the text boxes. The text want to start in the middle left of the text field and I can't seem to start in the upper left corner. Any suggestions?

    Set as Multiline field, under Properties - Options.

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    have you tried to change the batteries in the mouse?

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    I am unable to see the start box in the lower left corner and my Sose size desk top view while I was in soft micro fix Center


    1. what exactly were you doing in the Fixit Center when it happened?
    2 watch you one or running the Microsoft Fixit?
    3. what was the question you got there in the first place?

    Please provide us with more information about the issue that you are facing.

  • little gray box in the upper left says ver 1.10 LTM190M2L31 GJ912DW and will NOT go away HELP

    everything on my screen is huge and with a grey area upward into the upper left corner where file, tools, help is who says GJ912DW Ver 1.10 LTM190M2L31, I went to reset my resolution of the photo and it is set to 600 x 800 (not changed). I think I understand that this has something to do with DirectX? Help

    I would contact the manufacturer of your computer, as it appears, it may be a hardware problem.

    LTM190M2-L31 - SAMSUNG

    Solar Technologies is a global provider specializing in display LCD Thin Film Transistor (TFT - LCD) products, including the SAMSUNG LTM190M2-L31. We strive to provide the highest level of quality service to help you with your immediate display and long term needs. We offer you the benefits of our global network of resources and reliable supply chain vendors that have developed in our business relationships for a long time with some of the largest OEM, CEM, EMS channels and distribution.

    Manufacturer SAMSUNG
    Part number LTM190M2-L31
    An array of Type TFT
    Size of the Panel 19
    Screen resolution 1440 x 900 WXGA
    If you want to inform you about this SAMSUNG product, please submit your request on the next page of the application of LTM190M2-L31.
    In addition, as an independent distributor, we are not limited to providing just of the SAMSUNG LTM190M2-L31 product preceding. If you want to inquire about all the replacement for the SAMSUNG LTM190M2-L31 product information, please feel free, contact us.
    Although the information of the products shown on this page is deemed accurate, it is simply offered free of charge. Solar technologies has not verified the accuracy of the data of any manufacturer and renounce any implicit guarantee.

    For the availability of current products, please call + 1.949.458.1080. Minimum order quantity may apply to some products.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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