Envy of HP Touch Smart 17: HP Mobile Data Protection sensor missing in Device Manager

I had a HP 3D drive guard error after installing drivers of devices in Device Manager in the control panel.  I looked on Google for answers and they said to find the right driver on the HP website, sp71811, uninstall the old drivers and install a new one for this laptop.  I did this and got an error DLL missing after restarting the machine.  You told me to uninstall again and reinstall and do not forget to restart after uninstalling.  The installation said it was incomplete, that the files were not completely installed.  I got an error message about a missing .dll file (don't have the error code now).  Something about a file stack error.  I went to the Device Manager and uninstalled the driver for the HP mobile data protection thinking can I reinsall that Device Manager but he removed the accelerometer.  Now I can't download HP 3D DG due to missing accelerometer.  How can I retrieve the accelerometer and the original problem with HP DG 3D?



Try the latest version of the 3D driveguard driver...

This package provides the software HP 3D DriveGuard to the notebook models that are running a supported operating system. HP 3D DriveGuard software protects the drive hard by parking the heads if cell phone accidentally falls, or is suddenly struck by another object.


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  • Clubhouse dv6: HP Mobile Data Protection sensor

    It is better to install? Or this would create problems for my laptop works properly? Also, would you please explain what actually makes the HP Mobile Data Protection sensor?

    Thank you.


    It's a safety device connected to the hard drive.  If the Mobile Data Protection sensor detects that your laptop is declining, it loads the disc HARD to park the drive heads to try to avoid damage to the drive.

    I installed Windows Technical Preview 10 on several machines and find no problem with that, even if it is possible, you may need to install an updated driver (this is provided by HP 3D DriveGuard software) when you upgrade to 10.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Mobile Data Protection sensor driver?

    I use XP pro on HP 4520 s computer laptop but (HP Mobile Data Protection sensor) recognized by windows update when I put driver using Internet research in Device Manager.
    can I download standalone package (offline) of Microsoft because its not available in hp drivers and installation by automatic searching.
    Thank you

    I found the solution
    I update driver then I save it with Drive Genius
    Thank you

  • Windows 7 Pro x 64 does not detect HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor (accelerometer)


    I installed win7pro x 64 yesterday and already fallen on a serious problem, which is how I use the laptop a little dangerous for my valuable data.

    When I was working on HP Vista 32 bit (of the partition recovery etc.) brand, it was a device called the HP Mobile Data Protection with HP ProtectSmart software sensor (or protect Smart). In other words, the accelerometer HDD which parks the HARD drive heads when it "feels" it is down or something and the software for it. It has worked flawlessly.

    Until I decided to install Win7... And then, surprisingly, after failure of driver install and take a look in the Device Manager, I have noticed that there is no such device. I checked three times, looked at property of each device, even reinstalled Vista 32bits back - he has shown again - and installed Win7 - not detected again. There is nothing that has the HPQ004 device ID! I remember people saying that after that fresh Windows installed, there are 6 unknown devices or more. I got only 5. [Device fingerprinting, 3 x MemCard player and IR receiver]. There is no accelerometer... Also, when I try to install the drivers/software, windows appears:

    ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection: with the text Property.AccelerometerNotPresent

    and then another saying something like features were not installed due to wrong installation or not supported feature.

    So now I'm stuck with a laptop it is dangerous to travel with, because the disk is no longer protected

    I have already installed all the drivers available on the HP page, even downloaded those newer Intel (chipset) etc.

    Is there a solution to this? Has anyone else encountered this problem?

    Windows 7 is officially released and available in RTM version, not beta, so I think that HP should open support in his favor and release new drivers for win7! And above all, to solve this problem...

    If anyone is interested, this problem is solved now.

    Just download the new drivers from http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareDescription.jsp?lang=en & cc = us & prodTypeId = 321957 & prodSeriesId = 3744188 & swItem = ob-76187-1 & mode = 4 & idx = 2, install and make sure you have the latest version of the BIOS. Tested - heads are being finally parked! Yay!

