Equium A100 Win XP PSAABE - Sound Jittery & slow start / running

Equium A100
Windows XP

Help please.

I had a recurring injury that have begun to appear immediately after a Windows update Auto + reboot.
Stutters sound on the PC (on any application) and is very nervous and the PC starts and runs very slowly.
Anti-Virus Protection of Norton Protection Auto turns red (not sure of how it is important).

Apparently, this American a not uncommon problem, but alas, I still have to find a thread that solves it.

The way I used to work around the problem was to do a restore to an earlier date - which seemed to fix the problem for a few weeks.
The problem started the summer and one for an update around October time, I found a restore wouldn't simply clear the problem.

I have to adopted many solutions/suggestions as possible - sorting on the start-up procedure (MSCONFIG), the temptation of power, completely caught Norton off the coast (not), topped up audio drivers, re-flashed the bios...

However, I am convinced the problem is with windows - when the PC starts I get really nervous sound on the windows welcome jingle - it comes before anything else does - looks like something is in the running.

The PC was fine before that, I ran all the checks hardware/memory and all seem to work well.

Any help gratefully received.

Thank you


Very well!!! The great work mate!

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  • Equium A100-549: DVD & CD playback is slow and jerky

    DVD and CD playback is jerky and slow (sound and image). This problem occurred out of the blue! One day was playing very well and the next, when we tried to play a DVD is a different problem. I put the other DVD that plays very well the night before, but without success - it wasn't the DVD in particular. I tried the audio CD I played before and to my disappointment the same problem. I ripped a CD on my laptop and it played very well - it is not the sound card. I used a lens cleaner, but it did not work.

    I run Toshiba Diagnostics, no problem. I even scanned the HD and defrag, nothing - so I doubt there is a problem with Windows. Problem with two media players, windows one and the Nero one - is not due to lack of players. I drop the phone or hit him or spilled something on it. And this problem really happened from one day to the other. I had all the windows and driver updates two weeks before the problem occurred, by paying in the meantime several DVDs and a few CDs with no problems. What should I do?

    Fortunately, the laptop is still under warranty, but I would prefer if there is a way to fix at home, because services of take time...

    Laptop: Equium A100-549 CM360
    Windows XP
    Matsita DVD Ram UJ841S

    Thank you for your help.


    I hope that your device to factory settings and not your own installation of the OS. You didn't write what CDs and DVDs you use, but I hope that use you the original one.

    Before you play DVD movie try at first to end all unnecessary process and stop the antivirus application if you have one. RedHawk is just, but I'm sure that DMA setting is standard by factory settings.

  • Equium A100: Cannot install Virtual Sound & Power Saver error (0x3F0)

    Hi all

    I brought a new SATELLITE A100 series laptop, during the configuration and installation of new soft, I find myself with that.

    1. I am able to install the Toshiba Virtual Sound, it gives error on install start-> "Toshiba Sound only is not supported on your virtual machine".

    2 another problem is Toshiba Power Saver, cannot start Control Panel or taskbar, it gives an error Fatel error 0x3F0, I am able to switch between the different profiles using Fn + F2 keys.

    One, can help me to solve this problem.
    I am using Windows XP Pro SP2.

    Thanks in advance.


    1.) for me the error message seems very clear. It seems that you have used fake utility Virtual Sound. It is not designed for your laptop model.

    2.) I found several assignments with power saver same fatal error 0x3F0 and in each of theses cases the installation of the Toshiba recovery CD has solved the problem.

    PS: I want to add some useful information: I checked the page of the Toshiba driver and found two different sets of satellite. Don't mix the two series. It is possible to s that the drivers will not work.
    Additional you have to follow the installation guide lines that are in the document on the Toshiba page installation instructions.
    Incorrect installation order could be a reason for the driver and the malfunction of the tools

  • Equium A100-338: need driver sound


    If anyone knows where I can get the audio driver for satellite A100-338 other than the list of drivers on this Web site.
    I tried to download from here, but I feel v.slow download speed, taking hours to transfer.

    I went a week without noise because of the download or stop to half way through me or just impatient.
    I tried www.realtek.com, but I don't have any idea where to find it.

    Thank you!


