error 'remove and check color cartridge '.

I have a HP all in one 7400 printer / / scanner/copier/fax. All of a sudden I get an error 'remove and check color cartridge. I made several times and cleaned all of the excess ink that I see. The printer/turn off has no effect. Disconnection/reconnection of power also no effect. Any suggestions on other solutions?


I had the same problem with my HP Officejet 7410 so cleaned the contacts of carriage and ink cartridge by directions on this link:

After my first attempt to cleaning these contacts, I reinserted the cartridge and tried to print again, but I got the same error message.  Then I removed the cartridges (color & black) of their slots and after transport, I discovered the lower part of the cart was covered with ink, pointing a flashlight so... using more than a dozen cotton pads, I cleaned the bottom of the cart at best.  In addition, thinking that maybe the ink cartridge no was not manufactured exactly the right size and shape, when I inserted the cartridges in their slots I slightly pressed them to make sure the contacts could touch.

I was happy to see that now the error message is gone and my printer print again... Oh well, at least for now.

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    When sending of works for the all-in-one printer HP PSC 2355 of my laptop Acer Aspire with Windows XP and a USB connecton,

    I get an error message on the screen flip to say remove and check color cartridge. I do this, but nothing has changed and now the switch does not work either as a result I can't do anything, it's just frozen.

    If anyone can help I would be very gratefull, but please remember that I am a complete novice with these things.

    Thank you


    Hello daisy70,

    Because the printer is frozen we will start by doing a reset of the printer. Instructions available via this link and posted directly below as well.

    Reset the printer

    Follow these steps to perform a reset of the product.
  • OfficeJet K80xi, 'remove and check color cartridge '.

    I changed the game - twice - still the color cartridge I reove message and check the color cartridge.  It prints well, but cannot fax and need to shut down and reboot to make certain functions


    Please follow the steps mentioned in the link below.

  • Officejet 7410 - Remove and check color cartridge error message

    THiiS comes well when printing. Removed, checked and put back, and it was no help. Replacement cartridge and the message remained. Cannot print even in B & W with color removed cartridge. Can not scan or fax then this error message is displayed and I can't delete it.

    Use Office Depot cartridges rebuilt for more than a year without any problems before.

    Updated - I sent an e-mail to HP support. They responded and gave me the order to use to print a Tap 10 report. Had to go to FedEx Kinko's to have scanned and put on a memory stick ($0.99). And sent to HP as an attachment. Two hours later, they responded stating that the cartridge was bad. Strange that took place with 2 cartridges Office Depot, but in any case I took the cartridge back to Office Depot and they exchangec (more than $8.00) for genuine HP. Plugged inside and problem solved. Congratulations to Office Depot and HP support.

  • Get a message to remove and check color cartridge. What am I supposed to control?

    HP Photosmart 2575.

    Can't see anything useful in the documentation for the printer.

    Is this just a cartridge duff?


    Hello Richard

    Still having this problem? Looks like it might be the cartridge or dirty contacts. The following article explains how to fix the mistakes of the print cartridge. The print cartridge errors

    If the problem persists after going through the article, I suggest to try a new cartridge to isolate the problem. If the HP ink cartridge is still within its warranty you can contact the support to replace/Exchange it. Cartridges have their own guarantee.

    Control of the HP product warranty

  • Remove and check color HP PSC 1610 printer cartridge error message.

    Original title: remove and check color cartridge

    My printer HP PSC 1610 rpet 'Remove and check color cartridge'. After that, I press 'ok' and the message still appears. What is the problem with the printer? Thank you.

    Hey cobra10,

    Fortunately, there is an article by HP Knowledge Base that talks about this problem. Please follow the solution provided in the article below to solve the problem.

    Remove it and check [color / black / photo] error message appears on the screen of control of product and the product does not print.

