Equium A60-155 won't start and turns off

I have a celeron Toshiba EA60-155 355 / 40 GB / 512 MB of ram and for months has been very difficult to start. It takes up to 10 attempts to start properly, because it feeds normally but with a white screen. Once started it USUALLY works fine, but sometimes becomes empty when you use it. This happens randomly and not necessarily by doing anything CPU intensive.

I would like any advice or solutions, as it's crazy of me and my family!

Dave Marshall.



Not easy to say why it happens. You should first check if it s not a software problem.
Try to update the display driver. If it doesn t help you recover unity with the Toshiba Recovery CD. After this procedure, all should work properly. But if the problem persists then I guess it's a hardware fault.
In this case we need the help of service

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  • Equium A60-155 will not start


    I have an Equium a60-155, that I knew that she works for a while, but recently I came with a new poroblem... my laptop guard turn off without notice and loses all power.

    The battery has been dead for some time and lasts about 5 seconds, but I've been using the AC adapter.

    Recently, she stops and even the LED lights for the power/battery adapter / is not on.

    At first I thought it was the fuse in the adapter which could have been blown so I replaced it, and it started to work again, but then after a few minutes, it stops and lost all power.

    I had this during the last days and I noticed that it regains power when I unplug the power adapter from the mains supply and remove the fuse and put it back in but his lasts only for a few minutes.

    I don't know if it is a hardware problem or I just need a new adapter. Someone at - it similar problems and can offer any adivce?


    What do you think that the laptop is overheating? I don't know, but if so the laptop would also immediately turn off m.
    So, try to clean the laptop with a jet of compressed air to blow the dust from the cooling fans. So you don't have to disassemble the laptop.

    If it doesn't help it's really hard to say what the reason is for this maybe you should bring the laptop to an authorized service provider. Technicians can check the laptop.

    Good bye

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  • Equium A60-155 will not start on the recovery CD


    Just got a computer satellite phone of second hand from a friend who has been upgraded - gave me for free because it doesn't seem to work properly (he thought was a problem of HARD drive).

    I replaced the HARD drive (with one I formatted on my desk but an envelope that I have for it) and have the recovery DVDs, but I can't do anything with the machine... when I turn on I only get to the Toshiba logo screen and does not go any further (with the exception of time weird when I get a blank screen)... now the C button or trying to get into the BIOS (tried hold ESC F1) (, F2 or F12) does not work.

    I opened the machine and everything is correctly connected - the DVD player also seems to be spinning and reading the disc, but nothing loads of it.

    Anyone know what this could be and what I can do to fix it, or is it a lost cause?

    Thanks for any help!


    Hi, EIB

    I assume that this satellite has installed Toshiba BIOS and therefore, it should be possible access the BIOS by pressing ESC then F1.

    You said that this laptop does not have the Toshiba logo screen it seems we can't get the MESSAGE correctly well I m sorry to say but in my opinion the portable hardware malfunctioning.

    Maybe something wrong with the jury. and not with the HARD drive

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    In desperation, erased from the hard drive with a windows 2000 and reinstalled the recovery disk and it worked for about a month. When I updated the Explorer and Norton it crashed again. (updates are always a precursor) The laptop and an Explorer to work properly in safe mode. I removed all Norton a PROG from Symantec, but it remains the creases, but it's now a constant error. "Driver_IRQ_not_less_or_equal" with tech info * stop 0 x 00000004, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x00000D1, 0XF7A6A6C6.

    This is almost certainly a driver of windows operating system problem, it happens with any XP disk.
    Help, please!


  • Equium A60 - 155 clicks when I try to turn it on


    I was wondering if any1 could help me. I recently put a toshiba equium a60-155 without a power adapter, also without battery but the store are previding by toshiba as soon as possible. so I put a power adapter and plugged - DC IN light turns green so everything seems good but then when I try to turn it on just click and the keyboard lights flash, then nothing happens - if I hold down the power button everything that just clicks and flashes. is it because I dnt for a battery? -I don't think dnt. any other ideas?

    see you soon


    Hi Josh,.

    Your A60 equipped with a pre-installed system or you have set up your system CD provided?

    Your laptop must turn on without the battery, so it is possible that there is no operating system installed for the time being installed.

    Have you had the correct PSU for your A60? Your card must be able to supply sufficient power for the laptop or that it does not start.


  • Equium A60: After BIOS update device will beep several times and turns off


    I downloaded the windows BIOS update for my Equium A60 (dated 11/15/05) and ran the executable by following the instructions, after ensuring that the current AC has been connected, etc.. The update has got a little more to halfway when the computer turns off suddenly.

    Now when I try to turn back on it just a few beeps and turns off again. It seems to me that the BIOS is screwed. Is there anything I can do to get my machine to run?

    Thank you

    Hi Phil,

    Unfortunately, it seems that if the BIOS of your laptop is corrupted. Unfortunately, he didn't there has no easy way for you to correct yourself and you will need to take the phone to your nearest Toshiba Service agent who has the necessary specialized equipment to reflash your CMOS with a new BIOS chip.

    Kind regards

  • Cannot install XP OS on my Equium A60-155

    Hello guys,.

    I had a laptop series Equium A60-155 about 3 years old worked when I used last and it was about 2-3 months ago. I turn on the laptop yesterday into the to use and she charged up to the logo then no activity on the display showed after that.

