Equium L350D - optical drive not booting or display in the BIOS

I brought an Equium L350D around last August. It came with Windows Vista, which I wasn't completely satisfied, but it had become the standard at this time.
After several problems with Vista and preferring just generally XP, I decided it was time to downshift.

So I jumped in my drive XP, Set BIOS to boot from the CD, reboot. Vista.
So I jumped to the BIOS, and he says he is not an optical drive detected. But when I boot in Vista and pop a disc in the drive, it works fine.
I also tried Ubuntu Live CD, but it just started to new Vista.

Anyone know what I can do to work around this problem?

If you try to install Win XP without SATA drivers then the SATA in the BIOS mode must be on compatible.

By the way; If you can still boot the Vista operating system on the HARD drive, then check if you are using the latest version of the BIOS!

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    Start the computer by using the Microsoft Windows XP recovery console, and then perform a check disk on the file system.

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    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    • Why are you trying to access BIOS?

    In case you have problems with Windows 8, you can come back with more information, and we will be happy to answer your query.

    To access BIOS, we recommend that you contact your computer manufacturer help you make changes in the BIOS.

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    Hope this information is useful. Please feel free to answer in the case where you are facing in the future other problems with Windows.

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    I had a few problems leading to myself for buying a new drive hard drive for this reason "internal drive not found, try to reinstall the hard disk.

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    OK, I think I'm making progress.

    I changed my starting uefi to legacy, now I'm on the screen of windows install! Woohoo

    one problem, I don't have a windows installation cd or anything, I have to buy windows 7?

    or is there something I can do to restore my original?...

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    This laptop Equium A100-147started does not connect to the internet normally, but she in safe mode.

    So, after trying the virus scans-nothing.
    Restoration of the system-nothing. I decided to put in the recovery disc and reinstall windows media.
    I changed the boot sequence to install, boot sequence changed to original.

    He has reinstalled but won't get to the Windows screen, a message came \windows\system32\config\system-manquant or damaged.
    I can't see even a way to do a repair with this recovery disk?

    Any help would be appreciated

    Thank you in advance.

    This error means that the registry is damaged.

    The registry consists of the following files:


    You can restore these registry files in the restore folder of the system hidden on the C: drive.

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    Model: EL1352G
    Processor: AMD Athlon II X 2 220 processor 2.80 GHz

    This looks like a probable hardware failure.  See if the drive is seen in the BIOS.  If this is not the case, replace.

  • Equium L350 - optical drive problem

    I have a beautiful Equium L350 which I use for very basic tasks such as e-mail and internet shopping.
    I'm an absolute fool when it's nothing technical, even remotely.

    However, I bought this laptop in May last of PC World, Cardiff and were very happy until a few weeks ago when I went to use the 'optical driver' (thing stick you a disc in?) for the first time.
    My daughter had a Barbie MP3 player for her birthday and I was trying to download all the relevant stuff from the disk, and nothing happened.
    I don't know from reading this that you can see how hopeless, I am!

    I have assumed that I was doing something wrong, until a colleague told me that he had the same problem with their Toshiba last year and there was a problem with the optical driver.
    In any case, for 3 weeks, I have been ringing Toshiba trying to get some help.
    I'm losing the will to live!

    I'm put on hold each one each time for more than 20 minutes at a time.
    I haven't talked to anyone! I sent (no reply!) and PC World have been just as useless as telling me that I need to contact Toshiba direct.

    Did anyone have a number for them to the United Kingdom for service / warranty repairs / help of any kind! I love the machine, but the lack of customer service is soul destroying! I would be so grateful for any kind of comments!

    Thank you ever much for taking the trouble to read this :)


    Hi Sarah

    May I ask what's exactly wrong with your laptop?

    You said something about Barbie Mp3 player.
    How to connect to the laptop and what do you do with this 3rd party device?

    You want to put some mp3 files to this player?

    Sorry, but I don t understand you the problem and I can't see any link between a drive optical (I think that you are which means that the CD/DVD drive) and Barbie mp3 player

    By the way:
    If there is something wrong with the hardware you need to always contact the ASP in your country.
    Here you will find the ASP database:

    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com/-> support download &-> find an authorized service provider

    Welcome them

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    Hi guys

    I have dell inspiron 3521, its all works fine, but 3 days before can be 4 days my laptop detects more WEIRD. I did everything as indicated in the link following, but noting happens. I've also attached a screenshot when running the diagnostics in the support Web site. what to do guys? help me, thanks in advance


    The drive failed - replace it.

  • CD ROM / DVD drive not recognized and viruses on the computer

    Can anyone help please?
    My CD ROM / DVD Drive failed. I tried troubleshooting etc but not available. The computer does not recognize I have a CD / dvd as a player he says that is not recognized by the register?
    I also have a virus that I can't get rid of, it's maybe part of the problem (Trojan horse - Spy.HTML.Smitfraud.c) I ran many viruses, spyware and trojan controls but there is no cure yet?
    I tried the system recovery, but it won't let me get it back to an earlier date.
    I can't use my restore disk because the computer does not recognize the drive. A catch 22 situation.
    Can anyone offer any other advice that throw it out the window?

    Help from anyone would be much appreciated.
    "" "" Laptop user frustrated. ""

    [Edited by: admin on 3 July 05 22:11]

    HI Paul,.

    I think that your first priority will be to remove the virus from your laptop. The following link contains the virus details: -.


    You are shown in the BIOS to CD-ROM? If yes then set to be the first selectable boot device and you should be able to load your recovery disk and restart it.


