ENVY 17-n152sa laptop: good code for HP DVD System Recovery Kit

A few days ago I bought a laptop at Currys - London - UK model 17-n152sa

I faced the problem and it is not possible to make the system of HARD drive recovery. It seems that the system is corrupt somehow allowing recovery only up to 49%, then always failed.

I need a GOOD CODE to buy a HP Recovery Kit witout a payment, free of charge, as the laptop is under warranty and I am traveling abroad (Brazil).

How to get this COUPON CODE to get HP Recovery Kit for free?

Instead, call HP for disks

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    Welcome to the HP Forum.

    The easiest option if you have friends nearby (those living with tech), is to borrow a DVD USB drive and plug it into the laptop for a few minutes so that you can download your software.

    You can buy this kind of tech pretty cheap, too.

    If you have your key, it should be in the CD box, you can probably download Microsoft Office - according to the version - and just use the key you already activate it.

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  • Need system recovery Kit as soon as POSSIBLE for s7700n

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    System has Vista Home Premium 32-bit and P/N RK576AA.

    Thank you.

    Larry Riley

    Google and Bing search will be your way to source a seller who has yet a recovery for the older Vista desktop kit.

    It was the way I used to locate this seller online.

  • Satellite C55A - 1 K 6 - partition which is necessary for the Toshiba system recovery?

    I have a laptop that Toshiba Satellite C55A - 1 K 6.

    In the past, I deleted the Partition Recovery Toshiba by mistake and now I want to ask the cause of the thing of this...

    When I go to disk management in Windows 8 (which preinstalled by Toshiba on my laptop) I see four partitions...

    The first partition is close to 1 GB and I think his need for Windows 8, then I see C and D for my Windows 8 and at the end there is a 11 GB partition and it is hidden and it does not appear in my computer in Windows...

    I just created 3 * 4.5 GB defined via Rescue Media Creator Toshiba Recovery DVD and now if I delete all the partitions on the hard drive, can I use these DVD media to restore my laptop to its original state, when I bought it or that I still need the recovery Partition on the HARD drive instead of using recovery DVd media?

    If I delete all the partitions on the hard drive now, are these DVD media are enough to return to the first State independent or not?

    Sorry for my bad English and I hope to describe things in my head... :)


    > in the past, I have deleted the error Toshiba Recovery Partition
    It was really bad move since the recovery partition is necessary in order to create the recovery disk or recover the laptop with HARD drive recovery option.

    > The first partition is close to 1 GB and I think that his need of Windows 8.
    That s right.

    > then I see C and D for my Windows 8
    That s right

    > and at the end there is a 11 GB partition and it is hidden and it does not appear in my computer in Windows.
    It looks like the recovery partition. But I put t understand why you said earlier that you deleted the Toshiba recovery partition. Could you please clarify this statement?

    > I just created 3 * 4.5 GB defined via Rescue Media Creator Toshiba Recovery DVD and now if I delete all the partitions on the hard drive, can I use these DVD media to restore my laptop to its first State

    The recovery DVD set would be to format the HARD drive and would recreate once more all partitions.
    The answer is: Yes, it will restore the laptop to the State as on the first day of purchase.

    By the way: I found another thread that you created on the same theme:
    Please follow a thread to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Pavilion dv7: my Pavilion Dv7 laptop computer does not start the system recovery options

    So it told me to turn my phone off, then back on whilist cling the key F11. But when I do it my is laptop beep loud noise and rest on the logo hp, whilist is on this screen is says 'System recovery F11' in the lower left corner and does not move on the screen, how to fix this?

    Hi @Jaytee2 ,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I read on your HP laptop and get a blank screen or black at startup. Try perform a reset.

    When you perform a hard reset note remove all USB devices. Disconnect all non-essential devices.

    Here is a linkto computer does not start for Windows 7.

    Here is a documentthe performance of a Windows 7 system recovery.

    Do you have records system for this laptop?

    I'd be happy to help you if necessary. How can I find my model number or product number?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you.

