error: expected expression

Hello, Hello,

I ave a project that compiles fine on a 1 sytem, but when compiled on a second, I get the following errors:

AutoRestart.c - 4 errors
54, 9 error: expected expression
Both use the ICB 2015 the .prj and the .cws are under subversion as well as code, so everything should be the same.

The line that causes the error is:

OutputLogMsg ("some dumb text.");

Which has the following definition:

#define OutputLogMsg (fmt,...) _OutputLogMsg (__LINE__, ESF, __func__, __VA_ARGS__)
extern void _OutputLogMsg (const char * function, const int line, const char * fmt,...) __attribute__ ((__format__ (__printf__, 3, 0)));

Now, I repeat that this compiles fine on my system, but not on my colleague (I don't have access to the sound system).


HA, apparently they used CVI2013 instead of 2015, and he did not like the variadique macro, so I added a # and it compiles on both now. Ship it!

Tags: NI Software

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    Remove the quotes from $count

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  • Syntax error, insert "Expression AssignmentOperator" to complete the phrase

    Hi experts,
    I am very new to Java. Currently, I'm stuck with the exception of the program. Please help me understand what the problem is. The eclipse triggers the error "syntax error, insert"Expression AssignmentOperator"to complete the phrase" to the "exception; command"as the code below.

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    Published by: user122479 on April 5, 2013 16:23

    Please add

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  • 1084: syntax error: expected rightparen

    Hi people

    I am a real novice here. I've just updated from CS3 to CS6 and had change a *.fla file in Flash CC. I have it saved and exported as a *.swf I now have about 40 of the compiler errors all the same format "1084: syntax error: expected before rightparen and»

    This is typical of the scenario


    Scene 1, layer 'buttons', frame 1, line 1. Column 17

    1 if (> 202 and _ymouse502 _ymouse) { }

    He expects his end of the front supports and IE if(_ymouse>202)

    Another example:

    1 if (_xmouse > 7 and _xmouse, _ymouse < 235 and text1.y < 113 and < 24

    2 text1.y_y += 4 {}

    3 If _xmouse > 33 and _xmouse50 and _ymouse < 235 and text1.y > 30)

    4     text1.y_y=4 {}

    In this group, related to the symbol on a page labeled services-page definitions, it is the error of syntax for line 1, column 17 rightparen waiting before and, as well as for line 3 to column 16, just before the and.

    Surely adding support in this group of conditions before a will "and" ruin the condition 'if '...

    Any help will be appreciated graetfully!  (I can do screen grabs if it helps!)

    There is no keyword 'and '.  Use the double ampersand:

    if(Whatever && whateverelse)

    p.s. it no 'or' either.  use a double pipe (backslash uppercase) |

  • Problems with error "1084: syntax error: expected rightbrace before the end of the program."

    I can't figure out what to do with it because I get the same error:

    ""1084: syntax error: expected rightbrace before the end of the program.".

    Here is my code:

    begin.onRelease = function() {}

    RND = random (8);

    If (rnd > 3) {}

    If (rnd == 7) {}

    RND = 11;

    } rnd = rnd-7;

    } turn = true;


    onEnterFrame = function() {}

    If {(rotation)

    Wheel._rotation += ((rnd*45) - wheel._rotation) / 10;


    Thank you.

    Based on what you show here is a hug from final missing... everything in the end.

    You send messages AS2 code in AS3 forum.  If you continue to have a problem, to repost in the AS1/2 forum.

  • Line 26 1084: Syntax error: expected rightbrace before the end of the program

    Im trying to make an animation, how can I fix line 26 1084: syntax error: expected rightbrace before the end of the program?



    import flash.display.MovieClip;

    import flash.utils.Timer;


    SerializableAttribute public class extends MovieClip AvoiderGame


    public var enemy: enemy;

    public var gameTimer:Timer;

    public void AvoiderGame()


    enemy = new Enemy();

    addChild (enemy);

    gameTimer = new Timer (25);

    gameTimer.addEventListener (TimerEvent.TIMER, moveEnemy);

    gameTimer.start ();


    public void moveEnemy (timerEvent:TimerEvent): void


    enemy.moveDownABit ();




    This last curly brace must be reversed. You have an opening brace where a closing brace should be.

