Epson printer prints only header/footer page

* Original title: my Epson prints the header/footer and not the body of the document. I am using windows 7 home and internet explore

My Epson 435 and my Brother HL-2220 prints the header/footer only and not the body of the document. I am using windows 7 home and internet explore.


1 are you facing the question with any specific application?

2. is it works much earlier?

3 have there been recent changes made on the computer before the show?

Please try following methods and check if it helps.

Try printing from another user account (if you have one) and check if you are facing the same question.

Method 1: Run the printer Troubleshooter and check if it helps.

Run the Fixit from Microsoft and check.

Diagnose and automatically fix problems printing and printer

Method 2: Update the printer drivers and check.

Find and install printer drivers in Windows 7 ' t-work correctly

Method 3: you cannot print or print preview Web pages in Internet Explorer on Windows Vista or Windows 7

For more information, see the link: choose printing options

Let us know if it helps!

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  • LR 4 prints only a blank page on the Epson 2880. Print preview panes remain blank. Window 7 OS. Desperately need help!

    LR 4 prints only a blank page on the Epson 2880. Print preview panes remain blank. Window 7 OS. Desperately need help!


    I did uninstall another and got rid of the Preferences file. Voila! This works. I'm not crazy about not understanding why, but he works at a time when he really needs to work.

    Thanks again for your kind attention.

    Merry Christmas.


  • can someone let me know how to print a scanned document. In printing only the 1st page prints fine as I know that there is more than one document.

    can someone let me know how to print a scanned document. In printing only the 1st page prints fine as I know that there is more than one document.  This is the version Adobe photoshop cc 2014.  Someone said it you use printing quick button but who can't find anywhere.



    I don't know if Photoshop is the best solution for the printing of DOCUMENTS scanned.  Photoshop opens a page of a DOCUMENT at a time, let's say you have a MultiPage PDF Document, when you open with the PS, tell him what page you want to open. Once you do, it will convert this page into basically a picture, a raster file that can be edited like a photo.  So if you go to print, it prints only one page, you have open...  So, if you have opened the first page of your document and go to print it, which explains why it only prints the first page.

    So is what file type of the document that you are trying to print?  If it's a PDF file, I opened it with Acrobat/Reader, depending on whether you have and that FILE you > PRINT it like that.   Or is there a particular reason (Lighten/Darken/increase contrast etc...) you are needing to go first to Photoshop?

    Give me a little more information on exactly what you're trying to do and I'll do my best to provide a workflow easier to achieve your final goal.

    I hope this helps.

  • HP Photosmart C4680: my Photosmart C4680 is printing only the white pages


    Whenever I try to print something it prints just a blank page.

    The paper through the flow and I heard sounds of printing.

    I tried to clean the ink cartridges, it did not help.

    Please can someone help me with this.

    Thank you in advance,


    I hope that you are well @jamiebally, welcome to the community of HP

    I noticed your post on your Photosmart C4680 print white pages and I wanted to stop to share my suggestions to help out you.

    Check out this link to fix the problem. If the problem persists, contact HP to see on your replacement options.

    The problems of quality of printing to the HP Photosmart C4600-C4700 all-in-one printer series

    Click on the thumb to below testify my help!
    Click on the "accept as Solution" if I'm you guide to a solution!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Contact HP:

    Step 1. Open the link:
    Step 2. Enter the product number or select Auto detection
    Step 3. Scroll up to "still need help? Fill out the form to select your contact options.
    Step 4. Scroll down and click on: contact HP options - click Get phone number
    File number and phone number appear

  • F4200 HP printer prints only 1 color page correctly

    You have a strange problem with my all in one printer F4200.

    Bought a new (good ink HP) ink cartridge

    Since then, whenever I try to print more than 1 page colors after the 1st page crazy sometimes printing red sometimes yellow etc. ' (1st page colors are fine).

    cleaning of the cartridge did not help

    any solution before I go and buy a new cartridge?

    There may be a problem with the cartridge, or you may be able to clear up the problem with a bit of troubleshooting.  Follow the steps outlined in the document below to try to resolve the problem.  If this does not work, replace the problem.

    Colors from bleeding into the other

  • Why printer prints only header on CV and not a copy of body

    What is a printer problem or something wrong with the word... for info doc, sent the file to a friend who has had no trouble to print out... thx

    Hi, Frank,.

    Check this thread for a given solution

  • How do you change the background color of an email header/footer page/set while creating an email template?

    See the topic. Thanks in advance!


    Change the background color of the background of the browser:

    In the e-mail or the model, click on the Tools icon. Go the the last before icon (shown highlighted in light blue), and then click the fill color color to evoke the color wheel. Select your color it.

    You can also go to the (last) piece of Page tools icon and enter the background color.

    To change the background of the footer:

    Asset > library > Email Footer > Footer you want to change and use the same principles. You can do this in rich format or you can click on the Src button to switch to the source code and enter your color values here.

    Headers, well that would be everything depends on how you create your header. For me, they are all the graphics then I'd go to my source photoshop file, edit and re-upload a new jpg file.

    Hope this helps

  • Need to print the header and footer randomly

    Hi all

    We spend our Actuate reports (install anti-capitalist seibel not operate) to BI Publisher
    Here's our situation. We try to water allowed printing for multiple clients in a single report.

    customer first permit can have 10 pages.
    Second customers permit can have 8 pages.
    and so on.
    Every customer will have variable number pages in their permit.
    First page of each permit must be printed with header/footer(letter head images), other pages on the white pages.

    If I print a permit at a time, it works very well. As I cannot select another first pagelayout page in rtf model and it works well.

