Error message when you try to download norton av

I get an error message trying to download Norton AV. It says contact server admin and if all the downloaded .exe file is says that is not a valid WIN 32 application

Hello Jacob,

I think that an error has occurred with the downloaded files. You should try to download it again and then try to install it and before please go through the link below it can help you.

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  • Receive error message when you try to download the update update for PowerPoint 2003 (KB957784) security

    I still receive an error message when you try to download the update to update security for Microsoft PowerPoint (KB957784).

    I searched night and day for a solution - even contacted microsoft by e-mail.  The specific error is: Code 57F

    It is displayed when I press the "get help with this error message:
    "WindowsUpdate_0000057E" "WindowsUpdate_dt000"

    It was the E-mail feedback:

    Thank you for your email about problems with the download of update of security for Microsoft PowerPoint.

    I understand your concern. Due to the nature of the technical issue, it was not possible for me to respond to your request. There are number of ways you can get technical information to our support team.

    Understood the factor of masking - has considered it.  Still, I send my appreciation in this matter.  I would like to know if you think I should download the SP2 for Vista.


    Service Pack 2 offered by Windows (automatic) update yet?

    Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 service Pack is not available for installation from Windows Update and automatic updates does not offer

    This problem can occur for different reasons. However, the following reasons are the most common:

    • Already, you have the service pack installed and do not realize it.
    • You must install another update before you install the service pack.
    • You have not installed Service Pack 1 (SP1) and so you are not offered the option to install the Service Pack 2 (SP2). SP2 requires that you have installed SP1.
    • Components of the system that you must have to install the service pack are not installed on your computer.
    • You have a piece of hardware or software on your computer that is listed in the section "hardware and software which if present will result in Windows Update and automatic updates offers is not a service pack " article.
    • You have installed a preliminary version of a service pack, and it was not properly uninstalled before that you tried to install the final version of the service pack

    Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 is not available to users for which the following update is hidden:

    955430 description of the Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 installation feature software update released April 28, 2009

    See article KB, Matt. When the system is ready for SP2 [as in you will be informed of the automatic update], suggest then you download the full SP2 package, save, temporarily disable AVG and then install SP2.
    The MS KB article below has sound advice for steps, you have to take before installing a Service Pack

    What you need to know before you install Service Pack 1

    Microsoft offers support without charge to get SP2 installed or for the resolution of problems that arise after he installation

    Start here - free support for Windows Vista service pack problems

    If a problem occurs, you can also solve problems installing yourself-
    How to troubleshoot Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 service pack installation issues

    MowGreen MVP Data Center Management - update of safety Consumer Services

  • Error message when you try to download Windows Defender: "first remove Microsoft Client Protection." Cannot find this file through the Add/Remove, search, including hidden or Win Explorer.

    Original title: trying to download

    WinXP SP3, Security Scan run and d/ld: error message when you try to download Windows Defender: "first remove Microsoft Client Protection." Cannot find this file through the Add/Remove, search, including hidden or Win Explorer. What to do now would be much appreciated.

    Also have a related problem about MS Maliciouws software removal tool. For download, but read in the KB that: in XP, the vacuum cleaner will remove the malware, but doing so may trigger the File Protection Win with damages to my operating system.  the tool will attempt to repair the damage, but to rehabilitate prior to infection, that I need to insert the CD of Win. As my computer came with Windows preinstalled, I do not have a disk and will not take the risk of damage, that I can't fix. Do I not download or not... ? Another solution... ?  I also fear that this tool could settle into the routine Win Update and need guidance on the prevention of this facility, if possible, or what to do if it cannot be prevented.

    It can have nothing to do with any of the foregoing. " I'm relaying only because it occurred during the same mission of update: had msg of error that Win Firewall has not been set as a default, which reset, but found this hidden file when searching for the Protection of the customer: "Win 32/Hackdef' - it was a config with the extension ini file and was deleted by Scan."

    Thanks a lot for any assistance.

    scate 39


    ·         You have Microsoft Security Essentials on your computer?

    If you have windows installed on your computer security essentials, then you will not be able to install Windows defender. Windows Security Essentials has antispyware component installed.

    You get the error because you have installed MS Security Essentials, which has its own function to antimalware. You don't need or want to install Windows Defender, too. Leave MS Security Essentials installed and do not turn it off.

