Envy 17-j130ea: HP Envy 17-j130ea do not have access to the BIOS recovery and black screen

Hi people,

The laptop was waking up alone, so I decided to try to update the BIOS. Bis error. The tool has been run on 64 Win10

The HP tool left me with a black screen and after that I tried to hold the low win + B and the power to access the Bios recovery, but there is no nothing. Tone flashing, nothing.

I don't know if creating a flash drive with the bios will help as I don't have admin rights in another machine to create the flash drive using HP tool.

Any ideas? Flash player won't work if BIOS recovery is not pulled up?

All ideas are welcome.

See you soon

Well, I managed to solve the problem overnight without having to wait three days for anyone to answer that after the end of the week, with the following steps:

1. I had to create a USB key with the bios by using the executable auto HP. It did not help that for some reason any that you have to have the administrator rights on a windows machine. Why aren't files available as well in a simple zip file? It would have helped a lot! Please stop HP right now provide only Autorun... it only compliates things. It took me an extra day just because I couldn't access a machine windows with administrator rights to install the executable file.

2 - Insert the memory stick with the bios in the dead computer.

3 - Press the Win + B and press the power button. The machine didn't do any beep or noise that all the guides say. I just kept pressing the key B + Win until I saw a recovery of the Bios screen, finally. Without the memory following stick this same step has not shown, nor does the computer make a noise or show any display, just died.

4 - wait for the update at the end.

My Advisor. Do not update windows, it all messed up. It is very reliable to get the memory stick. Too many windows things can interfere in the process, just don't do it from Windows, or at least create the memory stick first while you still can.

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    PS Google translator

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    I also wanted to just insisted on my laptop as possible and that's why I decided to upgrade, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    A new empty ssd drive will not be displayed in my computer (PC), until the disk is initialized and formatted. Right-click on computer and choose manage... disk management and see if there is a new blank disc. If so create a new volume in it (partition) then format then assign a drive letter.

    You want to have the OS on the SSD and have it in the main location as only a car in this slot is bootable. You lose the speed of the SSD in the second location for pure storage. As hanging Secretariat up to a plow.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • Update the bios HP Envy 15 t, Windows 8.1, stripped of the keyboard backlight and messed up the function keys

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    Yesterday an update of the bios was downloaded from HP and implemented.

    The backlight on the keyboard has been disabled. I want to come back.

    Also, I need to have their ordinary functions, unless you press the shift of fn, function keys.

    I couldn't find the option for the backlight I have the information available. Here's the option in the BIOS to enable/disable the use of the fn key.

    Please check if there are options for the backlight. In the meantime, I will try also to find information to activate the backlight. You can try using the keys F4 or Fn + F11 to toggle the backlight on the keyboard.

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    My laptop is a HP ENVY 17-j162ss

    Thank you

    You use the NVIDIA Control Panel to control how and when the graphics card performance can be activated. There is no current option that allows the command BIOS graphics solutions.

  • HP Envy Spectrea XT (13-2000eg: failed to create the aUEFI recovery USB HP Envy spectrum XT (13-2000eg) as key to retrieve the firmware)


    After that I reinstalled Windows 10 from scratch, I tried to reinstall some of the previous tools HP from my backup in c:\SWSetup. Something failed there and window 10 frozen.

    After a forced via the power button, the ultrabook no longer starts. Instead the Shiftlock LED ist blinking 2 times + pause (the BIOS is broken, at least another document indicates... why?).

    The UEFI boot loader seems to be ok, at least after the reset, a USBSTick is accessible before the led starts to Flash.

    So my simple question is: How can not create a USB key UEFI firmware recovery?

    The available sp66771.exe file DOES not work or offers an option to create a USB key, which can be used with WIndows + B on poweron reflash a UEFI working image.

    Also, any other documentation that I found for HP and Insyde UEFI products did not work at all.

    Where can such a recovery USB key now?

    What keys are used on the desire to trigger the usbrecovery?



    After losing hours (!) talk to take in charge the people at HP, hours of navigation Reiver on the HP site, I finally found the solution:


    It's an HP internal tools. Less than 10 min, I downloaded and installed the tool to a USB key.

    After plugin stick to the ultrabook, by pressing power - we + ESC UEFI firmware was flashed automatically to the latest version. After<3min the="" ultrabook="" was="" up="" an="" running="">

    Would it not useful, if supporters want to know this internal tool from HP, rather than trying to sell me the new HW or propose costly repairs (propbaly to promote the sale of new HW)?

    So while the HW and associated tools seems to be pretty mich ok, support and information on the forum needs a lot of improvement.