    Kind regards

    Shinmila H - Microsoft Support

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Remove and check color on Officejet 7310 cartridge

    I need all possible solutions for a new error message - remove and check color cartridge.  I work on a Mac OS 10.6.8 and aired recently in a lot of printer problems.  My HP Officejet 7310 was low on black ink, so I replaced the cartridge and it aligned properly without any problem. Later, when I tried to print labels, it gave me an error message and flashing exclamation point "remove and check color cartridge.  The color cartridge is not new and has not been replaced recently. It is half full. I did remove the cartridge and saw nothing wrong, so I re-inserted it. Once again, the same message. Then I tried to clean the copper contacts, as I've done it before. Still no change. I did a search for solutions and tried the following supposedly a HP technical support:

    Solution 1:

    Follow the steps below to power cycle your all-in-one:

    1. check that the device is on. Unplug the all-in-one power
    and unplug the USB/Ethernet cable.
    2. wait 30 seconds.
    3. connect the power supply only.
    4. Repeat steps 1-3 two times more.
    5. on the third time after plugging the unit running, reconnect the cable to the
    All-in-one to your computer.
    6. check the feature;

    Solution 2:

    Remove the cartridges from the printer and follow the steps below:

    1. clean the copper contacts of the cartridge with a slightly moistened cloth or a cotton swab
    with water distilled, filtered, or bottled. The tap water may contain contaminants that can
    damage to the ink cartridges.
    2. clean the contacts in the print carriage, inside the printer. Transport print contacts are made of copper and are found in transport, so that they line up with the contacts of the cartridge when the cartridge is installed.

    Solution 3:

    Reset the all-in-one to the default settings by using these instructions:
    1. disconnect the power cable from printer when the printer is on.
    2 press and hold # and 6 while plugging in the power cord.

    Continue holding until it displays the message Reset full Semi the front panel of the all-in-one device.

    NONE of them worked.  I am connected by USB as ever, our WiFi seems to remain stable.  Can offer you solutions to the problem?

    Kudo!  Kudo!  of course, the voltage is too low or the amps available short-term (short-term reserve amps.)  with 2 good carbatteries, I could establish free error initialize, all in this one works very well. Make sure the power supply is adequate, thank you and congratulations to all of you!

  • Error 'Remove and check cartridge _' persistent.

    Hello, my problem is with an old G86 OfficeJet all-in-one. I don't know exactly when I got it, but it was somewhere in the range from 2004-2006. In any case, the problem is that I get many read errors, "remove and check cartridge. _. I left a vacuum there because the error is variable. Sometimes it says color; Sometimes he says black. The first time I got the error, they say color. Initially, my response has been to remove both cartridges and re - install. This had no effect. Then I tried the cyclical food printer. Once again, no effect. I continued to try this: remove the cartridges and resettlement. Finally the message passed to 'color' to the 'black', but it was not very reassuring... After what appeared to be a cycle with no end of trials and errors (and 'colour' and 'black'), I went on the internet and found this page:

    I tried everything listed there: I cleaned the contacts on the cartridge, I cleaned the contacts on the printer, I re-installed the cartridges and power to bike over and over again... And the only thing that changes all the time was whether the error saying 'black' or 'color', as if it was me taunts in the most irritating way imaginable. What else is left for me to try? Finally, I must turn off this printer to pasture? He is old enough.

    Maybe, it is worth noting that I completed my cartridges recently at Costco. Both are far from empty, and I used them to print correctly since they were filled.

    Hello there PhilSchifley

    I read your post on ink cartridge issues you have. You had posted the exact troubleshooting guide that I would have recommended for you as well. At this point, if there is still a problem you are having, I would say the HP call directly to see what are your options with them.

    If you call in North America, the number is 1-800-474-6836 and for all other regions: click here.

    I hope you have a great Tuesday

  • "remove and check ink cartridges" error on HP 2401

    ORIGINAL TITLE: Print printer print

    Recently, I replaced print cartridges on my HP 2401 printer.  Printer has worked for a few weeks, and now an error that says: "remove and check print cartridges.  I did this (interface buvardages print cartridge on paper towel) and put them back in, but get the same error.

    When I replaced the cartridges a couple of weeks, it does not ALIGN cartridges at startup.  Costco using refills... suggestions?

    Hi Ron Flamm,

    What operating system is installed on the computer?

    I suggest you try the steps from the following link:

    Error message: remove and check ink cartridges

    Remove and check cartridge

    I suggest you to contact Hp to know that the problem is with the printer.

