Equium L40 - cannot boot from recovery CD

Hi, can anyone help?

I want to use the recovery cd, but when I press f12 at startup and the drive in the menu, nothing happens.
After a few moments, the laptop starts normally. Its an equium L40.

Help, please

Have you tried changing the boot order in BIOS on a CD/DVD first and then boot from the CD?
There is also another possibility for the start of the STRANGE.
You can press the C key immediately after the laptop is turned on. This would allow booting from the CURIOUS reader.

But I have a few questions;
Have you tried to boot from different bootable CD s like Win XP, Linux, etc. ? Is this possible?
Perhaps disk failure?

I think that this could the main reason why the notebook missing CD.

What do you think?

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    Recovery CD (Windows XP home Edition) cannot start the Toshiba satellite A40 Model # PSA40E-0EWDE-AR (SA40-261), whenever I try to Boot From recovery cd I get this error:

    PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable of
    PXE - M0F: Exit Intel Boot Agent.

    but when I boot from any other cd (windows ME, WIN 2 K, WIN XP Pro...) everything is ok.
    Any clue? Help me please
    Thank you


    It seems that the player is unable to boot from the recovery CD and the switch to boot from LAN.
    The error PXE - E61 message because the LAN cable was not connected and the laptop is not able to find a source of network boot

    I think you should check the recovery CD and perhaps you will need a new

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    Slow performance

    (1) the starting time: 3 min (of gong at the end of the progress bar)

    (2) departure time for applications 1.5 to 4 min

    (a) Mathematica 01:22, 01:40, iTunes 01:48, Firefox mail, 03:57

    Disk utility is no problem to start normal b at startup

    Reset SMC improves the start time for applications, but not for the start

    Remaining problems

    (1) tent to boot from Recovery HD failed.

    Maintain command-R on startup until the Apple icon (2 min) after additional 2 min gong sounded and the computer started normally.

    (2) Once restarted, SystemProfile wouldn't start properly. Reported missing components. This has been fixed by several reboots of the system profile.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    read this, internal download FRO the link & post report > Using EtreCheck. Apple Support communities

  • Satellite A50: Cannot boot from recovery CD

    I have a toshiba satellite a50 when I try and recover back to factory settings, but my computer does not recognize the cd and it does not boot from the cd to recoverey someone help I have explored the cd there is a file with the extension .gho I really need to format my pc

    Insert the CD in your drive.
    Press the power button, then start Notepad.
    Press the C key immediately after starting the laptop to boot from the CD.

  • Satellite P100 - cannot boot from recovery CD


    I'm trying to reset my Satellite P100.
    She runs slowly and I thought that a clean spring was in order.

    I just received in the mail today my recovery disk (then found my original one!).
    Problem I have is that no matter what I do, I can't do the boot cd.

    No matter what buttons I push on I get or anything and one reboots windows or black screen.
    I tried F12, F1, F2, C, f *, ESC, I changed bios priority support via the configuration utility of the material in the Panel to load the cd first, his pirouettes for awhile and just does nothing.

    Whatever i can't load anything other that windows or a blank black screen, cant even get into safe mode.

    Any help please?


    > I just received in the mail today my recovery disk (then found my original one!).
    Have you noticed the same thing using two of them?

  • Satellite A200 - cannot boot from the recovery disc - code 1

    I have Vista business and my laptop is running slow and is full of rubbish.
    I have in the past used my drive recovery to completely re - install vista and start from a fresh version.

    However, I tried this once and it says that it cannot boot from cd - code 1.

    Can someone tell me what it is and how to reinstall vista?

    Hmm. strange.
    Are you sure you have the right recovery disk?
    Are you abele to boot using another drive as MS Win XP CD or Linux CD bootable?

  • Satellite M45: Cannot boot from the CD-ROM or HARD drive

    I get the following messages...

    WHEN BOOTING FROM HDD: "Invalid partition table".

    At the START of the CD: "No Bootable CD in ATAPI CD-ROM.
    By so, even though I have the recovery CD and the computer can not read them.

    I tried to change the order of boot without result. Created a bootable CD Bart, who works in my other computer, but not in this laptop. Are there special drivers, I need for this CD?
    I'm out on this one.

    Thank you


    I think that your partition on the HARD disk is damaged and so you cannot boot from the HARD drive.
    In this case, the HARD drive must be formatted completely and then you could try to install the OS.

    It seems also that your drive cannot recognize the CD bootable (WinXP?) and, therefore, it of not possible to boot from the drive.
    Well, it really stupid s :_| situation really stupid!

    However, did you try to boot from another CD? For example Microsoft Windows original CD?
    If not I recommend you to do and eventually the reader will be able to read the CD.
    If this isn't the case, so I think that the reader must be checked. Possibly it also corrupted s.