    See also:

    You can turn on or turn on the firewall in Windows XP, please see the link below:

  • I get an error message when you try to download adobe reader acrobat dc [Android]

    Can anyone provide assistance? I get an error message when you try to download adobe reader acrobat dc


    The error is not related to the Adobe Acrobat application. There is a problem with the store to play on your phone. You can try the precautions listed in the error store play 927 - 3 ways to get rid of it in Android | Difficulty of errors.

    If all goes well, that should solve your problem.

    Thank you

    Adobe Acrobat team

  • error message when you try to download an FTP site

    Keep getting this error message when you try to download an FTP site: error creating folder / / images. Click on resume to try again. If the problem persists, try again later.

    Judge again for a few days - same question.  I'm new to MUSE... help?

    Hi Islanddawn,

    When downloading ftp if you put a "/" in the directory root, so if please remove and try again.

    Kind regards


  • Error message when you try to download files - WINDOWS SECURITY, these files cannot be opened. Your internet security settings prevented one or more files being opened.

    Original title: C:\windows\system32\icacls.exe
    For the last few days I tried to download the different elements as well as download Trend Micro security/antivirus protection.  Whenever I do; try to download something or download something, I get the following error:

    WINDOWS SECURITY, these files cannot be opened.  Your internet security settings prevented one or more files being opened.

    I have not found anything within windows security who would do this and when I get this error C:\... it just on my screen flashes, then disappears.

    Any suggestions?  I really need to download Trend Micro.

    Thank you

    See the article below:

    ID of the KB Article: 2588679.
    Error message when you try to open some files in Windows 7: "your Internet security settings prevented one or more files being opened."

    Check the following settings:

    Right-click on the downloaded file. Select Properties.
    Click the Unlock button.

    Check the suggestions the following threads:

    Let us know if that helps.

  • Get the Error Message When you try to download and install Vista Service Pack 1


    Update Windows guard neglect when you try to download and install Vista Service Pack 1 and I get the error message 80092004.  Please notify.

    Thank you


    Welcome to the windows vista forums.

    1. stop the Windows Update service (make sure that you are logged on as administrator)

    Click the Start button | Control Panel | System and Maintenance | Administration tools
    Double-click Services.
    (Provide the administrator password or a confirmation if prompted to do so.)
    Right-click the Windows Update service and click on stop.

    2. Click Start, type %windir%\System32 in the search box and press ENTER.

    Find and rename the folder C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution.

    3. start the Windows Update service

    Start button | Control Panel | System and Maintenance | Administration tools
    Double-click Services.
    (Provide the administrator password or a confirmation if prompted to do so.)
    Right-click the Windows Update service and click Start.

    This procedure will erase your history on the Windows Update Site. Not important.

    Don't forget to restart and then try the update again. If there is no corruption in that
    folder, it would be gone now.


    Please, try now to windows update and check if you get the error.

    You can also download the stand-alone SP1 package. You can download the windows vista SP1 by clicking on the link below, please follow the instructions in method 3 in the KB article:

    I hope this information is useful.

    Please let us know if you need further assistance.

    Rehman - Microsoft Support

  • Error message when you try to download a free trial of Acrobat Pro XI

    Hi, having problems when you try to download a free trial of Acrobat Pro XI on Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.2

    After the download, the download wizard Adobe install via this link

    By clicking on the

    Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 2.19.43 pm.png

    The adobe air application installer opens and I get the below error:

    Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 2.08.02 pm.png

    Any help much appreciated. I tried many browsers

    Kind regards


    Hi Leigh

    Try to download the software here.

    You shouldn't have a problem with this link

    Thank you


  • I get the A12E5 error message when you try to download creative cloud.

    I had a virus but got most of it is resolved. Is in trouble with Acrobat 9 Pro and Illustrator. All the other CS5 works well. Thought it would be a good time to upgrade to creative cloud, but now I hget A12E5 error when you try to download. Can someone help me?

    See the following help document:

    A12E1 error installing creative products Cloud | CC-

  • Firefox has error message when you try to download, why?

    This is the message I get when I try to download anything on Firefox:

    "/Volumes/Firefox/ww+kyT9X.pdf.part could not be saved, because you cannot change the contents of this folder."
    Change the properties of the folder and try again, or try saving in a different location. »

    I hope you can solve the mystery!

