Error at startup. Need serious help.

I am not able to perform a search on and especially all the search engine, it's evidence of a connection not approved and if I get complete site then it works some time (for example I tried to configure the real clock timings. In addition, even after download ad-blocker, I always face problems ad.


What is the message of the error at startup? Is it in the page itself or a pop-up?

There are several potential causes of generalized certificate errors. It's Firefox is not completely set up to work with your security software (or using Firefox's Reset feature, which means that set up again). But the malware is also a potential culprit.

You have added all the exceptions (using the Add Exception button in the section "I understand the risks" of the error page)?

You can check that your Firefox connection settings have not been changed:

"3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Options > advanced > tab mini network > button "settings".

You can try 'No proxy' it.

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  • I need serious help please... We do translations of textbooks, I searched an excessive type function but have been unable to find, we are working in indesign CS 5. It takes allot of time to delete the text and type in the new language.

    I need serious help please... We do translations of textbooks, I searched an excessive type function but have been unable to find, we are working in indesign CS 5. It takes allot of time to delete the text and type in the new language.

    Argh it's frustrating! I never noticed that the key was not working in InDesign.

    A bit of research and it turns out that the MS Office has this as an option in their software. But I can't find an option in the InDesign preferences to make it work.

    However, somethings do not appear in the shortcuts and preferences and are hidden triggers in InDesign that are accessible via a script.

    I'm not saying that it is possible to activate the button insert by using a script, but it is plausible that he can be activated.

    Maybe ask on the forum script? Scripting InDesign

    I know that this may be a possibility as with InDesign prior to export PDF documents interactive versions, there was previously no way to export PDFs interactive as unique pages if the gaps of.

    But the option to toggle this setting was scriptable.

  • I need serious help!  can not burn DVDs or even export to my computer!

    I tried to burn to a dvd and it always stopped at 2% with a "transcoding" error I have read the help page and it said to export it to an AVI file, then start a new project, import this file and it should work.  I tried to export to my computer several times and always, it stops at 2% and says "unknown error", I have a loan of film that I need on dvd tomorrow night.  what the hell is happening?  can anyone help please a stressed out Guy!  Thank you very much!


    You try to burn a DVD-video (one that you play in a set-top player), or a disc DVD-Data, we could play an AV file on a computer?

    As for the DV - AVI Type II files, they run ~ 13 GB per hour.

    Good luck


  • B575: Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error at startup library? Help, please!

    This happened out of the blue, I just started my computer laptop and out of no where my Windows 7 Ultimate transparency graphics disappeared and I can't connect to the internet! I get this message at startup saying "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error", for controlhandler.cpp and I have no idea what it is! I tried a clean boot and boot safe mode, and it's the same thing! Help, please

    Thank you for your answers, I ended up doing a backup of Windows since before a major update of windows, and he finally solved the problem! Thank you!

  • HP Pavilion HPE h9-1100: Installation of the graphics card... Screen is not displayed. NEED SERIOUS HELP!

    Hi, so I recently got a new "XFX Radeon R9 285" graphic card PCI - E 3.0 and installed in my PC, I went to start it and the screen does not light. The PC boots, the fans run and everything just no display. It works with two other Radeon PCI-E graphics cards, but it does not start. 285 graphics card works in another computer, but will not work on this one. I tried to uninstall the old graphics card drivers and no luck.

    Motherboard: Gigabyte M3970AM-HP (Angelica)

    Model: 2AC8

    Supplier of chipset: AMD

    Chipset model: RD9x0

    CPU: AMD FX-8150

    PSU: 600w

    RAM: 10 GB



    Thank you for the additional information.

    Since you had the card running in another computer, you must have connected the two power connectors 6 pins.

    If it were me, I would XFX Service contact customer (800-880-3225) to see what they have to say about your problem.  It may be a BIOS problem.  They need the specifications of your computer.

    Please click on the Thumbs up button '+' if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

  • can not remove or reset the VM machine - need serious help


    I'm new to this forum.

    but I have a client Ubuntu 32 bit without VMware tools installed.

    It was only a test. but now I can not remove it.

    If I also GUI - an unexpected error was received from the ESX host turning off VM vm-27194.

    I can't reset, suspend or move either.

