Equium A300D - 16 c. do not start after his stop.

Please, it is a problem that I seem to not understand. I used my laptop Equium A300d - 16 c with no problems for over a year until last night. I was installing a software (nokia PC suite) that you are prompted to restart the computer. the closure was normal and so he could restart, was a problem. It displays nothing but a screen empty. It is obvious it does not start as when I press the power button it goes immediately. Only the power led is on. Another thing I notice is that the DVD-ROM reads any disk placed inside, but there is no display of any kind.

My first reaction was that it may be overheating, so I cleaned the vents and amazed the dust of all compartments. but the problem still persists. Please, I want to know what may be the problem before you take it for repairs. Need help. Thank you.

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It is not easy to explain exactly why this happens, but I would like to know if you see something on the screen when you turn on your laptop.
See Toshiba welcome screen?
You can enter the BIOS settings?

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    I tried the usual stuff to go into Device Manager and uninstall control compliant apci and still he has not solved it self. I've also updated my bios to the newest one. I just wanted to know what could I do so I can see how much battery is left, and if the laptop can recognize I..


    Is this a battery Toshiba of origin of an authorized service provider?

    Usually, the new battery should be detected after the first start, I recommend that you charge the battery while the laptop is turned off. Start the laptop with battery only and check if she recognized properly s.

  • I have a gateway dual core w vista sp2 (10/10/12) latest version of windows update was able to start after his stop.

    There was a large number of updates and after repair is restored to the previous, I suppose that nothing works properly now.  Word and excel will not start now and have macafee ISP software freebie.  Everything started having all sorts of fun with this computer after upgrades and will never buy another operating system of windows again.  You lost me for mac because I'm sick of working on these to get the Junk to run.


    There are a lot of repair Vista and recovery information in the connection of the gateway, including the recovery to factory settings.


    See you soon.

  • Equium A300D - 16 c - does not start - no POST

    came to turn on my laptop this morning at a black screen after you turn on the laptop and a bunch of times, I noticed there were 2 low beeps coming from the motherboard (thought it was the hard drive, it comes to the right side of the laptop / to the right of the touchpad)

    When turnt on:

    -Power light is on
    -Battery may charge just fine and light orange to indicate his support works
    -Hard drive runs well (witness disk is active at all lights)
    -After 2/3 seconds after turnt is powered, you get 2 beeps VERY quiet (had to put ear on the laptop to hear it)
    -Fan works fine also the controller - the heat of the laptop becomes the fastest is laps.
    -Tried with or without battery, adapter always the same results

    tried to remove ram/try different combinations but same result, also no output at all on the external VGA port

    Anyone have any idea?

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to say what is wrong with your laptop. Exact hardware failure can be determined by diagnostic software.

    Beeps at startup indicates a serious hardware failure. It may be BIOS or maybe GPU. Unfortunately, we can only speculate what may be the problem. I m afraid the motherboard should be replaced.

    What you can do is to contact the nearest service Toshiba and ask for help.

  • P7 - 1520t: PC does not start after a stop, but it will be after a reboot

    Since the last update March 1, my pc went all black screen and nothing happens, so I downgraded to its original condition with w8, with all fees have not kept what it is, I'm back on w10 and my problem remains the same, I can't start windows , not even with the recovery DVD or USB support. I have to remove all the power of my motherboard, so that I can boot and F1, I have install all the latest drivers available for all my components and remove all my material added always the same, if I restart without problems, but if I stop it when the CPU turns on, but windows will never load.

    Thank you in advance to those who can save me!

    P7 - 1520t - Intel i5-3330

    -16 GB of ram

    -64-bit W10

    -Integrated intel hd graphics

    H-Joshua-H61-Μatx (MB)

    I installed W8 if UEFI and everything worked well, have store 8.1 trough upgrade of windows, and I'm happy, all my stuff is working properly, is not going to install 10 tho... was good OS, but with all that is happening I will stay at 8.1, I put more money on fixing W10, they didn't even know what to do.

  • 4540 proBook s does not start after stopping

    Brand new Probook s 4540, B7A48EA #BED, of the box. Memory 4 GB DDR3, 500 GB, processor i3, SUSE Linux disk.

