Equal Server ID & ID Office versions include equal bug fixes?


I use InDesign Server so much InDesign Desktop.

Server 11.0 and 11.0 Office have a bug with the processing of scale functionality. In Desktop 11.4 this bug has been fixed.

Can I be sure that this bug is corrected in 11.4 Server without installing it? Adobe apply these patches of engine in the new version of these two products?

Thank you


Hi Oleg,

unless an employee badges Adobe stops, maybe noone here can answer this question.

I can't tell if the server and Desktop are still tied with bug fixing.

HM. As the opening of new versions of the document in earlier versions of InDesign service uses a server behind the stage installation, and if we assume, that this version of the server is the last version available for the clients of the server, maybe you can try to open a new document in the version with an older version to find out what the server. But this only works if the bug can be fixed by open and save a document (IDML) with CC 2015 v11.4.1.102.

Kind regards

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