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    {adobeDPS.libraryService.folioMap.addedSignal.add (function (folios)}

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    addFolio (folios [i]);


    (}, this);

    Finally, it works in a function where I am collecting and folio data display:

    var productId = folio.productId;

    var html = ' < div id = "" "+ productId +" ">" "

    HTML += ' < a href = "#" > < img class = "shadow" width = "120" src ="border = 0 / > < /a >."

    HTML += ' < br / > < span class = "bold" > ' + folio.title + ' </span > ';

    HTML += ' < / div > "

    it. $el = $(html);

    Folio.title works very well pull up the title, but I can't use folio.getPreviewURL in v2.  Should what code I use to set the src to the preview image?

    Thank you

    Have you looked at the default implementations of the library?

    Based on rendering of FolioItemView, there is a function (follow nested functions!):

    setTimeout (function () { scope. loadPreviewImage()}, 100);

    He referred to this feature (it does not copy):

    loadPreviewImage: function() {}
    If {(this.el.parentElement)
    transaction = this.folio.getPreviewImage var (135, 180, true);
    transaction.completedSignal.addOnce(this. getPreviewImageHandler, ce);

    Go deeper in the getPreviewImageHandler function is where you see the url value...

    If (transaction.state == adobeDPS.transactionManager.transactionStates.FINISHED & transaction.previewImageURL! = null) {}

    it. $el.find (".folio-inch") .attr ("src", transaction.previewImageURL);

    Is also in the code example to provide a preview when the Adobe API is not available:

    (In the service of rendering)

    var json = this.model.toJSON ();

    $folioThumb.attr ("src", json.libraryPreviewUrl);

    If you make any changes to the location of the preview display, you can just replace the class ".folio-inch" to what the class (or id) is the element that you are wanting to render the preview in.

  • I never received the promotion code for the DVD rental free.

    I have registered for free offers DVD rental by entering the email address and never received the promotion code. I spoke with customer support twice and have still not received the promotion code.

    We are looking for in this news and we do not want you to think that we are ignorant you. We just need a little more time to focus on this. If I did not follow with you today, I'm going tomorrow morning as soon as POSSIBLE. Thank you!

  • After leaving HP laptop which runs for several minutes, system performance decreases

    whenever I leave my computer (about 1 year old laptop HP) for more than 15 minutes, when I come back I can not access the taskbar. I click on say windows live mail and get the little symbol that it tries to open and 30 minutes later, he did the same thing. Ctrl alt del so annoying in Task Manager, but if I click there I get a gray screen with a cursor, but it won't do anything else, no matter how long I leave it.


    I suggest you to follow these steps and check if that helps.

    Method 1:
    Try to update the latest drivers for the graphics card and check if it helps:
    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows7/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly

    Method 2:
    Try to perform the clean boot and check if it helps:

    NOTE: When you are finished troubleshooting, make sure that restore you the computer mode normal startup such as suggested in step 7 of the above article.

    For more information, see these links:

    It will be useful.

  • XH105UA #ABA: System Recovery Kit for original OS

    I tried the link for the previous blogger, but he showed his laptop computer info.  In fact, if I entered my serial number.

    Thank you in advance for your help!


    To order the recovery media for your model, click on the link below and then click on the line marked with the order recovery media.


  • for windows vista system recovery

    Runs ok recovery disks. But when he is at "complete installation" "install windows" part then I get a message "Windows Setup cannot configure Windows to run on a hardware on this computer. U had Vista SP1 and 2 installed before the recovery attempt. Ideas of Anny?

    I went out and bought a new OS and it me operational. Too bad I had to lose all my files to do, but at least the computer is running again.  Thanks for your help.

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    I had to do a system restore on my computer and when I did the description says that all my files would be in a separate folder (photos etc), but after that I did the cover I can't find the files anywhere... Any ideas?

    Your best idea would be to contact the manufacturer of the computer for which you used the recovery process.
    Ask them where these files are normally saved during / before their recovery process.

    And you can try looking for a windows.old folder.

