Error reading drive A: and Toshiba companion disk for 115CS

Hi all

I recently bought a second hand 115CS Satellite, and it has windows 95 installed. I soon discovered that my computer cannot read drive a: correctly.

Whenever I try to copy/paste/etc, and on a diskette, the computer begins to read the disc, but before the end of the process I get an error message saying that the drive could not be read.

I tried to solve this problem by downloading and installing the updates of different file from Microsoft and the Internet from Toshiba sites, but nothing helped. The custom Scandisk nor any system utility which would help me. I even tried to use the new disks but I always get bad sectors a reason any.

I understand that the inability of the Satellite to read drive a: is a known issue with windows 95, and it has been discussed before. Is there a way to handle the situation outside of what I've tried so far?

Unfortunately, because I don't have the original disks that come with the laptop, I am unable to do the diagnostic test of Toshiba on my computer to trace problems. I'd highly appreciate if you tell me where a companion of Toshiba Satellite 110CS disk is available for download online.

I really need advice in the case that we care and will be very grateful for your help in regards to the reader of error messages and the accompanying disk.





It is a very old unit, and I can't tell you anything about the features but you must also known that there may be a mechanical problem and this player may also be defective. Who knows!

Please see the Toshiba download page choose us under Download? option, select model laptop, and you can see if something useful is in the list.

Good luck!

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    These titles are not needed for best performance of Vista on the Satellite A100!

    All drivers and Toshiba Vista utilities available are on the European driver Toshiba page. If you're not than that of tiles on the Toshiba driver page, then this application is not available.

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    Best regards

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    Excuse my lack of knowledge.

    I received a Satellite M70-173.

    to turn on before charging readings - fatal error; I have to save all my data and replace the hard drive.

    I don't know if it's fixable and that's what I have to do. I also said that when you replace a HARD disk I need a recovery disk.

    I reside in Cyprus and don't have is not easy access to the shops of style PC big supermarket.

    I was wondering if I could use a generic HDD and if so is there a particular one that I need to acquire?


    where would I go to get a recovery disk?

    I got the laptop I can't afford to buy a new one at the moment and it is still in very good condition apart from the above-mentioned problems!

    I wish that all the advice on what type of HARD drive, I would need or is available - rough cost so I don't get ripped off and if we change the disk HARD is as easy as I read. Also where I should go to get a recovery disc and if that's all I need to fix the laptop.

    Thank you very much in advance for any help I can get.


    > The laptop does turn on - is it possible to make a recovery of a damaged laptop disk

    How do you do if you can't turn on the laptop?

    What you could do is to remove the HARD drive, then place it into the drive enclosure HARD 2.5 external, then connect the HARD drive to another computer, to save the data.

    In my opinion this is what you could do

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    3. I tried lowering the maximum memory of advanced boot, as well as the msiexec commands in the BACK, with no result. I also run Windows (for RAM) memory diagnostic in DOS mode, and did a full scan of all partitions of the HDD in Dos Mode (command/r). No problem not found in both cases. Also tried disabling firewall ESET and Windows, but mistakes always pop up.

    4. what actually WORKS is when I try to run the same files (which gave errors in the file corrupt) in safe mode. It installs (or decompress) without complaint.

    However, I can't keep coming back in safe mode whenever I need to unpack / install something on my HARD drive.  Is it a driver problem or something else in conflict?

    Thank you.


    Since it runs from USB key then is sounds like a hard drive or a hard drive problem-
    Check wiring (do not exclude what I saw wiring cause similar corruption
    Questions). Run the diagnostic test of the constructor which is much more intense than chkdsk.

    Would be a good idea to inquire about possible alternative drivers of Samsung Support and
    other options you may have. Especially if the disc is defective.

    Samsung - Support - click on the link "Computing."

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

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    My hard drive went bad... I had no time to save, but I had made the recovery discs that don't work... I need to know how to reinstall the XP operating system on my computer now? Thank you

    If you have a PC OEM (HP, Dell, Emachines, etc.), then the responsibility of reinstalling Windows is with the manufacturer of your computer.  Contact them and find out if you can get an installation disc.

    "How to replace Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs and replace product manuals.
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    As a general rule, Microsoft (that which I am not affiliated) NOT to replace or support Windows when Windows was preinstalled on a computer.

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    OEM SLP: This key comes pre-installed in Windows, when it comes to the factory. This key is designed to work with the special instructions isn't on the hardware of this manufacturer. Then, when Windows was installed using the OEM SLP (in factory) Windows 7 key leans on the motherboard and he sees special instructions and activates. (that's why you had no need to turn on your computer after you brought it home)

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    Any player shown that raw is likely to have failed.

    If the data is important to you, mi you if you not have data backed up, it can hardly be described as important, that use a recovery company

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    I use a laptop Toshiba L300D-10 b (_ Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit OS) and I tried to update driver ATI (I use * radeon ATI * X 1200 * Series)
    So now I have a problem with the Catalyst Control Center (+ catalyst control center host application has stopped working +).

    Can you tell me what ATI driver do I need and how to download?

    For laptops is always recommended to use drivers supported and tested. These drivers are only offered by the laptop manufacturer.
    Have you installed a driver for ATI page?

  • Need and OS Recovery Disk for Win XP Home ULCPC EM preload

    I bought the HP Mini 110-1047TU. The PC has been preloaded with Windows XP Home ULCPC EM. The PC is very slow and for that I need to reinstall the OS. Accordingly, I need the disc CD/DVD to reinstall OS. Since then, HP in its site says that this ranking of the OS recovery Disk is non-chargeable, please guide me where to go to order the same.

    I bought the HP Mini 110-1047TU. The PC has been preloaded with Windows XP Home ULCPC EM. The PC is very slow and for that I need to reinstall the OS. Accordingly, I need the disc CD/DVD to reinstall OS. Since then, HP in its site says that this ranking of the OS recovery Disk is non-chargeable, please guide me where to go to order the same.

    At HP?  You should not ask them?

  • CD-ROM does not work not wanting too much to read my collection of fief of disk for nothing appears

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