Equium P300-16 t - keyboard does not work properply


I recently did a problem on my Equium P300-16 t in my function keys seem to be shot. I press the numbers 4 and 5 on my keyboard and it omits a beep really loud and the NumLock lights up and turns off. There is also a loud beep on start up and my keyboard is apparently useless if I want to try to use it. The rocker keys pop up appears on start as well and it seems that if I say either Yes or no, it makes no difference.

Also, every time I hold 4 or 5 function keys appear at the top of the screen.

Anyone know what is happening here? Please help, it's very frustrating. Thank you



Description of your overall is a bit strange
I put t know exactly what you mean by the function keys.

Are you talking about the FN keys or the numeric keypad on the right?

However, please check if you already have the latest version of the BIOS.
If this isn't the case, please update it.

If you have some additional problems with the Fn keys and then update the VAD (value added package) too.

Good luck

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    First of all, once you unscrew the keyboard, open the clip that secures it in place and reinstall the keyboard by ensuring that it is completely down. After that, now the flat cable in place, close the clip. Then, make sure that it is not lost and that it is seated correctly. Then turn on the laptop and see if it works. If this is not the case, try an external keyboard. If an external keyboard does not work, the keyboard on your MB controller is dead and you need a new MB. If an external keyboard works then your keyboard is dead, or the connector on the MB is dead. Best way to test is to try the first solution. If it doesn't work, take it to an ASP so they can try another keyboard for your laptop. Good luck.

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    Sorry, but I think that the keyboard is dead and must be replaced. If you can get a new one let us know. Maybe someone can help you and explain how to share one keyboard.

    Good bye

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    Try Firefox Safe mode to see if the problem goes away. Safe mode is a troubleshooting mode, which disables most of the modules.

    (If you use it, switch to the default theme).

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    If the issue is not present in Firefox Safe Mode, your problem is probably caused by an extension, and you need to understand that one. To do this, please follow article Troubleshooting extensions, themes and problems of hardware acceleration to resolve common Firefox problems .

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    When find you what is causing your problems, please let us know. It might help others who have the same problem.

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    Can be caused by an add-on to the AVG.

    When find you what is causing that, please let us know. It might help others who have this problem.

  • X G1 2 210: HP X 2 210 G1 keyboard does not work

    Hi, I have little difficult to pass on my tablet, and when it lights, physical keyboard does not work: someone has the same simptoms? What can I do? I opened an evaluating, but HP support does ' t answer, and I need it :-(

    Italian support contacted me, tablet goes into help tomorrow.

    Thank you all for your support


  • Keyboard does not work on my T650-1MC Satellite

    Keyboard does not work no more at all. Instead of this, continuously + is typed in a text field (or insert permanently, if NUMLOCK is turned off). A USB keyboard works very well (keys CAPSLOCK on the USB keyboard allows to activate the light on the laptop keyboard), but the continuous + s persist.

    ALT + tab does not work, and clicking on stacked items on the system tray or. Windows just appear and disappear again.

    The touchpad works always intended to lead the mouse around, but the "tap to click on ' and 'slide your finger on the edge of the mouse wheel' functions no longer work.
    Thx for any help

    This model of laptop is not known to me, but after reading your ad I think the keyboard is defective and must be replaced. I mean what else you can do about it.

    Try to get the new keyboard and replace it. After that it all will again be OK.

  • Keyboard does not work on my Pro Satellite R50-B-155

    Keyboard does not work on my Pro Satellite R50-B-155

    What is the reason for this problem?

    I guess that its dysfunction internal keyboard...

    From my point of few internal keyboard needs to be replaced to get it resolved.

  • Satellite C660 - new internal keyboard does not work


    I'm completely stuck I have a portable satellite c660 keyboard did not work.
    So I bought a replacement keyboard and installed and checked in the Device Manager and it says it is there and works correctly, but the replacement keyboard still does not work.

    I updated the bios and uninstalled the keyboard drivers and reinstalled them that I've done everything I can think off to try and get this new keyboard working but I am having no luck and could so with some assistance.

    Have you ever checked if the USN external keyboard works properly?

    I ask because in the case where the external keyboard does not work properly, the internal keyboard problem could be related to faulty keyboard controller (motherboard) or a problem of system m.

    In case the external keyboard would work properly, you had any luck with the new keyboard. It might be possible that the new keyboard is malfunctioning.

  • Portege R100: the keyboard does not work

    I am facing a problem. My laptop keyboard does not work. How can I purchase a new Panel of key for this model, or how I can fix the problem.


    I put t know what is wrong exactly with your keyboard, but I guess the keyboard needs to be replaced.
    To my knowledge the keyboard was fixed by 2 screws under the thin cover above the keyboard.
    You must remove the thin cover and then the 2 screws.
    Then, you will be able to set the keyboard.

    But be careful; the keyboard must be connected with the flat cable to the motherboard.

    Compatible keyboard, you can order from the Toshiba service partner in your country.


  • Keyboard does not work under Vista on Satellite L300D

    Dear readers,

    I have a Satelite L300D with Windows Vista 32 bit Home Premium. It is about 5 months and so far I have not had problems.

    Today, I started the book and noticed that I was not able to type my password for Windows.
    I thought, there must be a problem with the keyboard and restarted the laptop.
    I tried to enter the Bios and I wonderd, keyboard worked as expected it. Back to Vista, the keyboard does not work yet.

    I rebooted again and activated Capslock befor the Windowsstartup and looked at the LED.
    Just after the appearance of the Windowslogo, Capslock off a keyboard was dead.
    So I thougt it must be a driver error. I deleted the two driver files Hardware-Director told me where the drivers keyboard, rebooted twice a keyboard had returned to work, but only until the next reboot.

    So I decided to make the recovery of HARD drive and reinstall Windows, thinking, this should fix the problem.

    But it's still there.

    Is there someone who could help me? If this is an error of the driver, is should have disappeared when the laptop is in a State of delivery, right?

    I would be very happy for any advice or help

    Greetings from Berlin


    PS: I want to say sorry for my bad English... :-)

    Hey mate

    > It's about 5 months and until now I didn't have problems.

    I wonder why this keyboard problem happened after 5 months of use?  :|
    This means that this keyboard worked fine using the Vista and the Toshiba Recovery disk operating system but recently stopped working if the Microsoft OS is running.

    In my eyes it s a hardware issue ok, it s really strange that you can use it in the BIOS and the Linux system. But I recommend to contact the ASP (certified partner) in your country and ask if the technician could test with the new keyboard.

    I think that your warranty is valid and therefore everything must be covered by the warranty!

    Good luck

  • Satellite W30T-A378 from - touch pad and the keyboard does not work

    I have a problem with my laptop, the touch pad and the keyboard does not work.
    Can someone help me what is the possible cause?

    Thanks in advance.


    I guess you checked if the Tablet has been properly connected to the docking keyboard.

    Have you tried to unplug and plug the docking again?
    Note: there is a latch on the left you have to move and in order to remove the tablet.

    Perhaps there is a connection problem.

Maybe you are looking for