  • HP Pavilion 500-210 QE cannot boot from any hard drive.

    Good evening. As you can see on the subject, my computer just cannot boot from any hard disk that I put on it. I tried swapping the power supply, SATA cable, reset the BIOS, allowing the start legacy, changing to AHCI to IDE and RAID...

    When I get to the BIOS Setup, I see the hard drive and its features, but it will not start or show when I am trying to install a new OS. I'm not an expert, but I think that the problem could be in the motherboard SATA ports, but I'm not sure. Just to be sure, I tried another harddrive and it did not work as well.

    I was also thinking to buy a HDD external and installation of my OS on it, but I don't even know if it is possible and I would really like to have my computer working again.

    Thank you for your attention!

    Ok. That doesn't say that it is very likely that the motherboard has problems.

    Contact HP for warranty repair.

  • Cannot boot from Win 8.1 installation disk

    My mother has a Dimension 3000 system that works under XP and now I am trying to install WIndows 8.1 so that she can use banking online again. The problem is that it does not start from the installation disc.

    I have upgrade BIOS A03 and update all drivers using the driver Booster 2. Now the system is set at the first start of the CD-ROM, then HARD drive but it ends to always boot from the HARD drive. I'm at about 400 km, so I'll try to help him by phone. I tested for a start from the disc on my own XP and haven't had any problem so the drive is fine. I also ran the upgrade on its system Wizard, and everything was fine.

    I don't understand what is wrong, no matter who?


    Thank you. OK, so the problem is dimensions 3000 cannot boot from a DVD, only a CD?

    Since that she already bought (32-bit OEM) license and opened it, I doubt it will be returned, so I would try to make work in all cases, if that doesn't work I'll have to get a new PC.

    If copy us the contents of the DVD on a USB maybe we can boot from that? I'll give you a call tonight.

    The system is 10 years old... BIOS A00 - August 2004. The latest version of the BIOS is 8 years old February 2006. This system may be too old to be able to boot from USB.

    Other problems exist, the standard installed memory was of 0.5 to 1 GB, 1 GB is minimum requirements so it may also need to be upgraded.

    As mentioned in the video, Intel 82865 G is not supported by Intel for Windows Vista or later. For Vista/7, there are a few things that you can use so that it can work, but even then not very much. It will only use the generic driver for Windows 8.1 and the screen will be blurred.

    In addition, the systems hard drive is IDE and probable with a low capacity. The hard drive being the most likely component to fail and this type is no longer under production.

    So at least you'll need a DVD player, probably some memory and a video card. Even in this case the system doesn't always works well. I recommend wasting money in upgrading such an old machine. For the price of all these improvements, you can buy an OptiPlex 760/780 opportunity on eBay that come with a license of Windows 7. As you have already purchased the Windows 8.1, you could same source on an OptiPlex 745/755 and use your Windows 8.1 this license. All these systems will perform much better than the Dimension 3000.

    Of course, you can also look to a new system, the new Dell Inspiron is very cheap and can be done for $230:


    While it is a low-end model compared to the Dimension 3000, it is a significant improvement.

  • ESXi 3.5 Update 4 virtual machines cannot boot from ISO image stored on the server


    If I have one of my virtual machines of ESXi configured to use an ISO image sitting on my server ESXi, they cannot boot from this image.  This is after you click "ESC" during startup in order to change the startup CD-ROM.  I have this a known issue, or I'm just doing something wrong?  If I have the vms use an ISO sitting on my desktop (using Infrastructure Client) it works fine.

    Or the answer is even simpler, make sure I connect at power on.

    OK, Yes!  But some of the things we take for granted... haha...

  • Satellite M40 - cannot boot from the recovery cd after format HARD drive


    After my Satellite M40 - 133 being affected by the virus of security internet I had to wipe my hard drive. The virus wouldn't let me do anything, boot without failure or system restore. I wiped the disk and it still wouldn't load up. That's why I had to do a full erase of the disk including the hidden partition.

    After doing his now do not let my boot from the CD of restoration as it says invalid partition as his search for files that must be on the hidden partition. What can I do to get it started. I'm not bothered about to recover anything on the disc. If I remove the hard drive and put the recovery cd in, it excludes the disc and begins to start until he fails to see the hard drive.

    Outwardly I can link the drive to another pc and he sees it as a storage device so I'm glad that there is nothing wrong with the hard ware - help please


    Can you see the HARD drive with all the details in the BIOS?
    If this isn't the case, then this means that the HARD drive is faulty or not fully compatible.
    If you can see the HARD drive in the BIOS, then this means that the HARD drive is compatible.