    I have install the battery, connect the power supply and turn on laptop. Linux installation started, got the message 'creating recovery root tarball' and wait, wait and wait with the same message of Linux. I rebooted the laptop and after that got Linux message 'Cannot find size info part of recovery' and restarted itself, every 120 seconds.

    I turned it off, by pressing the power button / stop 5 sec.

    After that, I can't turn on laptop. When I press the power button / stop, power, drive, browser and Flash of LED wireless, you can hear disc trying to turn but fail and all the lights go out and about 2 seconds later all lights flash once again, drive tries to spin but fail again and laptop does not start.

    I have 'power reset', updated the BIOS (F.40), removed the drive and DVD drives, tried without battery but no change in behavior. I returned the drive and the original DVD. After removing the memory, portable lights, as if, and caps lock flashing of LED 3 times which means error memory. After that, I did a "reset power" once again, reinstall memory and try to start the laptop. After pressing the power button / stop at the beginning I had same symptoms I described, and after 2 portable seconds began. I installed Windows 7 Pro. Laptop computer can be restarted Windows, but after stopping, he can't press start button to start / stop.

    One way to start is to move the memory in the other slot, but it cannot start after his stop. After his return in the first memory location can be started again until the next stop. And when start, does not start from the beginning, but after 2 seconds, for his second try. The BIOS memory test, the EFI system diagnostic and memtest86 has errors. I tried with different memory module but got the same symptoms.

    Should I change a motherboard?

    After replacing the motherboard (systemboard), everything works.

  • Error of ORA_12514 open from starting after a stop, just improved 9i to 10g


    Noobe here, once again! See you soon and good new year to all!

    How can I modify script to start db which was extinguished before the backup?

    We are experiencing a problem with backups, failure is running SQL * more start after his stop. I upgraded with success our 9i and 10g, on Windows server 2003, 32-bit edition. We have a back_script.bat that runs only modifications I had to make in this context were the names for the new Oracle services, but this isn't a problem. When I saw the actions in the command file, it fails to sql > startup open; action, get the error "ORA-12514 TNS:listener does not currently of service requested in connect descriptor" which is different here between 9i and 10 g that now it does not work? Commenting on the line calling our oracle_stop_start.sql I get successful > exp dumps, but it could be running process because I'm not just prior to export.

    I have a complete picture of the physical server running in a virtual one that I am able to test. I hope that I won't put too much info here, but here is some information! The file batch and little stop_start script date from prior to my participation.

    Here are the relevant passages of our backup_script.bat:

    SET ORACLE_SID = wind

    net stop Windchill3_MethodServer (the third application for the part that uses the database of the wind)

    @D:\ptc\windchill\backups\oracle_stop_start 'system/[email protected] as sysdba' sqlplus

    owner system/[email protected] exp = file=...\oracle_backup.dmp...etc comments, etc, etc.

    This is oracle_stop_start.sql

    stop immediately;
    startup, open;
    quit smoking

    As stated previously, this worked at least since 2007 where recent changes have been made in the batch file. Now, it will fail to sql > startup open; throw the ORA-12514 error. I can reproduce this execution of each statement in a DOS shell. The command shutdown closed, dismounts and stops the database. I tried to change the start statement for sql > START DISCOVERED wind. but who makes no difference. I found that if I get sql * more and reconnect / nolog (in the same shell window) so I can restart the instance, what I do is:
    /nolog sqlplus
    sql > connect sys / * have sysdba;
    SQL > startup open the wind;

    This starts the Oracle instance successfully, mount and open the database. Otherwise, how would I do that? I certainly can duplicate these actions, by adding the lines necessary for oracle_start_stop.sql, but is there a better and cleaner way to do this? Right now, I just want to these existing scripts. Once this is done, then I'll study and learn more about RMAN and datapump export/import and update our backup procedures.

    The reflections and suggestions?

    Thank you

    It may be a difference in behavior between 9i and 10g. Looks like you connect through sql * net (sqlplus "system/[email protected] as sysdba), then the parameter ORACLE_SID is not part of your connection. When the database is shutdown you are no longer connected to a database. When you issue the command to start the ORACLE_SID is not defined, so there is no specified service.

    If you run this on the database server, try setting the ORACLE_SID and then run your script like:

    {code} sqlplus ' system/manager as sysdba' @D:\ptc\windchill\backups\oracle_stop_start {code}

    and you should always have the service for your connection.


