-Error 209801 high-speed


I'm currentyl mocking a closed loop system and I encounter some performance issues. The detail is in the attachment.

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  1. 4 kHz is fast enough for a VeriStand system.  Not to say that it is impossible, but just wanted you to know.  Usually, we run our 1 or 2 kHz.  If you look at your screenshot which includes the number of loops to HP, you can see that your system is trolling way.  The number of HP is the number of times where your main loop finished late.

  2. Filtering of the DAQ errors will simply ignore errors coming from your data acquisition tasks (the error you see is your task of AO).

  3. The DAQ error indicates essentially that you aren't juggling with the card.  Since you say that the card you plan to go to 4 kHz, it expects a new sample of VeriStand at this rate.  However, your curls VeriStand currently do not run that fast, then when they fall the DAQ card throw this error because there is no data to write.

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  • Tecra S11 - fan high speed

    Hi guys,.

    I need help on a question that really puzzle me.

    After I tried to do a bios update to the last version (February, 2012), in windows 7, I got an error message stating that I didn't have permission to do the update. Since then, the fan starts to run at high speed, as soon as I start the computer, just after the display of the logo.

    Since then I updated the bios by using the procedure in back, but the problem persists. It behaves as a flight entirely large capacity server regards fan noise.

    How can I fix it and fix it?
    Thank you.

    You have a fingerprint reader software preinstalled on this laptop?
    Please check

    The old fingerprint reader software caused a few problems like intermittent hang up or freeze your machine (possible high rotation FAN), as shown here:

    This software update or uninstall the system you don t use it.

  • Message: This device can perform faster if you connect high speed USB


    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite 2009 of Vista.
    I just bought a multimedia design Memup Feel of the disc hard 500 GB.

    My concern is that when I connect to my PC, I have the following message:
    + This device can perform faster. USB devices can be faster if you connect to a USB 2.0 high speed +.
    + To get the list of available ports, click here. +

    Then I have a list of ports in bold, but I don't know what to do with.

    How to solve my problem?

    Thank you


    Are you sure that your laptop is Satellite 2009?
    I put t know this model of laptop.

    But I know that this error message; This message appears if you connect a USB 2.0 device to a slower USB port; That is, USB 1.1
    But I think that your laptop supports USB 2.0 ports either TI problem disc external HARD s or the issue of USB drivers
    Try updating the chipset driver you can also delete all the USB controllers and hubs in Device Manager ports. Restart the unit. After restarting again the OS would recognize all USB ports.
    Then try to reconnect the USB HDD

  • USB port high speed - not available on Tecra M1

    Hi all
    I joined my new external HARD drive to my Tecra M1 and XP says I use * not *; port USB high speed.
    Question: How can I switch to high speed USB port?

    Driver: Intel 82801DB/DBM USB 2.0 Hostcontroller - 24 D of Microsoft Version 6.1.2600.0 issued 1.6.2002

    Thanks for the reply in advance.

    See you soon,.

    First of all, you can't 'upgrade' your internal USB port to a Highspeed USB port. This is NOT possible, but your machine must have at least 2! ports USB 2.0 capable.

    I suggest you do the following: download the latest drivers for your machine on Toshiba Driver download site, install and check if the error message appears, anywhere you´re attaching your USB 2.0 device.

    Usually one or 2 of these ports should be able to USB 2.0.

    If still, you get the same error message then come back and give some comments, then we can discuss more about.

    See you soon

  • Event ID 1 for Intel Bluetooth wireless high speed after Windows Update

    After the automatic update of Windows, I received the following in the event error message where the spectator, telling me that Intel Bluetooth wireless high speed needs to be reinstalled after the upgrade.
    How can I reinstall the Intel Bluetooth wireless high speed on my laptop?


    Source: ApplicationExperienceInfrastructure

    «Bei der application (Intel Bluetooth wireless high speed, von supplier Intel) following problem aufgetreten sind: Um eine einwandfreie Funktion zu able, muss der nach Intel Bluetooth wireless high speed modified von Windows neu installed werden.»