    This page from Realtek.
    http://www.Realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?langid=1&PNid=14&PFID=24&level= 4 & Conn = 3 & DownTypeID = 3 & GetDown = false

    You will find the High Definition Audio driver. I think it's a good

    However, be patience and wait until the download of the driver ended up ;)

  • Satellite M30 slow start, running slow & on most of the time HARD disk activity led

    The question above with my laptop. It is used to run faster than my desktop, but has altered performance. Running XP SP2 and Norton Internet Security and Norton System Works. No error shows when executing the Tests of Norton. Have reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled software but little difference.

    Laptop takes @5 minutes to start. Open Outlook takes 10 seconds. Drive light is on most of the time so I was wondering if the hard drive related.

    Any ideas?
    Thank you very much.

    Try the freeware like HD Tune or HDD Health programs.
    These applications provide some information on the State of the HARD drive.

  • Equium A100-147 - deleted CD/DVD drive

    I uninstalled the readers of DVD/CD ROM of my Equium A100-147 model PSAABE by mistake. How I can I restore it? I'm not very technical


    It means that your CD/DVD drive is not more?
    Have you already checked the Device Manager if the drive is visible or not?

    Otherwise, you must follow the instructions in this Microsoft KB article:

  • Equium A100: Crisp & slows down sound while the use of CP's high

    When I play a cd/dvd, or extract the contents of cd for laptop, or whatever it is which includes the use of the D: drive, the sound is all distorted and crunchy and slows down. also, the CPU usage is very high, and it won't let me write anything on disks.

    This has happened a few months now, it was workin perfectly before hand and I've only had the phone since Christmas, so it is still under warranty. It's an equium A100 series.

    I've been looking around on the forums and found athread on a similar problem but on a laptop satellite, and which was resolved by a new drive being installed because the original was defective. the link to this thread is:


    so is that what someone had the same problem? does anyone know if a new hard drive would solve the problem on my laptop? and if not does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks for any help, dave.


    Equium A100 is very similar to the Satellite A100. So maybe it's really a problem even as described in the other thread.

    But listen David, before you send the laptop and want to replace the HDD try first to reinstall the OS from the recovery CD!

    Try everything first format the whole HARD drive, erase the partitions and reinstall the OS.

    If this does not help, it would be wise to check, if the same thing would happen with the new HARD drive!

  • Equium A100-338: Sound does not work currently running Win XP


    I have a Toshiba Equium A100-338, I recently installed windows XP on it but my sound is not working now.

    I downloaded all of the toshiba site realtek drivers still doesent work. Can someone please send tell me what sound card I have and where do I download it from.

    Thank you


    The problem is that you need install Microsoft patches before you continue installing the audio driver.

    I found some useful tips and advice in this forum and it seems that you need to install the
    KB888111 and KB835221 hotfix before installing the sound driver.

    Please check this!

  • Equium A100 - 027: running slow

    Any help appreciated - my equium a100-027 running incrdeibly slow, especially shortly after the start.

    This is for all the excellent Internet programs.

    Sometimes I get an error message saying card Flash not working do not.

    Please help - thanks!


    Satellite A100-027 seems to be equipped with 1 GB of RAM (2 x512MB)
    If you are using Win Vista or Win 7 then it would be desirable to increase the RAM up to 2 GB.

    You can also disable some background process is not necessary.
    You can do it in msconfig-> Startup tab.

    > Sometimes I get an error message saying card Flash not working do not.
    Well, the cards Flash is a utility that controls the FN keys.
    Perhaps this tool needs to be reinstalled again.

    Visit the page of European driver of Toshiba and download and reinstall the Toshiba Flash Cards Support utility.

    Good luck

  • Audio driver does not work on Equium A100 (PSAAB)


    I bought my laptop a few weeks ago, tried Vista on it for about 2 weeks but decided to change the operating system to my old XP because I did not like that Vista has taken to much power. (Like playing a game from time to time)

    Anyway, the installation went well and I checked the installation instructions on the home page of Toshibas and installed everything that was needed. I also installed the audio driver.

    After the restart there is no sound so I started, I was wondering what could be wrong. Called support and he told me to install 'Virtual Sound. The problem when I install was that I get an error message telling me that my computer do not support virtual sound.

