error then return to the main screen.

Hi experts,

When I navigate to the main screen I get below error. I click on the Cancel button and I see this error on the home page.

< 2015 sep 17 20:34:45 CEST > < WARNING > < Socket > < BEA-000449 > < close the socket, as no data read on,085 during the inactive configured timeout of 5 seconds. >

< Sep 17, 2015 20:36:20 CEST > < error > < javax.enterprise.resource.webcontainer.jsf.application > < BEA-000000 > < Error rendered view [/ FCRHome2]

java.lang.IllegalStateException: component data flow is not found

at oracle.adfinternal.view.faces.streaming.StreamingDataManager.submit(




at org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.render.CoreRenderer.encodeEnd(

Truncated. check the log file full stacktrace



Hi Preta M

Found a bug with Custom UIShell Jdev 12 C

Custom UIShell JDeveloper 12 c

Tags: Java

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    This such a stupid question, but I have forgotten how to return to the main screen after watching downloads.

    Close the window or tab to download (if you are using some addon) or only to change the tab:


  • With the help of A6, must create menu screen which allows the user to click a button creates a branch to other screens and return to the main menu. When returning to the main screen on which button will be gray or inactive.  How can I do this?  I created

    I am trying to imitate a piece of equipment.  I need the user to be able to click on the specific buttons that have the user to another or screens.  After viewing these screens that will be the user to the main screen where the user which buttons were pressed and which still needed to be pressed.  I create buttons image with the 3 States - who has worked except when the user returns to that slide is reset to zero, and if the user does not see the 3rd State of the button.  How can I get this 3rd State of stay after the user returns to the main screen?

    You can not 'keep' a State, that's what I said in my first answer: "you can create an image with that look of '3' State, make it invisible and show it with the same action when a button is triggered. You will need to insert extra that third picture, first hide it out and make it visible to the advanced action, which I explained. I called this additional 'Done_one' image in the example. The three States you're talking about are in a totally different way to Captivate: for down, more and up-state. You can just tell Captivate to keep a low State, it will be down when the button is pressed. Where my explanation of an additional image.

    No need for all the variables. Looks like you have a lot to learn about variables and advanced actions. I don't see another easy way to achieve what you want. It is not so difficult, tons of examples on my blog.

  • Can I access a label inside a MC and then return to the main time line

    Here is my current set up.

    I have a section marked on the main timeline that has the icons of 12 different videos. Each icon acts as a button and brings a user to a section marked with a FLV Playback component work video to play the corresponding video. These marked sections are located on the main of the time.

    This methog is my very long time mainline. Is there a way to do an additional MC which will hold all the buttons of the video and then have this MC separated in marked sections.

    In other words can I access a label inside a MC and then return to the main time line?

    My current code to access the label placed on the main timeline is:

    HowTo_maininfo_mc.theArrangement_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, theArrangement_btn_amimated_btnDown);

    function theArrangement_btn_amimated_btnDown(event:MouseEvent):void {}

    gotoAndPlay ("theArrangement");


    What it would be like if my "theArrangement" label would be located inside a MC?

    Is there a specific code of if I want to have a close button located on the label inside a MC and he needs to get on a label located on the main timeline?

    You should have an image with an flvplayback component and having each button assign the variable value from a source that is used by your component:

    var sourceVar:String;

    function theArrangement_btn_amimated_btnDown(event:MouseEvent):void {}

    sourceVar = "arrangement.flv";  for example

    gotoAndPlay ("flv_pb");



    and as part of the "flv_pb", use:

    yourflv_pb.source = sourceVar;  where yourflv_pb is your component instance name.

  • Return to the main screen


    I have 3 screens... when the user makes a click of a button in the screen has... I send screen b... and when the user to click a button in this screen I send to (C) of the screen

    Now I have to put a button on the screen that the user can return to the screen has... (home) if I use the 'back arrow' key of the device returns to the screen (B) and later has... So what can I do?

    The display "battery" is not strictly a battery. You can extract a screen that is not at the top. So to do what you want, when you tap the screen C, you could pierce the veil B backstage. However, users generally expect the 'return arrow' key (actually, the ESC key) to return to the previous screen. This regime would be in contradiction - when they pressed the screen C to ESCAPE, they want to go back to (which is what you want, but not typical for BB applications).

    If you want ESC to return to the screen B and have a separate on screen C button to return to the screen has, simply write the change listener for the pop key field (or close) the two C and B display C would need to have (or be able to find) a reference to screen B.

    Another approach is to have one screen and have three 'modes': A, B and c. when switching between modes, remove all fields and add the fields to the desired mode. ESC - unless override you the default behavior - would then always exit the application (since there is only one screen).

  • I have a HP9050 printer and continue to receive an error 59.10 on the main screen.

    I replaced the cartridge and the DC controller and the Assembly of the main engine, but it did not help.

    any ideas?

    Thank you!!

    Hi Jankster2,

    Generally, an 59.le xx error message is due to a temporary printing error occurred and requires you to restart the printer. The 59 error is related to a main engine failure. There are a few parts that you will need to look below.

