Envy to 110F D411: scanning envy me with Mac.

Scan to computer (MAC) was Ok when I first bought envy 110F D411 model SNPRH-1101

Now, I'm not getting a connection, can't activate the analysis on the MAC,

Commputer not found shows on printer

It doesn't seem to be a driver for my model D411 only D411a etc.

I tried D411a but doesn't seem to help

Include D411 and my model number is not as a product

total inability to get any interactive help on the Web - it does not seem to exist


Hey @tony59, thank you for taking the time to join the forums of HP, I would be happy to help you! I understand that your scan of the computer was working before, but now you can not establish a connection.

We will restore the printing system, repair disk permissions and add the printer:

Reset the printing system

  1. Click on the Apple icon and then click on System Preferences.
  2. In the hardware section, click on Printers and Fax/Scan. The Print & Fax/Scan dialog box opens.
  3. Do a right click (or Ctrl + click) in the left panel and then click on reset printing system...
  4. Click OK to confirm the reset.
  5. Type the name and the correct password.
  6. Click OK to reset the printing system. The printers and Faxes dialog box shows any selected printer

Note: This will remove all printers in the print and Fax/Scan, any printer deleted can be re-added later by clicking the sign plus (+) symbol.

Fix permissions of the drive for 10.10 and lower

  1. On the Dock, click Applications, then utilities.
  2. Double-click disk utility.
  3. Highlight your hard drive / partition on the left (by default this is "Macintosh HD").
  4. Click repair disk permissions at the bottom of the window.
  5. Once the repair is complete, restart the computer and download and install the printer HP for OS X drivers.

Fix permissions of drive to 10.11 El Capitan

  • Click on your desktop so that it is written next to the Apple Finder icon, and then click OK (you will see this next to the Finder after file, edit and view).
  • Under Go, click Applications.
  • In Applications, select utilities.
  • In the Utilities folder, you will see disk utility, double-click on this icon to open the disc utilities.
  • Click on your hard drive, and then click first aid. Click OK to allow it to run.
  • Once the repair is complete, restart the computer and download and install the printer HP for OS X drivers.

When you add the printer, please ensure that you use the HP driver.

  1. Select Add another printer or Scanner
  2. Select the printer that you add, and next to the 'use', you can select the printer driver

Please let me know if that solves the problem by clicking on the accept button Solution below. If the problem persists, let me know and I will do everything I can to help. If you need assistance, please indicate your version of Mac OS X on your answer, thank you.

See you soon!

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    Hi-how to scan multiple pages using the HP ENVY 5660 with Mac OS x 10.8? I have updated the software of the scanner, clicked on "open scanner" in the printer, but see no way to scan multiple pages. Also, there is no way to add several pages on the touch screen of the printer.

    I really need to send you something to a potential employer ASAP so would be extremely grateful for any advice.

    Thank you.



    Don't forget to select PDF as the source file.

    Click Scan to scan the first page, once completed, click the same button to add another page and continue to use the scan button until you are finished.

    The final PDF should include any page scanned in the same session.


  • j6450 scan to email with mac 10.7.2. Too big to send e-mail. How can I make it smaller?

    In addition, scan shows each page in the annex.  How can I put all ten pages in one attachment.  Printer scanned just fine on my old PC.

    Sorry, you still have problems with this software.

    Your comment "I scanned for Outlook email it." confused me because it is not a direct link between the HP scanning and the prospects that it would facilitate.  Maybe I made a mistaken assumption that you use the HP Scan 3 software that comes from HP for use on Lion.  Please ensure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the Lion-compatible with HP software for your product.

    I'm not sure what you consider "too big", but I would be very surprised that 75 dpi scans would produce files that you, or Outlook, would consider excessive (seems to me that the software ignored the 75 dpi setting).  The fact that you checked the option for several pages in a single file and always found with files PDF separated for each page is also suspect.  This looks more to me there is a gap between where you set these values and how you start scanning.

    For the version of HP Scan that I assume you are using, the scanning settings are made in the application Preferences dialog box (HP Scan > Preferences).  If you want to use the same settings for later analyses, make sure you save a preset so that you can easily select these settings the next time that you are analyzing.

