Escape sequence does not


I was searching on google to escape one '&' in the value of a column in the insert statement.

I tried the following.

insert into TABLENAME values ('Hello', ' how------& you ');

insert into TABLENAME values ('Hello', ' {how & you} "");

Two of them did not work.
Please tell me how can I do this insert statement works. because right now it continues to ask the value of 'you' as a result of the use of &. And I want to & to insert as bare text.

Waiting for solutions from you.

Thank you and best regards.

Other than its use SET DEFINE OFF not there at - it no solution?

You don't have another solution.

This is only a problem when running SQL Plus. If you use this insert statement in a stored procedure, it will work correctly. PL/SQL cares '& '.

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    FN with F10 keys shows no reaction.
    Check all the drivers.
    But cursor and escape keys does not.
    Need help please


    As far as I know, FN + F10 or FN + F11 active integrated keyboard and cursor control keys.

    Satellite M70 is a fairly old machine and I do not remember which driver may be responsible for this control. Try to reinstall the Toshiba Accessibility or FN-esse utility. Maybe this will help.

    I had M70 long ago, but I've never used this option.

  • Error: [ORA-02289: sequence does not exist.] -

    Hi guys!

    I have a problem when creating a package body.
    The bellows of the sequence is not known, and it is in the PACKAGE BODY:

    Let me put the script and execution as:

    5 PROCEDURE InserirCampo (pNewID NUMBER, pCod_Requisicao NUMBER, pCod_Ti
    poCampo NUMBER, pCampo VARCHAR2, pDataInicial TIMESTAMP, TIMESTAMP, p pDataFinal
    Cod_Cidade NUMBER,
    6 pLogradouro VARCHAR2, VARCHAR2, VARCHAR2 pComplemento pNumero, GO pBairro
    RCHAR2, PDCP VARCHAR2, pProtocoloRelacionado VARCHAR2);
    PROCEDURE GetCamposByRequisicaoID (the pCod_Requisicao NUMBER, IO_CURSOR OUT 7
    8 PROCEDURE DeletarByRequisicaoID (pCod_Requisicao NUMBER);

    Package created.

    3 PROCEDURE InserirCampo (pNewID NUMBER, pCod_Requisicao NUMBER, pCod_Ti
    poCampo NUMBER, pCampo VARCHAR2, pDataInicial TIMESTAMP, TIMESTAMP, p pDataFinal
    Cod_Cidade NUMBER,
    4 pLogradouro VARCHAR2, VARCHAR2, VARCHAR2 pComplemento pNumero, GO pBairro
    RCHAR2, PDCP VARCHAR2, pProtocoloRelacionado VARCHAR2) AS
    5 BEGIN
    6 INSERT INTO Campo (Cod_Requisicao, Cod_TipoCampo, Campo, DataInicial, D
    ataFinal, cod_cidade, number, complement, Bairro, CEP, Logradouro, ProtocoloRel
    7 VALUES
    8 (pCod_Requisicao, pCod_TipoCampo, pCampo, pDataInicial, pDataFinal, BCP
    d_cidade, pLogradouro, pNumero, pComplemento, pBairro, PDCP, pProtocoloRelaciona
    END 11 InserirCampo;
    PROCEDURE GetCamposByRequisicaoID (the pCod_Requisicao NUMBER, IO_CURSOR OUT 13
    14 EAST
    BEGIN 16
    18 SELECT C, Cam.Cod_TipoCampo, Cam.Cod_Requisicao, Cam.Cod_Campo
    AM. Campo, Cam.DataInicial, Cam.DataFinal, Cid.Cod_Cidade, Cid.NomeCidade, Cid.Co
    d_UF, UF. Description UFDescricao,
    Cam.Logradouro 19, Cam.Numero, Cam.Complemento, Cam.Bairro, Ca
    m.CEP, Cam.ProtocoloRelacionado
    Campo Cam 20
    21 LEFT JOIN Cidade Cid ON Cid.Cod_Cidade = Cam.Cod_Cidade
    A JOIN LEFT 22 UF ON UF. Cod_UF = Cid.Cod_UF
    23 WHERE Cod_Requisicao = pCod_Requisicao;
    25 END GetCamposByRequisicaoID;
    27 PROCEDURE DeletarByRequisicaoID (pCod_Requisicao NUMBER) HAVE
    BEGIN 28
    29 DELETE FROM campo
    30 WHERE cod_requisicao = pcod_requisicao;
    ENDS 31 DeletarByRequisicaoID;

    Warning: Package body created with compilation errors.

