Equium P300-16 t sound


I wonder if someone could help me or point me in the right direction.

The question I have is;
None of the sounds of windows or the sounds on the internet do not work,
However, when I insert a dvd it plays the sound fine. Ive tried a restore of the system without result.

Any ideas?

Thank you



What Windows you are using?

Have you tried to update the audio driver?
To do this, and check if the sound card is properly recognized in Device Manager!

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  • Re: Can Equium P300-190 - I download an updated sound driver

    After my Equium P300-190 (Vista Home Premium) has been invaded by a Trojan horse and therefore got rid of some software,
    I discovered that I can't be heard when using Skype.

    Download an updated sound driver, because I can't find any other explanation for this...?
    Grateful for any suggestion.

    Followed all the instructions to control audio devices etc.


    Audio driver can be downloaded from the European pilot page Toshiba.
    It of a driver audio Conexant and this driver works for sure!

    If you don't hear anything with the help of Skype, I recommend checking the Skype settings first.
    If the sound card is properly recognized in Device Manager and if there is no yellow exclamation, then, means that this driver has been installed correctly

  • Equium P300-16 t: a few issues after upgrade to Win 7


    I just moved my Equium P300 16 t from Vista to Windows 7 and everything seems to be fine. At least, everything works.

    Before the upgrade, I downloaded some Win7 drivers, and other files (things like Config fr.;) Hardware configuration; Card reader controller supervisor password utility. TEMPRO and others)
    Device Manager shows no problems I have to install one of these elements.

    I think that if it is not broken, do not fix. But I'm not sure about these.

    Another thing, after a series of updates from Windows, I lost the Windows event sounds.
    They work when tested, but not in use.

    All other works of his property, and that's the only driver Toshiba I installed where he fixed, but not good.

    Very grateful for any advice

    Thank you

    > I believe very much that if it is not broken, do not fix. But I'm not sure about these.
    If there is no yellow exclamation point and no unknown devices are visible, this means that you have installed all necessary drivers for don t be worried

    > Another thing, after a series of updates from Windows, I lost the Windows event sounds.
    Well, are the different selected sound for unique events? Or maybe that sounds have been cancelled? This should be checked

    > All other works of his property, and that's the only driver Toshiba I installed where he fixed, but not good.
    Well, you can also try to update the audio driver
    The laptop seems to support the audio chip Conexant CX20561 you can search for updates on the internet, but to be honest, if the sound works fine (except for the event sounds) so I wouldn't change anything personally I disabled all the sounds of the event on my laptop because I don t like this

  • Equium P300-190 - Question about upgrading the processor


    I just have a question for my CPU PC Toshiba laptop, I have a can of Equium P300-190 full to give model number if necessary the cpu is one supplied with the laptop.

    My question is I want to upgrade the processor but do not know which would be the best option and there are limits with the BIOS, etc. on board.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Probably it is not known to you that upgrading the CPU is not officially supported by the manufacturers of portable.

    The CPU upgrade is a tricky thing... the fact is that the CPU must be supported by chipset and BIOS.
    Where a party would not support the new processor, the unit will not light.

    So even if you use a CPU that is supported by the chipset (Intel GM965) there is a risk that the BIOS could not support the new processor...

    The laptop was equipped with processor Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor T2390 (Merom code name) probably the other CPU Intel Pentium Dual-Core family-owned would be compatible, but to be honest, you won't see a performance improvement...

    So in my opinion it is not worth trying to upgrade the processor...

    In my opinion, you need to replace the HARD drive with an SSD... in that case you will get the performance improvement...

  • Equium P300-16 t - very dark screen


    I have a Toshiba Equium P300-16 t, but the LCD is very low
    I see about the office, works fine on an external display.

    I tested the LCD on another laptop and works OK,
    I also replaced the inverter and flex cable but still no luck

    The GPU would have gone?

    > I see about the office, works fine on an external display.
    To me, it's proof that GPU must be OK.
    When you start your laptop is the faint display even when you see Toshiba welcome screen or enter the BIOS settings?

  • Equium P300-16 t BSOD and black screen after the removal of GPU

    I have a Toshiba Equium P300-16 t and I was getting 90 c - 95B on realtemp so I bought a thermal paste of isopropol alcohol and yesterday that I changed the thermal past on the CPU and the GPU.

    When I booted up after that there was a long beep that lasted a few seconds and my speakers a few cracking apart from that everything was normal, but then after a few minutes my screen is odd (for example, green artifacts) and then went black.

