Equium P200-1ED is able to power external USB devices connected on it?

(1) is anyone able to confirm if the Toshiba Equium P200-1ED is capable of powering an external USB device connected to it via one of its 6 USB ports?

(2) what is the maximum power that the Toshiba Equium P200-1ED can provide only one USB port?

(3) can the Toshiba Equium P200-1ED providing the power referred to in Question (2) above to each of its 6 USB ports?


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  • Satellite A200 not power external USB devices in mode 'sleep'

    I have a new A200. I have and USB hub and disc external hard USB powered. When I put it in mode 'sleep' their lights stays on. It came with Vista. I searched for the setting, but I could not find. It is not good for the battery. Any advise?

    Thank you.



    The lights are also on when the laptop is to stay in sleep mode or hibernation mode.
    You cannot disable the led s

  • Equium P200-1ED is capable of powering connected on USB devices?

    (1) possibly associated with my previous question - what is someone able to confirm if the Toshiba Equium P200-1ED is able to power external devices connected via its USB ports?

    (2) all 6 USB ports can supply simultaneously 6 external USB devices?

    What's wrong?

    Please notify.

    I assume you ask again for advice related to this issue:

    To my knowledge, all USB ports supports the USB standard and provides 500mA.
    But sometimes a USB device requires more than 500 my and then you will have to use an external power supply for the USB device.

    Sometimes it s advisable to use a USB hub that supports clean power.

    (2) can all be used 6 USB ports to power simultaneously 6 external USB devices?
    As I said, the external USB devices possibly some 3rd would need more like 500mA and in this case, you must use an external power supply to USB devices.

    Good bye

  • Equium P200-1ED: is it possible to use 3 Gbps HARD drive?

    Hi all

    I have a laptop Toshiba Equium P200-1ED and quickly fill capacity on the hard drive. I'm looking to upgrade to something like a 500-700 GB HARD drive.

    However, when I look around for 1.5 gb/s options I am limited to 160 GB maximum.

    Even if the current HARD disk interface is 1.5 gb/s (currently using Hitachi HTS542512K95A00) is possible to use a HARD 3 gb/s drive and P200-1ED will support it?

    I am not so embarrassed on the speed of performance, more the need for a larger storage capacity without having to get an external drive.

    Any advice would be appreciated.



    Equium P200 supports the controller SATA HDD and SATA I and SATA II HDD are compatible and would be supported by the BIOS.

    You can use a disk HARD SATA II (3 Gb/s).

    But perhaps only the 1.5BGb / s (SATA I performance) would be reached.

  • Equium P200-1ED: Windows randomly max & min and refusing to close

    I have an Equium P200-1ED I biought recently and Vista keep doing strange things with the windows open.

    Trying to scroll a window, click on a link or perform any action with a window, then the window can maximize randomly or minimize. Also when you try to close a window, it will be often just 'boing' home for 3 or 4 times after clicking on the 'X', and then close.

    This does not happen on my other vista machine so I guess that his problem with this one.

    Hello Andy

    Have you noticed this behavior from the first day?
    To be honest, the described issue is really amazing. Do you use the touch pad or external mouse may be? Try please test with an external mouse. I can just speculate why this happens, but according to me, there is something wrong with the touchpad settings.

    I have also for laptop Toshiba with Vista, but something like that doesn't happen to me.

  • Equium P200-1ED - lack of card's "line-in".

    Hi people,

    I'm new to this forum, but here - I have an Equium P200-1ED running Vista.
    I use Magix Audio Lab 15 transfer vinyl to CD by using the 'line-in' on the sound card.

    Everything worked well.
    Power the computer off, one night, the next day without that an entry in the 'line-in' (there seems to be no input via the mic either)

    When I connect to the computer on the band of the amplifier (record taking) the volume of the amp reduced which suggests a short circuit on the sound card.

    My local repairman can't find a problem (but I'm not surprised with this)

    Any ideas would be appreciated.


