Equium A200 - 1V0 DVD Player error impossible of video output to an external device

I use my Equium A200 1V0 laptop with Vista Home Premium, and whenever I try to watch a DVD using the preinstalled Toshiba DVD Player software, I get the following error...

"Unable to video output to an external device. Please spend your
display the buttons on the unit by pressing the Fn + F5 after the end of the application. »

I do not have an external monitor, and have never had a. (By pressing the Fn + F5 buttons does not work, because...) I have not attached external devices!)
The software used to work properly, and I have not changed the settings at all.

I have now tried to reinstall with the latest download from Toshiba, but the problem remains.

Any thoughts would be accepted with gratitude.



I found a boyfriend of the solution.

I searched simply here in the forum and found this thread!

Jack Black has posted a link to a useful Toshiba doc that says that this error is related to the Realteck sound driver.

Update the audio driver and you must solve this problem!

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  • Equium A200-1V0: DVD-RAM UJ-850 s does not read data discs

    My laptop seems to have decided to stop reading data disks.
    However, there is no problem with the audio CD, but when I insert a data disc such as the software considers the disk is empty and try to format the drive.
    I searched internet day for solutions and tried without success to the following:

    Removed the UpperFilters and LowerFilters in the registry.
    Uninstalled and reinstalled drivers.
    Bought DriverWhiz (waste of money!)
    Tried to access disc command prompt that generated the message "incorrect function".
    Tried to use the enforcement function and access an exe file that I know is on the disk, but it comes up saying I need to format the drive
    Uninstall service packs
    I even thought it might be something to do with the MagicVirtual drive I had installed so I uninstalled completely which
    I uninstalled real player

    I'm about 3 minutes to destroy my laptop so any help would be appreciated.

    Laptop: Equium A200 - 1V0
    Drive DVD - RW: MAST * a DVD-RAM UJ-850 s ATA
    OS: Windows Vista


    Deleting upper and lower filters was the first idea that I'd like to share with you, but it seems that you have already tried this solution proposal

    How about windows boot CD or a linux live CD?
    Is this possible?

    If not then I thing that the question could be linked to the wrong material work I m thinking on the issue of laser lenses eventually the laser lens can not calibrate properly and this could be a problem

    In this case, only a replacement CD/DVD drive can help greet

  • Equium A200 1v0 - DVD Volume very low


    I noticed DVD playback volume is very low (even when the cursor of the volume on the drive and windows is max had). MP3 playback is very good and volume is much stronger, he just seems to be a problem with playback of the DVD. I tried a Toshiba DVD player software and Windows media player, but they give the same result.

    Someone at - it suggestions?

    Thank you.

    Audio controller: Realtek
    OS: Windows Vista editions Home Premium


    I presume that you have played the MP3 from the HARD disc and movies from a CD/DVD player

    In the control panel - settings, you will find different audio audio controllers
    You must choose the reading and put all the controllers of possible sounds at a higher level.

    Best regards

  • Equium A200 CD/DVD player - 26 d keeps opening by itself

    Starting from my laptop, the dvd player automatically opens and it again whenever I close. Someone else met this, or know how I can stop this?

    Hmm. I m not very good but looks a bit like a hardware problem.
    In my case, the CD/DVD drive is ejected until a procedure of engraving was finished. This is normal behavior

    But in your case the CD/DVD drive does not eject automatically...

  • Equium A200-1V0 - cannot copy video clips on DVD

    I am trying to download my dvd movie clips, I tried the DVD-R and DVD + RW discs and at the same time I get the message please insert a writable disc. I contacted Sony to ask why I am unable to copy clips (I have a sony HD camcorder) but they said I need to 'make sure that you put a recordable disc. This will depend on your computer disc drive if it is compatible with DVD-RW/RW. Please refer to the specification of your computer for more information. »

    I have a Toshiba EQuium A200-1V0, nobody knows what kind of disks would let me copy on them?

    I previously copied pictures on CD - R and had no problems with these.

    Hi sjdscotland,

    I m a bit confused what program you use to burn the DVD?
    What OS do you have?

    Normally, you can copy videos on the HARD drive first and then try to burn on DVD using Nero or CD Burner XP.

  • Equium A200-1V0: is it possible to create a new Toshiba Recovery CD


    I just wanted to know on Equium A200-1V0 I'm able to make the recovery CDs and DVDs?
    I just found this link ( that if I choose option 3 does that mean you can make CDs recovery and recovery dvd. This recovery method apply to Equium A200-1V0?