    [email protected]

    Have you tried to save the files to a different location?

    Try to repair disk permissions:

  • "Launch4j" error message when you try to download the Arduino Uno start-up program

    I successfully downloaded and used this program in the recent past, using Windows 8, but even if I can download it now, when I try to open it on the desktop, I get the message: error "Launch4j. I'm not a computer specialist and have not been able to get much help from the local computer providers, but I have a feeling that there must be a simple solution.

    Any ideas would be very useful.


    Hi Colin,

    Right-click on the application and select run as administrator, and then check if it works. If this does not help, reinstall the application in compatibility mode.

    Refer to this link: make the programs more compatible with this version of Windows

    Also check out this link:

    Contact the Arduino support and see if they can help you.

  • "Cannot display page" error message when you try to download 2010 professional

    Original title:

    Error message on Internet download from trusted sites?

    I am trying to download 2010 Professional on my computer.  Yes, I have a product key.  Whenever I try to download, I get an error message "cannot display the page.  This often happens to me.  Any suggestions?


    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you with your concern for Windows!

    I see from the description of your post, that you are unable to download Microsoft Office Professional 2010.

    If you get the error message in Internet Explorer , then this might be the cause:

    For performance reasons, where Internet Explorer cannot establish a connection to a proxy server, the proxy server is added to a list of proxy servers bad so that it is not reused for a period of time. This period is 30 minutes by default. If a proxy auto-configuration script returns a PROXY list that specifies several proxy servers, a connection to the proxy in the list will be attempted. If the connection fails, the process is repeated until a connection is established, or the list is exhausted. If the list is exhausted and no connection is established, the user will receive a "Cannot display Page" error message in Internet Explorer.

    We would like to get more information about you to help solve your problem. You better, please answer the following questions.

    1. What is the full error message?

    2 are you able to download other files without any problem?

    3. what web browser do you use to download?

    4. what version of Windows are you using? What service pack is installed on the computer?

    5. based on what site are you trying to download?

    You can check the following link to learn more about the error message "cannot display the Page":

    "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error in Internet Explorer

    Warning: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you do not disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network during the time that your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

    Warning: him reset Internet Explorer settings feature might reset security settings or privacy settings that you have added to the list of Trusted Sites. Reset the Internet Explorer settings can also reset parental control settings. We recommend that you note these sites before using thfeature reset the settings of Internet Explorer e.


    If the question is limited to Microsoft Office Professional 2010 then please post your question here for assistance:

    Hope the information is useful.

    If you need help on this issue or any problem related to Windows, please keep us informed. We will be happy to help you!

  • The internal error message when you try to download the windows OS for Palm.

    Whenever I try to download from a disk or download from the site of Palm, the palm operating system, I get a message saying "Internal error 2738" and he won't let the software load. I'm stuck and can't do anything. Help, please. Thank you.

    Using a search engine, I found this answer in a few seconds...


  • 1606 error message when you try to download H & R Block state tax program home

    H & R Block Home program load without difficulty and runs without incident. When the State (Ohio) download, it's when it encounters the Error 1606. I used two times Mr. Fixit, checked the registry to find errors to hand and have uninstalled and reinstalled the main program, and the State still load. I had no problem with Vista, or H & R Block programs in the past. The amount of time I lost trying to work reduced to void any potential value, there was to buy the program. Popup shows "a runtime exception has occurred in the Script" click on the debugger and the next window says "cannot record Application Data of Creat" click OK and the other the next window say "your State download is completed. Click OK to install"clicking OK it sets in motion to have another popup, 'extraction of 1152:\Error' and the location of the file. As much as I need a repair for this error, I would even more to know why it is being implemented.

    Hello ohiomedicine,

    I suggest that contact you the support H & R Block to see if they are aware of an error with the section of Ohio State.
    Click here for a link to the block H & R support page.

    You may be able to find a solution or ask for help.

    Sincerely, Marilyn
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • 205 error message when you try to download the CC on 10 Windows desktop application

    I get the message 205 trying to download CC to my Windows 10 laptop. I disabled my firewall and tried to download again, but received the same error message. I tried to connect directly to the Ethernet, but that did not help either one. This problem occurs even if I download the desktop application. Do you have an idea of what I can do to remedy this situation? Thank you.

    Check your hosts file.

    help for that and other sure common connection problems read,

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