Equium L40 - 10z PSL41E - cannot install audio driver WinXP


I'm having a problem with the installation of the Windows XP sound card drivers

Computer laptop informatio, Toshiba Equium L40 - 10z (bought from PC World) PSL41e
2 GB Ram DDR2 - 667 Mhz
Core 2 [email protected]
120 GB hard drive
Intel GMA 945 graphics card with shared memory

I can't find drivers for my laptop, the specification is indicated above. I have windows XP with service pack 3 installed and the system is unable to install drivers Realtek High Defination or audio drivers Realtek AC 97 ". I even tried the latest drivers version 1.86 but not its use.

I read the other posts on this forum and have tried the other model audio drivers as well, it seems that after running the installer from several other realtek audio drivers for windows XP THAT is of no use. I even tried to add material manually through the Device Manager and have to install these drivers for realtek high definition audio and the realtek ac 97 audio drivers.

Of course, this helps the drivers to install, but windows cannot activate the material with an error code 10 with a note of explanation on behalf of the driver in Device Manager.

I also tried to install the drivers of toshiba A100/A200 without exploitation, however, I read somewhere that there is a windows XP patch that is required to be installed, so that windows detect the chip high definition, which is on the motherboard. If one can provide a direct link to a driver with the .inf file that will have the information for the material, or if someone can advise (or provide a link for) according to microsoft update is required for windows XP, in the appropriate hardware detection, will be really useful.

I'm also sorry for my bad English I'm unable to articulate with the type of problem, I faced. But if anyone knows of a solution and additional information is needed, I will be happy to provide you with everything I know.

I'll be very grateful to anyone who helps address this issue. Looking forward to a positive response :).


> have windows XP with service pack 3 installed
To my knowledge, that the XP SP3 is not published official. Only a beta version is available.
Then go back to SP2!

> the system cannot install drivers Realtek High Defination or Realtek AC' 97 audio drivers
Realtek AC 97 audio driver is not compatible! You must use the driver from Realtek High definition.

> Of course, it helps the drivers to install, but windows cannot activate the material with an error code 10 with a note of explanation on behalf of the driver in Device Manager.

The problem is that you have not installed the MS XP patches that are necessary to get the sound working.
Please check this thread:

You need the KB888111 and KB835221 hotfix

Good luck

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    Hope someone can help, I can't get an audio driver to work, I tried some different drivers now and none seem not to work.

    I tried all the drivers on the Toshiba driver download site with no luck. I always left with a yellow question mark in Device Manager. (Satellite Pro 100) During installation, the window I have instull MICROSOFT BUS DRIVER BEFORE this r audio (Realtek HDA for XP).

    Where can I get this driver (Appreicate if someone could point me in the right direction), or can someone give me another piece of useful advice?

    Appreciate any help

    Thank you.

    I think that this is a known issue.

    Sometimes it s useful to search the Microsoft Knowledge Base. There, I found these interesting documents:

    It is very important to install these patches before you install the driver.

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    I have a Satellite Pro M30 which usaed work properly but I can install more drivers sound card is on.

    I think it happened because we have reinstalled windows XP Pro with SP2, but may not be some.
    He is installing drivers Sigmatel AVC97 and comes up with the following error.

    Parameter invalid operating system or this installer does not support this operating system

    Any suggestions because it does appear that a driver for the family of SPM30.


    Try to install the driver using another medium facility.
    To DO this in the Device Manager.
    Mark the sound card and use the option to update the driver.
    Then, use the advanced option and indicate the location where the driver audio was stored on the HARD drive.

    Please note; You must decompress the audio driver package before installing

  • Equium L40-10 X - cannot install Windows

    Hi all

    First post real but existed under and turned off for a while. I hope someone here can help!

    I have a Toshiba laptop Equium L40-10 x computer with a strange problem. He came me second user with the problem already so I don't know any history other than what I tried. When you start the machine it comes up with an error TRAP 00000006 exception and stops. The hard drive has been low-level formatted, formatted and partitioned and has nothing on this subject. The memory has been replaced and confirmed functional. When you try to use the recovery cd (F12 at startup), it goes to the menu option select boot, I select the CD player, and he made some noises and then the error message appears. I also tried a WIN XP and WIN Vista CD with the same effect.

    Googling the problem seems to suggest problems NTLDR or memory but drive has nothing on this matter and memory was tested and upheld the fine.

    Other possibilities are the drive CD or BIOS. BIOS version 2.10 and I know the available BIOS is 2.30 but unable at present to find a way to upgrade the bios. I have a USB floppy drive available.