    Your device is also compatible with the Apple's Image Capture scanning application.  Image capture also supports scanning multiple pages of a document feeder in a single PDF file.  You can try this alternative to see if the result is more favourable.

  • Want to 110 e - All-IN-ONE-PRINTER D411 is not compatible with Mac OS x 10.8

    Buy this printer very well today. It was to work with my MacBookPro (which has OSX 10.8.2).

    However it is not. The operating system is too recent. The CD does not install the printer program. And the www.hp.com/support has no updated program.

    Do I have to return this printer?


    The drivers are available on hp.com.

    Download and install the software below, don't forget to check the Software of HP's recommended during installation.



  • Can not scan or Fax with eFax HP Envy 110.

    I have a HP Envy 110 wireless printer connected to an iMac OSX 10.9.4 running.  I downloaded the latest drivers from the HP site.  I can scan from the computer, but I can't scan from the printer to the computer.  I also have an eFax number and the password.  When I insert this information in Control Panel of the printer, I get an error message that my information is not valid.  Can anyone help?

    Hi Melnee,

    I see that you have some problems scanning and eFax with the ENVY of 110. I would like to see if I can help. When you try to scan from the front of the printer to the computer, what error or message you get?

    Although the 10.9.4 the operating system is not listed in this document, 10.8 steps will be the same: "computer no. has detected" or a Message appears "connection error" during the scan.

    On the question of eFax, you must speak with the Team Support HP Cloud. If you live in the USA/Canada, 1-855-785-2777. If you live outside the USA/Canada, click HERE to find the number of Technical Support for your country/region.

    Let me know if it helped the document for scanning.

    See you soon,.

  • Scanning multiple pages with HP Envy 4500


    I also have a HP Envy 4500 on Windows 8 platform.  I also made sure to save documents in separate files is not checked in the advanced settings, but I'm having the same problem as the previous user. The problem is that I don't have all the icons available for the addition of another page.

    Found the answer on another thread: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Scanning-Faxing-and-Copying/Scanning-multple-pages-with-HP-Envy-4500/m-p/4049126#M94476

    Resolution is too high.

  • Cannot scan with the new printer HP Envy 5660 using Mac running iOS 10.10 Yosemite

    You just bought a new HP Envy of 5660.  Has been guaranteed by the sales staff, it was totally compatible with Mac Yosemite.  It is not the case.  The CD supplied with the printer software is not functional with Yosemite.

    I did research online and you have the printer to print wireless, printing from my iPhone and copy.  Not sure how I did TI-trial and error and 2 hours of time!

    I can't scan.  HP Web site says that their software must be installed, etc, etc, and then use the HP utility function.   Can't do because the CD is not compatible.

    Any suggestions?  I don't want really worries the printer back to Amazon.  I called HP and they said I can't talk to their Tech Department., but that's all.  Appreciate any help.  I'm not a true geek.

    Hello MB90266,

    Welcome to the HP Forums.

    I see that you have a problem with finding drivers and software for the Yosemite on Mac OS.

    I did some research for us and I found the driver/software package that the we have need.  Please click on the following link for the HP ENVY 5660 e-All-in-One Printer full feature software and drivers - Mac OS X v10.7, v10.8 v10.9 Series.

    Please email me if you have any questions or if you have any other questions.

    See you soon,.

  • HP Envy 110 - cannot scan from printer (using Mac Maverick)

    I have a MAC with OSX 10.9.4 operating system and a printer HP Envy 110 with the newest driver printer HP Maverick.  I can scan Mac.  However, I can not run a scan directly from the printer control panel.  The sign says "make sure that the HP printing software is installed.  For MAC and USB connections, "Enable Scan to Computer" is automatically activated".  Everyone else has had a similar problem?

    Hi Melnee,

    Thank you for your answer! Please, try the following solutions:

    Hope this information is useful and have a great day!

  • HP Envy 4520: Registration error of the HP Envy 4520 with Google Cloud print

    I followed the instructions to use settings in chrome to save my HP Envy 4520 with Google print clouds.  I get to the point where I went to the printer to press OK, it will display"add printer, then after a while, I get this error message:

    Was able to complete registration

    An error has occurred. Please check your printer and try again

    The printer using the WiFi.

    Hi greenturtle

    Thanks for your reply, but I'm not using the Chromebook.  I followed the instructions by using the settings in the chrome browser.