  • 1084: syntax error: expecting identifier before that.

    Hi all

    What's wrong with this script?

    for (var i: int = 1; i < = 10; i ++) {}

    var boldText:TextFormat = new TextFormat();

    boldText.size = 38;

    boldText.bold = true;

    boldText.color = 0xFF0000;

    var cela ["theTextField" + i]: TextField = new TextField(); (Line 6)

    This ["theTextField" + i] .defaultTextFormat = boldText;

    This ["theTextField" + i] .x = this ["txt_Name_" + i] .x;

    This ["theTextField" + i] there = this ["txt_Name_" + i] there;

    This ["theTextField" + i] .width = this ["txt_Name_" + i] .width;

    This ["theTextField" + i] .height = this ["txt_Name_" + i] .height;

    This ["theTextField" + i] .multiline = false;

    This ["theTextField" + i] .wordWrap = false;

    This ["theTextField" + i] .maxChars = 25;

    addChild (this ["theTextField" + i]);

    This ["theTextField" + i] .text = tempArray [0];



    1084: syntax error: expecting identifier before that. (Line 6)

    This ["theTextField" + i] = new TextField();

    Replace this line only...

  • 1084: syntax error: expected rightbrace before the end of the program.

    So I do this thing basic coding to make an object 'pull' bullets. This is a video tutorial. My code its corresponds exactly, unless I'm missing a small detail. Basically, the code looks like this:

    package {}

    import flash.display.Sprite;


    public class ball extends Sprite {}

    private var sw:Number;
    private var sh: number;
    private const _SPEED:int =-10;
    private const _OFFSTAGE:int =-10;

    public function ball (): void {}
    addEventListener (Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE, onadd);

    private void onadd(e:Event):void {}
    SW = stage.stageWidth;
    SH = stage.stageHeight;
    addEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME, loop);

    private void loop(e:Event):void {}
    If (y, _OFFSTAGE) {}
    removeEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME, loop);
    parent.removeChild (this);
    y = _SPEED;
    } public function removeListeners (): void {}
    removeEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME, loop);


    And I get the compile error wrote:
    Location: Bullet.As line 31 1084: syntax error: expected rightbrace before the end of the program. Source :}
    Location: Bullet.As line 31 1084: syntax error: expected rightbrace before the end of the program. Source :}
    And yes it say it twice. What is going on?

    The vid I learn is the following:

    If what you show is what you have, then the mistakes are teliing you have some missing braces.  From what I see, there are probably 2 missing at the end.  For each {there must be a} somewhere.

  • 1084: syntax error: expecting rightbrace before rightparen


    I get the following error message when you use the code below:

    1084: syntax error: expecting rightbrace before rightparen.


    Buttons.Btn_2.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, Btn_2ClickHandler);

    function Btn_2ClickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    navigateToURL (new URLRequest ('http://Main/New_Projects/Album-2.htm'), '_self'));

    I get this error only after the addition of , "_self")

    Help, please.

    You seem to have a right too many parenthesis on line.  The number of rights should equal the lefts.

  • Syntax error: expecting rightparen before.

    Another problem for manuals!

    Word for word in my book is:

    The following four lines of code placed above the goto statement for the function called by the home button as well as the animation does not play when the user clicks the Home button.

    If (animationInstance.parent! = null)


    animationinstance.parent.removeChild (animationInstance);


    Then. I added this step to my code for assignment and when I test, I get the error:

    Scene 1, Layer 'actions', image1, line 29 1084: Syntax error: expecting rightparen before not.