    If I try the SHH I get follwing results:

    ~ # vim - cmd vmsvc/power.on 42

    Switch on/off VM:

    Has no power on

    ~ # vim - cmd vmsvc/ 42

    Turn off the virtual machine:

    Failure of power off

    ~ # vim - cmd vmsvc/power.shutdown 42


    dynamicType = < unset >

    faultCause = (vmodl. NULL in MethodFault),

    MSG = "could not complete operation because in this machine virtual VMware Tools does not work."


    ~ # vim - cmd vmsvc/power.reset 42

    Reset the virtual machine:

    Reset failed

    ~ # vim - cmd vmsvc/power.suspend 42

    Suspend the virtual machine:

    Suspend failed

    ~ #

    So what to do? Please help me out here

    I have now found a solution to my problem:

    Using the ESXi esxcli command to turn off a virtual machine

    The esxcli command can be used locally or remotely to turn off a virtual machine running on ESXi 5.x or later. For more information, see commands esxcli vm vSphere command-line Interface Reference.

    1. Open a console session where the esxcli is available, either in the shell of ESXi, vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) or where the vSphere command-line Interface (vCLI) is installed.
    2. The list of virtual classes, identified by world ID, UUID, display name and path to the .vmx configuration file by running this command:

      esxcli vm process list

    3. Turning off one of the virtual machines in the list by using this command:

      esxcli vm process kill --type= [soft,hard,force] --world-id= WorldNumber

      There are three ways of powering down. Soft is the most graceful, hard performing an immediate stop, and force should be used only as a last resort.

      Another power off of the syntax of the command is: esxcli vm process kill [ soft, hard, force] t w WorldNumber

    Repeat step 2 and confirm that the virtual machine is no longer running

    This is the green arrow disappear and I can now delete my virtual machine.

  • Need serious help!  Cannot print anything in illustrator cs3

    I recently installed snow leopard and installed a cleansing of all applications including cs3.  Since the new facility, illustrator goes to "not responding" when I select file > print or press cmd - P.  I can print from photoshop very well, it seems to be just illustrator.  I have not tried all the other cs3 apps, because I don't use dreamweaver and bridge, but never print form them anyway.

    For printer drivers, I used those who came on the 10.6 installation disc, because the website of canon says that their drivers were for up to 10.5. Not sure that the disc is not just the same driver that they list, but I can print all applications on the computer except for illustrator that I REALLY need.

    I sent a ticket to adobe, but he said it would take 3 or 4 days to respond and I'm in the middle of a job to print today or tomorrow, not next week!

    If someone has had this problem and can I do?  In the meantime, is there another way I can print a file in illustrator to actual size?  I need to print actual size and Illustrator is the only way that I've never done.

    Thanks for the help.

    Yes, he regenerates a fresh new.

  • I need serious help!

    OK I don't know what that really is the problem, but maybe someone can help you

    I do not get a script error I just get an error output:

    TypeError: Error #1010: a term is undefined and has no properties.
    at Gallery_fla::MainTimeline/frame1()

    My gaze at him, there is nothing wrong with the timeline, but I have my script on the timeline in a layer actions:

    My code:

    left button
    left.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, lmd);
    left.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, lmu);
    left.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, the love of my life);
    var lefttimer = new Timer (12);

    lefttimer.addEventListener (TimerEvent.TIMER, lefttick);

    function lmd(mouseEvent:MouseEvent):void {}
    lefttimer. Start();

    function lmu(mouseEvent:MouseEvent):void {}
    lefttimer. Stop();

    function like my {life(mouseEvent:MouseEvent):void
    lefttimer. Stop();

    function lefttick(timerEvent:TimerEvent):void {}
    If (strip.x >-2578.2) {}
    Strip.x += 3;

    right button
    right.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, MDM);
    right.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, rmu);
    right.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, rml);
    var righttimer = new Timer (12);

    righttimer.addEventListener (TimerEvent.TIMER, righttick);

    function rmd(mouseEvent:MouseEvent):void {}
    righttimer. Start();

    function rmu(mouseEvent:MouseEvent):void {}
    righttimer. Stop();

    function rml(mouseEvent:MouseEvent):void {}
    righttimer. Stop();

    function righttick(timerEvent:TimerEvent):void {}
    If {(strip.x, 117)
    Strip.x-= 3;


    adding a photo
    Strip.a_g_but.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, agbut);

    function agbut(mouseEvent:MouseEvent):void {}
    photo. Text = "alpacas and goats."
    vloader. Visible = false;
    hloader. Visible = true;
    hloader.source = ' files/alpacas_goats.jpg ";