    I found another way to activate Cloud Print, so I'm OK now.

  • I use Envy 17 with a job posting and I need to be able to turn it on even if the lid is closed? Thnx

    Hey! Regarding my HP Envy 17 1085 eo. I use my Envy 17 with an external display, and I have to be able to turn on my pc, while the cover is closed (clamshell). It is possible while the pc is in "standby", while activating the mouse keyboard og - but Windows break mode standby after a certain time, leaving me frustrated as I then need to open the lid of my desire and press the button 'walk', to use the Windows. Is it possible somehow? Thank you very much!

    Hey dhalb_,

    Have you ever watched the Power Options window (start > type 'power' > click Power Options) where you can change when the computer sleeps (left)? As long as you stop the computer periodically (2 - 3 times a week, if you use it every day) it would be nice to never go in "standby mode" while it is plugged.

    For a while, I used a laptop as a desktop replacement with an external monitor and ran into the same frustration as yourself. I shut down my computer after each use if so I came up with a scheme where I could leave the screen all half open, just enough to be able to press the power button.

    If you prefer to go in standby mode, you can go to the advanced power settings (Power Options > change Plan settings next to the selected power management > change advanced power settings), extend your sleep and set "Hibernate after" connected to never by typing 'Never' in the field minutes. Click on apply and OK.

    I should mention that it does not extend the life of your computer to run constantly. Hard drive failure and the motherboard issues sees much more often on machines that are constantly running. Computers bogged down and run slowly when the memory is full. Memory erase them and will reset when the computer is turned off. Here's a link explaining more on the accumulation of memory and aging of the material.

    I hope these suggestions help. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  • HP7520: How to scan 2 pages with the automatic document feeder and save to a file?

    How can I scan 2 pages with the automatic document feeder and save to a file?  (Right now, it happens that 2 separate files)

    I have a HP7520, & again, I wish scan 2 pages into a single jpeg file.

    Thank you

    Well, in general JPEG format does not support several concept as a document page. Thus, each image in the JPEG file is saved in a single file. If you are considering of reduction of 2 images in 1 paper size (example: A4), you may need some image editor to do

    If you are looking for a mulit-page image format, TIFF can be a format suitable to use.


  • How can I scan a document with mutiple pages into a single file?


    I have a HP 3070 and Windows Vista. The printer and scanner are properly configured. But there's something that intrigues me:

    How can I scan a document with mutiple pages into a single file?

    I start the HP scanning software and choose pdf or tif format. The analysis of the option of single file for each page is unchecked. Once I scanned the first page it has no option to scan additional pages? I got back, save and

    Thanks in advance


    The HP software disables scanning multipage when the resolution is greater than 300 dpi. The resolution of the issue is to reduce equal to or less than 300 dpi scanning resolution.

    Thanks and greetings

  • HP Officejet 6500 a how to scan a document with several pages in a single file?

    HP Officejet 6500 a Plus e-All-in-One - E710n

    Windows 7 (64-bit)

    How to scan a document with several pages in a single file?  After each scan, my old printer (psc 2110) asked if I wanted to scan another page.  In the end, I got a PDF with multiple pages.

    This new creates a file for each page, and I can't find a way to create a PDF with multiple pages.

    Hi mpw101,

    You must press the Add/Remove button, to add pages additionla scanned to the existing file. If you do not see this button try decreasing the analysis DPI setting. Let me know if this helps you?

  • an anti-virus scan windows came with the windows updates.how can I get rid of him?

    the anti virus scan window comes more update as well as the security already updates.i have avast.and when I was all he said he wants to sell me the already has product.i of antivirus software that say my computer is clean and safe.the windows antivirus told me that I have several infections.i know this isn't true.but I still can't install the security updates without having to install the windows antivirus.How do I remove the update?

    No, it came not with the security updates. These are malware that came in a different way. Scan your system with anti-malware/anti-spyware programs.

  • My laserjet 3050 doesn't scan with Mac Lion system. When will the pilot be available?

    My laserjet 3050 doesn't scan with Mac Lion system. When will the pilot be available?

    Thank you very much, it works, but all I had to do was remove the printer and run 10.5 installation. I was then able to scan through HP Director, without taking other measures.

    Best regards, David

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