Equium U400-145 full stop by an accumulation of static electricity

I recently bought an Equium U400-145, really happy with it except...

Yesterday, when I tried to turn it on, absolutely nothing happened - no light, no sound, nothing. I checked the plug, battery etc but nothing.

I took it directly to the store and the guy told me it was due to an accumulation of static. He unplugged the power cord, took out the battery and you press the Start button for 30 seconds (to static discharge), replaced the battery and it started immediately.

It is great except that it now that I have at home, it does the same thing about whenever I turn it off. I do not think that we live in a particularly "staticy" House and it is a bit of a pain to have to remove the battery, press the button for 30 seconds, replace the battery and turn it on whenever I want to put the machine running!

I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and if there is a simple solution?

see you soon

These issues cannot be resolved by simple solutions.
Simply the solution was done by your local dealer, but as you can see it was a temporary solution only.

Then, contact the nearest service provider authorized as soon as possible.
The addresses and telephone numbers, you will find under http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > support & downloads > find an ASP.

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  • Upgrade of the disk HARD Equium U400-145


    I have a Toshiba Equium U400-145 and the vehicle currently has Windows 7 on it and a 160 GB hard drive. Is it possible to move on to bigger hard drive (1 TB) and if so I can use another external HARD disk (that is, connected by USB) to take an image of the current using Clonezilla, then make the hardware upgrade and restore the image to the new drive once its equipped? (Or Windows 7 will need to be reinstalled)?

    Theoretically, it should be possible. Clonezilla is unknown to me, but in the past, many people have done a similar thing with other applications like Acronis. In your case, I think you need to use Clonezilla Live.

    U400 is God machine and works perfectly with Windows 7. I don't know if you were able to install it perfectly including all necessary drivers, tools and utilities.
    Return to the modernization of the HARD drive. I did not have this machine and can not say for sure is everything going to be OK, but I think that new HARD drive should be recognized correctly with full capacity of 1 TB.

  • Equium U400-145 - where is the HARD disk protection tool?

    I just bought an Equium U400-145, and in the manual it says there is a Protection of the hard disk utility and properties are accessible from the icon on the toolbar or via the start menu in Toshiba - Utilities.

    There is no icon in the toolbar and without Protection of HARD drive in the start menu. Protection disc HARD drivers are on the C: drive, but when I try to install I get a message HDD Protection is not supported on this model. It's strange because the download from Toshiba site lists the Protection drivers from the HARD drive for this model.

    Any who have HARD drive Protection works on this model or know if it should work?

    I have a U400 to and protection of the HARD drive is not available on all models of laptops U400.
    The user manual has been created for all the U400 laptop models and it of possible that your U400 doesn t support this feature!

  • Equium U400-145, recover data from HARD drive

    Hi all

    My Toshiba Equium U400-145 is eventually died after a number of evidence of years of hard work!

    I bought a disc docking sata hard and recovered a number of data on my new computer.
    The problem is that it is only about half of the data, and especially not the elements of my old office of computers.

    Someone at - it ideas how I'd go about obtaining these files?

    Thank you very much



    You want to find files that have been placed on the desktop?
    What windows system did you use?

    In Windows 7, you can find the Office at:
    + User C:\User\your account\desktop +.

    Here, in this folder, you can find all files that have been placed on the desktop

  • Equium U400-145 memory problems

    Hi, I have the laptop above and I had used it for a long time with 3 GB of memory.

    The system has two locations and in the bottom, I had 1 GB and above, I got 2GB. The system came with 2 x 1 GB and I have kept a module provided and added a new bought Toshiba 2 GB module. The memory is PA3513S-1M2G
    2 GB memory PC2 DDR2 (667 MHz).

    I have just updated to Windows 7. Before I was constantly this that I swapped the two modules autour system crashed when loading, with a screen blue with the Windows startup screen, saying there was a problem with my computer and he was going to shut down to avoid damage. He said I check any recently installed hardware.

    If I have Exchange modules around again, it works great, even on Windows 7, 64-bit.

    I updated the BIOS to ver 4.00 but the same happens.

    I recently bought another 2 GB module to keep the system up to 4 GB, but I have determined that the system will keep crash at startup if:
    -the lower slot has 2 GB with the upper part with 2 GB
    -the top slot has 2 GB and below is empty
    -the bottom has 2 GB and higher has 1 GB

    If the bottom has 2 GB it works, just as superior with 2 GB and 1 GB lower!