  • FF does not start after upgrading to version 27.0.1

    FF does not start after upgrading to version 27.0.1
    Crash ID: bp-2bc18734-d643-4843-a10f-fd6102140214

    Firefox 27.0.1 is too recent for me to know what unique issues it may have. I will message you a link to download the installer for Firefox 27.0 to see that the inversion or not the problem.

  • Firefox will not start after the upgrade to 27. Seen an error message during the upgrade process.

    Firefox will not start after the upgrade to 27. Seen an error message during the upgrade process, but do not remember.
    Tried running firefox.exe Pei but error message:

    XML parsing error: the undefined entity
    Location: chrome://mozapps/content/profile/profileSelection.xul
    Line 18, column 1:
    "< dialog < =" "^ =" "p =" "> < / dialogue >

    Running on Windows XP SP3. No problem whatsoever before moving to 27. Sending of Chrome that I can't open Firefox at all.

    Thank you, jschaer2000. In the meantime, he works. How long, we'll see ;-)

  • The browser does not start after you have turned off and turned on the computer

    The browser does not start after you have turned off and turned on the computer. I tried to remove the program entirely (as well as personal preferences), to create a new account, install a different browser versions. All this has not helped. (I have Windows 7). Help, please! Every day I have to reinstall Firefox!

    Hello Nastena, try a clean reinstall, some Firefox issues can be resolved by performing a clean reinstall. This means that you Remove Firefox program files and then reinstall Firefox. Please follow these steps:

    Note: You can print these steps or consult them in another browser.

    1. Download the latest version of Firefox from http://www.mozilla.org office and save the installer to your computer.
    2. Once the download is complete, close all Firefox Windows (click on quit in the file menu or Firefox).
    3. Remove the Firefox installation folder, which is located in one of these locations, by default:
      • Windows:

        • C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
        • C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla Firefox
      • Mac: Delete Firefox in the Applications folder.
      • Linux: If you have installed Firefox with the distribution-based package manager, you must use the same way to uninstall: see Install Firefox on Linux. If you have downloaded and installed the binary package from the Firefox download page, simply remove the folder firefox in your home directory.
    4. Now, go ahead and reinstall Firefox:
      1. Double-click on the downloaded Setup file and go through the steps in the installation wizard.
      2. Once the wizard is completed, click to open Firefox directly after clicking the Finish button.

    Please report back to see if this helped you!

    • Also check if your antivirus or other access security software (firewall, antispyware etc.) blocks firefox.

    Thank you

  • HP 15-af131dx: computer HP laptop does not start after update AMD video drivers

    Hello, my laptop HP 15-af131dx would not start after I have updated to the latest video drivers from AMD. After update, my phone was really slow, so I decided to restart it. When I tried to start up, most of the time, she would get to the windows logo with the symbol of loading under it and crashed. Sometimes arise windows recovery, but using it would only make it appear an error message. After a few tries, I was able to boot into windows safe mode and restore my video drivers. This corrects the problem, but I would like to know why this is happening and if the update of my video drivers by importing.

    . Hi @HPlaptop5,

    I hope you enjoy your visit to the HP's Support Forums. I understand that you have a problem with video drivers. I'll be happy to help you.

    You can also find your drivers to support.hp.com.

    The latest HP driver released was Version 15.201.1101.0 Rev.A release: January 29, 2016.

    I do not update my driver unless I have a video problem.

    Please keep me informed of the progress of things.

    If you need help, let me know and I will gladly make all that I can to help you.

    Please let me know if that solves the problem by marking this post as "accept as a Solution.
    To simply say thank you, click the Thumbs up below!

    Thank you.

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    Two iMacs does not start after the 10.11.4 update.  Progress bar starts moving and then text appears on the black screen saying unexpected sigkill to launchd.  He then gets stuck in a loop trying to start.  Tried to reset the SMC and LANDAU.  Without success.  Started in recovery mode and ran disk utility.  Discs said OK.  Chose to reinstall OS X from the list of options in the recovery mode (assuming it would be 10.11.4).)  Installation is finished but still once does not start.  Reinstalled on 10.11.0 successfully from a USB key and downloaded the 10.11.4 combo updater.  Installation seems to work, but once again, the macs will not start.  Same 'unexpected launchd sigkill' error.  A mac is now back working properly with 10.11.3 the other will be shortly.  Is there a problem with the accession?  Our COMPUTER support use Munki to get updates from one day to the next.  Fortunately, we were able to stop it before the other 20 or if Mac had the same problem.