    Strip.an_g_but.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, angbut);

    function angbut(mouseEvent:MouseEvent):void {}
    photo. Text = "Angora goats."
    vloader. Visible = false;
    hloader. Visible = true;
    hloader.source = ' files/angora_goats.jpg ";

    Strip.b_e_but.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, yaya);

    function bebut(mouseEvent:MouseEvent):void {}
    photo. Text = "bird pregnant."
    vloader. Visible = false;
    hloader. Visible = true;
    hloader.source = ' files/bird_enclosure.jpg ";

    Strip.c_but.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, cbut);

    function cbut(mouseEvent:MouseEvent):void {}
    photo. Text = "cockatoo".
    vloader. Visible = true;
    hloader. Visible = false;
    vloader.source = ' files/cockatoo.jpg ";

    Strip.c2_but.addEventListener (MouseEvent.Click, c2but);

    function c2but(mouseEvent:MouseEvent):void {}
    photo. Text = "Closup of Cockatoo".
    vloader. Visible = false;
    hloader. Visible = true;
    hloader.source = ' files/cockatoo2.jpg ";

    Strip.d_but.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, PNTR);

    function dbut(mouseEvent:MouseEvent):void {}
    photo. Text = "deer";
    vloader. Visible = false;
    hloader. Visible = true;
    hloader.source = ' files/deer.jpg ";

    Strip.de_but.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, debut);

    function debut(mouseEvent:MouseEvent):void {}
    photo. Text = "ducks."
    vloader. Visible = false;
    hloader. Visible = true;
    hloader.source = ' files/ducks.jpg ";

    Strip.e_but.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, beginning);

    function ebut(mouseEvent:MouseEvent):void {}
    photo. Text = "input";
    vloader. Visible = true;
    hloader. Visible = false;
    vloader.source = "files/entrance.jpg"

    What's wrong??

    All underlining makes it harder to read your code.  If you go in your publishing settings and select allow debugging in the Flash section, this error message will be likely to have a line number specified after the chassis number.

  • Need serious help... AS2

    Ok. I'm NOT good with that. I'll build a Web site. I'm gona try to explain as best I can.

    .... I had a LOT of problems with this Web site. so I decided to start over. The way it is now (to fix a large number of other problems), I have a menu ON the main stage, in a mc. And call the "sections" of the menu (example: photos), I call marked executives, who are on the MAIN stage as well. Until now, his work.
    Then, when you click the PHOTOS button (which is a more mc), background changes, and thumbnails appear to the right (led from outside the stage inside...) You can then pick the photo you want. When you leave the section, I wanted to have the "ThumbOut" animation play and finish BEFORE the changes of section. Still OK so far.

    NOW... in the photo section, I created two animations: thumbsIN and thumbsOUT, for when you get IN the section and LEAVE the section. (OUT), I marked executives (thumbin, thumbout) and called those with As Ok again.

    I then did an action to call these animations when you click on the PHOTOS of mc and SOMEHOW understood (by copying tutorials and pieces of AS:P) how so he can animate OUT when you leave the section.
    It looks like this:

    on the Photo and atmosphere mc (button):

    on (release) {}
    _parent.gotoAndPlay ("great");


    Button on the COMMENTS (comments)

    on (release) {}
    _parent.thumbMc.gotoAndPlay ("thumbout");
    _parent.thumbMc.onEnterFrame = function() {}
    If (_parent.thumbMc._currentframe == 42) {}
    _parent.thumbMc.stop ();
    _root.gotoAndPlay ("comments");

    "thumbout" is the image for the OUTPUT tag which is located in the thumbMc
    "Foreword" is the image on the MAINSCENE (root?) tag that calls my other article (when the user click on the ABOUT button.

    Works GREAT! when im in the photo section, and click on the topic of button, works like a charm: miniature animation plays, then ends, THEN amends article.

    the problem? THIS: when I am in another article, the (comments) About button does not work!

    now I think I know why, but I don't have any idea on HOW to do it:
    I think I need to say: If the thumbMc is already loaded, continue with the script (that is, wait for the mc at the end before play). If NOT, just go play the frame: "words".

    I hope that iv was not too complicated...

    Please help me!

    Thank you!

    If there are moments where it does not exist and you want to test for its existence and moments where the _root.thumbMc are, you can use:

    {if (_root.thumbMc)}



  • Need serious help

    I was in bootcamp windows when the volume on my macbook pro suddenly had a red x next to the volume icon. I have installed the updates or make any changes to the computer, it suddenly stopped working after waking up the macbook in rest mode.

