Errors of blackBerry Smartphones My World ' year error occurred while updating your application list.

Whenever I select my world of the web page, I'm prompted for my blackberry id username and password, if I get the right user name and the password that it continues to ask me for my credentials, everywhere else looks that I am enrolled in fine with my code. On my Blackberry, I get the error "year error occurred while updating your application list" when I opened my world. I contacted Rogers for support and they told me that I have to contact Blackberry

Edit: I already tried ALT RST. And I tried different phones as well. Using a different ID for Blackberry works fine.

Rogers took a week to move to the Blackberry on that. It was a bug in version 3 of App world that they felt was set at 4, I am now the 2nd person to report in the last two weeks.

Basically, I've had too many blackberries and too many applications in my App World and the list is time when pulled.

So his way for BB to developers to get fixed.

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    I need your answer

    Hi pasakaw

    Have you intrepted the update process anyway... maybe something went wrong shot, while this software update. Currently, what is the status of your BlackBerry is working correctly?

    If you feel any problem, then you should try a refill of OS using desktop software that will fix it any software glitches.

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    Desktop software version:

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    [URL =] [IMG] [LINE] [URL]

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    When I disconnected my device after the error, I saw that my mobile connection was turned off my blackberry had to re - login again. I have to admit that my area has pretty bad reception, but that can't be the problem right?

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    Solution apparent:

    Close all applications running in Windows

    Uninstall all versions of JRE (Java Runtime Environment)

    Uninstalling Flash Builder 4.7

    Reinstall Flash Builder 4.7

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    Bold 9700.  used world app for some time.  I have uipdates available for several applications.  When I try to UPDATE, I get the message that this app is not available for download from app world for blackberry.  BUT ITS JUST HERE >...  Same thing to try to buy a new application.  I reloaded the software basic app world twice and restarted nothing doesn't.

    Thank you

    Looks like I told you wrong. Here's where I went. You can then click on Log In.

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    -No connection to a docking station
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    -Boot mode is enabled? I guess that means:
    "Close all open programs, shut down windows and then turns off your computer."

    Any idea what is the problem?

    Post edited by: ML

    Hi ML

    Stupid question maybe now but why do you want to update the BIOS on this, I think, fairly new laptop model?
    Have you noticed a few issues or hardware issues?

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    During ANY installation of a program (e.g. Skype), I get the "year error occurred while attempting to create the directory C:\Program\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu. What happened with cd installs, but also downloads on the internet.  I already "took possession" of the computer, which is still delayed freaking, but am still unable to fight through all the questions of security, I guess that.  Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm about to DOWNGRADE to something more user-friendly.  Thank you

    BTW, this is WINDOWS 7 Home Premium

    I had this problem for a long time on Windows 7. Finally, by pure chance I came across this solution that solved the problem. -Take the shortcut of the property

    You will need to run the "fusion" in the context menu of a reg file, published as part of the solution to change some registry settings. On any folder, you'll get a context menu 'Take Ownership' which restores the property correctly. This solves a lot of problems installing.

    Many people have trouble with this and therefore decided to post here.

    Gem of a solution. Thanks to GRIM and Brink on Windows 7 Forum!


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    You try to access the service via a web browser or via Adobe Reader? If you use a browser, please clear the cache and try again or try another browser (see system requirements |)

    (or a list of supported browsers).

    If you use Reader, choose Help > updates to ensure that you are using the latest version of the player. You must have the 11.0.09 reader.

    Kind regards


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    You could always connect to directly and use the service via the web site, if it's a critical need.

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    Can you advise steps I might take now?  On a Mac ios10.10, using the online service export to PDF format, an error message appears, "year error occurred while trying to access services."

    Hi Ringdoc,

    Please see this: "Error has occurred when trying to access this service" when you sign in to

    Let us know how it goes!



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    Hi metal_anthropo,

    Please log and clear the browser cache and then reload If this does not work, please try to connect by using a different web browser (just as a trial).

    Something has changed on your system as you were last able to connect to You use Mac OS or Windows?