  • HP ENVY 23 23 - d160qd: how to enter the bios on a touch screen and wireless keyboard

    I had a HARD drive crash and cannot enter the bios as the machine has wireless keyboard and touch screen. The power led lights up red on Board of the touchscreen lights on / off power, hard drive works, reader lights turned on and off. The USB ports seem to work and I have a light on my USB to RS232 device.  I did pulg a USB keyboard and hit the F10 key at startup and still no change. Make a bootable disc after Microsofts statement and it seems wook, but with a screen can't confirm that.

    I need to enter the bios to set up to boot from the usb port and I need to deal with this rear screen too. all cables, I can see are connected and a new hard drive and the hard drive are not load anything down that I can see.


    I'm glad to hear that it is resolved. I was checking regularly after your last post to see if there was an update. I got the impression you were in your previous messages set motherboard.

    Of course, I know what you mean about how things are. Many things change in one form or another, but the basics of troubleshooting are fairly constant. Eliminate the possibilities and drill down to the cause.

  • Envy 15-j144na: indefinate black screen when you turn on

    I need help I have a laptop of hp envy 15-j144na

    the power led lights up when I press the power on button. the f12 key led stays orange. the caps lock white button will blink twice every four seconds. the screen never lights up.

    When I turn on, I hear the drive power upward.

    I tried to take out the battery and unplug AC and then pressing the power button / stop for 15 seconds then fix ac and power on.

    I tried to remove the battery and memory and power cable. then put it all back together and tension.

    I tried to hold the windows key and the b key and pressing power for a second, but it is not the bios update.

    I tried to connect an external monitor, but it does not show anything

    When I power the laptop on the bios does not appear if I press f2 or DEL or esc.

    before that, windows is checked 10 crashed when using bittorrent and then reset and black screen now power on.

    any ideas?

    I left my laptop this weekend, and he had the same symptoms.

    I swapped the hard drive to another hard drive.

    The new hard drive has windows 7 and the bios reported that he was unable to start. It was different because I could see something on the screen at least BIOS.

    Then I plugged my hard drive laptop screen and back to work and it started windows.

    I don't know why the laptop now works. Very strange. I have never seen this on any previous laptops or desktop computers.

  • ENVY of HP dv6-7204AX: need help to get the BIOS image file (ROM or BIN) for HP ENVY dv6-7204AX

    Hello everyone, I really need someone who could help me get an image file (ROM or BIN) bios for my laptop HP dv6-7204AX ENVY.

    For some reason, after that cleaning my fan cpu and everything put back toghether I had accidentally damaged the bios, because the electric sock, that's what the tech guy said :-(

    My computer is now automatically power on whenever I plug the adapter and nothing start (only caps lock led flashing continuously1time and black screen)

    Thank you

    Hello kieuminhuy... I'm sorry that you are having this problem with your ENVY dv6!

    kieuminhuy, you can go to the page of downlopad 7200 WANT dv6 to download and run the SoftPAQ BIOS proper.  You do not have to run this SoftPAQ on the failed system - it should work on any system!  When you run the SoftPAQ, chose the option to copy the image file of the BIOS to another location (see below).

    I hope this helps!

    WARNING: I am an employee of HP, but I am not a spokesman for HP.

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  • Envy Touchsmart Windows 8.1 update 15-j05cl - black screen

    Have a HP Touchsmart, envy 15-j057cl. I can't upgrade to Windows 8.1. I did the following:

    1 installed all windows updates.

    2 went to HP support for machine page and installed all the drivers.

    3. don't run Windows - no problem identified compatibility Manager.

    4 deleted Norton preinstaled. No antivirus software is enabled.

    5. attempt to update the Windows store.

    6. black screen.

    Back in Windows 8. Windows has reported various attempts through error messages, including:

    0xc1900101 - 0x3000D


    1. drivers for bluetooth and Ralink wifi disabled

    2 attempt 8.1 windows update of windows store

    3 black Screen

    Back in windows 8

    I tried very hard to make sure I've gotten all the latest drivers and BIOS, including the chipset drivers. I have not installed any other software. I also disabled any driver that I can not have everything while the update fails.

    I need to get back to work. Any thoughts?

    Thank you...

    The saga continued, but it had a happy ending.

    On the advice of the HP support, I uninstalled the driver Intel HD, booted safe mode and then tried the Windows 8.1 update. This time the update completed, but he returned to the black screen when I tried to install version 8.1 of Intel HD display driver. At this time, of course, it wasn't able to go back to Windows 8.0, so I had to completely reinstall the operating system from scratch. Good thing, I had all my saved data.