    SQL > show err

    10/5 PL/SQL: statement ignored
    10/12 PL/SQL: ORA-02289: sequence does not exist.
    SQL >

    What must I do to solve this problem?
    Thanks for the help!


    If there is no selected line then don't create the sequence by giving this command
    create sequences CAMPO_SEQ begins with 1 increment of 1;

    Arpit sinha

  • Case Structure sequence does not move to the next iteration


    I am trying to create a multifunction data acquisition and control of a laboratory instrument. As shown in the attached VI, I finally 3 different modes: simple, door double door and GC, each with their own functionality. So far, I worked only on the Mode of the door, so that the rest are empty. However, trying to make the system to wait for the interactions of the user, if the key 'only start door mode', it moves in this case without problem, and if there is no hurry, he waits, bike to the tab control like I want it. However, after execution of the VI with the pressed button, it will not return to the 'Wait' case, he freezes in "aquire" and refuses to return to the case "wait." I'm sorry if this is confusing, I think it will be clear when running highlight is used, it freezes just after the correct number of iterations in the loop for. thank you for your help,.


    Normal 0 false false false fr X-NONE X-NONE / * Style Definitions * / table. MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name : « Table Normal » ; mso-tstyle-rowband-taille : 0 ; mso-tstyle-colband-taille : 0 ; mso-style-noshow:yes ; mso-style-priorité : 99 ; mso-style-qformat:yes ; mso-style-parent : » « ;" mso-rembourrage-alt : 0 à 5.4pt 0 à 5.4pt ; mso-para-marge-top : 0 ; mso-para-marge-droit : 0 ; mso-para-marge-bas : 10.0pt ; mso-para-marge-left : 0 ; ligne-hauteur : 115 % ; mso-pagination : widow-orphelin ; police-taille : 11.0pt ; famille de police : « Calibri », « sans-serif » ; mso-ascii-font-family : Calibri ; mso-ascii-theme-font : minor-latin ; mso-hansi-font-family : Calibri ; mso-hansi-theme-font : minor-latin ;}

    Hi Eric,.

    I think the sequence works as you want.  When I run it on my computer on my computer he is turned down for the case of waiting as you want.  I don't have to open the VI called single door and manually, click on the button to stop inside the VI but after doing that it moves to the cae of waiting.  Also, I noticed that you have a constant wired up to the judgment of the outside loop while. This isn't really a good idea because it forces you to use the button abandon.  The button abandon does not stop correctly the VI and could cause other problems.  I suggest you to have a stop button on the front panel somewhere to allow the judgment of the user of VI.

  • When I scroll through the mask of image sequence does not follow the layer of the timeline?

    Another problem. I simply scroll the image sequence and you can see on the screenshot that the mask remains where it was in the beginning. I applied red tinted effect (just to show you), and it does not stick to the station when scroller is at the end of the timeline which is say that the mask is not to follow. But it should, because the mask is the image sequence. Why? Please take a look. Maybe there is something wrong with the Ctrl c and Ctrl v method - it's how I inserted my BW mask in the layer mask?


    Select the two layers of video group and convert it into object new Dynamics

  • Titles/transparency/alpha on DPX sequence does not work

    Running CC 2014 and 2015 when I try to put a title first, PSD or even another DPX sequence at 50% opacity on a DPX sequence it turns the screen black. Anyone run into this before?

    Windows 7 x 64 machine. Can be done all this in AE, fine, but for some reason, that it does not work at first and I had really no dynamic link rather the entire film of AE make...

    I've seen similar to the side before mac strangeness.  Out of curiosity, what resolution do you work in?  Also, what format to preview is the sequence on?  Maybe try to change the format to look at something different.  When this happened to me on the side of mac, my preview format has been in mpeg I-frame.  When I changed to ProRes the problem disappeared.  I was wondering if there is something to do in this area.

  • the sequence does not match my image size


    I start the new project choose standard PAL video as below:

    Video settings

    Image size: 720: 576v (1,0940)

    Frame rate: 25.00 FPS

    Format of the pixels: D1/DV PAL (1.0940)

    Fields: Bottom field first

    Then I did in Photoshop framework of ornament size 720 x 576 and 300 DPI and the import of my project but I discovered the sequence window does not fit my frame. And I have no idea why, when sequence and framework of ornament are the same size.