    What service can do is to check the functionality of the ports but not not to check the functionality with some additional software. That s not the point and Toshiba doesn't offer some support for the third party software.
    Thus, if the service has checked your laptop, I can imagine that your ports in the front are OK.
    Can you confirm this?

  • Game question on Equium P200-1ED


    I tried to use my Equium P200-1ED to play a few games and have encountered the same problem each time.

    Basically, the game doesn't load, no problem, however, it loads in a small part of the screen (in the middle) do some games (like Command and Conquer) quite difficult to play. I want to be able to play in full screen, can anyone help?

    I tried to change the resolution, but he did not much. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Are you running XP or Vista?

    Have you updated the BIOS and the display driver?

  • Processor upgrade and Equium P200-1ED


    I installed an SSD of 64Go and installed Windows 7 with the user and the data folders program on a SD card installed as USB key into the Expresscard slot. I also put in 4 GB RAM

    It is still slow to navigate the Web through wired Ethernet. So I plan to upgrade the processors as the neck of the bottle seems to be permanently on the processor which is a T2310 Dual Intel @1.46 GHz.

    So the question is what is the next possible CPU upgrade?

    Thank you

    Update CPU has no influence on the Internet.
    It's done.
    If you have a slow internet connection, check the flow of data to your internet provider.

    Regarding the upgrade of CPU:

    Upgrading the CPU is certainly not supported by the laptop manufacturers. But this does not mean that another CPU would not work. A lot of people here in the forum attempted to upgrade the processor and in some cases, it worked.
    It will be important to know which chipset was built in this Equium P200-1ED.

    I m not very well, but I guess that its Intel GL960 Express Chipset. Please correct me if I m wrong the chipset must support the new CPU, otherwise the new processor cannot be used.

    Page Intel ARK provide information on supported processors

    In addition the new processor must be supported by the BIOS. If the BIOS would not support new CPU, the laptop would not start even if the chipset would be compatible with the new processor.

    As you can see, the CPU upgrade isn't easy because of pending issues concerning the compatibility issues between different parts for laptop.

    By the way: I am wondering about the upgrade to 4 GB RAM because this device should support max 2 GB of RAM

  • Re: Equium P200-1ED: missing wireless

    I have a new Equium P200-1ED and it drove me crazy how he could hang with Vista then I reformatted and had to create a cd with nlite xp and I installed SP37005 after installation of xp pro that I don't see anywhere wireless connection.

    Intel wireless lan identification utility: says no wireless LAN hardware is installed or the utility could detect it not so installed. ?


    I guess that you´ve has installed all the drivers on the Drivers Toshiba download site. A suggestion on my part:

    Go to www.intel.com, and download the latest LAN driver wirelessly from their site. Try it with this driver and give some feedback if it worked or not.
    Usually, the card should work with the drivers intel authentic.

    Good bye

  • ADSL USB modem installs on Equium P200-1ED

    I have a P200 Toshiba's Equium-1ED; Model number # PSPB5E-003004KS.

    I want to use my Thomson SpeedTouch 330 - a bus powered USB USB ADSL modem - for my Toshiba Equium P200-1ED and downloaded the 4.1 version of the Windows Vista driver from this web page:


    ... However when Vista modem driver is running, the software fails to recognize the Thomson SpeedTouch 330 ADSL modem when the guest driver software connect the modem.

    The Thomson SpeedTouch 330 ADSL modem works perfectly when used with my old laptop Toshiba/XP (which is how I downloaded the Vista driver for the modem for satellite).

    What's wrong?

    -Disconnect all USB devices
    -Remove all USB host controllers and hubs the Vista Device Manager
    -restart the laptop

    After the restart new Vista should recognize and install again the USB ports.
    Then you could try to reconnect the USB ADSL Modem.

    But have you followed exactly how describes on page installation instructions?

  • Equium P200-1ed - card Atheros WLan does not pick up all networks

    OK about amonth and a half there is weupgraded of Windows Vista to Windows 7, 32-bit Home Premium.
    Everything worked without problem (yes I know with access)

    Then suddenly at 01:00 today, Internet went on the Toshiba laptop and we can't put it back on. I tried the new drivers and nothing, try the keys FN and nothing turned also out of the card wireless forward and turn it back on. The laptop is the map reckonising, becausewhen I uninstll the driver picks it up. So I'm so confused as to what it can be.