    But our demand is to print multiple licenses at the same time in a single report.
    In this case, only the first page is printed on the letter head, rest of the pages are printed on white pages.
    Allowed to the customer so first print correctly, but the rest the client licenses are printed on white pages.

    But we need every permit first page should be at the top of the letter.

    I tried to use variables can be changed in the sections of header/footer to control the display of the header/footer, but unable to update in the header/footer sections. And it does not display anything, if I use the editable variables.
    for example in the header section:

    <? If: xdoxslt:get_variable($_XDOCTX,_'aSeqno') = '1'? >
    print the header image
    <? xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX,_'aSeqno',_'0')? >
    <? end if? >

    does not work in header.

    I appreciate all help.

    Thanks in advance

    Use [email protected] for your group.
    Also use "Different first page" to have another front page.

  • How can I print only 1 page web/29 FF? With 29, you can change only the first field (1 of 5, 2 of 5, 3, 5, etc.) This means I can print only 5 pages,

    So I can not print just 1 of 5 pages. The default, 1-5, will display all 5 pages. The 2nd field cannot be changed, possible in previous versions of FF, 1 of 1. Therefore, I can print only all 5 pages, 2-5, 3-5, etc. WTF - I keep losing the print paper. I had printing edit add-on, but that doesn't seem to help. I've been through several versions of FF and do not like the format of 29.

    In fact, with the addon print change, if I click on the arrow down I get old print format options and can do.

  • HP deskjet 1510 prints only the page displayed in email

    HP deskjet all in 1 print only displayed page in email. Solved.

    Hello @Jaxtuff,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I understand that your 1510 Deskjet prints only the display page in your Email. I will do my best to help you! What do you mean by electronic display? It is only printing a certain body of this Email? Could elaborate you more on this? I need to know your operating system on your computer? Windows or Mac?

    How is the printer connected? USB or wireless?

    What type of browser Web are you using and what type of e-mail?

    Please verify this information and I will help you. Have a good night!

  • Deskjetf2480 only half a page of printing / takes a long time to do anything

    Ive got, this printer for a while now and to be honest not happy with it. Everything has started using it again and replaced the old ink cartridges. The problem is printing only half a page at a time, then pausing for centuries, then spit it out again with only half of a printed page. Its driving me crazy! Ive went through 4 hours of my life yesterday to make it work, that is to say

    (1) reset... did not work

    (2) hard reset... .didnt work

    (3) re install the drivers did not work (4 times)

    (4) cleaned the cartridges and the contacts did not always work!

    Ive followed every bit of advice I could find and now 93 pieces of paper, half of my NEW missing ink, a job end im still no closer to a solution.

    I'm sitting here with a piece of paper, sitting at halfway in my printer waiting a response please help me until the printer is found embedded in my wall. Thank you

    It's definitely a hardware problem then.  Looks like you have tried most of the hardware standard troubleshooting steps.  Take a look at the document below, the link just to see if there is anything in it you have not yet tried.  Other than that, I have a reset, I want you to try, but I can not post the stages publicly.  I sent you a few steps via private Message.  Here is a link that will show you how to use this forum feature if you're not familiar with it.

    Troubleshooting print quality problems

  • How can you print 1 to 3 pages of a web document?

    I have an Ipad with a more HP6500A and that you can print. I have the eprint loaded onto the ipad app. I need to be able to select pages to print from a web page.

    Hi fryemup,

    If you open the ePrint application and select "Web browser" you are able to print multiple web pages from there, but if you're looking to print only certain web pages, ePrint home and Biz does not support this feature.

  • I only get the (page 1 of 1) header and footer (file://C...) when I print online

    When I try to print a document online, I only get the (page 1 of 1) header and footer (file://C...)  This is not always the case.

    How to print the document, as indicated on the screen?

    I'm on HP Officejet Pro 8600, but had the same problem with my HP Officejet 6500.

    Windows 7

    He tried again on another messaging - and it worked! It must be me.
    Thank you.

  • How to print only a Section of a Web Page

    Hi, recently I put the layout of my site in manufacturing work on the phone and a tablet. Is it possible for me to code in my Web site for each page what sections of the web page I want to be printable? For example:rental management company

    This link above goes to one of the rentals that we have and all its details. I want to make sure when I go to file and click on print, it does not print out details on a page and only and excludes the red side, footer and logo/header bar, only print the details.

    Is it also possible to do a "print key" on the page itself which is not under the file menu at the top of the browser?

    As always, any help is appreciated!

    The browser is likely to be confused by your attempt to add a media query according to the @import rules you have.

    I have never tried this level to confuse MQ.

    Personally I move all 4 LF in a unique style, with the impression that the last sheet, @media and call this sheet only.

    That should fix it.

  • Print a web page translate several pages when there should only be one page. How to adapt?

    When I try to print a web page, the result is several partial pages. I tried to adjust the scale, but nothing seems to work. Where can I get this type of adjustment?

    Three possible causes.

    1. the page is intended for managers and each frame is print separately. If you right click on the page you will see a menu item for this framework , if this page contains frames. You'll see on this test page.

    2. a page wide margin setting. You might be able to see that in Page layout > margins/header and footer page, but some printers are able to get weird settings which do not arise here. When you look at: config these prefs are far
    Print.printer_-printer name_Printer.print_margin_left
    Print.printer_-printer name_Printer.print_margin_right

    3. a non standard paper size is defined in the properties for this printer as seen through Firefox. Could define Custom or picture size.

    This section of the support article a hyperlink by SafeBrowser.

    #2 and 3, do a reset should solve. Do the 'reset as described here:

    Make sure that you reset all the preferences for this printer.

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