    It looks like in below:


    Does anyone has an idea what I am doing wrong? In the past, I've already done similar things, and there is no problem at all.


    The pixel formats are different. Your ornament PS is registered with you and square pixels video use 1.0940 paragraph use film to set the IRON to your ornament.

  • Imported sequence does not pick up changes to the Original

    When I use sequences nested with a project, any changes made to the original sequence is automatically reflected where it is embedded/included.

    For example, within a project, I have a sequence called "soccer". I understand not (NEST) this sequence in another sequence called "seq1".

    If I make changes to the "soccer", "seq1" automatically resumes to these changes (even if changes in the duration of "soccer" are NOT automatically picked up by "seq1", which is really annoying, but that's a topic for another day).

    Then, I created a new project and imported the sequences. This new project was "soccer" and "seq1" and everything worked very well.

    However, when I made changes to the "soccer", I was surprised to learn that although these changes was taken over by "seq1" in the original draft, they were NOT taken over by "seq1" in the new draft.

    In other words, it seemed that the import function makes a copy of the sequences from other projects, but this is a read-only snapshot... future changes to the original sequence are not reflected in the project in which they were imported. Which seems strange since it kind of goes against the idea of sequences. At the very least, it seems inconsistent.

    I do something wrong, or is that just how things work? Is it possible to obtain sequences imported to update without re - import?

    Heya Ed:

    When importing, the sequences of a project become sequences of project B (as if they had always been part of the project B initially).  So, project B is never look at a project for changes.

    This seems like a good feature request (feature request/Bug Report Form).  It could be 'Live nesting' or 'Live project Liaison.  I guess that's something that Adobe could be implemented via dynamic links.

    Or, if nothing else, a "sequence with other project sequence replace" type feature to speed up the process.

    Although, for example, it could become difficult.  Expect changes in project B is displayed in the project (in other words, be a reciprocity)?

    It might be more efficient to have the behavior of Final Cut Pro 1.25 7.0.3 was: open several project files at once and copy / paste sequences between projects (as well as bins, Master Clips, Clips of affiliation, subclips, titles, markers, etc.).


  • In Convertto-HTML escape characters does not

    No idea why these escape characters do not work?  The output is on a single line and ignores the ' r for a reason any.

    $File = "D:\Scripts\Server\HostResourceReport.htm".

    $Date = get-Date
    $String += ('$Date' + "' r ')
    $String += "' r '.
    $String += 'use of CPU (%). "r"
    $String += «»
    $CPUArray = $avgArray | Tri-objet @{Expression = {$_ [1]};} Descent = $true}
    $range = 0. 9 paper
    For ($i = 0; $i - lt $range.) County; $i++) {
    $String += $CPUArray [$i] [0] + "" + $CPUArray [$i] [1] + "%"r ".

    ConvertTo-Html-body $String > $File

    Try to replace your ' r entered with

    IE: $String += ('$Date' +")

    Adam Gladden

  • automatic creation of navigation sequences does not

    I'm having the same problem with the TCS that PaulB1234 described in the General Discussion forum, except that I'm generating HTML output and I did only one book of FM in the project. When I click on "auto-create browse sequences of TOC", the list of sequences of exploration remains empty. Assistance of HR says to click "Yes" to the dialog box "to browse sequences", but no dialog box is displayed.

    PaulB1234 wrote:
    "I use RoboHelp 7 and FrameMaker 8 in the Technical Communication Suite. I added three FrameMaker 8 files based on my RH 7 project and I converted table of contents for each book. I then added three TOC TOC placeholder by default for the FrameMaker TOCs so that all three tables of contents would be generated in WebHelp output. Everything works well.

    "But when I choose" tools > sequence editor to browse ", click on the 'create automatically using TOC' button and choose the default table of contents to the"automatic creation of sequences to browse Using TOC"dialog box, some sequences don't appear in the list of browse sequences.". I tried selecting other TOCs also who were converted from the FrameMaker TOC and that no longer works.

    "What I am doing wrong? Or is there another step before that? Or is this a bug in HR? »

    Thank you! After doing a Force update, I was able to generate automatically the sequence to browse the table of contents.