    So, that's the problem, any thoughts?

    Thank you

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    This is strange, but I think that this problem could be caused by a faulty HARD drive.

    So I would test the drive with the Drive Fitness Test:
    With this tool, you can test the HARD drive. Download the CD image on this website, burn it to a CD or DVD and then boot from it.
    There is also a user guide if you want to know more about it.

  • Dual Boot Vista/WXP - cannot install audio driver Windows XP Home edition

    I installed Vista on a P105-S9722 (it works fine) and created a second partition for installation of Windows XP Home edition. Everything is ok except that I'm unable to install the Conexant audio driver (I have a yellow exclamation point in device next to Conexant High Definition Audio Manager). Earlier I was able to install it on a simple boot WXP partition.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Have you tried installing the driver for Windows XP audio right?
    I found another thread that you have posted here in the forum and you not known websites where to find the correct drivers.

    I found this audio driver XP for Satellite P105-S9722

    Conexant Audio for Windows XP driver version:

  • Re: Satellite P100-223 - cannot install audio driver


    I reformat a Satellite P100-223.
    The downloaded audio driver sound-20071106151533 does not install.
    The installer written device not found.

    All of the suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.


    Satellite P100-223 belongs to the series of PSPA3E.

    The sound chip comes from Conexant.

    If you need an audio driver Conexant.

    I don't know what OS you are using but the Conexant audio driver can be downloaded from the European driver Toshiba page and should work well!

  • Satellite P300 (PSPCCE) - Cannot install audio driver XP

    Hey all,.

    I spent from Vista to XP Pro SP2. I installed almost every key factor, noise caused trouble.

    I have no audio hardware listed in Device Manager. Only: 2 times a PCI device, SM Bus controller and an unknown device.
    And because of that will not install the audio driver that I downloaded from the Toshiba site, it complanes that no suitable material was found.
    Anyone suggestions how I might solve this problem?

    Felix greetings

    You have installed Windows XP Home edition including driver SATA or compatibility mode.
    I checked the Toshiba download page and your cell phone model is supported WXP so everything should work well.

    After the installation of Windows XP Home edition, it is important to install all the other things in order of good facilities.

    Driver Chipset
    ATI display driver
    Audio driver
    LAN driver
    Touchpad driver
    Driver modem
    And so on...

    Are you trying to install the audio driver Conexant version

  • Cannot install audio driver conexant

    I've updated the AMD graphics driver and it quietly to the HDMI audio driver. Continues to operate correctly, but normal audio HDMI audio on the netbook has disappeared. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver audio conexant, but on reinstalling it says "error no device not detected" and refused to install!

    So now I can't hear anything if I connect the netbook to TV.

    I tried installing IN2AUD32WW5.exe and IN2AUD44WW5.exe, but they simply refuse to install.

    I want backup software and data 500Gig and affirming again. Any ideas?

    have you tried using windows restore?

  • Satellite U405D-S2874 - cannot install audio driver on Windows XP

    Hello! I'm of the Russia! I need your help!

    I try to install Win XP on Toshiba Satellite U405D-S2874! All the drivers are working, but HIS no. WORKS!
    Give me driver for SOUND on Win XP!

    Conexant high definition SmartAudio 221
    HDAUDIO\FUNC_01 & VEN_14F1 & DEV_5051 & SUBSYS_1179FF53 & REW_1000\4 & 2CF9DD72 & 0 & 0001


    You have installed Service Pack 3 for XP?
    On the European site of Toshiba, I founded this document:

    This should also work for the Satellite U400D and drivers, you can download from the Toshiba page we:

    Good luck!

  • Need USB drivers for old Equium L40 - 10U PSL41E running Vista 32-bit

    Hi all

    I think that my USB driver is corrupted. I found the ChipSet, LAN and BIOS drivers for my old PSL41E Equium L40 - 10U running Vista 32 bit. However, I have not found the USB drives I need. USB drivers are contained in the ChipSet, BIOS or LAN driver?

    If not, where can I find and download the USB drivers for my old old Equium L40 - 10U PSL41E running Vista 32 bit?

    Thank you! -Le Cannet

    Here is where I found the drivers (but with no mention of USB drivers):
    [Drivers Equium L40 - 10U PSL41E | http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp?service=UK&selCategory=8 & selFamily = 391 & selSeries = 326 & selProduct = 752 & selSho rtMod = 541 & language = 13 & selOS = 26 & selType = all & yearupl = DST & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = all Machines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = 8 & pa ge 1 = & startPage = 1 & prevCl = true]

    > Are contained in the ChipSet, BIOS or LAN USB drivers driver?