    + System

    DBType 15
    AppNameCount 36
    AppName Intel Bluetooth wireless high speed
    VendorNameCount 6
    VendorName Intel
    SummaryCount 149
    Summary Um eine einwandfreie Funktion zu able, muss der nach Intel Bluetooth wireless high speed modified von Windows installed werden neu.
    SessionID 0


    I put t know what cell phone or what system you are using, but I guess that the laptop uses a combo of Wlan Intel card which supports BT also.
    So I think that you should simply reinstall the Intel Wlan BT driver

    I also found this how to from Intel:

  • IdeaPad Flex 2 - 14 d: constantly running at high speed of the fan: 8.1 Windows


    I have a Flex 2 - 14 d running Windows 8.1 Ideapad and real pilots.

    The fan runs constantly at high speed.

    So I have no complaint about overheating, but instead, I have to complain about is cold knees.

    Y at - it a possibility to adjust the fan speed?

    Best regards


    I have Flex 2-15 and suffered from the same problem. By trial and error, I found that (although not documented) a specific version of the TPFanControl (http://www.staff.uni-marburg.de/~schmitzr/tpfc.html) does not work with my laptop. Opt for the 0.62e version. It is a cool utility, has several conditions of default security in standard BIOS procedures if something is still wrong. Temperature to the fan speed mappings are user adjustible, so you must refine your laptop (default values are designed for Edge E520, so don't not necesserily ideal).

    A HUGE relief!

  • High speed continuous measurement of encoder with sampling frequency of 1 kHz

    I am able at all times the position of a linear encoder using a PCI-6602 counter card, and I need to know how to set up so that the counter rotating at high speed, but the data is inserted into the buffer at a frequency of 1 kHz.  I am able suddenly to a hydraulic cylinder, and I am not concerned about the event recording to high frequency except to the extent where they throw off the number considerably if the equipment does not run fast enough to detect all the impulses of the encoder.

    Now, I think is that the external sample clock signal control (routed internal pulse output counter) time rate whereby the equipment detects the impulses of the encoder and the rate at which it inserts data into the buffer.  With a pulse 100 per inch encoder and a sampling frequency of 1 kHz, the extended final position of the cylinder is turned off by +/-0.15 inches, which is unacceptable.

    I need calculate a speed of this information, so I prefer not to use software timed sampling to control this (it's more difficult programming for other reasons as well - several asynchronous measures).  Any ideas on how to configure the hardware to count faster than the speed at which she inserts counties in the buffer?

    OK, you're clearly on the right track here, so I will focus on some details.

    1. How do you know that the +/-0.15 "differences are * measurement error rather than * error of movement?  Why wouldn't be an accurate measure and a proposal which can vary slightly from the nominal value?

    2. I wonder some all electric noise and defects that may produce false edges.  The fact that the behavior was better by using a sampling rate limited (200 kHz) in the digital inputs may be that some of these flaws were so short that they were never captured.

    I did a ton of work with the Commission to 6602 encoder and I can certainly confirm that count equipment is sensitive to the edges in a few tens of MHz.  (I know its 80 MHz for edge counting, but I think I remember that it can be of the order of 20 to 40 MHz to accommodate the time of signal propagation extra of the quadrature decoding circuit).

    A small point of clarification.  You're talking about the speed at which the meter "works to.  The value of count is a register whose value is changed completely by the circuit, * independent * of the sampling frequency.  If you enjoy with material-clocked County in memory buffer or interrogation of software without buffer not a bit for circuits that increments / decrements the value of the counter register.  (In other words, I am completely convinced that you would get commensurate with position end even if you took only 1 sample software-polled after the end of the move instead of sampling at 1 kHz all the way through.)

    So, if the value of the counter is disabled, it is because the circuit detects producers of County of the edges that shouldn't be there.  Something you can try is to set up digital debounce filter for input lines of the PFI corresponding to the encoder Source inputs and to the.

    -Kevin P.

  • Capture of high speed using flex functions returns null vector


    We have a controller 7350 and UMI-7774 drive a motor step by step through P70530 pilot. We use a single axis, axis 1, which is configured as a stepper motor with your comments and 10000 steps/rev. Our engine performs a profile displacement and during this move, you should read the position of the encoder with about 2000 Hz resolution. I can move the engine using MAX or flex functions, I can also read the encoder using the post MAX, but cannot perform high speed reading.