    1. the cables on the DC controller PCA

    2. run the test of the Service and give me the code

    Service test verifies that the print engine is working properly. This test is very useful for

    isolate the printer problems. The test can be performed with this attached paper handling accessories,

    but it will not activate the engine accessories, switches or sensors.

    To perform a service test

    1 . turn off the printer.

    2 . make sure that the printer paper path is clear of all the media, and that the left front and right

    the doors are closed.

    3 . open the tray 2 and tray 3.

    4 . turn on the printer, and when the printer is ready, press to open the menus.

    5 . use or to scroll to the DEVICE you want to CONFIGURE, and then press.

    6 . use or to scroll to the DIAGNOSTICS, then press.

    7 . use or for SERVICE TEST highlight, and then press. The service test can take up to two

    minutes to complete. The TEST EXECUTION SERVICE message on the control panel.

    8 when the test is finished, the message SERVICE TEST PASSED appears on the Control Panel, or

    up to five sets of four-digit numbers are displayed on the control panel. If none of the anomalies have been identified,

    (0000 0000 0000 0000 0000) appears. If abnormalities have been identified, the four-digit codes

    appears in parentheses (0101 0111 0132 0000 0000). Note these codes

    3. it might be Assembly of registration or the main engine causing the blockage.

    If it does not always help I'd consider having a HP authorized service technician come out and diagnose the error.

  • I have a Dell Windows 7 after downloading updates crucial sercurity, I get a message saying "Connection to the internet." The display then returns to the logo screen. What can I do?

    I have a Dell Windows 7 after downloading the critical updates, I get a message saying "Unable to connect to the internet."  What should I do?


    1. Once you get this error message?
    2. are you able to browse the internet using your internet browser?

    Step A.
    Please check if you are facing the same question when working in mode safe mode with networking.
    a. restart your computer.
    b. when the computer starts, you will see your computer hardware are listed. When you see this information tap the F8 on your keyboard key repeatedly until you are presented with the screen Windows 7 Advanced Startup Options.
    c. using the arrow keys, select the desired option of Mode without failure.
    d. press the Enter key on your keyboard to boot mode safe mode of Windows 7 with networking.
    e. when Windows starts, use check and Internet explore if the problem persists.
    For more information, refer to the article below.
    Troubleshooting in safe mode

    Step B.
    If the problem exists not in Mode safe run mode startup minimum troubleshooting to find the root cause of the problem.
    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7
    Note: When the diagnosis is complete, don't forget to reset your computer to normal startup. Follow step 7 in the above article.

    I hope this helps.
  • Reading random movieClips onClick, then return to the start screen

    Hi I am very new to actionScript 3. My project starts with who travel a film clip (startPage), then onClick, moviecip startPage disappears and a random movieclip(sc01-sc03) loads and plays. Once each random movieclip is playing, I want to remove from the scene and reload the home page. I have the random part using a table, but I can't figure out how to remove the movieClip random sc once it is loaded. I tried using removeChild, but Flash is not recognizing that I added and the movieclips sc in the Park. Help!

    My current code below:



    import flash.display.MovieClip;



    SerializableAttribute public class Main extends MovieClip


    var startPage:StartPage;

    var sc01:Sc01;

    var sc02:Sc02;

    var sc03:Sc03;

    private var _scenario:Array;

    public void Main()


    startPage = new StartPage();

    SC01 = new Sc01();

    SC02 = new Sc02();

    Sc03 = new Sc03();

    _scenario = new Array();

    MC.addChild (startPage);

    Add scenes to the table

    _scenario [0] = sc01.

    _scenario [1] = sc02;

    _scenario [2] = sc03;

    Add event listeners

    startPage.boxButton.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, onBoxButtonClick);

    startPage.addFrameScript (startPage.totalFrames - 1, stopPageFunc);

    SC01.addEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME, everyFrame01);

    SC02.addEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME, everyFrame02);

    Sc03.addEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME, everyFrame03);

    stop at the end of the chronology of startPage

    function stopPageFunc()


    startPage.stop ();


    function onBoxButtonClick(event:MouseEvent):void


    MC.removeChild (startPage);

    MC.addChild (_scenario [Math.floor (Math.random () * _scenario.length)]);


    function everyFrame01 (): void


    If (sc01.currentFrame is 50)


    MC.removeChild (sc01);

    MC.addChild (startPage);

    startPage.gotoAndPlay (1);


    on the other

    { ();



    function everyFrame02 (): void


    If (sc02.currentFrame is 50)


    MC.removeChild (sc02);

    MC.addChild (startPage);

    startPage.gotoAndPlay (1);


    on the other

    { ();



    function everyFrame03 (): void


    If (sc03.currentFrame is 50)


    MC.removeChild (sc03);

    MC.addChild (startPage);

    startPage.gotoAndPlay (1);


    on the other

    { ();



    go to the homepage when script




    replace line 44 by:

    MC.removeChild (MovieClip (e.currentTarget));

  • How to get out a window, when you use the main screen?

