Equium A100-338 - do I have to buy a recovery disk?


I have a bit of a dilemma. Vista on my Toshiba Equium A100-338 sticker is worn (was like that when I bought it). I upgraded my hard drive, installed Windows 7, then gave my old one (forget were the top recovery partition). I want to sell the laptop so back to its original State would be ideal.

Toshiba said that I have to buy a drive for recovery for 29.90, which is ridiculous. Can someone help me?

Details of the laptop: Toshiba Equium A100-338 PSAAQE-006008AV

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If you want to return factory settings as in the first start of the laptop, you can buy a Toshiba Recovery disk. This disc contains a picture of the factory settings, and so you can install the laptop in minutes with all Toshiba drivers and tools.

But I put t understand why it is ridiculous for you. I mean normally get you on laptop Toshiba with Vista after the first start a message that you must burn the recovery disc yourself. It takes 10 minutes and you need only one or two DVD discs. I did it on my Toshiba laptop and I think you should take 10 minutes of your time to do this too.

However, nobody says you have to buy the drive because you can also use a disc of Microsoft and download Toshiba stuff on the Toshiba page but you need so much more time.

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  • Equium A100 - 338 will not start

    Hello everyone I have an Equium A100-338. I bought it in Ireland a little one there.
    Well although it is just out of warranty and it won't start.
    The blue light comes on and the hard drive light comes on for a second, and nothing happens.

    I tried to disconnect the battery a few times. Would not at all light up the screen.
    I plugged the machine on an external monitor but not luck.

    Suggestions people?

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    A new motherboard is a part of portable more expensive so buying a new motherboard is always a costly affair.
    Maybe you should look for some motherboards of second hand on Ebay

  • Equium A100-338 display has stopped working


    I have exactly the same problem on my Equium A100-338 loaded with Vista.
    The display has stopped working (he went to a poorly lit black screen) after I had rebooted my machine even if the computer and the hard drive seems to work Ok with the lights on. I tried the usual elimination of power and the battery and restart it tricks, but after initial success it has stopped working after a few weeks.

    Once I had the computer operation that I only closed it down in the mode 'sleep', and he continued to work for a month until that he should be released after a windows update. I then plugged an external display and use of the Fn + F5 key got the external display running.
    Low and behold, the screen of the laptop started working again as if it had been "energised".

    I took what the laptop screen was OK and that he would not need replacement.
    The laptop worked OK until it needed to restart another when the unrest started again. The screens are gray on the monitor and the laptop now.

    These problems seem to point to a flaw in the display driver or VGA card, have you received updates or suggestions?
    Now, I bought another laptop Toshiba Satellite to connect to the forums trying to find out if my original computer can be repaired
    These problems seem to be quite common on Toshiba computers.

    Any help members would be welcome.

    > These problems seem to point to a flaw in the display driver or VGA card, have you received updates or suggestions?
    For the most part a graphics card driver must be reinstalled or updated to a newer version it can also be a problem of OS which means that the new facility could help
    But try to update the display driver

  • Equium A100-338 - required key for keybord

    Hi helpers.

    can someone point me in the right direction in order to get a couple of new keys on my keyboard. It's a laptop equium a100-338 and I accidentally broke up the great shift and I'd love to restore to the original state.

    any help appreciated

    Thank you

    I doubt you can buy each of the keys, you need to buy a new keyboard to an ASP.

  • Equium A100-338 - battery power problem


    My daughter has an Equium A100-338 bought England under Vista Home Premium 15 months ago. He has recently developed a problem with the battery life, which in theory should mean the replacement of the battery, but I'm not so sure!

    The battery quickly descends to say 80% 6 minutes remaining, about 20 minutes after a full charge. Then put it in charge that it retrieves to 100% in about 20 minutes. The notebook gets rather warm below, but I think it's probably normal, that old equium of my other daughter gets warm anyway.

    Someone has encountered this problem, or is it just that he needs a new battery? I would have thought that it would have lasted longer, the other Equium battery is still going strong and is one year more!

    Thank you


    Hmm I think that you battery is not dead and can be used much longer than you think.

    I see that you have Vista on your laptop. This OS needs more resources for laptop as the Win XP for example. This would mean that laptops preinstalled Vista would be shorter on the battery as the laptop with Windows XP.