    Issues related to the:

    1. How can I configure read it for 2000 Hz at high speed?

    Function flex_configure_buffer (boardID, bufferInEnc, axis, NIMC_HS_CAPTURE_READBACK, contMoveBufSize, totalPoints, NIMC_FALSE, requiredInterval, on actualInterval)

    Returns the error-70078 (invalid parameter) when I pass a required interval less than 10ms.

    2. How can I read data from buffer high speed?

    Even when the buffers is configured with the interval of 10 ms, the flex_read_buffer_rtn (boardID, bufferInEnc, rear, out retVector) function returns no data (retVector = null).

    Please find attached an example of solution of vs2008 demonstrating the problem.

    Hello Stephen,

    The problem is now solved, the problem was in the trigger condition.

    It seems that the parameter requiredInterval in the function flex_configure_buffer() function call is ignored, because I get to any interval of 0.5 ms data even if the requiredInterval and the actualInterval are two 10ms.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Device 4 ports high speed USB 3.0 Hub useful Para PC computer

    Hola amigos

    Al enchufar el 4 ports high speed USB 3.0 Hub useful Para PC computer
    a mi PC, e me lights luz roja, pero no me works, porque me da error code 43 Windows.
    Me pide UN driver y no me lo reconoce.
    Intento find a driver there still no lo he achieved
    Alguien me can help, a packaged good
    MUCHAS gracias
    A greeting


    You created this thread in the English version of the Microsoft Community. Please could you click on the globe icon to the world at the bottom left of the screen and then choose your preferred language. Now create your thread again.

    If you can't find a suitable language, please go here:


    for other international support options.

    Thank you.

  • I made a video on the iPhone 5 is and it reads at high speed?

    I made a video on the iPhone 5 is and it reads at high speed?

    have you done a video time?

  • Internet high speed & 1stgen AirportExpress

    Recently I upgraded my internet speed to 150Mbps. using my (model A1264) 1stGen Airport Express, I am only able to get 50Mbps to my office. My iMac is at short range with my router. My internet is slow speed b/c my Express is outdated? A new Express will allow me received the speeds I have upgraded to or is a desperate need? On the 2nd floor, there is an another desktop or home that connects to the internet regularly (teenage son online games).

    The 1 st Gen AirPort Express and 2nd Gen AirPort Express have only 100 Mbit/s Ethernet ports, so in theory, it would be the top speed that the Express could never offer.

    To the extent where wireless is concerned, 50 - 60 Mbps would be what to expect from an AirPort Express which is provided a 100 Mbps connection, since he has never been known for its performance wireless... primarily because of a small simple antennas buried in the product.

    A new AirPort Extreme has 1 000 Mbps Ethernet ports and the much higher speed wireless capability... (six wireless antennas all located towards the top at the top of the "tower")... which would be the product to try if you want to stay with a router from Apple.  At Apple, and you buy a 14 day no questions asked return guarantees, so if the product does not wait, it may be returned for credit or refund.

  • WiFi unstable and slow Internet high speed

    Hello world:

    Recently, I am facing a problem of unstable wifi, slow speed of the internet of my macbook pro. I hope someone could help me with my problem.


    Internet mainly speed just unstable using a wifi connection. (no problem with wifi connection self and my wifi suddenly grave would not be)


    • FaceTime with my friends and the connection would suddenly abandon or images & audio gets fuzzy.
    • Videos in online streaming and suddenly occurs buffering.
    • Download file of software update iPhone via iTunes, the speed is slow, he needed to take 2 h at the end and later on a window display "cannot download and check your internet connection".
    • Suddenly cannot open websites like site apple.com, google.com. Sometimes it will take more time to open Web sites.

    Hardware and software:

    MacBook Pro mid-2009, OS X EL Capitan 10.11.5

    ISP: Cox, 50Mbps

    Modem & router: Netgear N450


    Turn off my wifi and connect my macbook pro with modem & router with cable, internet high speed is stable and fast. Internet speed download speed test result display is of around 60Mbps, download speed is around 8Mbps. And I tried streaming using the connection cable, there was no buffering.

