Equium L20 can't see 2 memory cards?

I just bought an upgrade to 1 G for my Satellite L20 wife who will consider 1.5 G.

The old 512 M card works, the new 1 G card works but when I add them together regardless of the slot, I put them in I see that the new card 1 G. the crucial memory Tester says that another location is free?

Someone at - it ideas?

Thank you


Sorry wrong name... it is, of course, a L20 Equium


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    I can't access my memory card from my computer

    Hi wcuny,

    Glad to hear that you guessed it work. You can mark the post as solved so others that this thread can see what you did to do the repair?

  • How can I unlock the memory card?

    How can I unlock the memory card?

    Dawn WInans

    Thank you very much. So happy you showed a picture on how to unlock the memory card. I've tried it & it worked. The photo has really helped. I found the protecter in the camera slider tab & not on the actual memory card. But thanks to your very detailed picture, I got it

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    Have discovered that it is the standard for many of the Atom based Netbooks. Still don't know why

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    How can I do this?

    I use Vista Home OS.

    Thank you very much.

    It will be interesting to know what model of laptop you have.
    Either you have a defined memory or with shared memory graphics card.
    The shared memory card also uses RAM for video operations.

    You can upgrade RAM to the maximum level and then your graphics card can use more RAM for clean operations.

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    It would be useful that you posted your camera model to get more specific instructions, but in most templates in the settings menu, there is a selection to format the memory card. Then take a look through your first settings menus.

    You can also format into a computer, but most suggest that making it in the camera.

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    I copy everything off the card you want to keep and then reformat the card in the camera. Go into settings, type of storage in the search bar. In this menu the memory and storage is an option to format the card.

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    No, unless you do it yourself.  If you don't move or copy them, you should be fine.

  • Can not format the memory card

    Canon that PowerShot SX 10 IS reformatted not 16 GB SanDisk Ultra.  Camera says memory card error.  Everything else seems to work on the camera.  Is there a way to fix this?

    Your camera specifications say that it will work with the following cards, memory card SD/SDHC, MultiMediaCard, MMC Plus card, HC MMC Plus card.

    Some memory cards note their speeds by a "class." Canon cameras are recommended to be used with nominal class cards 4 to SD (Standard-definition movies) and class 6 for HD (high definition movies) or more because of the large amount of data written to the card. As long as map meets the following standards for the card, the memory card must be compatible regardless of class or the speed rating.


    Standard Secure Digital card supports up to 2 GB capacity.


    Secure Digital High Capacity currently supports up to 32 GB capacity.


    Multimedia card supports up to 1 GB capacities.


    MultiMediaCardPlus supports up to 4 GB currently.

    HC MMCPlus

    High capacity MultiMediaCardPlus supports up to 8 GB now.

  • How can I unlock the memory card for camera hp photosmart to m11

    Hi, just need to know how to unlock a memory card for a camera HP photosmart m22. Attempt of deleting photos to the card and don't have any chance. Get locked memoru card message


    Could be that the card has been locked. Check the lock on the left side of this image (the white end cap), then unlock it.

    Kind regards

  • New Portege Z10T can't see Sierra / 4G card after 8.1 Upgrade Win

    Hi all

    I bought a brand new Toshiba Z10T Core i5 00 M 001 model of Telstra last night. When I got there, he had a connection "Telstra" related to the internal 4 GB card. This has been tested and work on standard 8 Windows Installer as expected from the GET.

    I proceeded to run Windows update on the stock Win8 installed, who installed about 900 MB, updates. As a result, I have installed the recommended Windows 8.1 update. Once it was over, the laptop has rebooted a few times, and as one of the last steps he wanted to connect to the internet to complete its configuration (I presume download my profile of Microsoft) at this POINT, I had available to me 'Telstra' connection and I used this link to download the profile (she even smsed me a confirmation code).

    As a result, however, the 'Telstra' connection disappeared, and the Sierra Wireless card is now not found on the device. I tried to connect to a wireless network and running Windows Update (I'm updating) and your Web site is not a specific driver available for the wireless on Windows 8.1

    Can you please suggest how can I do to get the 4g on the unit connection working again. It's one of the reasons why I invested in this pivot Tablet and I do not want to go back to Windows 8.

    See you soon,.

    Thanks for sharing this info!

  • Software JetDirect 380 X can not see the airport card in the laptop G4 PPC


    I tried to add a customer to the airport. It's a LaserJet 1200. But the software that comes with the JetDirect tells me to install an Airport card in the laptop. Now I can join hpsetup and print to the LJ 1200. But in practice I have to disconnect from the internet and the map Airport.  So, I know the JetDirect and LaserJet 1200 work very well. I tried different settings on the airport, but nothing has really changed the software on the laptop not finding the Airport card.

    Now I have a WOW goes a Xsense MIH 130 Xrouter, then go to the Airport Express Terminal. All Mac desk top of page 933mh, 1.67 ghz powerbooks. I use OSX10.4 to 10.5.8.  I don't know if the router is the problem or if the parameter in the jetdirect should be changed to the ad-hoc to something else. Don't know how to do this. With it, do not see the map Airport, I can't do the enbedded There are a lot of maybe if I do this or if I do this it might work. Since the configuration of the printer in the TCP/IP section page everything below the line, Config by: is not specified.

    Thanks for any advice.

    Well again I was able to get to the stage 1.6 (in 10.5.8 printing Center is not the same). I could remove the printer that was working on its own network of HP. But was unable to add a printer in 0SX 10.5. Perhaps through IP printing, but do I put as the address? It is the site of HP to get instructions on a 380 X and another printer.

    http://h20000.www2.HP.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/document.jsp?lang=en & CC = US & TaskID = 115 & prodSeriesId = 29789 & prodTypeId = 18972 & prodSeriesId = 29789 & objectid = c00257796

    Maybe I should to the left of the printer, but I've changed the SSID in the jetdirect to match the network. The IP printer or or just use the network name it was changed to?

    To close, but I thought a few times.

  • Equium A60: Can I put the graphics card?

    I have an equium A60 and want to know if I can update the graphics chip?

    Unfortunately, the upgrade of the graphics chip is not possible because the card mother available doesn't allow these updates. Usually, the graphics chip is soldered on the map and canoe to be deleted.

    Nothing to buddy

  • Need to change credit card, but can not see my previous card info and how to change.

    Here's what I see when I go on my account. You will have to update my card because my membership is suspended and I have urgent work to do.

    Please help as soon as POSSIBLE.

    Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.34.08 am.png

    Hi Aniket,

    Refer to this to renew your membership:


    Refer to re-subscribe:

    Pricing plans and creative Cloud membership | Adobe Creative Cloud

    I hope this helps.


    Megha Rawat

  • I download a song from firefox, but I can't found from memory card where is storage

    whera is storage

    First of all, I saw your other post: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/973079

Maybe you are looking for