    Girlfriend wason Facebook at the time. I scanned Virus, Anti-spyware, scanned and cleaned C islet still nothing. So I checked online to find loads have had the same problem, but no one seems to post the answer. Could someone please help.

    Laptop is Toshiba Equium p200-1ed, Intel P Dual Core CPU T2310 1.46GHz 2 GB of Ram. Running Windows 7.
    The problem is with the wireless adapter - Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter

    As I say, works fine, then suddenly do not pick up all networks. My other computer laptop of them is recovering fine. Running the computer on the Ethernet cable. Just not the wireless. He does not know the wireless card is there, it is like its just abandoned, but if a lot of people have problems with Atheros adapters in windows 7. Can someone please.


    Hey dude!
    Thanks for sharing this with us! Could be useful for other people who have discovered the same question

    Welcome them

  • Equium P200-1ED - Driver for Ethernet controller

    I reinstalled Windows XP on a Toshiba Equium P200-1ED (PSPB5E).
    My wifi is not working where can I find the driver? I've tried all the drivers of http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/jsp/supportMyProduct.do?service=UK&ID=smp-product-results&userAction=SMP_RESULTS_PAGE&partNumber=PSP B5E-003004KS

    In the Device Manager of the contoller drivers required mass storage device my ethernet controller and Manager is - anyone know where I can get these?

    Any help is welcome

    Drivers WLAN you will find under http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/wlan/
    Mass storage controller can be card reader. Did you install driver card reader?

  • Equium P200-1ED - Question on the possible 2nd HD and RAM


    I've got the Equium P200-1ED and in the manual (page with diagrams showing the characteristics of the laptop), it mentions a second hard drive.
    I know my P200 does not have a second mounted drive so does that say space to eventually mount a second drive?

    Also, is it true that the max supported ram is 2 GB?
    It would be nice to upgrade the standard 2 GB Ram.

    Thank you


    Well, the second HDD depends on the single model.
    The second HARD drive Bay must be placed close to the first HARD drive Bay.
    You can remove the cover that secures the second HDD and can check if the necessary controller is available on your laptop.
    Please note that the second HARD drive Bay could be available but without the HARD necessary interface disc.

    Regarding the upgrade of memory;
    If your laptop was equipped with Intel 945 GM/PM Express chipset or higher, you can update the memory up to 4GB. If the laptop was equipped with an Intel 943GML Express chipset, you can upgrade the memory up to 2 GB.

    But note; 32-bit Windows system will recognize only 3GB due to the 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating system limitation.

    Best regards

  • Equium P200-1ED - cannot find video controller VGA Compatible

    I can't find video controller VGA Compatible
    In the main support center, I could not find this driver.

    Some1 can send me link or something.
    Thank you

    Equium P200-1ED

    > were also unable to find the driver, even using your valuable comments and link
    It's strange. I found the display driver for Equium M40x in just one minute.
    Sorry but where you found these useful comments?

    If you want drivers for your laptop satellite, just visit the page download Toshiba and under product type choose the option ARCHIVE. All that s!

  • Equium P200-1ED installation Windows XP problem - drivers SATA

    I just bought a laptop Toshiba Equium P200-1ED with Vista installed and want to install my copy of Windows XP Pro. It's the last disc with SP2 included.

    When I boot it does not recognize the hard drive. I guess I have to download these drivers and load them onto a floppy disk, and press F6 when the configuration windows screen makes me want to do.

    The questions are;

    (1) where can I get these drivers from?
    (2) the machine will recognize a USB floppy drive?
    (3) I am mistaken on what do I do?

    Thanks in advance for your help. {: 8}

    The key is the Intel Matrix storage manager, also can be downloaded from the Intel page!

    Note: use the forum search option first to find similar questions!

    Using the advanced search option, you might find these wires;

    Good bye

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