    Finally, and especially the battery working time is highly dependent on the use of the laptop.
    If you play games or watch movies DVD battery discharges faster.


  • How can I my Equium A100-338 connect to AOL

    How can I get aol my previous pc connection works on my new laptop?
    I can't make it work at all. The DSL light is not my modem. Do I need settings to log in again?
    I have the model Toshiba Equium A100-338.
    Please answer.
    Thank you.


    I agree with James. AFAIK for AOL users there is an AOL software that needs to be preinstalled. By using this software, you can configure DSL connection.

    By the way: do you use modem for DSL connection only or also a router between your laptop and the DSL modem?

  • Equium A100-338, replacing the hard drive

    Hi, the hard drive from my Toshiba Equium A100-338 just broke down on me, and now I think to replace. Because I'm not good material, I thought I have ask for advice about it here first. Is this an easy repair that can be done on your own? If so, how can I know if my computer match which new hard drive? I know that I need a 2.5 inch Sata-150 and all that, but I'm not sure of the compatibility.

    In addition, it is worth the money to make repairs like this on such an old computer? I wouldn't throw it out when everything else seems to work very well.


    In the Toshiba forum you will find here with some nice instructions how to replace a HARD drive on the different laptop models.
    I found a movie that explains how do on Satellite A200.

    Replacing the HARD drive is not very delicate, and the process is similar for all models of laptops.
    Check it out:

  • Equium A100-338 - Flash memory card does not

    Whenever I have close World of Warcraft, something appears in the upper left corner (looks like it must be a window but only on bar showing) which reads "Toshiba Flash Card (not answer). What can I do to prevent this?

    Im sure he appears during the game as well as I hear a ringing sound.

    I have an Equium A100-338.

    Thanks for any help!


    a solution may be turning off the flash card service if Don t you need your USB.

    You can disable it by following these steps:

    -Go to start-> settings-> Control Panel-> administration-> Services tools

    -Make a right click on 'Smart Card' and left click on "Properties".

    -In the window who pop´s you must stop the service and disable it with the "Disabled" choice to the option "Startup Type".

    After that, your flash drive service is disabled and that you won´t get that annoying more errormessage.
    (I hope so: O)

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  • Equium A100-338 - Missing recovery Toshiba in the menu Wizard

    I have a Toshiba Equium A100-338 I need recovery to factory settings.
    I know I have to press f8 and go to the Toshiba Recovery Wizard.

    My problem is that this option is missing and has been replaced by 'Restore the whole Windows operating system'. When I click on this option, I get a generic message, saying that I have to restore from a restore CD.

    My question is, is it possible to manually start the recovery in the command prompt? The wizard needs to run a program. All I have to do is find this program. I know that I have the recovery partition (I used Ubuntu to recover files of the user, and should it upward).


    Just a simple question: If you have problems to start the HARD drive recovery, why you n t use the Toshiba Recovery disk?

    It can also restore settings from the factory with all the drivers and tools, so it of the same wait it erases the entire HARD disk.

  • Equium A100-338 has started to go very slow after using the recovery CD

    I used the recovery CD after my Equium A100-338 has started to go very slow, it still seems slower than it used to be.
    I haven't added anything to the computer from the CD recovery and verified the Manager tasks to see if I could spot anything suspicious.

    Statistics say, use 18-22% CPU, but the physical memory is about 68% is this normal or should it be less?

    Is there a list of standard processes I can check against mine to see if its doing something, it shouldn't be?

    Thank you


    I think you feel that unity is a bit slow due to the high amount of different processes that run in the context of the BONE.

    The fact is that your laptop supports various features such as buttons FN, Toshiba control buttons, etc.
    All this has needs drivers.

    In addition, as I m not wrong the Norton Internet Security has been installed on your system.
    It s part of the image of Toshiba and this tool could affect the performance of the system.

    I have used in the past, but now changed to another application that doesn t need a lot of material resources.

    So if you want you can disable or delete some of the tools and utilities that are not important to you and could clean the system using a 3rd third party tool called CCleaner

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  • Equium A100-338: Sound does not work currently running Win XP


    I have a Toshiba Equium A100-338, I recently installed windows XP on it but my sound is not working now.

    I downloaded all of the toshiba site realtek drivers still doesent work. Can someone please send tell me what sound card I have and where do I download it from.