    See if this applies to you:


    How to recover files from an earlier version of Windows in Windows Vista

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    HP Omini 220-1180qd desktop

    Win 7 64 bit

    My all-in-one PC has sent repair HP because the new second hard drive has failed. When he returns, should I the original keyboard to launch upward with the new system?

    I have a wireless Logitech MK300 who is older and I am away from home where the original HP keyboard. I appreciate your help and won't cause a problem with the new configuration.

    I suggest using the regardless of the type of initial connection

    PS2 or usb

    but should strive to put in place that long, the device can detect your keyboard

  • A key for the S10 - 3T recovery

    I got my new s10 - 3T and the feeling that there are some problems with the installation of Windows 7 and/or driver. Secondary portrait screen orientation does not work and even more strange, I can't remove the program from Lenovo Rotation of the screen of the computer (using the control panel) - after the uninstall, it is reported to always stay there. There are other minor problems. According to the advice of Yigit, I'm going to perform a recovery of keys a (OKR) system in order to get clean windows and drivers.

    There are several issues. Knowing the answers would help me a lot during the process of OKR, since in no case I could be considered to be an experienced user.

    1. how to start the process of the OSR:

    (a) use of OneKey Recovery program whose shortcut I have preinstalled on my desk and choose the system recovery

    (b) turn off the computer and turn it on and then with a small button in the upper left corner of the keyboard

    Perhaps a) and b) are the same?

    2 are there important choices (questions) I have to do (answer) the process of OKR? I mean a really important choice, not like the choice of language name, time or the user, etc.

    3 would it not possible over process OKR to change the size of the partitions on my hard drive? Currently I have Local C: - 187GB and Lenovo D: - 30 GB drive. Personally, I'd rather have C around 100 GB and the rest be D:.  C: drive should contain windows, drivers and programs and D: my personal files, photos, music and movies.

    (4) after OKR is over, I'll get the computer:

    (a) with Windows 7 only, no driver at all and no Lenovo not preinstalled programs

    (b) with Windows 7 and pilots the basics at least in order to connect to the internet Wi - Fi, to have healthy and normal graphics

    (c) as it was delivered to me, with Windows, drivers and all the Lenovo preinstalled programs like VeriTouch, VeriFace, SmileDock and others, I already deleted as useless to me.

    (d) should I perform a backup before OKR? I have no personal files on this computer, that is to say, absolutely nothing to lose. Currently I have backed up (on my flash drive) that pilots on the Lenovo's D: drive.

    (e) made the sit system in \\?\Volume{64...} where it will be recovered to even? I do not see this partition in Windows Explorer, but I see it in the Defragmenter.

    I'm sorry that the question is rather long.

    Thank you.

    a lot of questions

    -How to start the okr process:

    the options are the same, if you select Windows, windows will restart.

    -are there important choices (questions) I have to do (response) during the process of okr? I mean a really important choice, not like the choice of language name, time or the user, etc.

    Nope.If application request click "next".

    -It would be possible over process okr to change the size of the partitions on my hard drive? Currently I have local disk c: 187 gb and lenovo d: 30 GB. personally, I'd rather have c around 100 GB and the rest to be d:. c: disk must contain a windows, drivers and programs and d: my personal files, photos, music and movies.

    If you make changes on the volumes, a key recovery will stop working.

    -After okr is finished, I'll get the computer:


    as it was delivered to me, with windows, drivers and all the lenovo preinstalled programs like veritouch, veriface, smiledock and others, I already deleted as useless to me.

    -can I make a backup before okr? I have no personal files on this computer, that is to say, absolutely nothing to lose. Currently I have backed up (on my flash drive) that pilots on the lenovo d: drive.

    If you have external dvd rom, I suggest you to burn backup default factory, just in case.

    -made the sit system in \\?\volume{64...} where it will be recovered to even? I do not see this partition in windows Explorer, but I see it in the Defragmenter.

    There is a hidden partition for files.it system & recovery preferable not to because if you see a hidden Windows partition, one key pick up stops.

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    Kind regards.

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