    I have tried resetting the PRAM, but I hear no chime at all when I start my computer, no matter how long I wait several times and how the re - computer.

    There also seem to be no internal speakers detected when I go in OS x System Preferences. The entry and exit the computer detects devices 0. Macbook speakers in windows and Os x bootcamp seem not to detect a sound driver and I'm not able to pay for a repair where I am now.

    Thank you very much in advance for any help!

    Howdy, skido10!

    I understand that you are unable to use the audio on your Mac using Boot Camp, and if you use OS X. It is important to be able to hear the audio. I'd love to take a peek with you.

    You were right to try a PRAM/NVRAM reset. That the problem persists, I suggest that you try a reset to the system management controller, and then reset the PRAM/NVRAM once more. Here are the steps:

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac.

    How to reset the NVRAM on your Mac.

    If the previous steps do not resolve the problem and you suspect that a hardware problem can be blamed, Diagnostics of Apple could clarify things. Learn how to use the Apple Diagnostics on this page:

    Using Diagnostics from Apple

    Take care!

  • Need serious help: how to remove applications completely on iPad?

    Hi all, I just want to re - install an application since the iOS App Store on my iPad Mini 3. I want to remove it completely so that it not there no trace of it left on my iPad.

    I know I can delete apps taking my finger on an app on the iPad screen, and then delete it, but can I remove an application more thoroughly? I want to delete an application while it is as if it was never installed at all.

    Please, help me!

    Sorry, I accidentally chose 'Mac Mini' as my camera when I posted the thread, but actually I use my iPad Mini 3.

    Thank you!!!

  • Need serious help with FPS on COD4

    Here's my situation.  I have two PC that I built and played COD4 for a year.  The only main I have on average 250 fps in multiplayer mode and the other 130 fps.  I got an internet problem with my modem which is triggered my whole system.  My ESET Smart Security block the connection if my firewall is enabled and was just a difficult fix, but somehow, I got all my internet running so I went to open COD4.  Got into the game and I got a max of 40 fps on pc and it has been on COD5 too.

    I think that it is a network problem, because when I join a server my use of the network in the Task Manager go ever higher. 08% when in a server.  I reinstalled COD4.  I don't think it would be hardware or operating system because they two different PC have been hit by the same problem after problem with my modem.  All of my graphics wise parameters are the same as they were before.

    I really don't think it's a hardware problem, because I can play solo at 300 fps yet and I'm averaging 25 fps in multiplayer mode on two different PCs.  It seems that something is wrong with my network, but my speedtest and browsing results are fine.

    Any suggestions?

    Hi Bowler30088,

    Thank you for using answers Forum.

    If it happens on separate computers, chances are it's a frame with your router.
    The fact that your getting 300 FPS with no. network activity and low number in a multiplayer server is also an indicator that the network appears to be trolling.

    If your able to achieve normal speeds through your browser, this means generally that it is a firewall try to block multiplayer port.

    I recommend that you check the settings of your modem and router to see if a firewall is causing the problem.

    I hope this helps.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Need serious help. New 8831 phones problems.

    Thank you in advance for helping with this.

    I pulled out recently of new 8831 conference phones to replace my old phones 7937 spider, unfortunately phones know terrible incoming audio. Phones are on a branch site, connected via MPLS and registered at 8.6 CUCM to Headquarters. We have a total of 900 7940 phones that have no problems in any of the different location and band bandwidth/congestion is not a problem. The audio input signal poor that happens to every call. Audio output is fine. 8831 phones are having the same issues at several sites of the branch, but seems more predominant in some. The question has been described as 'audio static, choppy, distorted, with a few breaks.

    I tested with G.729 and G.711 without some luck, after using the web interface to enter stats here, this is what they look like:

    Remote address
    Local address
    10:33:26 departure time has
    Flow in Active status
    Host name
    Sender packages 7180
    Sender 143600 bytes
    The sender Codec G.729
    Reports of the sender sent 0
    Sender report time sent to 00:00:00
    RCVR 2215 of lost packets
    Jitter AVG 20
    RCVR Codec G.729
    RCVR sent reports 0
    RCVR report time sent to 00:00:00
    RCVR packages 7178
    RCVR 143560 bytes
    MOS LQK 2.8657
    AVG MOS LQK 2.3054
    Min MOS LQK 2.0000
    Max MOS LQK 3.0295
    MOS LQK Version 0.95
    Cumulative conceal 0.1356 Ratio
    Interval to conceal Ratio 0,0560
    Max conceal 0.2766 Ratio
    Hide the dry 140
    Severely hide dry 120
    Latency 40
    Jitter of Max 160