    I already tried the possible Solutions:

    • Restart the Macbook pro and restart Modem & router: will not work. I mean the internet will be very well at first, but later would be unstable again.
    • Reset Wireless Modem & router and change channels: useful, but not completely solve the problem. After you change the wireless channel, I tested my internet speed and the result showing 20-40Mbps (slower than 60mbps) speed download. Sometimes, the result will be like 6-8Mbps and sometimes it will be 60Mbps. If its unstable.
    • Wireless diagnosis: result indicates connection is good.
    • Called my ISP provider: they checked and said all right.

    Other Questions & details:

    • The internet is ok for most of the time. But when all of a sudden I can't open site or I can't download and streaming & FaceTime at normal speed, his frustration.
    • I thought it might be related to my hardware since its an old macbook pro. I can't run Apple hardware test because I don't have the installation disc more and my macbook pro is very old. Is it a third party software that can perform the test hardware on mac?
    • My wifi used to be very stable and I don't have to worry. Just for these last two weeks.

    I really appreciate your time and help! Looking forward to any reply!

    Wi - FI connection drops

    Connection Wi - Fi in OS X Yosemite problems

    Wi - Fi in OS X Yosemite connection problems (2)

    Connection Wi - Fi in OS X Yosemite problems (3)

    WiFi potential temporary fix - Yosemite

    Also try turning off Bluetooth.


    If your Wi - Fi source is capable of generating a 5 GHz Wi - Fi network, try that in order to avoid conflicts with Bluetooth.

  • Super High speed internet Time Warner installed (50mbps) but foxfire operating only at 1.35Mbps, while the internet Explorer works fine

    Internet (50mbps) Time Warner installed high-speed yesterday on my computer, but when the guy left I noticed that the speed was very slow. SIS one test on speedtest.net and found I was getting a maximum of 1.35mbps (sometimes as low as .62mbps). So I had them come back and they tried all kinds of things, only to discover Internet Explorer gets 50mbps, so it's something with Foxfire. What would it be?

    Hello, when you use speedtest.net or a similar site based on flash to measure your connection speed, it could be a problem with the protected mode that adobe has implemented for its flash plugin for firefox. Some older versions of f-secure or report of trusteer are known to cause slowdowns with flash, or it could be something similar on your system that interferes (maybe security software that block/sandbox the container used for protected mode, etc...).

    as a solution, you could try downgrading of 10.3 flash (which is always supported) or Disable protected mode & see if that makes a difference.

  • Support very high-speed Modem

    I'm doing now with my high Modem or a high speed modem (DOCIS 3.0) can Firefox (Version 10.0) handle this?
    I'll run to about 5mbs/s - Upload and Download of 20mbs/s about.
    Thanking you in advance.
    [email protected]

    You may need to wait for a response for more than three minutes, it's not instant messaging or chat.

    Yes, Firefox should work correctly with this type of broadband services.

  • S50 satellite - B 15 P - Fans running at high speed and system crash


    I have a new SATELLITE S50 - B 15, i7-5500U, 8 GB Ram, SSD etc., IV and v have some problems with it.

    for unknown reasons the CPU fan starts to operate at high speed, even if the temperature of the CPU hit is not 35%.
    It also froze about 10 times since I got it (April this year).

    The only way to make it work again would be me to hold the power button down until stop and start it back up.
    Once launched upward there is no mention of potential problems in the newspapers of events other than the forced closure.

    I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced problems?

    Thank you


    The only way to make it work again would be me to hold the power button down until stop and start it back up.

    Forcing order restores the fan activity and performance?
    Hmm it sounds like there must be some sort of system emits probably the bottom of some process locks the CPU and therefore increases the activity of the fan.

    You could start the the Task Manager and in the process tab, you will find all background applications that would appeal to the CPU.
    Click the CPU column to display all the processes of loading the CPU.

    However, you can also try to change the option of cooling method that is available in Windows Advanced Power options.
    Go to control panel → power options.
    Click here on the power plan that is currently in use.
    Then click on advanced power options and access the cooling method.
    Here you can change it from active to passive.

    In addition, you can decrease the status of CPU max at 90-05%

Maybe you are looking for