Escape sequence in the encrypted data


I'm trying to read data from a file and write it in another file after encrypting. I use 16-bit AESEncryption thing Key.Every is fine. I am able to encrypt the data correctly. But when the decryption is done BadPaddingException.I lil bit of research and find that it throws a Badpadding Exception, because there are a few escape sequences in the encrypted data, such as \n, \r, \t, \f etc..

One thing is if I encrypt and decrypt the data immediately without saving it to file it works fine. {But when I encrypt the data and file writing and later, when I decrypt the data, then I'm the exception (as I am reading line by line) if suppose my encrypted data is like this b}@\n<> and when I write file o, b} @ will be written on one line and

As a quick ground, I tried this if the encryypted data is less than the length of the block which is 16. then I read another line and merge these data of bytes in 2 lines, by adding a 0xA in the meantime and passing this to decipher. Its not working properly. But what of the escape of another sequence like \r,\t and all. Can someone suggest me please how to deal with this.

Thanks in advance

I solved this problem by myself. We cannot replace \n, \r with a different value for byte. Because all the values of bytes will come up some or another. For my needs, I should identify each row of data. So here I can't identify each line \n and \r are present in the encrypted data. And I can not put any value to indicate the end of the line. So after working wrapper, I got a medium and it is. I will read the data to the first file, encrypt the byte data and convert each byte in the byte array resulting from float and will write that float one by one in the new file. And when playing I've read a floating point number and converts it into bytes and added to DataBuffer.Here I can identify easily, end of the line by putting my own val (when writing to the file) is not in the range of bytes val (i.e.-128 to 127), so if the defined end of line happens I get the byte of the buffer array and and this byte array data and This process continues until the end of the file is reached. I don't know whether there is a correct approach. But at least it solved my problem. I give this info here because if another is facing the same situation, so at least they will have some info from my exp.

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    I use the escape sequences PCL for printing the color of my text files.  I am able to print the plan text with color first.

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    < esc > * v1S foreground color (index = 1)
    Hello world

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    Kind regards


    A colored or shaded background (rather), you need to generate and set the background before writing the text.

    The background can be a raster-graphics image, or a filling of the rectangular areaor object HPGL/2, etc.

    Transparency of the Sourcesettings, transparency model and logical Operation (ROP) will affect how Source (what you are trying to add), Destination (which is already on the page) and Texture (combination of model and the current color ) are merged.

  • Encrypting data by connecting to tdms files


    The project I'm working on that saves its data in tdms files.

    But it is necessary to protect the intellectual property of the data, so that the client wants the encrypted data.

    Does anyone have a suggestion regarding best practices for encrypting the files in data/PDM?


    Ben Engelen

    TDMS is not a built-in encryption feature. There are several options as to how you can manage encryption.

    1. You could write a TDMS files unencrypted to the disk and encrypt it using a 3rd party software (e.g. PGP).
    2. You can use a file encrypted hard disk, partition or container you write directly the TDMS file (TrueCrypt is a good choice for this).
    3. If you consider the temporary presence of a dangerous unencrypted file, you can also encrypt all the relevant parts of the file (names of properties and vales, raw data) within your application LabVIEW and then write to PDM. Of course, you then have a player application that implements the decryption.

    Hope that helps,


  • the Encrypt contents to secure data check box is not available, how to fix?

    When you encrypt a folder, if you open the properties of the folder, and then clickAdvanced, check the Encrypt contents to secure data box is not available (it appears grayed out).

    Hi Panvis,

    If you want to encrypt a file or folder by using EFS (ENCRYPTING File System), but the Advanced button is not displayed on the Properties dialog box or the encrypt the contents of the box secure data is grayed out, it could be for one of the following reasons

    You don't have an edition of Windows that supports the EFS. You can use EFS to encrypt files on Windows vista edition full, professional and Enterprise editions.

    The drive that you want to encrypt files on is not formatted using the NTFS file system. EFS only works on computers that use the NTFS file system. If the file you want to encrypt is on a drive that uses the FAT or FAT32 file system, you must convert the drive to NTFS to display the Advanced button.

    For more information, see:convert a hard disk or partition to NTFS.

    This option is not available in Windows Vista Starter, family basic and Windows editions Home Premium, for more information see the link below:

    I hope this helps. Let us know the results.

    Thank you and best regards,


    Srinivas R

    Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    Can anyone help identify the root cause?
    Version of the application, the version of windows etc. are all the same on both machines.
    This issue is beyond the scope of this site (for consumers) and to be sure, you get the best (and fastest) reply, we have to ask either on Technet (for IT Pro) or MSDN (for developers)

    If you give us a link to the new thread we can point to some resources it
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    I use Transparent data encryption in Oracle Database 11g Release 2.

