Equium A60 runs unstable - how can I upgrade the memory?

I have a friend visit me who has an Equium A60 which is very unstable when she runs multiple applications. I checked and it has only 192 MB of RAM. Can be increased and if so how much. How many slots are there on this machine?

She is currently in the USA and I checked on Toshiba USA website and cannot find this PC is listed, so it should only be sold in Europe. It would be useful if someone could tell me what kind of memory it takes so I could look for it here. She is a student and in great need of a stable computer for his studies.

Thanks a lot for all the help in advance.



Of course you can upgrade the memory.
I guess you have only 192 MB memory main because the laptop came with 256 MB internal memory and the 64 MB are shared by the graphics card! This is why only 192 MB are free.

Anyway, as I said the laptop came with 256 MB internal and memory is not removable.
So only one slot is expandable!
If you can upgrade the memory for max 1280MB (256 MB + 1024 MB)

You can use the modules:
PC2700 256 MB (PA3311U - 1 M 25)
PC2700 512 MB (PA3312U - 1 M 51)
1024MO PC2700 (PA3313U-1M1G)

Do you know where is the crack?

The slot is placed at the bottom of the device! The cover is fixed with a screw.
Remove this screw and you will be able to open the slot and improve memory.

PS; I think that upgrading memory is described in the manual of Toshiba that was preinstalled on your laptop.
Alternatively, you can download this manual from the page of Tosh


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    As far as I know shared memory works automatically and laptop user cannot control it.
    There is nothing new and the same principle is on all Toshiba laptops.

    Sorry but there is nothing to do about it.

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    confusion between the statements of product:

    1. PowerBook pro (title & 1st sentence)
    2. Mac Pro (product information on your Bio page)

    A 'Macbook Pro' is a portable device. A 'Mac Pro' is a desktop computer. If you need help to determine your model of Mac > How to find the model and age of your Mac?

    Using Apple Hardware Test - Apple Support

    Why not tell us what happens in detail?

    Tell us a story

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    If this problem is new, tell us what immediately preceded its appearance - add software, upgrade or update? New equipment?

    Quoted by of Apple  'how to write a good question.

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    Maximum capacity is 4.00 GB

    Installed memory is 1.00 GB

    Has memory 1 GB 512,00

    Location 2 has 512,00 GB

    There are 4 locations in memory, but memory modules are not physically installed in adjacent locations.  My uneducated eyes, looks like they are installed in the Sockets 1 and 3.  But the HP Ugrade and and maintenance Guide says that when adding memory, install the new module in the closest the pre-installed module making.  Then I noticed that 1 and 3 are in blue and 2 and 4 is black.  What is bring her to this?  What is one thing bank address?

    I would spend at least 2 GB of memory.  Everything you need to install two new modules of 512 MB.  Right?  What are my options if I want to move to 4 GB?



    You were right to assume that the memory is installed in the banks of colors.

    This is because memory will operate in DDR mode this way rather than the CSD mode.

    What I would do if I were you, would be to buy 2 x 1 GB of memory and add it in the empty slots and you will have 3 GB of memory.

    If you remove these two 512 circuits and replace those with 2 x 1 GB modules, your BIOS will recognize all the 4 GB but windows will probably recognize only 3.1 to 3.7 GB depending on what hardware is installed in your PC.

    You need an operating system to 64-bit for all 4 GB of memory to be seen and used by Windows.

    Another thing, you might want as your PC can take up to 8 GB memory (4 x 2 GB) with a 64-bit operating system, just buy 2 x 2 GB memory PC2-6400, and although it will not be used, if you ever decide to move to a 64-bit operating system, you will have 5 GB memory ready and waiting.


    Just a thought.

    I run the analysis of Crucial memory tool and let the report type and the amount of memory to install.

    You can buy them or elsewhere. The nice thing about Crucial is that they guarantee compatibility.



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