    So my question is: is this the problem? Not getting is not the virtual sound installed or should it works even without virtual sound? It gets boring without sound and I want it to work. Anyone got any ideas what to do?

    Each suggestion or help is very appreciated!
    / Martin


    I wonder why some of the support line suggested to install the virtual sound?
    The European driver Toshiba page does not include any virtual sound utility for this laptop Equium A100 PSAAB!
    In my opinion it of not good. You n t need to install this utility.

    I checked the Toshiba page and choose your notebook series PSAAB. I found a lot of XP drivers!
    There are also 2 different audio drivers; Realtek and Realtek
    Check both!

    I see that the reference page offers different upgrades of MS QFEs. You must install all!
    Sometimes these update of MS are important and necessary to solve some problems.

    PS; Please install all the drivers in the order mentioned in the Installation Instructions

  • Re: Very bad sound on Equium A100

    Hello. I have an Equium A100 with sound problems. The best I can describe it, but it sounds like a Dalek.
    I am running Xp pro. I uninstalled and re installed the driver several times in the hope that would sort, but that did not work.
    Anyone got any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

    Before starting to discuss your problem please post what model of laptop you have exactly (A100-xxx) and what operating system you use.

    By the way: this A100 is old enough and, if I m remembering well, some of them were shipped with Windows XP Media Center Edition. I assume that with original preinstalled OS sound must be OK. Can you confirm this?

  • Equium A100-338 has started to go very slow after using the recovery CD

    I used the recovery CD after my Equium A100-338 has started to go very slow, it still seems slower than it used to be.
    I haven't added anything to the computer from the CD recovery and verified the Manager tasks to see if I could spot anything suspicious.

    Statistics say, use 18-22% CPU, but the physical memory is about 68% is this normal or should it be less?

    Is there a list of standard processes I can check against mine to see if its doing something, it shouldn't be?

    Thank you


    I think you feel that unity is a bit slow due to the high amount of different processes that run in the context of the BONE.

    The fact is that your laptop supports various features such as buttons FN, Toshiba control buttons, etc.
    All this has needs drivers.

    In addition, as I m not wrong the Norton Internet Security has been installed on your system.
    It s part of the image of Toshiba and this tool could affect the performance of the system.

    I have used in the past, but now changed to another application that doesn t need a lot of material resources.

    So if you want you can disable or delete some of the tools and utilities that are not important to you and could clean the system using a 3rd third party tool called CCleaner

    Welcome them

  • Equium-A100-147 - broken sound and video

    Hello world

    I have the satellite A100-147, its working well for the past couple of year.
    But in recent weeks has get problem in sound and video (broken sound and video).

    The sound is breaking and sometimes uable to listen + video and so delay breaking due to her with so much sound so slow EEG distortion etc...

    This remains even after the new Wind XP (format HARD drive) installation impossible to fix installed new drivers.
    Shows Device Manager all drivers including audio and video work ok, nt know what who is problem please help me.

    Thank you.

    Have you noticed the high HARD drive activity when this happens (blinking HDD LED permanently)?

  • Display with Equium A100-PSAABE problem

    I have an Equium A100 - model PSAABE.
    The display of the Office covers only 2/3 of the display screen. On the right of the screen is a blackstrip 2 ".
    I have treid graphics download drivers display Intel, but it did not work.
    All the settings seem to be correct.

    I know that this seems to be a grahics / but display card driver problem I know not glued to nowhere to go next.
    How can I get rid of this black band and have my office covereing the whole screen again?

    Anyhelp would be most appreciated.


    I m bit confused. You see the blank frame as on your desktop or also if you play games, watch movies, etc.

    I think that your question is nothing serious I think that it s only a problem of setting.

    Check the Intel graphics settings that are accessible from the control panel.
    He must go to the display settings and should define the parameters in full screen (no border)

    In my opinion, this should extend your desktop in full screen and the border should disappear.

    Check it!

  • Need driver sound for Equium A100

    where can I download the audio driver from equium a100-549


    Drivers, you can find under http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com support & downloads Support homepage.

    Choosing the right model to pay attention to the description of the model (PSAABE-xxx).

Maybe you are looking for