Error when you try to add a song to Windows Movie Maker: the selected file is not valid or is corrupted.

Sometimes, when I add a song to Windows Movie Maker it does not work.

When I try to add one of my songs, it is said: C:\Documents and Settings\Utilisateur\Mes documents\Ma Musique\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Craig Smart\I Miss You - Craig Smart.mp3 could not be imported. The selected file is not valid or is corrupted.

Help, please


When I try to add one of my songs, it is said: C:\Documents and Settings\Utilisateur\Mes documents\Ma Musique\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Craig Smart\I Miss You - Craig Smart.mp3 could not be imported. The selected file is not valid or is corrupted.

Help, please

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RE: iTunes and WMP - MusicBridge

Found this on the web. I can't vouch for it. Use it at your own risk.

iTunes is not compatible with Windows Media Player. iTunes is - like Apple-very protective of any product and does not like to share. So, you have to force off iTunes and WMP.

To do this, you can use this sloppy program: MusicBridge.
The description of its creator:
MusicBridge allows people who use both iTunes and WMP on the same machine to keep their libraries in sync. MusicBridge offers a variety of synchronization options so that you can manage your collection of music in the media player, or both. MusicBridge duplicates of meta-data between Windows Media Player and iTunes, it does not copy the physical files between applications.

Version 2.0.1 is a bug fixing release.

Best thing: it's free.;psum


courtesy of musiclover101:
convert the songs in your iTunes library to a format that Windows Media Player can understand

You can convert the songs in your iTunes library to a format of Windows Media Player can understand - (I tend to use mp3). This can be done inside of iTunes itself. If the songs in your iTunes library were purchased in the iStore and were purchased in the plus version (indicated by a small sign above the price of a song +), then they are DRM free, so they can be converted easily. However, if the songs were not purchased in the format more, you can convert them for 30 cents each. I highly recommend that you do as the plus version of songs are premium quality - and since they are DRM free, you can use them in almost all applications and you can burn them to CD and play almost anywhere. All the songs on the iTunes store are now version more, so you don't have to worry about searching for them in the future.
To convert songs to Windows Media Player can understand, open iTunes, and then do the following:
1. click Edit, preferences, and go to the general tab
2. click on the button "import settings".
3. change the "import using" at "MP3 encoder".
4. click OK and go back to your music library
5. choose the list view and select the first piece of your library
6. scroll all the way to the last song in your library
7. press the button SHIFT key, then click the last song to select all the songs in your library
8. click on "Advanced" and then "Create MP3 Version."
9. your songs should start to convert and according to how many songs do you have in your library, this could take some time
10. open Windows Media Player and press F3 or click file, add it to the library

11. click on OK - Windows Media Player should start to search for songs on your computer and after that he finished the search, you should find the songs in your library in your Windows Media Player to iTunes library.

NOTE: This method will not work unless you have purchased iTunes songs or if you have converted the songs iTunes more for each 30 c

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    Hi GodzillaSurfer,

    Try these steps and check if it solves the problem:

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    In addition, if the step above does not resolve the problem, you can run a scan of auditor of file system (CFS) on your computer. SFC tool scans system files and replaces incorrect versions of system files by using the correct versions.


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    I hope this helps.

    Gokul - Microsoft Support

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    Thank you
    Sally who is very frustrated by this new system

    Try this

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    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    (Yes, I used an activation number real not xxxx)

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    Please check the following threads who speak the same error code with the installation of the KMS server. There are several suggestions that worked. See the one that helps you get the fixed number.

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    Kind regards

    Shinmila H - Microsoft Support

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