    Here's my complete code for the framework:


    var animationInstance:animationMC = new animationMC();

    graphicsBtn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, goto2);
    function goto2(Event:MouseEvent)
    gotoAndStop (2);
    animationsBtn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, goto3);
    function goto3(Event:MouseEvent)
    gotoAndStop (3);
    formBtn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, goto4);
    function goto4(Event:MouseEvent)
    gotoAndStop (4);
    photoBtn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, goto5);
    function goto5(Event:MouseEvent)
    gotoAndStop (5);
    homeBtn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, goto1);
    function goto1(Event:MouseEvent)
    If (animationInstance.parent! = null)
    animationInstance.parent.removeChild (animationInstance);
    gotoAndStop (1);

    Any help is appreciated!

    ! = should be! no = no space (! is what they call 'no' - should have just used!)

    And I think that I already mentioned for not using 'Event' as you

  • Error 1200471: Expression expected before [)]

    I am creating a calc script that converts capabilities published English to metric and round off the result to the nearest multiple of 5. I entered the following fix and when I use the formula checks, but the calculation does not give me the expected conversion (correct). I will try to replace all the @remainders with @mod to see if this improves the calculation, but when I do I me * error # 1200471 - compilation error formula for [SBU] (line 4): expression expected before [)] *. I hope to receive some guideance on the resolution of this error.

    ESS_LOCALE [email protected]
    Difficulty ("published Capacities",@relative ("Units of measurement", 0) ")
    () "UDF".
    IF (@MOD(("MMLBS"/2.2046)/5) > 3)
    "KMT" =("MMLBS"/2.2046) - @remainder (("MMLBS"/2.2046)/5) + 5; "."
    On the other
    "KMT" =("MMLBS"/2.2046) ([email protected](("MMLBS"/2.2046)/5); "."
    ENDIF ;)

    CALC DIM ("UDF");


    Thank you
    C Lo


    There is an error in the next line.

    945585 wrote:
    IF (@MOD(("MMLBS"/2.2046)/5)>3)

    Please see the link

    I think you wrote a wrong syntax for MOD.

    Hope this helps


    Edited by: 918547 July 24, 2012 11:43

  • Run-time error Outlook express

    In my outlook express, I get a message on a runtime error. How can I solve this problem. It won't even open to read my mail.

    1. Enroll in two important Outlook files. Go to start > run and type regsvr32 OLE32. DLL
      In addition, type regsvr32 inetcomm.dll

      Then try opening OE.

      2. check if the folders.dbx file is corrupted.  With OE closed, find folders.dbx and rename it to folders.old.

      The file is located in C:\Documents and Settings\Settings\Application Data\Identities\\Microsoft\Outlook Express folder. This is a hidden folder, so you must display hidden folders and files to see. Go to any folder and select Tools > Folder Options > view. Check 'show files and folders '. Click OK.

      3. check if the DBX file is corrupted. Perform a repair with
      OE-Mail repair at
    2. Create a new Outlook Express identity.

      5. repair or reinstall Outlook Express.

      I hope this helps!

  • Error Outlook express Oxc0000417

    Receiver Oxc0000417 error when opening Outlook Express.  Several reports sent no response. Thank you

    If OE crashes, then see Try deleting folders.dbx.


  • A blue screen: STOP unknown or codes - error "outlook express out of memory" can be connected

    Original title: outlook express memray on xp

    I get the blue screen of death in recent months; It restart once or twice he (calculation) brings back ok. If I warm it starts, it restarts correctly.

    I get a message from Outlook express is out of memory and cannot stop - in my opinion, this is perhaps my BSOD problem.

    I can open outlook and read/send mail. If I 'x' outlook express, it seems closed and he does not appear as a running service.

    The operating system is XP with service pack 3

    Thanks for the reply 'two' - I chose to reformat the computer, but the last message BSOD was on a very short blue screen page. I always welcomed to be fowared to Microsoft error messages.

    0X0000000A (0 X 00000004, 0X00000002, 0X00000000, 0808185F5)

    I ran chdsk /r and it found a few "surface errors.

    The machine is very dusty inside and I will be (carefully and everything in being grounded) clean the machine before the reformat.

    It will be a couple of translated days I can get back to it, but I followed of will be up/check for other answers.

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