    Thank you


    The problem is that you need install Microsoft patches before you continue installing the audio driver.

    I found some useful tips and advice in this forum and it seems that you need to install the
    KB888111 and KB835221 hotfix before installing the sound driver.

    Please check this!

  • Equium A100 - 338 PSAAQE: shortcut keys not working not not after changing Vista to XP

    I recently bought a PSAAQE Equium A100-338. It came preloaded with Vista home premium. I removed what I need XP pro. I found all the drivers to get everything works except the shortcut keys. I tried all the drivers available, but none works. Are there other drivers available for the access keys work.

    Can anyone provide a url to a site where I can get the driver. Also, why are there no XP driver specific available, it took forever to find all those that I needed. I know a lot of it, specialists and companies that will not use Vista and only allow for XP.

    For these features, you have no drivers but Toshiba has designed tools or utilities, but I fear that these tools are not designed for Windows XP Home edition. Not yet.

    I believe you when you say that to many it professionals want to use Windows XP Home edition, but if everything works well, but these buttons are not so important to the features of the laptop and any computer can do its job.

  • Equium A100 - 338 PSAAQE nothing more beyond 3063 GB RAM

    Hi all

    I am owner of Equium A100-338 PSAAQE.
    In my manual and workbook loads on exactly my laptop's info, I can put on the maximum memory 2x2gb modules and after that, I should have 4 GB of ram.

    So I did and believe me or not there is NOT 4 GB RAM.
    Of course in the BIOS I see system memory total 4096, but in the MESSAGE window and in my system, I can see only 3063.
    I have the 64-bit linux system and there should be 4GB without any problem.

    So, where's my 1 GB memory?

    Kind regards


    Well, I downloaded the user manual of the Toshiba page and checked also.
    And now, I am wondering about your statement that the user manual says something about 4 GB of RAM.

    There is an info interested in the user's manual; * Chapter 1: Introduction-> characteristics; *
    Here you can find details about memory and he says:

    + Slots memory: 256 MB, 512 MB PC4200 or 1024 MB memory modules can be installed in the two memory locations for a maximum of 2048 MB system memory. +

    It seems that the upgrade of RAM of 4 GB is * NOT * possible.

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  • Equium A100-338: wireless NIC endangered - suddenly disconnects

    I have a Toshiba Equium A100-338 running Windows Vista. I bought this in February and everything worked well. But for a few weeks now my wireless guard card disappear from my laptop.

    It works fine for awhile (today, for example) and I can browse the internet, all as usual. But all of a sudden it just disconnects, then tells me that there are no available wireless networks.

    When I checked the Device Manager I see that once this happened that my network wireless adapter simply disappeared - it does not appear in Device Manager at all--almost as if he has uninstalled randomly. Sometimes, restarted the laptop I can reuse my wireless, and sometimes I can't.

    I tried to reinstall the drivers and update them, but it didn't seem to do anything. My network card is an Intel PRO 3945abg.

    Please help me! I've looked everywhere for a solution or others who have had the same problem, but am unable to find anything.

    Thanks in advance!


    I also noticed several threads and messages to have reported connectivity problems with wireless Intel PRO 3945abg network card. Unfortunately, I think that it s is not easy to say what the problem is or why it happens to me there could be a problem between the drivers (software) Intel and Microsoft Vista.
    I put t think the material causes of connection interruptions.

    I studied a little more on the Intel page and found this site:

    You can check it and probably you will find a new driver version or a patch
    Do you use a connection Intel Pro Set WLan utility? No, then I recommend this test tool and use it for the WLan configuration.

    PS: Take a look at this page from Toshiba:

  • Need drivers XP for Equium A100-338


    People that you can help me, I have an Equium A100-338 and I changed from vista to xp.
    I managed to find display and drivers sound card, so I need information on other controllers: ethernet, network, mass storage, bus sm.
    Thanks for any help.

    Hey Buddy,

    where have you tried to download the drivers you need? I give now two links and you should find what you need.
    About the hardware on your system, you take a linux live cd and when the system boots you can note that material has been discovered as soon as linux from the CD.

    Here are the links:

    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/download_drivers_bios.jsp (Toshiba Europe) (the Canada Toshiba) limited

    You should find the drivers here or at least something to make your system work properly.

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