    USB drivers are part of the Windows operating system.
    The USB ports should work after the installation of the Windows operating system and, therefore, there is no such thing as a USB driver for the USB 2.0 standard.

    In addition, the chipset driver must be installed.

    I checked the proposed link in your ad and here, you can download the Intel chipset utility.
    The update of the BIOS is also available

  • Equium L40 - 10Z goes dead after leaving her alone for a while


    I noticed a problem shortly after buying my Equium L40 - 10Z. If I leave it to the top, but don t he use for a period of 3 to 5 hours or more, the laptop is still on but there is no hard drive activity and the screen is blank. Nothing I press on including the power button it will wake up. I have to press the power button for 6 or more seconds then release, then turn the laptop back on. I tried to recover the laptop using the DVD provided without result. I have my settings of power to the maximum, but I changed it so that if I close the lid, it was nothing happens as long as the laptop is plugged and it doesn t hibernation.

    Any thoughts?

    Kind regards


    Looks a bit like a hardware problem.

    One question; have you noticed this problem immediately after installing the operating system from the recovery CD?
    Please check it and do not install any 3rd party software/programs because it could have a negative influence on the operating system.

    If the laptop is not response after using the Toshiba Recovery CD you no doubt contact the ASP in your country for a control.

    If all goes well, it is not a serious problem.

    Good luck

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    No sound

    I have no sound on my computer (Windows XP). I installed audio driver with no result. What to do next?

    Hi f. Mac,.

    Follow the steps in the article.

    How to troubleshoot sound problems in Windows XP

    No sound in Windows

  • Windows 7 64 bit, cannot install the driver for bluetooth devices for my Motorola Droid Razr periferical

    Windows 7 64 bit, cannot install the driver for bluetooth devices for my Motorola Droid Razr periferical. When troubleshooting try to apply the fix, after trying, it ends with a message this problem "not set"...

    I finally found the help on my own. Download and install Windows Mobile Device Center. After installation, you'll swear that nothing has been installed, but there is a. The download says it's for Vista, but it also shows Winkdows 7 under system requirements. This is from the download I used.

    Go in Device Manager for each item under the heading Bluetooth with an asterisk, double-click it. Click the tab drivers, then put to update driver. Browse my computer..., let me pick from a list... Under manufacturer, select "Microsoft Corporation". Under model, click on "Windows Mobile-based device support", and then click Next. Click 'YES' in the driver warning window. Windows will now update the driver, and he will tell you, he did it with success!

    This solved my problems. Good luck with yours.

  • Equium L40 - 10Z - Microsoft UAA for High Definition Audio bus driver need

    OK, this is what s up. I uninstalled Vista of the laptop and installed Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2. All the drivers I installed works fine except my audio driver. There is no sound.

    I installed Realtek several times and it installs ok then restart to take effect, but when I restart there is still no sound. Driver installed is listed in Add/Remove programs. I tried for almost a week now to fix this problem and nothing happen.

    The pilot was MICROSOFT UAA BUS DRIVER for HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO with a yellow (!) next to it. When I tried open Realtek he said EQ failed or Summit and s there is a sound beep sound from the laptop.

    Toshiba virtual sound doesn t work as well. I accidentally uninstalled the driver and now it says device PCI and tells me to insert the disk MICROSOFT UAA BUS DRIVER for HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO but I n t I.

    It s been driven crazy and I don't know what to do.
    Please help me!


    first of all, make sure that you have installed all the important windows updates. All the updates on your system? Ok.

    Please visit the www.realtek.com site and download the latest driver for realtek HD sound cards. This driver WORKS 100% because I had a similar problem and after I installed the authentic realtek drivers, I had no problem with the sound.

    Hope this works for you, too.

    Welcome them

  • Cannot retrieve Equium L40-10 after changing the HARD drive

    Equium L40 - 10U Windows Vista 32 bit.

    I had a problem with the HDD (120 GB MK1237GSX) & I replaced it with MK2576GSX - 250 GB)

    I have a the original Toshiba product recovery disk, but I can not reinstall the s/w.

    Windows will load initially and then diskpart seems to be installed OK.

    The installation hangs at Image X for Windows
    I get error 23 c:\programfiles\adobe\reader 8 - data read failed.
    Image X could not apply to Vista F:\05468XSP.swm Index 2 to C:\.

    In addition, the administrator screen shows:
    Failed to initialize the Raid class.
    ANY RIAD continually normally

    I'd appreciate any help with this problem.

    Thank you


    Do you use the disc of recovery for the first time?

Maybe you are looking for