    After awhile, I started my laptop to the top and the same thing happened with the speakers and a beep but the screen was fine. I opened realtemp and became c 65 - 70 c, then restarted because of an Avast update.

    Now, when I turn on my laptop the screen becomes either black or I get a BSOD 0x0F4. I tried to boot from a USB Win7 and repair, but the rest screen went black, so it is not a HARD drive problem as some sites say (from the BSOD error).

    BSOD is mainly a product of serious software problems or it seems due to a malfunction of the equipment.
    I guess this is NOT question related software since you don't touch software (am I right?). So I think you damaged somewhere during the disassembly of the laptop or the removal of CPU and GPU.

    I have no other way for you to control the affected parties? How?
    I guess you need a help from a technician who would be able to analyze the material for potential problems.

  • Equium P300-19O does not start

    Hi all

    I have an Equium P300-19O, which I have had the problem. Now the pc doesn't even start not at all. When I turn it on, there is not even a power light and it doesn't do anything.
    Could someone of you please advice me to solve this problem and resuscitate Equium P300-19O?

    Best regards


    > Could someone of you please advice me to solve this problem and resuscitate Equium P300-19O?
    You must understand the hat on this virtual path that nobody of can say for sure what is wrong there and we can only speculate on the potential problem.
    Who knows what's wrong there. Maybe there is a problem with electronic control gear.

    Unplug the power plug, remove the battery and leave it for a while. Try to start the laptop with AC power only.
    When you connect the AC power supply is LED on indicator system turned on?
    Is there a reaction when you press the power button / stop?

  • Equium P300-16 t with Synaptics touchpad. Stuck left button?

    Hi all

    I have an Equium P300-16 t with a Synaptics touchpad.
    A few months back I had the following problem. As soon as I touch the touchpad or the left/right button, the icon will appear to show the button on the left as being depressed; It would be nice up to this point. I've updated the drivers, tried a system restore, checked under the button of touchpad for obstruction etc and nothing has changed.
    I made a completely new reinstall of Windows... still the same problem. Suspected a defective touchpad, so I contacted Topaz for a replacement touchpad mounted that and still the same problem.

    so... after having eliminated defective drivers/software/hardware, I'm out of ideas. Is there anything else I can check?

    Works very well with a USB mouse.

    Thank you


    > As soon as I touch the touchpad or the left/right button, the icon will appear to show the button on the left as being depressed; It would be nice up to this point

    I think you should check the settings.
    In Control Panel-> mouse-> last (Advanced) tab-> the Advanced Settings button

    Here, you should be able to get all the parameters of the touchpad.
    In my case, I found interesting feature in the speed of the pointer and typing parameters.

    There is a charming area of tape, and if you enable registration you could get access to other environments of tapping.
    The option is called DragLock in my case that his automatic release and auto release delay value is set on the court.
    Recommend you check this!

  • Equium P300-16 t - no power


    Not sure if anyone can help me out here?

    I have a Toshiba Equium P300-16t

    Initially when turned on, lights, dvd starts, 2 low beeps (which seems to do it on all laptops) then the screen turns on but would not go further?

    I left the power cable with the laptop off the battery when the battery is charged, press the power button, the button light, 2 seconds, goes off... Nothing else happens?

    Anyone know what may be the problem?
    Or if I can do something to make it work again.

    While the laptop seems to be starting, (lighting of the screen to the top) I tried a new screen, the same result, the new ram and hard disk, always the same result...

    Now without apparent reason, as I said, since the loaded battery, laptop don't even start? (I tried different batteries and without battery but still nothing?)

    Thank you very much in advance for any help anyone can offer.

    Kind regards.



    I put t think the battery is the problem.
    If the AC adapter is plugged in the laptop must lights without the connected battery. You have tested the new RAM and the problem persists?
    Well, in this case, the motherboard may be defective or other part as CPU.

    It seems that the laptop can not pass the POST (power on self test) and in this case primarily the motherboard is default.

  • May not wake my Equium P300 from sleep mode

    My * Equium P300-16 t * not waking up from sleep mode.

    If I use Fn F3 I get the message enter sleep and from what I read by pressing the power button wake the machine upwards, but not in my case.

    I also tried the Power Options to automatically mode after a specific period, but once again I can't wake the machine and do a hard reboot.

    My OS is Vista Home Basic.

    Anyone offers advice on how to fix this please?

    Thank you

    > but again I can't wake the machine and do a hard reboot.

    Your BIOS is up to date?
    Otherwise, update the BIOS

    Also in my experience sleep mode issues could be caused by corrupted system, so new facility could help solve this problem too.