    But this should not affect booting from a bootable CD.
    Even if the HD would not be recognized in the BIOS, you should be able to boot from the CD. For example a live Linux CD has not only any disk HARD because the BONE would not be installed on the HARD drive, but it loads into RAM.

    The question is; Why you are unable to boot from any CD?
    Maybe the discs are scratched or the CD/DVD drive cannot read the disc more because of problems of laser lens
    If possible, try to copy/burn the Windows CD using another computer, and then try to start using the copied disc.

  • Portege A200 - cannot boot from the recovery disc

    Hi, I have a Portege A200 and an original unused Toshiba Recovery CD.

    When I go to recover, the DVD drive just turns and turns and nothing happens. I have tried different methods of booting with the disk to like, by pressing the C key, select boot from CD/DVD or just turn it on with the DVD in the drive. Same problem, the disc turns right away.

    I also checked the drivers TOshiba download page and let down when I found out that there are several drivers for the same thing, like the 3 drivers LAN! Which should I use? Also, I can confirm that the CD/DVD drive works fine because I already loaded windows XP, no problem.

    Any suggestion is appreciated.


    Hey Kieran99,

    I also think that s is not a problem of the CD/DVD drive. If it turns over and over again once he recognizes a disc but it can t be read correctly.

    Regarding your question about drivers I think that it of fairly easy. I can recommend the vendor and device ID in Device Manager. With these identification numbers, you can search on this website http://www.pcidatabase.com/ to determine the LAN controller. All that s! :)

    In addition, you can check the ID s in Device Manager, if you click the LAN card properties > Details > PCI\VEN_xxxx & DEV_xxxx

  • Equium L300 - cannot start from other CD or recovery disk

    Equium L300
    bought used again 3 months 9 months left. The battery is dead flat.

    When restarting

    boot hard-> disc Bootmgr is corrupt does not start
    boot recover disk cd-> the file is maybe damaged. The file header checksum does not match the checksum calculated
    boot from the windows DVD install-> same as above

    I tried numerours disks but will not start.
    It will not boot on USB. Tire also tried hard drive seems ok.

    BIOS looks ok and see the hard drive and dvd etc.

    Ideas otherwise a fairly expensive machine for two monthe use.
    Was just out of warranty before failure appeared

    Thank you chris

    Hey Buddy,

    > But still think bios is damaged
    If you believe it, contact your authorized service provider. Technicians can check your laptop and try to reflash the BIOS. Technicians are really experts and so this should t be a problem for them.

    Here you can find one:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

  • Satellite A10: Cannot boot from the recovery CD after the replacement of the motherboard

    Heres one in your brain is going...

    I recently started a format hard drive via the normal recovery CD, but it never finished as long as the power cut.

    Not to worry I thought, I kept all my data and a new motherboard was on order.

    The fitting of the new Council, I tried to boot from the recovery disc and all I get is 'non-system disk '.

    Then I replaced the HARD drive with a former to check the functionality of the Cd. The old disks (I tried two) both still booted from the cd and their HDs has worked fine once in windows.


    When I try to start any of these 'good' HDs from the cd nothing happens, nada zilch. In fact they will not start even to a 'Beginner PC' recovery disk either, so it's not the Toshy recovery disk.

    Another weird thing is when I go into the bios by pressing ESC the power upward and then F1 and try to change the boot sequence and press end to exit and save, nothing happens.

    If the CD is not defective because it is recognized in windows
    The recovery disks may not be at fault because the other disks also fail to start.

    This is not a drive problem hard as other HDs start normally (but not Cd)

    This could be a fault on the new motherboard, perhaps a problem with bios, or the sequence of events suggests something else?

    Any suggestions would be welcome

    Paul h


    Long story. In my opinion you should write is a little shorter but with more useful information.
    I am interested in one thing: have you got a new mainboard or used one?

    To be honest, I'm also confused with the recovery disc you are using. The history is confusing.

    > so this isn't the Toshy recovery disk.
    Can you please tell us what kind of recovery CD are you using exactly?

  • I want to use the recovery disc for re - install my pavilion dv6, but cannot boot from the recovery disc?

    Now my system Windows 7 Home premium canbe accessed, but with a lot of problems. That's why I want to reinstall it. I burned my own recovery (totally 4 disks) successfully disks. I insert the first disc of recovery CD-rom and restart my laptop, but it can not recognized but in win 7 automatically. could you tell me how to use my recovery disks to reinstall the system win 7 when that is not totally broken?


    Probably go to BIOS and configuration of the machine to boot from the CD/DVD ROM. Please follow the instructions from HP:


    Kind regards

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