    I formatted the laptop with Windows XP Home edition disc and then tried to install Windows XP Home edition, but it keeps stopping at 53% in the installation process.

    I went to a technician, and his suggestions were:
    -Possible overheating,
    -Damaged, hard drive
    -Configuration of the bios,
    -Damaged the motherboard or,
    -damaged band memory.

    I tried again this morning, but even once, he stopped at the same percentage as yesterday 53%. If you have any suggestions that require the problem please post your here on this post.

    Thanks to those who responded.


    I also suspect that the HARD drive is faulty. If possible, try to get the second HARD drive for testing. It doesn't have to be a new brand. Test it and post the results.

    We can just speculate on possible problem, but I agree with technician. Take the first step and test the HARD drive.

    O Yes, you can also clean the laptop before starting the procedure of facilities. After only that the laptop will be cooled much better.

  • Update the Bios Equium A60 - 155 failed - what to do?


    Recently one of our engineers tried to upadate an Equium A60-155 Bios failed.

    Now, the laptop wont even post you turn it on and it shuts down striaght away.
    What are the methods for resetting the Bios?

    This requires a seiral loop back plug it or are there other methods to remove it.


    If the unit doesn't start at all it probably the BIOS chip is damaged. In this case just service can help. Sorry, but I'm afraid that you can't do anything there.

  • Overheating on Equium A60-155

    Hi all

    I've owned an equium a60-155 for almost a year now, it has been discovered, but recently it began to close, which I suppose is overheating.

    the vents are clear and unblocked, although the area around the Equium logo (top right of the base unit) feels very warm after a closed random

    I use the machine for work and play and sometimes watching DVDs

    for about 2 weeks, ao that the machine started randomly turning its self, without warning, the machine sits on a table and the underside and rear passages are clear

    There is no virus/spy/software advertising on my machine and all programs are updated

    Anyone know of a cause or a solution to my problem?

    Thanks in advance

    Jake Houghton


    Well, if there are cooling vents are free and not dirty, so I guess that the cooling fans are working properly. In this case, what you can do is to check the settings for standby power.
    Try changing the method of control of the CPU to Auto. Also, check if the cooling method is set for maximum performance.

  • Failed to update BIOS on my Equium A60-155


    I was wondering if anyone knows how to solve the Equium A60-155 was made an update of the BIOS when my 4 year old pressing a few keys of success has been the computer turned off and whenever I turn it on it makes 3 bleeps shut down once again.


    BIOS update failed and the BIOS is screwed now.
    I'm afraid, you need professional help with this m so contact the nearest service Toshiba and ask for help.

  • Motherborad Exchange on Equium A60-155


    can anyone help please. I have an Equium A60-155 dead (PSA67E-00300C8J).
    This laptop I had since and is awesome, I recently spilled and that pushed the power in unity cable adapter, initially when running back (as it was off when he went) it worked, I noticed that the adapter has been pressed and waved it I heard it I think has a little spark and now the laptop tries to fire for a few seconds and turns off now I think the motherboard is dead and I am able to buy a motherboard to another model satellite A60-152 PSA67E-00200D8J, but can't find any information about this model.

    Someone know if I can put my p4 2.8 in this forum and use it or have a plug on this forum?
    If anyone can help I would be very grateful.
    Thank you very much

    Hi mate

    You can use another motherboard to another satellite or Satellite A60.
    But the stronger CPU depends on the chipset located on your motherboard.
    You should first check the specifications of the chipset, and then you know what CPU would be compatible.

    But note; replacing the motherboard is delicate. I doubt you could do this without additional assistance of a technician. In addition the DMI and firmware must be updated after the replacement of the mobo. This is necessary because the CPU would stick with 600 Mhz if the microcode would not be updated. This can be done by a technician of ASP.

    That's why I donation to recommend t this is

  • Question of Eve Equium A60-155

    Hi all

    I an Equium A60-155, which was set up a few times (some with DVD original recovery and a few with the Windows XP Pro CD standard), but has still a problem persistent... whenever the unit to standby and then brought out of standby, it fires upward, but with a black screen and no response from the keyboard. The only way to get into Windows is turned off manually and restart normally.

    Someone else had this problem or a solution? I think it might actually be the hardware at fault because he had so many different re - installed.


    I read that the graphics driver and BIOS upgrade might be very useful in such cases.
    You should compare the pre-installed driver and BIOS versions with the versions on the Toshiba page. If there is a newer version, then I recommend to update these applications.

    Your comments would be very appreciated.

  • Equium A60-155: can't access CD/DVD drive

    I own an Equium A60-155 with an extra 512MB memory installed. My problem is with the carpet * a DVD Super - multi Drive.

    When I insert a disc the busy light flashes for about 5 seconds, I hear a small amount of activity, but then it just stops and it stays on permanently. If I try to access the drive through windows, it seems to be empty!

    I had this problem before and it sets just once! I don't think that it is windows such that the drive has the same way (busy light always on, if the disc is in the drive) before even windows has started. My warranty ran out earlier so he sent set is not an option?

    Does anyone have any ideas, what is the problem?

    Hi Joe

    I put really know what can help, but you can try to remove the drive from the Device Manager list. Restart the device and check the functionality again. After you restart the new hardware (CD/DVD-ROM) unit will be recognized and installed correctly.

    If the problem persists with any type of media (original music CD and DVD) it can really be some malfunction of the equipment.

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