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    Hi yakr,

    You try to connect via Adobe Reader? If so, you choose Help > check for updates and make sure that you use the latest version (11.0.09). Earlier versions of the player may cause the error you describe.

    Please let us know how it goes.



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    I had this problem recently came where the administrator password (that I know for a long time and never changed) no longer works. So, after some research, I created a reset password on a USB disk, that I found in my house. I managed to create the disc, but when I tried to put the new password, I got the message error "an error occurred while the wizard attempted to set the password for this user account', which I must say is not very clear. I found a few methods of force - reset the password for the account of the admin, as using a sort of Windows Vista DVD or go to Safe Mode to find the hidden administrator account... but I have no idea what this DVD is or where to find, and in Safe Mode, there is no account user administrator to be seen. I believe that my machine is corrupted, but I don't want to buy a new. I want just to reset a password...

    Any help is appreciated. If I was not specific enough, I can specify in comments.

    Thank you!


    You must make a password reset disk before that there are problems with a password, not afterwards.


    Read this for your problem:

    If you are unable to connect to Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you can use the Windows Vista System Restore feature, or the Windows 7 system restore feature.

    You may be unable to connect to Windows Vista or Windows 7 in the following scenarios:

    • Scenario 1: You recently set a new password for the protected administrator account. However, you don't remember the password.
    • Scenario 2: You type the correct password. However, Windows Vista or Windows 7 does not accept the password because the system is damaged.
    • Scenario 3: You delete a protected administrator account. Now, you cannot connect to another administrator account.
    • Scenario 4: You change an administrator account protected with a standard user account. Now, you cannot connect to another administrator account.

    You can also borrow and use a Microsoft Vista DVD, which contains the files for the different editions of Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate) must be installed. The product key on your computer / Laptop box determines what Edition is installed.

    Other manufacturers recovery DVDs are should not be used for this purpose.


    Microsoft prohibits any help given in these Forums for you help bypass or "crack" passwords lost or forgotten.

    Here's information from Microsoft, explaining that the policy:

    See you soon.

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    Original title: there is an error occurred while reconnecting to \\epson 8af524\memory z card Microsoft windows network .the network path is not found .this connection has not been restored

    error message for a memory card has it printed


    ·        Have you been able to print from memory card sooner?

    ·        How are you connected to the computer from which you are trying to print?

    This occurs when a computer uses the network map to connect to another computer to share files.

    To fix this problem, do one or more of the following methods.


    Method 1: Control equipment

    (a) ensure that the computer with file sharing turned on.

    (b) ensure that a hub network or router is powered.

    (c) ensure that the cables are well connected.

    If this does not resolve the problem, go to method 2: ensure that network resources are properly shared.

    Method 2: Ensure that network resources are properly shared

    Share a folder on a drive, then connect to the shared drive, follow these steps.

    Step 1:

    To make a folder that is located on the accessible hard drive on another computer, follow these steps.

    (a) right click onStart and then click Explorer .

    (b) right click on the folder you want to share, clickshare , and then click share this folder .

    Step 2:

    To connect to the shared folder from another computer, follow the steps below.

    (a) clickStart , then click run .

    (b) in theOpen box, type \\computer\share (where computer is the name of the computer where the resource network and share is the share name of the shared folder on that computer).

    (c) clickOK .

    Hope this information is useful.

    Amrita M

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    Choose any server to synchronize the time with, it says, "an error occurred while Windows timed ( with," can someone please tell me why this is, or particularly how to solve this problem?  I am trying to connect to NetFlix with Windows Media Center, and as you can probably guess, I'll have no chance.  He told me, INVALID TIME SETTINGS.  Your computer's clock is set for an hour and invalid date or is not correctly adjusted for daylight saving time.  Update the settings of the clock, then try again.  Even when I set the time manually it will not work.  I just don't understand.  Help, please!


    How to fix synchronization of time Internet - add your own time server

    Dealing with Windows Vista time sync problems

    Synchronize your clock with time servers Internet from the Vista command prompt

    Time synchronization on Windows XP and Vista with Internet

    I hope this helps.
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