    Second thing, it is that someone can tell me what type of card mother Equium A200-1V0, if possible to his specifications.

    Last thing. When this model was released?

    Well, I have this laptop but will buy the first week of the new year. Just do a little research.

    Help with this will be appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Don t think you will be able to create an own Toshiba Recovery CD.
    In the document of Toshiba, you can see this info:

    Only templates that come with it "Toshiba HDD Recovery Utility" (ie: Tecra A2)

    It seems that the Equium A200 was already delivered with the Toshiba Recovery CD and you have no need to create a new.
    The procedure described above applies to the Toshiba laptop computer which were delivered without the recovery CD

    Best regards and happy new year ;)

  • Equium A200-1V0 - cannot create the hibernation file

    Equium A200-1V0, Vista Home Premium (SP2)

    Hibernation has disappeared recently. I just did a cleaning disc. I have tried to go to the command prompt and enter powercfg / hibernate on, but I get a message saying that the system could not create the file of hibernation with a specific error code: 0xc0000022.

    Suggestions, please?

    Thank you.

    Hi Peterspragge,

    You have enabled hibernation in Vista power management?
    What happens if you press the FN + F4 key combination to enter hibernation mode?

    I never had a problem with the Hibernate in Windows mode and I think that his Microsoft more related question.
    Have you looked on the forums of Microsoft solution possible?

  • Equium A200-1V0 - how to use the Toshiba Recovery CD product?

    I used the reinstall xp on desktop before but do not need to do a reinstall on your laptop (toshiba) with vista with their product recovery disc. With vista, I had to find my own drivers etc. after the OS is installed on a clean drive.

    I want to clean the disc by using a product of drive wipe as Dariks boot and nuke (used on office/xp computers some time and as a very clean before you reinstall drive) on my laptop Toshiba Equium A200-1V0 before inserting the product recovery cd.

    (1) is it ok to erase drive with DBAN - this usually effect the ability of the recovery CD to do its job?
    (2) how can I use the product recovery cd or it is free it is exposed just charge, boot from the cd and follow the instructions online?
    (3) it will return the laptop to the factory shipping status (i.e. don't have no need to look for the drivers, etc.)?

    Thank you very much for your help - just need to be reassured that have not is it a wipe and reinstall on your laptop and vista with a "recovery disc" (always a disc not specify that it is a full copy of the operating system


    Hello James

    The recovery procedure everything is very simple and here are the answers to your questions:

    # You should not do. Before installing recovery starts the disk HARD integer will be automatically formatted, created new partitions and OS will be installed on the first
    # Start Notepad and press F12 repeatedly to enter the boot menu. When the menu is displayed a recovery media in the optical disc drive. In the menu choose the CD/DVD drive and press ENTER. Follow the meny on the screen. After that two or three click OK installation will be implemented.
    # Yes

    When the installation is complete just start computer laptop again and wait until the operating system will be prepared for the first start. It is not necessary to install any additional software.

  • Equium A200-1V0 using XP - recent conversion issues.

    * Hi, *.

    * I recently inherited my laptop the girls, he had vista installed on it. I'm not a big fan so decided to install xp. I found a great guide on the forum, see below, (the topic is now locked) *.

    The original guide:

    + How to install XP Home on the following Vista laptop. 05/01/08 +.
    + PSAF5E + Toshiba Equium A200-1V0

    + Introduction
    + Here are the measures taken by us to remove our Toshiba laptop Vista and replace it with XP Home. There may be inconsistencies in our methods and we cannot have all the correct drivers installed, but everything seems to work OK for us. +
    + Our laptop now runs much faster, opens and closes more quickly and is more stable. +

    + This isn't a 5 minute operation. It should not be attempted by anyone with only a knowledge of passage of computers because it is very easy to screw things. The shop you bought your PC against them will load a lot to fix things and they will probably insist reinstall Vista! +
    + Be prepared that this would also probably negate your warranty. +

    + Luckily, I have a 2nd PC under XP, which allows me to access the web. This is very useful because it means that when your Vista machine is "broken" you can always find help and download the driver files. I also used my 2nd PC to create the XP installation updated the CD discussed later. +
    + You must have access to the web via a PC or another to get the necessary drivers. +