  • Replacing the fan for Satellite/Equium P300-190


    I am looking for replacement for toshiba equium p300-19O satellite cpu fan and I found this one an ebay working http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Toshiba-Equium-P300-Original-Genuine-Cooling-Fan-Thermal-Module-/120842473542?pt=UK_Computing_Other_Computing_Netwo & hash = item1c22c5d046 is slightly different, and then inside my computer laptop.

    Can I use it? Thanks in advance for your help.


    As you can see in the picture is written: Image for illustration purposes only.
    I guess you can buy good cooling fan.

    I just hope you can disassemble your P300 correctly. Be careful with holders and small plastic parts.

    Good luck.

  • Equium P300-190 power - free problem

    Hi all

    This is my first post here/first Toshiba number after owning my laptop for about 4 years!

    I have a big problem with my Equium p300-190, with a Li-ion battery.

    This morning, there seems to be a problem with my diet. The connection of the charger would change quickly load and then do not load per second or more.

    This continued all day until the computer turns off suddenly.
    Now even when the charger is connected, the lights on the front of the computer not able to save it as a laptop.

    Initially, I thought it was a charger problem, but the computer turns off when the power of 43%. I was wondering if someone can help me to determine if it is a battery problem or a problem of motherboard, as well as the suggested courses of action.

    Any help is really appreciated!

    > Now even when the charger is connected, the lights on the front of the computer not able to save it to the loading of the laptop.

    This means that the power LED and AC adapter LED don t light even if the AC adapter is plugged?

    In this case the new, good working AC adapter must be connected to verify if she s AC adapter or mobile phone related problem.

    Just FYI: I n t think that the problem is battery since the laptop should work fine with the AC adapter only. Even if the battery is removed and AC adapter connected, the laptop must turn on

    So either the AC adapter or portable s hardware problem.

  • Equium P300-16 t - system error writing Configuration data

    Salvation message for the first time

    I have a Toshiba Equium P300-16 t and it has developed an error starting on the screen, it says

    System error writing Configuration data
    F1 - F2 CV - Bios settings

    When it appears that I can't get the option of recovery for work the bios settings seem to be completely in-accessible.

    This error appears just under the version number of the bios and the specifications of the RAM, just after the toshiba screen. The laptop is also a beep which I think is its length bios error code just two beeps very loud and even with a very short break inbetween

    On the page that appears after F1 (curriculum vitae) is pressed it shows just an another two options that are
    F2 - Setup F12 Multiboot Menu selection

    None of these options no matter what and the system is just idle on this screen.

    Obviously, without the bios menu there is not much I can do

    Really research help solve this problem as im not very clued up on the configurations of the system

    Oh and incase it allows... BIOS version - PhoenixBIOS 4.0 release 6.1

    Thanks in advance

    Hi mate

    It would be interesting to know if the HARD drive is listed in the BIOS.
    Could you if you please check this?
    In the BIOS, you should see the HARD drive and HARD drive details
    If it is not visible, then that would mean that the HARD drive is faulty and therefore the operating system cannot be started.

    In this case, the HARD disk needs to be changed.

  • Equium P300 - need to cap - key to the SHIFT key

    I have a laptop Equium P300-16 t and I broke the clip on the SHIFT key.
    Does anyone know where I can get one, or knows someone who is compatible thank you

    Post edited by: menthas


    I think in this case you need a new keyboard because there is no single room for the keyboard and only the entire keyboard can be ordered and replaced from an authorized service provider.

    Then you should get in touch with the guys and ask again keyboard. Usually the keyboard isn't if expensive so Don t you worry not about it. ;)

  • Equium P300-16 t - error Code 0 x 490

    I have a laptop Equium P300-16 t.

    I had an attached external hard drive, 5 minutes later computer started making a loud noise and froze, it off using the top off button.
    Turned he went back on start-up repair mode ran it for about 30 minutes then indicated it could not be repaired system manufacturer or contact admin (us).

    Research on the Startup Repair diagnosis page that everything seemed to be spent out of the last thing here is what he said Word for Word

    No os found on disk file
    Code Repair: failed. Error = 0 x 490
    time taken = 14726ms

    I can't go to the login page it stops in this starting point upward.



    Resemble something happened with the operating system on the HARD drive.
    Eventually, the HARD disk or partition on the HARD disk is damaged.

    You are able to install the OS once more?

    Can you see the HARD drive in the BIOS?

Maybe you are looking for

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