    I'm not familiar with the sequences of travel as such. We are trying to replace a WWP default feature that allows the user to scroll through all the sections in order. The order to browse automatically created by HR provides similar functionality, but you can pass only through topics in a single chapter. There is a dropdown of the chapters so that you can select a different, but they are in alphabetical order, not sequential order. Therefore, it is difficult to go through aid 'page by page' somehow.

    Is it possible to put in place-to-end navigation? During this time I'll take a look at the available commands.

  • VI LabVIEW Report Generation Toolkit elements in a TestStand sequence does not work with a LabVIEW 8.5 run-time engine

    Hi all

    I'm using LabVIEW 8.5.1 and TestStand 4.1. I did a sequence TestStand with a VI in this document, which uses items Report Generation Toolkit. On my machine I use LabVIEW and TestStand development system license. On another machine I use TestStand with basic deployment license and I chose the LabVIEW 8.5 run-time engine in the Configuration of the adapter. Everything works well except this VI with elements of Report Generation Toolkit. The error message shows that the VI is not executable. It works well only after I installed with a trial license and selected LabVIEW LabVIEW 8.5 development system in the Configuration of the adapter.

    I found other posts and a document in the knowledge base with a similar problem: but I am not no EXE files in my sequence, so I do not know how to fix mine. Someone has an idea?

  • Mutli-camera Source sequence does not: 1st successful insertion, thereafter inserts come as the batteries

    I use the function multi-Cam for several years and have never experience this problem until the most recent version.

    I have create a multi-cam sequence by selecting all my sources, and then select 'create multicamera Source sequence... '. »

    Then, I usually open in the timeline panel and remove all titles of garbage, recheck sync etc...

    Now, here's where things have been found funky. Multi-cam works if I select my in and out and make then a new sequence clip, but as soon as I select a new in and out and try to insert it as a sequence of multi-Cam, the content is not in the sequence of nested multi-Cam, but as the batteries of the gross support.

    I've found a workaround, but it's not ideal, and nesting requires the full work multi-cam sequence and then opening that in the source monitor and inserting in my sequence, which seems very nearby and creates other additional problems with markers and general speed and ease of use.

    I'm on an iMac running 2015.3 with OS X 10.10.5.

    Just tried it on my Mac Pro running 2015.4 and did not have this problem.

    Will be updated of 2015.4 little time and after an update.

    So nobody knows what is happening here and how do it so I can just insert media based on the 1 Source multi-Cam sequence that first generates?

    Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 1.07.56 PM.png

    Toggle this button:


  • Nextval sequence does not update schema target

    Hi all

    Use the Golden Gate

    Oracle GoldenGate Command Interpreter for Oracle
    Version OGGCORE_11.
    Windows (optimized), Oracle 10g on Oct  5 2011 00:50:35
    Copyright (C) 1995, 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

    DDL options to replicate scott schema changes to the schema configured scott1

    DDL statements work correctly. such as create, edit, rename.

    Same DML statement with sequence also works very well.

    But the sequence next value is not updated in the schema scott scott1. (No errors in the log files)

    I ran sequence.sql on the two schemas from database (for Golden Gate scheme).

    Please help me to solve the above problem

    Thanks and greetings


    Hi all

    I don't know the good grant permission set for ggs_owner.

    I solved by granting the DBA authorization to ggs_owner.

    Thank you & best regards


  • image sequence does not work

    Hi everyone I have problems with the picture feature in CS6. When I look in the viewer of content it works perfectly, but when I export to a SWF file, it does nothing. is it possible to have this function in the SWF file? If the answer is no, how can I insert a sequence of 360 images in my swf? Thank you, Elia

    DPS is used for the construction of applications/folios for Android, iOS, and Windows 8 devices (phones and tablets). As said by amiellemiel , sequences of images are only for DPS. Feature DPS can be exported to other file formats.

    Try the forum Flash Adobe animate CC - homepage for the help/info on what would be the equivalent in SWF.

  • Why my sequence does not disappear after the export of the project?

    After a late night of editing, I made and exported the project (mp4). This morning the customer requested a change, but when I open the project, media source is here. There is no sequence, and I could not find the file. Suggestions?

    (First project in Premiere Pro after several years of use of Premiere Elements).

    the sequence should be there, but I have nothing.

    Well, the only two possibilities are that you just have not yet found, or someone really delete.

    If you remember the name of the sequence, you can search for it at the top of the project Panel.

Maybe you are looking for