    Sender, size 20 ms
    The sender of the received reports 0
    Report to sender time received at 00:00:00
    RCVR size 20 ms
    1266 thrown RCVR
    RCVR reports received 0
    RCVR report time to 00:00:00

    As you can see that the MOS is pretty bad, jitter and ignored packets seem to be bad too. Intrasite tests have resulted in better looking for numbers. Initially, I immediately thought "QoS" but all other phones are fine and the problem is with audio INCOMING do not outgoing.

    All comments on this are appreciated.

    Thank you.


    As you can see receiver lost packets number is very high, which will cause audio choppy. Looks like you face below default

    Also can ensure you codec used is g729r8 not g729br8. g729br8 has integrated VAD have so it will drop some packets. Also disable VAD in any voip dial peer by using the command "no vad.

    Kind regards

    Mohit Singh

  • Need serious help blackBerry Curve 8520 Smartphones.


    My phone does not work and it doesn't charge either. Let me explain.

    I checked the time then put the phone on the lock and put it down. About 35-40 minutes later, I went to unlock and the screen was black (as in itself turned off) and well, it's not coming back.

    I tried to load and the red light comes on then the display shows a battery with a cross.

    I waited about an hour during the charge and tried to turn it on and it still worked!


    Leave the appliance to charge 2-3 hours and then, always toujours relie connected to the USB cable, remove the battery from the camera a few seconds and plug it back. If it starts - let - the charges to 100% (check the Options > status for the percentage).

  • Need serious help CSS

    This is my first attempt at a site by pure css table-less. I did a combination of the two, up to this point.
    Here is the site, it shows fine in IE if I force IE to use "Quirks Mode". Take a look at the site in FireFox and you'll see what I mean.

    Here's the CSS I'm using. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    "TC5Racer" wrote in message
    News:[email protected]
    > Hi,.
    > This is my first attempt at a site by pure css table-less. I've been
    > make a combination of the two, up to this point.
    > Here is the site it shows well in Internet Explorer if I
    > force IE to use 'Quirks Mode '. Take a look at the site in FireFox and you
    > will be
    > see what I mean.
    > Here is the CSS I use. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    * Remove * ' display: inline ' on #wrapper (you can also delete "clear: both" as)
    There is nothing to erase it)
    Another problem is that you have the following in your markup:

    but the class 'clear' does not exist. So create or replace the
    markup with the following:

    That should help you get started...

    Articles and tutorials:
    -divaGPS - add "you are here" highlighting to virtually any menu
    -divaFAQ - FAQ pages create that toggle (show/hide) responses
    -divaPOP - windows pop up easy, clean and meets the standards.

Maybe you are looking for

  • How to use thunderbolt with Macbook Air (13 inch, late 2010)

    Hi guys,. I have a Macbook Air (13 inch, late 2010), which means he has only Mini DisplayPort and NO bolt of lightning. And I need to connect it to the hard drive (my book lightning Duo) with crush. Is it possible to do? If so, what type of adapter,

  • Portege R830 - Internal Microphone stopped working

    Hello I have a Portege R830 1 month. Using Windows 7 64 bit. Set up Skype and everything was working 2 weeks ago now only the video work. The microphone has stopped working. I installed the latest Realtek HD Ausio Driver and Webcam driver. The settin

  • HP Deskjet F4580: Scanner

    I'm trying to scan photos on my laptop. It only gives me a preview of the image. It just says: digital images will be sent to: C:\Users\William\Documents\My Scans.How can I change this to give me an overview and get the possibility to accept or not.

  • Constant error message trying to download El Capitan

    Hey all,. I recently had to upgrade my hard drive and do a BONE re - install via the internet retrieval. Since my Macbook Pro is end of 2011 he reinstalled Lion. I tried to upgrade to El Capitan, because I can't use all my apps to work - I need Photo

  • Help to recover Outlook files

    I allowed Outlook Office Express compress an e-mail folder to save space when the pop-up asked me if I wanted to do. Now, I can not find the file. In my view, that it is "somewhere" saved as a .dbx file. I now have to download sw to get it back?  If