    There is clearly something wrong with the ability of the system to deal with memory. [Another poster | http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=154992𥵰] asked on memory max capacity of this system and its investigation was * bad * responded indicating that this system may have only 2 GB. * This is completely false * as I've used it with 3 GB without problem for 1 year.

    If anyone can help I would be extremely grateful.




    Equium U400-145 has been equipped with Mobile Intel® GL960
    Express Chipset. Is this good?

    Here are some features of this chipset:

    As you can see the chipset handles the 533 Mhz max modules, so you can use 667 Mhz, but the modules will run at 533 Mhz ONLY

    Here you can find the chipset specifications:

    Point 1.3:
    There you can clearly find the info that chipset supports 2 GB RAM max and modules are limited to DDR2 533 Mhz!

    Maybe you were able to use the 3 GB of RAM but the chipset has a limitation, and usually the most memory RAM is not supported.

  • Equium U400-145 - part number for the LCD cable

    I have a Toshiba Equium U400-145 (series 88102623W). The display acted during the last two weeks by going all blurry with a sort of static green.

    When I move the front cover and back it corrects sort of himself. I am out of warranty and used to be a satellite for the Navy engineer, so I know how to fix the printed circuits, etc. (in other words), that I felt competent to investigate). I found that there is a cable near the left hinge that if I push it sideways slightly corrects the flaw of the screen. If I let go he returns to the 'fuzz '.

    The problem is that explaining that parts team left me a little frustrated because they could not decide if it was one of these two part numbers: A000020640 or A000022790.

    I'm inclined this is the first judging by their description of the element (thick cable that leads from the motherboard), but I was wondering if someone could possibly shed light on this for me?

    Thank you



    I understand your problem very well, but if they can't help you even that they can identify and check the Toshiba database how we can help you on this forum users?

    Have you contacted Toshiba authorized service provider in your country?

  • Equium U400-145 - can I he move to 4 GB?

    I was hoping someone could sort out some confusion for me, I recently bought a u400-145 and love but I find when using vista more memory the better so I was thinking of upgrading the memory. It comes with 2 GB (2x1GB) and when I checked on this site that I found it reads as follows...

    standard: 2 048 (1 024 + 1 024) MB
    maximum scalability: 2 048 MB
    technology: DDR2 RAM (667 MHz)

    but then I fell on the follow-up on ebay...

    http://CGI.eBay.co.UK/WS/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:it & it em = 220339636122

    and they claim that this laptop supports up to 4 GB.

    can someone advise me on this subject, I can pass this laptop to 4 GB or not.
    Thanks in advance.

    I checked the specification of the system on the Toshiba site and the Equium U400-145 can only be upgraded to 2 GB.

    Up to 4 GB would not work in your notebook. :(

  • What is the duration of the normally hard butter on Equium U400-145

    Hi guys,.

    First of all, I can't find the EQUIUM U400-145 in this Web site, and secondly, I would like to ask how long the butter normally lasts.

    Thank you

    Sorry, but I can find it there. I ask what you're doing wrong. It's so easy. There is a single Equium U400. It is PSU42E and it is true of your model.
    Please check again.

  • Webcam freezes using MS messenger on Equium U400-145

    Hi guys

    Can someone help me please...

    I have problems with my built in chicony camera on my laptop U400-145 Finalis.
    I've only had the laptop for a little more than a month and iv of the big problems with it.

    Whenever I use my webcam in a chat in msn Messenger, if its one-way or two-way camera guard and then freezing me start off internet after a minute or two.

    I'm really frustrated with it.
    I tried to sort out but what he we try fails, the Toshiba Support Center (techguys)
    I uninstalled the webcam and reinstalled. I made a diagnosis of memory which came back fine and also through assistance from the techguys deleted and reinstalled the HARD drive.

    This has not solved the problem.
    I connect to the internet via a wireless router - the problem might be there although I never had this problem with my previous laptop via the router.

    Please can someone help before I have throw the laptop out the window!

    Thank you


    If you are using Vista OS you must make sure that Vista SP1 has been installed.
    Please also make sure that other Vista patches are also installed.