  • Windows 7 hangs after reboot (after "Sensor HP Mobile Data Protection" updated)

    My Windows 7 Home Premium hangs (blue screen) to the 'Starting Windows' screen after reboot. And the reason for the rebate to zero (and crash) is updated to Windows "HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor" . I did hidden, but now I need to install drivers for my webcam and every time that I turn on "automatic driver installation" update of windows server, it installs not only the WebCam drivers, but also this «HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor» update Which brings me to the crash at the next restart of Windows. The only way is to return to the system restore point.

    I use a laptop "HP Compaq 6715 b" . I had Vista prior to this (it was preinstalled with HP all the "stuff"), but after upgrade (reinstallation) of windows 7, upgrading from windows found all the drivers (and graphics and sound and even the biometric device drivers), but is now something wrong after every update "HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor" . Why? Or at least I can make him 'banned '?

    P.S. I had and have the 32-bit version of Windows.

    Have you checked with HP on any problems with this software?  Here is a link for download of HP for the software.  You should also check that your BIOS is up to date.  I found some info on a wire of HP on the Data Protection sensor Mobile works is not propely.  This thread can also give you some other ideas.

    Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
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  • HP Pavilion G6: Wi - Fi mobile missing from Device Manager download driver does not help

    I have an old HP Pavilion G6-1d98dx I got like a hand running Win 7 Home Premium 64 - bit SP1 and cannot get the wireless working.  The orange/amber light on the F12 key is on and cannot be disabled.  The Wi - Fi equipment is Ralink 5390 rev3.  The device does not appear in the device as one 'hidden' or 'other' Device Manager, much less as a network device.  I downloaded several different drivers on the HP site for this unit, including a dated January 2016, without success.  Any suggestions?

    At any time.

    I am pleased to have been of assistance.

    You don't need to do a thing... the card will work, or it will not be passed the HP welcome screen until you get a card error wireless not supported.

    Here are the links to the wireless and bluetooth drivers you need for this card.

    This package contains drivers for the Broadcom Wireless LAN Server supported in models cards mobile supported and operating systems.

    File name: sp57965.exe

    This package contains the Broadcom Bluetooth driver and software for models supported that are running a supported operating system. Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 driver is required to enable the Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 devices and is compatible with Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0 and earlier versions.

    File name: sp55079.exe

    Please post back and let us know how did the swap of the wireless card.

  • SMART virtual TabletPC shows the duplicate entries in the Device Manager on Windows 7

    I realize, this is an old thread, but I hope someone is still reading.  We have the same problems since everyone upgrade to Windows 7.  However, when we disable or uninstall SMART virtual TabletPC and restart the computer, the device returns.  Not only she comes back, she keeps just multiplying so there are many listed devices. Is there a way to make it go away forever?

    Hello, Jane HCS122,.

    I suggest you start using safe and remove all duplicate entries here.
    Then stop and restart the computer in normal mode.

    You still see items duplicated now in Device Manager?

    If so, I suggest that you contact Support at SMART help why this is happening.

    Please answer back with an update on your status.



  • 23 touch smart pc envy does not

    Ant we know what the problem with my 23 envy touch smart PC does not work when the power supply plugged tried an Ant different plug got a green light so I tried it plug my pc in the led on the power supply did not come and absolutely nothing from the ant one pc got any clues thanks

    Hello @ORBCHEWIT657,

    I understand that when you plug your power wall adapter, the light comes on, but when you plug it in to the HP ENVY 23 light not illuminate. I suspect that your power adapter is defective. I'd be happy to help you, but first of all, I encourage you to publish your product for your computer number. I'm a link a HP Support document below that will show you how to find the number for your product. Because with that I can give you accurate information.

    How can I find my model number or product number?