  • Equium M40X does not work properly after upgrading the BIOS

    OK, well... I'm not a computer scientist, but I have a bit of trouble on my hands and I don't know where to go for the right help, so I came here.

    Today I started my lappy to confront an illuminous Green Office... not all it is green just of great spots here and there. Happened to me before, but it disappears after about 15 minutes, but today his guarded it usually hours and is still as he.

    I looked everywhere on the net for a possible fix but nothing helped, even though I've heard somewhere that an update of the BIOS might do the trick, so natually, I did... I came here and searched for my Equium M40X, found, downloaded and installed the latest version...

    but now I have a screen with a resolution of half of what it should be, it went from 1200 x 800 or something like that... to 1024 x 786 and I always get the green screen problem... the program toshiba provided for the update of the BIOS does a backup file (BIOS. (BAK)...

    I can't restore the old BIOS would set the screen resolution, but I'm just helpless as to how I go about it. I find the file, but I have no way to open/run it

    I've had this laptop for about 2 years now, I know probably just getting old and a bit tempermental, but if theres no way you people out there can help, I would much apreciate it :)

    Thanks a bunch - Ash


    I Don t think the biosupdate is the reason for the reduced screen. It does not sound like a software thing, but rather a hardware malfunction.

    Is your normal screen during startup? If so, I'd say just remove your existing display drivers and install the new. But if it s like you described then it must be a hardware problem and the machine should be checked by a technician or at least a service partner.

    Would be better if your bring your machine to an ASP for a checkup of material.
    If you need assistance to find the ASP closest, try this link (the ASP index):


    Welcome and good luck

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    Where can I find an optical drive to brand new RW Blu - Ray to replace the optical drive DVD RW in my Pavilion dv7-7044eo?

    This laptop was HP top-of-the-line, i. e. a more expensive. Yet, would gladly ha paid $50-75 more for a model with RW Blu - Ray instead. Sure you want to enjoy the clear picture on the 17.3 "LED HD screen!

    In addition, why the {deleted content: language filter escape} the laptop is not an included o/s of Win7 Home Premium disc? What the {deleted content: language filter escape} do if the o/s breaks down, as it did with me earlier not stationary HP PC running Win6 ({deleted content: language filter escape} Win Vista, you know). At least then I got discs included with the PC.


    1. you can find it in any store of good computer similar to a small number of these (scroll down a bit)

    http://www.MyShopping.com.au/PT--71_CD_DVD_Drives_Internal_Blu_Ray_Writer__fs_1207_41938_e _

    2. your machine must have a similar to this (or even than mine) recovery disk/partition:

    Please don't touch in it. You can also create a set of disks (only once) and keep it safe. My machine (also a dv7-7xxx) needs 5 DVDs to create. The recovery partition together with recovery dics can be used to adjust the machine to the day. Please read this for more information:


    Kind regards.

  • Satellite A500-025 - optical drive runs very fast and makes the laptop

    Just bought PC toshiba A500-025.

    When I put in some disc in the optical drive, it runs very fast and makes the phone vibrates.

    I was told that there is a toshiba utility that detects an imbalance in the disc and slows down the speed of the drive, but I don't know where to find this software utility.

    Thank you.


    I think you mean the acoustic silencer
    As I remember, such tool was available for some laptops with pre-installed Win XP or Vista.
    For example; the acoustic silencer was available for some of the Satellite A200 and you could download this on the European driver Toshiba page.

    To be honest, there s nothing unusual that the CD/DVD drive runs very fast for a few moments, this happens in my portable two different.
    The STRANGE turns very quickly for a few seconds after the CD has been inserted.
    This happens because as the research of windows OS for the content placed on the disc

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    It is really difficult to install a software on my new PC.

    I found this similar post:


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    Please click here to view an article from Dell about this issue and other similar issues with the ODD (optical disc).

    Please let us know how it goes.

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    Could you tell me if I bought the right one?

    Thank you



    791G does not support the is or looks like. As other people have said on this forum that the SSD will not work because is a SSD is. You need to buy one that is compatible SATA like this for example: https://www.amazon.fr/Samsung-Evo-SATA-250GB-MZ-N5E250BW/dp/B00TGIVZTW/ref=sr_1_1?s=computers&ie=UTF...

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    Hi I'm trying to boot from usb on a desktop HP ENVY 700. I don't know the serial number now.

    I followed the instructions and have produced a bootable USB and I checked this on a work dell computer where there is an option for me to boot from my USB if I so wish, but on my HP ENVY any options choose it does not appear with my USB in question and when I try to change the boot sequence making sure the usb/floppy and drive hard usb is above the rest of the sequencers starting it always starts just to the top as usual to my windows boot 10. I've disabled secure boot and used the boot of the legacy and it still does not work.

    I went through all the options I can that seem to be logic and it just does not work. I don't understand and I have to start using a usb key that I use the operating system can be very dangerous in a real environment, so it can not be downloaded to the hard drive.

    I need immediate help, this becomes quite frustrating now that it should be simple to do, but HP is not the way to simplisitic to do.

    Please if someone could point me in the right direction I would be so appreciative ideally if I could have a ride on the way to do

    I need this to work because I can't afford to buy new systems and its for my studies so its imperative

    Your PC has a motherboard of Memphis and happens to have a UEFI BIOS and the hard drive of the GPT format.

    You can check the type of hard disk online order volume by using the DiskPart utility.

    Create a flashdrive bootable UEFI with RUFUS.


    Plug it into an available usb port before you press the power button. Near the powr button and immediately start to tap the F9 key to enter the boot from the sources menu. Select the Flash drive under the UEFI Boot sources. Let the boot process. If you have created the key correctly, it should start.

Maybe you are looking for

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