    + Method +.
    + First, even if you have Vista on your laptop, download and run a program of interrogation as "Belarc advisor" that lists all the drivers and software installed on your laptop. Print it out for future reference. It will be useful later when searching on the web for all drivers that may require updating. +
    + Now, make sure that you noted on all the necessary settings for your Internet connection. +
    + Also, back up the files that you may have placed on the hard drive you will lose the lot, including emails and the address books and web bookmarks etc. +

    + Unfortunately, the Toshiba disk that comes with this laptop does not appear to have all the required drivers with it. Instead, I think it relies on Vista keeping copy on your hard drive. It's not very bright that when the disk fails, you have lost everything! +
    + This means to go on the web and the search of all the required drivers run the XP successfully. +
    + Some we have found, for example the wireless network adapter, however this was not a problem because once we had installed XP and connected to the Internet through an Ethernet cable to our router, we were able to run 'Update Driver' for each missing item. +
    + Go to "Device Manager" via "Control Panel" then "System" and then "hardware". Then look for any yellow question mark for all the problems. Right-click and run 'Update Driver' for the Hardware Update Wizard and allow the PC to search the web "this time only. +
    + The ones we made in this way were: wireless adapter, Audio adapter. +

    + Unfortunately an original CD of XP SP2 does not contain the required drivers for this laptop. Therefore, when you start the CD it will be, after a few minutes of installation of files, say you have a hardware problem, there is no hard drive. +
    + To remedy this, you will need to download the right drivers Intel ICH8M SATA AHCI Controller. I could not find on the website of Intel, but on the contrary searched on Google for him. and he got to: http://www.alphadownloads.com/downloads/download-hp-intel-sata-ahci-controller-driver-ver--d-3064.html+

    + The other necessary drivers that we found on the web were: +.

    + Intel chipset device software installer +.
    Web page +.
    + http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=N&ProductID=816&DwnldID=14528 & strOSs = 45 & OSFullName = Windows * XP Home Edition & lang = eng +.

    + Or if this link does not try this: +.

    + http://support.intel.com/support/chipsets/inf/sb/CS-021273.htm+

    + Select 'Download Intel chipset software installation utility' on the left side, and then select your operating system "XP Home +.
    + Select "INF Update Utility - primarily for Intel 3, 900 chipset series ' +.
    + and download it. +

    + Driver Intel graphics: Mobile Intel (r) 965 Express Chipset +.
    Web page +.
    + http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=N&ProductID=2800&DwnldID=1438 8 & strOSs = 45 & OSFullName = Windows * % 20XP % 20Home % 20Edit ion & lang = eng +.

    + Or if this link does not try this: +.
    + http://support.intel.com/support/graphics/intelgm965/+

    + Now, select "software & drivers" on the left side and select your operating system "XP Home +.
    + You will be presented with a list of files. +
    + Select provided? ® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Windows * XP (exe) +.
    + and download it. +

    + Marvell Yukon Ethernet Driver +.
    Web page +.
    + http://www.marvell.com/drivers/driverDisplay.do?dId=175+

    + Or if this link does not try this: +.
    + http://www.marvell.com/drivers/search.do?reload=false+
    + On the right side, select ' W2000 / XP/2003/Vista x 86 & x 64 multilingual Installer (32-bit and 64-bit) for Yukon devices +.

    + Create the XP drivers disk +.
    + Add SATA drivers for a copy of your XP install CD using a program such as NLite. +
    + You have enough spare memory hard drive take a copy of your XP (about 700 MB) installation CD. +
    + Launch the program "sp37005.exe" and it will install on your hard drive. Do not install to a floppy disk. +
    + Download "NLite" of: http://www.nliteos.com/download.html+
    + When you run NLite it will probably say that you need to install ".net Framework", if so, quit NLite and go find the program. It is a Microsoft program that you can find by performing a Google search for the corresponding page on the Microsoft Web site. +
    + Now place your drive to install XP in your CD drive, if it autoruns, leave him. +
    + Run Nlite and follow the instructions on the screen. +
    + The program will ask where is your XP disk then it will ask you where you want to save the copy. +
    + On the screen "Task Selection", select "Drivers" and "Bootable ISO". Press "next". +
    + Select "Insert" and then "Folder pilot several" and now go and find your downloaded files of the SATA driver. Now, select 'All' and ' OK. The program will list the available SATA drivers. Select only the two that mention "ICH8M. Now press "next". The display will show the selected drivers. Press 'Next' and then 'Yes' to the prompt and then on "next" when done.
    + You are presented with the "Bootable ISO" screen. +
    + Put it a new inflammable CD in your CD burner, wait for it to be recognized and out any window that might appear to allow you to install files.
    + Now in Nlite, under "Mode", select "Direct Burn" +.
    + Under the 'Label' enter something like "XP for Toshiba Satellite A200" to identify the drive. +
    + Advanced settings to leave alone and now add the other required drivers by clicking on explore and copy them to the root directory to the temporary directory on your hard drive XP. It might be better to create a "Drivers" folder in the root directory to make them easy to find later. +
    + Now, click on the "Burn" button Now follow the remaining instructions to complete. +
    + You have now created an XP installation disc that contains your SATA drivers. +
    + - As you can tell, it of sound altogether, but avoids having to buy a USB floppy drive and it provides a neat solution. +