    Will you please re-post with the information requested and I would be happy to provide assistance. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

  • HP Envy Touch smart 15-j050us: Upgradation of graphics card

    I want HP touch smart 15-j050 model with intel HD 4600 graphics card. I want to update its graphics. What r compatible with this laptop and also profitable for the same cards.


    Unfortunately, the chip "intel HD 4600 graphics card" is soldered to the motherboard. It cannot be replaced without replacing the motherboard and some other components ==> buy a new machine.

    Kind regards.

  • HP Envy disable the touch screen

    I need help, disabling the touch screen on my HP Envy. I tried to get him here, but I found nothing. I'm not really sure how much more explicit I can get about what type it is. If you have any advice on how to understand this, that might be useful. Thank you.

    For Windows 8 and 8.1 with a newer laptop, open Device Manager. The same procedure is likely to be quite similar for Windows 7.

    Right click on the tactile HID-Compliant device and select properties to call the Properties window.

  • Touch smart 420 t

    Makes the touch smart 420 t built in dvd player?

    Hello wargru:
    Yes CD/DVD burner bundle included. Click on the image of the computer on the next window HP store website will display all information about it. Just click on the tabs below pictures, details, Reveiws excetra.

  • HP envy 15-ae130tx: I can add a SSD for my HP envy 15 ae130tx touch screen?

    Can I add a SSD drive in my HP envy 15 ae130tx touch screen? And I can also remove my hard drive?

    Thank you very much!! Sorry for my bad English!

    Yes that's exactly what I say

  • HP Envy X 2 touch screen not responding do not when waking from sleep

    About half of the time when I wake up my HP envy X 2 version sleep 128 GB touchscreen is unresponsive. The mouse pad and the keyboard usually work but screen tousch work again until it is restarted.

    I took a peek in the Device Manager, while the touch screen did not work and I don't see under User Interface devices, I have a HID I2C device that has a yellow warning sign. When I open it under device status, it says "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) »

    Someone at - it information on how to solve this problem?

    I had already tried to upgrade the Synaptics drivers and it does not solve the problem.

    I noticed several times that when I wake the PC from sleep that Google Talk would be stuck with about 40% of the use of processer according to the Task Manager. I usually just close and re - open Google talk and he would not stuck using the processor.

    A couple of days ago I closed Google Talk and did not restart the program, during the last 2 days I didn't only once when the touch screen has been non-responsive after waking up from his sleep.

    I've said before, but I had a similar problem with the rotation sensor, after waking up from his sleep, he would be intermittenetly does not work and I could also see in Device Manager that another I2C HID device was a code 43 error. Also since the closing of google talk, I didn't freeze the rotation sensor.

    Like I said its only been a couple of days, so it can always happen, but 2 days is the longest I can remember never go without this problem.

    mfhengst, you have google talk installed on your laptop?

  • HP touch smart 520: PS3

    Hi, I was wondering if it could help me to connect my ps3 to hp touch smart 520

    It has no hdmi port

    Please give simple answers as much as you can

    Quavo, welcome to the forum.

    Here is a USB 3.0/2.0 to HDMI video adapter.  This may be an option that allows you to connect your 500 TS on your PS3.  I suggest you contact the manufacturer to make sure that it works before buy you.  There are a lot of other manufacturers that make this adapter if you do not like this one.

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  • Touch Smart Drive DART replacement

    My hard drive on my Touch Smart 600 should be replaced, but I don't know what to order. HP does not, so I have to order from the online record store.

    Suggestions please.

    Thank you

    When you request support, please provide the model name and product number complete (p/n) of the HP computer in question. HP/Compaq made thousands of computer models. Without this information, it can be difficult, even impossible to help you solve your problem.

    The information requested above are on the lower back of your computer or the BIOS boot screen. DO NOT include your serial number. Please enter the product/model information consumer HP Online Support page and post it here for our review.

    Once you enter the requested information, we will be able to offer a replacement disk, if it is available. Readers can be purchased at several the retailers and online such as Newegg, Fry, Office Depot, Staples, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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