    After having specified an Oracle Wallet location in the sqlnet.ora file as shown below:


    (SOURCE =



    (DIRECTORY = D:\Oracle\enc\admin\tde\wallet)



    Created the master encryption key using the statement


    Modified system.

    When I reset the master Encryption Key by using the statement get an error as shown below:


    ERROR on line 1:

    ORA-28353: cannot open portfolio

    Please help me how to reset the master encryption key.

    Kind regards


    Hi currently,

    you need to reset the master encryption key by using the exact same statement:


    The passworsd you provide is only the password of the portfolio, the MK is not derived from this, but

    using a secure random number generator, the Wallet password can be changed separately

    using owm or orapki.



  • Develop the encryption Transparent data with Oracle 10 g XE

    Currently I develop an application that will require encrypted in some tables columns, I will recommended to the customer buying an Oracle database for the application and that you have installed Oracle 10 g XE to begin development, I found that I can't create tables with columns TDE tho I can't create a portfolio. I searched the forums and found that a portfolio manager is not available with Oracle XE.

    My plan was to develop the application and then provide scripts for creating the DBA of the customer so that they can create data tables in their Oracle database... Can I develop the application without transparent data encryption and then say s/n, which must be implemented in the version of the application? The application needs to know the password of portfolio/TDE to encrypt/decrypt the columns!

    Any ideas how I could go on the development of the customer Oracle XE database without access to CDW?

    The T in TDE is transparent, so that your application should need not even be aware that all columns or storage are encrypted. Transparent data encryption are generally implemented in systems that were never designed to encrypt data, so in theory it should be 'perfectly safe' to develop not encrypted and have the client encrypt the columns during installation.

    Of course, when marketing people start talking about things that are 'perfectly safe', it is always a sign of coming danger. Although I have never heard of a case where encrypt a column caused a problem for an application, I would be very doubtful to the development in an environment different from that of production. This includes the exact version of the database (I guess that the customer has installed the last patchsets, so they run, for example) as well as editing. If you decide to rely on the fact that everything should go smoothly when you promote to a different version of a different edition of the database with a different schema definition, even if it would normally, you virtually guarantee that you will end up with a problem that will be difficult to solve.

    In your case, I would use XE to the development. It would be much safer to develop against the personal edition. It's not free, but it's the database licensed Enterprise edition to run on developer machines. It is not free, but it is much less than an enterprise edition license.


  • The MTS files read the audio data in the preview window but don't shoot in sequence?

    Hey all - I use a Macbook pro - first Pro (fully updated) CC and when I drag a clip in a sequence and audio does not work

    appear on the timeline.  The audio is here and plays in the preview window. So this is a different problem than the other without audio

    problems of MTS files.

    If I 'make a new sequence of the clip' audio appears and I can even copy and paste in a sequence. But this workaround

    is madness. What is the problem?      Does anyone else have this problem?

    Adobe Premiere Pro help. Source patch and the targeting of the track

  • Want the old data of Firefox, old PC died, new recovery keys will remove old data on server.

    I created Sync on my hard drive now unusable, with all my goodies of Firefox on it. I am now on another hard drive but when I try to set up the synchronization and recover my old data, he said that I need a recovery key. I can't get a so it generates one, but a new will apparently remove the old data that I want to do unnecessary synchronization. How to access my old data without a key?

    I was and am now running Firefox 28.0 on two hard drives.

    Hello, it is not possible to recover your old data sync without the recovery key, because the data is stored encrypted on mozilla sync servers and it's the only key to decrypt. If you have already generated a new recovery key and then also data on the servers was overwritten - so I'm afraid that this data is lost for good...

  • Restore deletes the encryption key?


    I have asked a few people that already, but have not really gotten a yes / no answer. I know using "erase all content and settings ' clears the encryption key of your phone (6 +, existing iPhone running iOS 8.1) but to restore through iTunes does as well? I did a DFU restore both a regular restore.

    The phone is broken so I am unable to do anything on the device. I assure you none of my information bank or private photos can be recovered as I return to my operator to get a replacement with their insurance program. Are they renovate and resell it, I want to make sure that nothing can be recovered.

    Thank you

    If you have restored your phone as a 'new' device, with the help of iTunes, ALL your data has been erased.

  • backup iPad only 5.6 GB, when the total data size is 24 GB?


    I have to back my iPad mini for the service, due to a button. Just in case, I supported it upwards - in iCloud and locally on my Macbook. The total amount of data used is 24 GB, but the backup on my Macbook and the two iCloud amounts only to 5 GB. Why is this? Something remains out of the backup, it won't be there if I have to restore it / get a new device?