    After this experience, I gave up for a while, but he contacted the HP support to express my displeasure.  I went to a case manager, who contacted me the HP SmartFriend support.

    Today, we did an update of the BIOS. This new version of the BIOS F.53, just released on March 10, 2014 (after I had made my last attempt to make the update). After updating the BIOS, I have successfully completed update 8.1 Win. I then checked to make sure I had the latest version of the Intel HD Display Adapter driver and I did. Actually, the pilot that is displayed on the page for the driver for my machine was older than the version I have installed. So far so good.

    It seems that the solution to the problem was for HP to do a BIOS update.

  • HP Envy Touchsmart j122TX 15: cloning of HARD drive for an SSD and installation on HP Envy Touchsmart 15 j122TX

    I will replace an old 1 TB HHD by a new 1 TB SSD Samsung 850 EVO on my HP Envy 15 Touchsmart j122TX. I also have Acronis True Image 2015. How can I go on cloning of the HDD to the SSD and installing the SSD on my HP, implementation of the operating system in order to ensure a good performance? Please give me step by step instructions I'm inexperienced. Thank you for your support.

    You need a bootable media because you cannot clone Windows player while it is in use. If you start another source (bootable support) leaving the main hard drive passive and quiet, so it can be copied sector to the new clean disk. I explained you start from the Acronis Disk and when the interface is in place you select "utility" and one of them is 'clone disk '. This is how you use the bootable disc in the cloning process.

    As with the post before me you simply remove the MSSD. However, in this case the user would do a clean install. Cloning will be hover over the driver of storage for the SSD controller and will not have to load the RAID driver separately. The way you do it is much easier.  I would like to dissociate the WSSD since the main hard drive using Intel Rapid Storage (disable acceleration), remove the WSSD and start-up of the former hard drive without the WSSD in place one or two times before cloning.

  • HP Envy: plugged in, does not support

    I get a notification "plugged in, but not chargin.

    I tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver from the battery.

    I did the battery check and it came right back.

    I bought a new power cord, and I still get the same message.

    Hello @boskokitten,

    Welcome to the HP Support Forums, I understand that you have a problem on your Envy laptop with the battery to charge and I wanted to help.

    What laptop specific Envy do you have? This document will help you get the model number specific to your system.

    The system is able to turn on with just the battery installed? What is with the removed battery and just use the AC adapter?

    You can start with this document which will guide you through the adapter and battery, as well as how to calibrate the battery for troubleshooting.

    For more general information of battery performance you can click here.

    Please get back to me on how to get you out with these documents.

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    Thank you!


    My HP ENVY 4504 printer will not feed Kodak premium photo paper 240 gms through


    First if you please the way you load photo first papers. Have you tried HP papers with the same thickness? Please check your loading process using the following Manual:


    Kind regards.

  • HP Envy 750-124: cannot get into the Bios of the normal on the envy of 750-124

    I speak not normal Bios and UEFI. I've recently updated to Win 10 anniversary

    Given my http://support.hp.com/my-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-envy-750-100-desktop-pc-series/8499646/model/8819... Bios Update

    who was A0.16 Rev.A.

    Installed and it reset my settings. I need to come back here to turn back on my virtual technology. Otherwise, I can create only 32-bit VM VirtualBox


    Cannot return to normal Bios. I tried Tap the ESC which worked before, screen freezes and I hit enter and the HP logo comes up, tried to hit and also hit F10. As much as I turn power. I have a wireless Logitech K800 keyboard that worked before. I tried a usb keyboard standard ensuring they were on a USB 2.0 port. F2 to display a cold start UEFI bios.

    Them win 10 things don't me settings there, recovery, advanced. Tried all

    I was hoping that HP had fixed the enter the Bios thing with updated Bios if installed. This thing was a pain like that otherwise I'd be a camper happy with this PC, how is it you can not solve this HP?

    Because of disconnect hard drive it hangs just below ground

    The solution is

    I had installed a better Nvidia GTX-950 video card. By hitting the ESC, it hangs and nothing happens. Black screen, although you can see slightly change the colors

    Fortunately both the edge video card and the new Nvidia both using a HDMI cable. So I just plug my integrated video card. Started while typing ESC and the Legacy Bios screen selection came where I choose F10 to enter the Bios of the legacy

    When you perform an update of the HP Bios seems to put everything back by default, in other words on board, by selecting the video edge. Although you can see by selecting HDMI port at startup if you think it's ok.

    I have worked with Dell PC for 15 years to work, it does not matter what card I put in them. At the start, I hit F2 and Bios loads so that bit me. Now I know

    Hope this helps someone else.

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