  • Suddenly, my 4215 all in one HP printer error message reads "remove and check right cartridge".

    My all-in-one 4215 printer suddenly flashes an error message on the screen saying "remove and check right cartridge"... For what I'm checking, it is unclear. I deleted and reinstalled the cartridge and it seems OK to me... It is not empty, and the last thing that he printed was fine... Help!

    I am betting that the printer or the ink cartridge contacts are dirty. This happens over time. The document below will guide you through cleaning the contacts. Let me know what happens.


  • On the printer error message - remove and check right cartridge

    How to fix the error message: "remove and check right cartridge" you've done many times, and nozzle cleaning cartridge. Also, I turned off printer, but nothing has changed for HP Officejet 7210 all-in-One help needed

    I finally removed the theoffendin cartridge and replaced by a new HP cartridge and, now, my printer works great - no error message and printing is perfect.  The 'bad' cartridge was a remanufactured, which has worked well up to this point, but I will in the future hold with HP.  Hope this will help you.

  • Remove and check print cartridge error sign

    I have a HP Photosmart C4150 all-in-one printer.  The ink cartridges are newish.  When I try to print a web page or a page in MS Word, the message remove and check print cartridges appears.  I removed both cartridges and re - install, but without success.  I have a MacBook Pro.

    How long were these cartridges in the printer? You can try to clean the contacts by following the steps below.

    First step: remove and check cartridge

    The print cartridge cannot have a full electrical contact with the printer. Can help to remove, and then reinstall the cartridge. To remove and inspect the cartridge, follow these steps:

    NOTE: HP does not guarantee the quality of remanufactured or refilled cartridges.

    1. Make sure that the printer is turned on. If it is not lit, press the power button.

    2. Open the printer cover, and then wait the carriage is idle and silent.

    3. Press gently on top of the cartridge to release it.

      Figure 2: Removing the Tricolor cartridge

    4. Slide the cartridge out and review it.

      Warning: Do not touch the electrical contacts or the ink nozzles.

      Figure 3: Electrical contacts and nozzles

      1 - copper electrical contacts

      2 - nozzles

      • Check the electrical contacts for debris.

  • HP2410xi error message remove and check print cartridges.

    All-in-one HP 2410xi.  Has been printing with the current cartridges and I got the message "remove and check ink cartridges" I removed and checked and they are about half full, no leaks.  Put them back in and same message.  Machine unplugged and restarted, same message.  I removed the cartridges, unplugged, turned back.  Screen says load cartridges, same message.

    This remove and check print cartridges can help:



    I bought a new ink cartridge. Put them in the wrong spot but removed and put in the right place.

    Error message showed up after I plugged the printer into.   "REMOVE AND CHECK RIGHT CARTRIDGE".

    I removed the ink cartridge and it still does not.

    I unplugged the machine completely and plugged back that it did not work.


    short of money and I need to print things.

    Help, please!

    Well, I replaced my black cartridge with a new one, problem solved ;-)

  • Printer error: remove and check cartridge on the right

    One morning, beautiful (not so) my HP Photosmart 2610 printer showed this error on the screen. Since I can't print, scan, fax or copy. I removed the cartridge on the right, as shown in the error, but it looked very nice. Electronic contacts on the ink and the printer are visibly clean and Unscratched, the small metal lever is intact. The printer is out of warranty. Can you think of anything I can do to solve the problem? Or is this printer quite well not worth fixing at this point?

    Error on display: remove and check cartridge on the right.

    Reboot, reset, nothing seems to solve the problem.

    Thanks in advance


    Hi Emac8888,

    If you use new HP OEM cartridges and you get error messages when you try to install there is a good chance that the copper on the print media contacts are dirty or has a damaged become because of this error message. I'm not suggesting to try more than a new cartridge if you get the same error message. Do the age of this 2610 printer that you can upgrade to a new printer. Below, I have included a few documents that should help you to isolate the problem on your printer. If you find that the printer is the cause of the error message, I can help you get an upgrade to a new printer. Let me know what you find?

    Date place of guaranteed cartridge

    Clean contacts cartridge problem

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