    I hope you can help - thank you

    Yes, which can also be downloaded once a backup has been restored is left side (for example, iCloud photo library and music, video and applications purchased from the iTunes/App store.

    Please make sure you encrypt data when you save to iTunes on the computer, otherwise it won't save your health data.

  • will choose the manually back option in iTunes backup everything that is on my iPhone to my computer? Including the app data

    Not a problem just a question. I intend to sell my apple iPhone, it's not compatible with my new wireless network. I can't afford to buy an iPhone outright at the moment, but I plan in the future. I want to backup everything on my iPhone to my Mac so that I can restore the data to a new iPhone later. The current iPhone 5 is already set to save important things to iCloud, if I choose the option with a manual backup encryption will be that record everything, including all the data from the app? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I want to just make sure I have everything before you send the iPhone.

    Hello CallRinny,

    I understand that you have a question about your iTunes backups and that you should use. Back on which covers.

    In general, an iTunes backup will cover pretty much everything on your iPhone. The best thing to watch over it, it's what doesn't iTunes back upwards and which covers the encrypted backup. Take a look at the information below to clarify this. I would also do that applications will be recorded in your iTunes library, so when you restore your backup, apps will sync back to the wire in one sitting instead to download on the App Store.

    On safeguards in iCloud and iTunes

    backup iTunes

    On your Mac or PC, you can make a backup of your device in iTunes. Synchronize your device with your computer is not the same as performing a backup.

    An iTunes backup includes almost all settings and data from your device. An iTunes backup does not include:

    • Content of the iTunes and App Store or directly downloaded from iBooks PDF files (you can save this content using transfer purchases in iTunes.)
    • Synchronized content from iTunes, as imported MP3s or CDs, videos, books and photos
    • Photos already stored in the cloud, like My Photo Stream and iCloud photo library
    • Tap Settings ID
    • Settings and information Apple pay
    • Data activity, health, and keychain (to save this content, you will need to use iTunes backup encrypted ).

    Learn How to perform backups in iTunes, how to find them on your Mac or PC, and how to delete backups you no longer need.

    Let me know if this clears it for you.

    Take care

  • RN102 - please remove inactive volumes in order to use the drive - data loss

    ReadyNas 102, 1 x 1 TB of disk (in 2nd driving position), belonging to 10 days, using 6.2.5

    I copied perhaps 25 data DVD disk (1 volume, through about 4 servings). I have lost the network connection to the NAS server, could not get the sin to meet switch & finally upluged the power from the back, after a reboot that worked was & when reconnecting, I note ALL my data drive disappeared. No matter what I do with the power, I shouldn't be able to have this catastrophic failure.

    If I go to Volumes, it shows the volume, with a red dot in the upper left, with the data and free are two 0.

    also a ball - please remove inactive volumes in order to use the drive. Disk #2.

    If I go to actions it says: no volume or USB drives. It is recommended to create a volume before you set up other...

    If I had 2 drives (copies of each other) would I still lost all of these data. It seems that the reliability of disc is not my main concern, but the speaker.

    I've never had a pc lose all his data by car, make it look training crashed as the s/w me invites to use it. It looks like the o/s meta data, manage the contents of the disk are broken down.

    Is this code issues I may be courses?

    You have the USB key with the encryption key connected to the NAS Server? The key must be plugged to the volume mounted power.

    Looks like you will need to contact support.

  • TS2012 - SequentialModel customization to include the version of sequence and the path in the report header

    I was able to add a PreUUT reminder to a single sequence to allow me to understand the SequenceFile.Version and the SequenceFile.Path to the header of my report.

    The station ID: TESTENG6-DMA
    Serial number: NONE
    Date: Friday, October 17, 2014
    Time: 09:35:09
    Operator: pbrooks
    Run time: 14.0482135 seconds
    Number of results: 25
    The result of the object to measure: Past
    Reference number: 423 00079
    Name of the manufacturer: *******
    Reference of the manufacturer location: *******
    Test mode: Production
    Version of the sequence:
    Path of the sequence: C:\Sonus\UX\UX Common.seq

    The recall, I get the sequence using RunState.SequenceFile.AsPropertyObjectFile file reference.

    I don't want to add this reminder to each test sequence, so I want to change the sequence of SequentialModel PreUUT to add the SequenceFile.Version and the SequenceFile.Path to the report header instead.

    Should what technique I use to get a reference to the file of the sequence on the process model PreUUT running?


    You can use RunState.ProcessModelClient to access the file from the client's sequence in the process template.

    I hope that helps!

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