    + Hasta La Vista! +
    + Now you are ready to start the cleaning process, if you are brave enough to continue... +.

    + First, re-boot your laptop and the all start-up press F12 to change the boot order so that the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM is first. You can also use F2 and then change the Boot order from there. +

    + Now, insert your new XP installation disc in the DVD/CD drive and re-boot the PC, select boot from CD when you are prompted. +

    + The XP CD will now start copying the files and possibly display an options screen.
    + Select this option to install Windows. +
    + And then remove the hard drive C: partition (with Vista on) +.
    + Delete the partition used by Vista also F. +.
    + You will have to follow a lot of warning messages to delete the partitions. +
    + Now follow the instructions to create an NTFS partition on the C drive. +.
    + Now install XP by following the instructions. +

    + Don't worry that the graphics are a bit large as once Windows has finished installing, you can run the graphics driver you copied on the the XP CD to correct this. +

    + Run three driver files: +.
    + win2k_xp14311.exe Intel graphics driver.
    + INFINST_AUTOL.exe Intel chipset software installation utility ' +.
    + Marvell Yukon Ethernet Driver Setup.exe +.

    + Your graphics card must now improve and you should now be able to connect to the web (after the execution of the web Setup Wizard). But do not do this until you have installed your anti-virus software and firewall. +

    + Now go to "Device Manager" by "Control Panel" then "System" and then "hardware". Then look for any yellow question mark for all the problems. Right-click and run 'Update Driver' for the Hardware Update Wizard and allow the PC to search the web "this time only. +

    + If all goes well, everything should work OK now. +

    + Now go and have a drink to celebrate! +

    * After completing the installation, I found that I had no work wlan driver on my laptop. They are here (RTL8187B_WLAN_Adaptor), but with a big yellow question mark. I tried reinstalling them but it made no difference. I don't know why they don't will be will not installed properly.*

    * All went well and seem to work and all the familiar screens were there. I started using it and wanted to transfer some info from the laptop to my office. I copied the files on a disc using Ashampoo Burning Studio 7 and it seems to work, he went through the whole process without a hitch. When he had finished I checked the drive and it was empty he had no files on it at all. I tried several types/brands but the results (or lack of) is the same. The drive reads the discs will not drive write. Any ideas? *

    Thanks for reading this and I would appreciate any help/advice you may have.

    See you soon,.



    This means that everything is working properly without WLAN connection and burning the discs?

    Well, are you sure that your laptop is equipped with RTL8187B WLAN card? Therefore, you can check the vendor and device ID in Device Manager.
    But for all the portable Toshiba, you can download the driver WLAN here:

    In addition, it would be interesting to know which drive you exactly used for the engraving process. I only use high-quality Verbatim and TDK media. I don t use Ashampoo or Nero, I use CD Burner XP because it the freeware tool and I can do anything I want with this program.

    Check it!

  • "Disk Creator" and update firmware on Equium A200-1V0

    Please forgive me if I'm missing something really obvious, but I can't find even if I need to update the firmware of my DVD burner.

    The doc readme says to start "Toshiba Disk Writer", and then select Audio CD - that should give me information on the disks required to decide if the firmware update is needed. I don't see any creator of disc on my satellite and selecting Properties on my DVD burner tells me it's a RUG * A DVD-RAM UJ-850 s ATA Device.

    There is no link whatever it is cited in the update of the firmware, wherever it should be a feature of TSST Corp.