    When I'm in the MBR to 8 window and I opened a program like IE, how to close to return to the main screen. Some other icons are the same thing. I'm looking for a way to close it and return.

    I know that I can go to the lower left window, but did close these windows? Hope this makes since. I think that if I click on music it does the same thing. I can't end this one. I can find a break and other things.

    Maybe I'm not dragging my slider on the right side?

    Thanks, Bruce

    Bring your cursor to the top of the standby screen until you see the hand and then click and drag it to the bottom of the screen... Who's going to close an application and take back you to the start screen.

    Press windows + C which will open the charms of the right side

    Press windows + key X that will open a menu of useful type administration programs

    I hope that helps


  • Under XP, when I try to install the program screen flash BACK and trying to change back, but then return to the windows form.

    When I run the Setup in the program screen flash backs and trying to change back, but then return to the windows form.

    * original title - back program will not be run. *

    How old is this program and what is his name?  If you give us the name of the program someone read here who have experience with the peculiarities of the program might be able to provide more help.

    Open a command prompt, and then try running Setup from the command prompt.  To start a command prompt, type CMD in the box run from the start menu and press or click OK .  At the command prompt, you can use the CD command to navigate to the CD, or you can run the Setup program by using the full path to the Setup program, for example:


    where x is the CD drive letter.


  • Apple Watch is a day of rest on the main screen

    I noticed this morning that my Apple Watch is one day behind the main screen. The calendar is correct, however. Is there any solution for this?


    If you have not already done so, it can help to upgrade your iPhone and Apple Watch to the latest version of the software, from your iPhone:

    Otherwise, the following steps may help:

  • How do you return to the main Thunderbird Linux window when it opens in a local folder?

    I see no possibility to return to the main window of Thunderbird 31.1.1 under Fedora 20. It always opens in the same local folder (the only tab displayed in the menu bar "File edit view...") as I was reading before "closing session." yesterday. I tried to restart the computer. Help would be appreciated.

    I think that you do not see the account folders pane.

    In, View menu | Layout and check the Folders pane.

    If you do not have a menu, hold the < alt > key and then press l (lowercase L).

    The folders pane shows your accounts and their records and IMHO, is essential to navigate around in Thunderbird.

  • 'Reply' / 'Write' form is hidden behind the main screen of you bird

    Since I updated to the latest version of you bird (v.24.6) last week, I am unable to make the electronic form forward when displaying the main screen of boxes to letters. By clicking on the edge of the screen to answer/write will show it only momentarily, then he is hiding behind the screen of mailboxes. To write a new email, I have to minimize the mailbox main screen.

    I looked for an option that will allow the form of response/writing stay on top, but fails. I made no changes to the options when I updated. I forget a new option somewhere?

    Thanks for any help
    P.S. Win 7 x 64


    You nailed it. Without the Add-ons, it works as it should. Now, I have to determine which of my modules is the culprit. I have day some after I installed the last you bird. I have not that much, so it should be an easy thing to disable all and then putting back one by one.

    Thank you.

  • Problem with the main screen of firefox

    After the update of firefox to firefox 15.0 16.0.2's problem with the main screen. At the top of the main screen displays the bar (caption bar of the main form) that I have win xp and under this title is bar legend like win 7.

    Firefox is running on Windows Xp, if better, I can send the screen, but I don't know where is possible add image to this error report...

    Okay, the problem has been resolved, problem was with the Tab Mix Plus extension. I have an older version of this extension, because at work may not update directly, because I'm going to the Internet via a proxy. Download, update firefox extension directly through the proxy is not possible... I need to download via the other internet browser, in order to not do it often...

  • Return to the main VI with a HOME MENU button example


    I am in the process of realization of a GUI. Under my in-VI, I want to put a HOME button to return to the main menu if user wishes.

    I went on while loops, saying as long as the button is not true, I continue. Then I tested with an event structure but it does nothing no folds.

    Do you have the explanations, information or examples?

    Thanks in advance,


    Thank you for posting on the forum OR.

    Here is an example that could you help accessory.

    You will find attached 3 screws

    United Nations as the home page and so the vi open and a launch

    The other two are under 2 VI containing the 'Home' button pour main to return to the menu.

    All use the structure event.

    Kind regards

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    I just got this Toshiba 1 TB HARD drive and it has worked well so far... it's the thing like that Computer detects something (no dolls just the standard plug and unplug a usb) and that's it. Cable is fine, it is in the rear port USB 2.0 into a witch,

  • Pavilion N5415: Source for manual

    Is there an archive for manuals for old HP laptop computers?  First question: How do I turn it on?

  • I get the message "No. Boot Device Detected" in Vista

    I changed the battery in Dell Dimension e521 my mother.  Then when booting I get the message "No boot device found". I can continue and boot from the CD.  I tried to Dothe StartRepair bt he indicated there is no problems.  How can I fant6mes the star