Equium A100-147 will not connect wireless Internet!

For these last months that my cell phone was able to connect to internet, I think I must have downloaded a virus that deleted the necessary drivers for the wireless card to work, it is still all access points, but it does not connect.

I tried to reinstall the operating system (Media Center) a few times - that didn't work, and now I have some drivers that I got from my computer on a toshiba Web site - they don't work anymore.

I'm stuck now because I've tried everything I can think of and nothing works, so I hope I can get some good advice on here :D
Thank you


I really put t understand why the installation of the OS is so hard :(
You have received the Toshiba Recovery CD. On this CD all the drivers and tools are already preinstalled.
You insert this CD into the CD/DVD to boot from the CD drive and the installation will begin. After 10-15 min the installation will end and the laptop should be ready for use.

Then configure the WLan access again (encryption, SID, MAC address, etc.) and enjoy.

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