    More information: two bricks iMacs were late 2013 models.  A 21 "and a 27.  We have just updated a test iMac which was a late model 2012 using the 10.11.4 combo updater.

  • ITunes does not start after the installation of Windows 10

    ITunes does not start after the installation of Windows 10, 1511 version (OS Build 10586.164). ITunes version, 6 GB RAM, Intel i3 @3.3 GHz. Itunes and Ipodserver module will run by Manager jobs, but Itunes does not open. iTunes starts in SafeMode as explained in the link below (hold SHIFT and control on your keyboard while you open iTunes).

    Fix unexpectedly closes or problems of launch in iTunes for Windows - Apple Support

    Solution, according to this link, is:

    If the problem does not occur in Mode safe, remove any third party plug-ins iTunes: solving problems with third party plug-ins - Support Apple iTunes but the link has been archived, and I can't find any plug-ins installed iTunes. Any other ideas?

    For general advice, see troubleshooting problems with iTunes for Windows updates.

    The steps described in the second case are a guide to remove everything related to iTunes and then rebuild what is often a good starting point, unless the symptoms indicate a more specific approach.

    Review the other boxes and other support documents list to the bottom of the page, in case one of them applies.

    More information area has direct links with the current and recent buildings if you have problems to download, must revert to an older version or want to try the version of iTunes for Windows (64-bit-for old video cards) as a workaround for problems with installation or operation, or compatibility with QuickTime software or a third party.

    Backups of your library and device should be affected by these measures but there are links to backup and recovery advice there.


  • Computer does not start after the screen of the bios, Compaq Presario SR1023WM

    Ok. Trying to fix a friend's computer and seem to have met a strange barrier.

    Problem: The computer does not start after the bios screen.

    Details: When you turn on the computer, the compaq logo with intel inside is and has the < F1 Setup > and < F10 System Recovery > options listed as well.  And that's it as far as the computer becomes.  After that the computer just locked up, no work of buttons on the keyboard lights keyboard ect ect.  I tried the puree on the F1 key, as soon as I turn on the computer and I can handle so he can say * entering setup * but it freezes again after this point.  I already tried to eliminate the possible sources of the problem, removed all expansion cards, HDD and Dvd Rom module only disconnected, only memory (256 MB ddr 2700), power, vga and keyboard connected.  Ive also used the jumper on the motherboard to clear the cmos, hoping that would solve the problem without success.  I tried using a different memory stick and different memory as well...  Tried to use both a ps2 and a usb keyboard... Ive even tried pulling the rider for the protection of the bios password (even if she did not have a password on it, just try everything I can think of).

    The installed bios version is 3.1, and that's all that I know on the computer at this point, except that the website tells me to him.

    http://h10025.www1.HP.com/ewfrf/wc/product?product=411354 & LC = on & CC = US & DLC = in & Submit.y = 5 & Submit.x = 3 & lang = to & CC = US <-link to the Web page for the model #.

    I'm basically at a loss on this one, so if someone feels scroll line-by-line of their brains on this one, I'd be very happy.

    I have a pretty strong understanding of computer repair, so feel free to give me something to try.

    If you need more information out of me, let me know as well.

    Try to clear the CMOS again but this time remove CMOS battery and hold the power button on a few seconds. Replace the battery, then try to start back to the top.

    At the back of the pc is the condition of the PSU led green or flashing?

  • My Satellite will not start after installing Vista updates

    My Toshiba satellite laptop does not start after the installation of updates. I get the Toshiba screen, then a screen that gives me two options. Start windows normally or repair windows. I tried both but you just Tousez in circles to the same screen.

    I didn't have any rescue CD or save a Vista CD with my computer

    Can someone help me. Do you have ideas how to run again.

    Thank you very much

    Hello Christine

    Can you please tell us which laptop model you have?
    Did you start your laptop with F8?
    What happens when you click Repair option?

    Please give us more information.

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