Error message when you try to update the date of birth for child

My kids already have Apple Id.

I'll put up the family sharing and added them to the family using their Apple ID.

The year of birth is not associated with their profile (guess it was not necessary at the time to create the profiles).

So I try to update the year of birth, following the instructions provided on several Apple Support pages, for example Apple for your child - Apple Support and sharing of the family IDthat says: "If your child already has an Apple ID, you can update their email address, date of birth, Securityand more."  (date of birth = > link: date of birth associated with update to your Apple - Apple Support ID)

BUT regardless of where and how I'm trying to update the birth year, I get the error message, it can not be updated at the moment...

(screenshot Danish text)

How to upgrade to the year of birth? Or when it will be possible to do the update?

Kind regards


I understand that your child has had to date and that you will allow once you have received approval

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