    I had a few firmware updates and am unable to see even if they are needed. Any advice would be much appeciated


    The update of the firmware are still on the European driver Toshiba page.
    If you find any updates to the firmware on the Toshiba page for you laptop, then an update of the firmware is not necessary!

    Equium A200-1V0 seems to belong to the series of PSAF5 and three updates of firmware for TS-L632, TS-L632P, TS-L632H CD/DVD drives. You can find these details more info

    If your CARPET * a DVD-RAM UJ-850 s doesn t need updates.

  • Equium A200-1V0: can not play Holy gold game

    I just bought an Equium A200-1V0 and installed the sacred gold game but when I try to play the game it comes up with the error message that there is no disc in the disc drive.

    Even when I try to start the game from the disc instead of the shortcut on the laptop.
    Someone has encountered similar problems and found a solution?

    Have you installed it correctly?
    How about you, the possibilities of support from manufacturers of game?
    Maybe it's a known issue and a patch is available

  • Equium A200-1V0 and sacred gold problem

    I just bought an Equium A200-1V0 and installed the sacred gold game but when I try to play the game it comes up with the error message that there is no disc in the disc drive.

    Even when I try to start the game from the disc instead of the shortcut on the laptop.
    Someone has encountered similar problems and found a solution?

    It seems that you have already posted this question in the beginning thread:

    It s advisable to say in thread and follow the a start to start the different views.

  • Equium A200 - 1V0 upgrade Vista 32 bit Windows7 32 bit

    My parents got an Equium A200 - 1V0 (model #: PSAF5E)

    I ran the Windows 7 Upgrade advisor and have tried to solve the problems identified. Happened very well, with the exception of a single element, "value added Package. He noted that an updated version is available, but the link leads to the generic URL toshiba.com.

    I think that the original version was 1.0.x and I installed the latest version that I could find for Vista 32 bit when I went to the product page.

    But once the update to 1.1.7 advise points out that there is an update - but I'm not. Or don't State Advisor if the update is required, it just says: they do not have the compatibility information about this version.

    So I was wondering if anyone knew if I can't ignore this warning then?
    Anything to be informed during the upgrade of the product? Or can I insert the W7 DVD and press upgrade?


    I checked on the driver Win 7 32 bits Toshiba page available equiim A200 including utility Vap:


  • Equium A200-1V0 - service the user profile Service has no connection

    Hey, wonder if anyone can help me.

    My laptop is not letting me log in the profiles of each user, a message keeps coming up saying 'the user profile Service service has no connection. User profile cannot be loaded. »

    I can fix anyone know? A got a Toshiba Equium A200-1V0 if that helps.

    See you soon.

    See this MS knowledge base article:

    + Error message when you log a computer Windows Vista-based or Windows 7 by using a temporary profile: "the user profile Service has no logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

    This seems to be a known issue of Windows and you can correct that running the Microsoft Fix this problem Microsoft Fix it 50446

    Welcome them

  • V5.8 DVD player: error-70012

    Dear Apple community,

    I use a MacBook Pro 13 "(mi-2010) and replaced the Superdrive (SD) by a 750 GB HD (using the iFixit statement)." At the time I build on the 750 GB HD, it had Mac OS X 10.11.1. I noticed recently that the DVD player (v.5.8) not started correctly, display this error message:

    There was an error initializing

    A valid DVD drive is not found. [- [ 70012]

    Pressing the Ok button, quit the program.

    In this case independent of whether it is a DVD inserted in the SD card or not. The Superdrive is connected via USB as external drive and works well, for example with the VLC Player I installed before that I checked Apple's DVD player.

    Until I checked the DVD player, I also downloaded from the App Store "Screen recording Studio" App (Lite and more later for €4.99). This program does unfortunately not work, and I don't know if this installation has changed the settings of the DVD player or just the fact that the SD card is not connected as external drive.

    I contacted Apple Support and as a possible solution, that I've been recommended to update my Mac OS X 10.11.1 to update more recent 10.11.5 - which I did, but I still get the same error message when you start the DVD player.

    You have an idea for a solution? Are there preferences that can be adapted without having to reinstall the entire operating system new risk of loss of data etc. ?

    Thanks for your support!

    Best regards

    Özkan Yalkinoglu

    http://www.CNET.com/news/addressing-DVD-Player-error-70012-when-using-external-d banks in os x.

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