    Also I would recommend deleting and disabling the webcam and the MSM in msconfig-> startup
    This will prevent the MSN software and webcam of automatic loading during startup.
    Again, restart the laptop.

    You could try to repair and clean the operating system using the CCLeaner. The software repairs the registry and other files. It is perhaps useful to s.

    If you want to use the MSM and the webcam then first start the MSM, then the webcam software. If this will not stop the gel then try to first start the webcam, then the MSM

    In my opinion the MSM affects the webcam and the MSM is responsible for this problem.

  • Equium U400 - TosBtMng has stopped working

    T5550 Equium U400-124. 5 years now. Have been synchronize my phone nokkia no problem for years, but the above error message now.

    The machine is unable to restore to earlier restore points, with success and although I removed the old bluetooth software, restarted the computer and installed the latest version of BT-battery-toshiba of Toshiba, the error message persists, and bluetooth does not work.

    Any advice would be welcome.

    Remove the BT software once again, try to clean the registry entries using CCleaner and after restarting the laptop try reinstalling the BT software.

    What operating system do you use?

  • Equium U400-145 - HARD drive not detected during XP installation

    I am trying to install XP on a new HDD on my Equim U400-145.

    However, during the installation of XP it says that the installation program "found no hard drives installed on your computer.

    The HARD drive is seen in BIOS and I checked in another system, and it works fine.

    Anyone can shed some light?

    Before installing Windows XP, you need the Intel Storage Manager. All other drivers and tools, you need only after installation.

    I think that you should only read hundreds of discussions here in the forum and check this Toshiba of the area of the FAQ document:

    Good luck!

  • Equium U400-145: Wireless LAN cannot be disabled


    I can't turn off the LAN wireless with the switch or the Fn + F8 key. Although both are the indicator wireless LAN off (light in the front of the machine) the wireless LAN remains active.

    I tried to reinstall WLAN Driver and installed the last package of added value.

    Here is some detail on what I installed.

    Model name Satellite U400
    Version of the OS Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7600
    Version of the BIOS V4.00
    Processor Intel (r) Pentium (r) Dual CPU T2390 1.86 GHz
    Physical memory 2048 MB RAM
    Network Marvell Yukon 88E8040T PCI - E Fast Ethernet Controller = version = 00:1E:68:61:E4:8F MAC address
    Realtek RTL8187B Wireless 802. 11b / g 54Mbps USB 2.0 Network Adapter = 62.1181.1105.2009 version = 00:16:44:F1:54:92 MAC address

    Thank you.


    This seems odd, that if you can not turn it off with the wlan switch, it may be a malfunction of the equipment. Have you tried to restore factory settings? Please, do it. If she doesn't fix it, there is hardware problem. I have never met such problems.

  • Equium U400-145: no option to select HDMI as HDMI output default


    I have problems to get sound through my HDMI port on the laptop. I've updated everything I can and not joy. When I go into the sound properties it has no option to HDMI the default ad. I have ideas guys as it really starts to happen to me.

    I saw an old post on this subject for the same laptop, but it was closed, but none of the answers worked for me. It s weird as I see the Intel high definition audio driver in Device Manager, but it does not appear in the sound properties. Is there a new driver for it?

    My current driver is

    Any help would be much appreciated guys

    What's your preinstalled with factory settings recovery picture Toshiba Equium?
    Out digital device listed in the sound properties under playback?

  • Equium U400-145 lights without AC lead plugged

    Hi, can someone help me? !!

    I just got a new U400 and it won't turn without plugged AC lead. I left the laptop charger for hours, but it says no battery detected.

    Do you have any ideas or advice? Thank you.


    This certainly isn't normal behavior. Bring it back to your dealer and ask if you can get the swap with the new laptop.
    Sorry, but I think it's only a logical step for you.

    Good luck!

  • Equium U400-145 - need new AC adapter


    Part of AC adapter No. is PA3468E-1AC3
    Model number is pa-1750-09

    I need to replace the power adapter, but I'm am not sure the power required is 75w or 90w?
    The entrance is 240V
    Output is to 19V

    Thank you

    Hmm... And why you n t buy the same AC adapter again? Are you not satisfied with it?

    I mean if you're looking for with this part number on Google you will find online shops where you can buy this adapter.
    In addition, you can buy spare new Toshiba from an authorized service provider.

    Check this box!

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