Estimated date of the photo was taken in Lightroom

I have a lot of older family photos I try to organize in Lightroom metadata that apply to them.  I want to be able to filter and sort the photos by date.  I was watching the "Edit Capture time dialog box "and I was wondering if there is a more flexible way for wonder information to these images on when you think they have taken.  Because they have been scanned from film and taken years or decades, we can estimate the time until a point of accuracy only.  In some cases, we know that a number of years, a specific year or a month in the year.

'Change the Capture time... '. "seems to require the time to express themselves in any precision (i.e. year/month/day date and hour\minute\second at the moment).  However, what I really want to be able to do, is provide a date or range of dates for a large number of these photos as we usually do not know the exact day they took.  I'm not really crazy about solutions as still failing the day a value such as '1' when the day is unknown (for example, if I know that the photo was taken in June 1966, I enter on June 1, 1966) because then I lost the ability to distinguish between the pictures actually taken the first day of each month and pictures taken during a given month.  The problem becomes even worse if you try to select a month by default (say in January), if the specific month photo was taken is unknown.

Obviously, I could go on and with these kinds of examples, but hopefully you get the idea.  Anyone have ideas for or experience with how to handle this kind of need in Lightroom?  Did you somehow work with the installation of "Edit Capture time... ' or is there another way to handle this?  Or - is it just a limitation that everyone tries to make such meetings is stuck with?

Thank you

David Madrian

Recording time is a specific entity and may not be accurate.

I suggest using the time capture and filling 1s or 0s for parts that you do not knowthe solution 1 June you're talking about, this gives you the ability to sort the photos.  Then put the effective date of the accuracy known in the caption or keywords, or even as the first part of the file name, you can also sort or use file search to filter.  You can also put photos in folders that contain the date with the precision that you think you know: YYYY, YYYY, YYYY-MM-DD MM.  Depending on your setting of subset of metadata in the right panel, you can also see a few other fields IPTC, you might want to put info in, but things to those who might be buried too deep.  Adding a keyword like circayear, circamonth, circadateyou can probably do something better, but keep one word, as well as others, such as the current month and year could tell you the accuracy in a way that is filterable if you need to review the pictures that have a certain degree of imprecision.

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    You should only change the year.

    I looked into using the Exif driver and there is a plugin to allow the change of batch. However the plug-in costs $79.95.

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    The following free software might be worth a try.

    FastStone Image Viewer

    "The basic steps to add dates to image files using Fast Stone Image Viewer"

    (You will need to experiment with the position, the size of font, color, and different Variables to achieve

    the desired result).

    Tools / Batch convert / Batch Convert tab...

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    Advanced Options button / tab text / check... Use the text...

    Open the window drop... "Insert a Variable" choose... EXIF DateTime / Date and time... Ok...

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    Choose an output Format...

    Choose an output folder...

    John Inzer

    Digital Media MVP


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    I'm a volunteer

    Solutions that work for

    me I work for you

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    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I understand you have questions, import photos from IPhone to the Windows computer. We will certainly help you with the same.

    In fact, by default, the pictures and videos are saved in the pictures folder in a subfolder named with the date (for example, 2013-09-10). But, if you want to make changes to the template files will be saved.

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    Hi marke,

    Depends on what place of destination has been selected at the time of import into Lightroom.

    It might be possible that the destination was changed this time.

    If you are able to see these images in Lightroom, right click / Control click the file or image and choose view in the Explorer/Finder and who will show you the image on your hard drive.

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    Hi bee,.

    Please visit the following link: Opening Import plug-in for Lightroom FAQ

    It should be useful.

    Kind regards


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    Yes, individual licenses, ranging up to allow two simultaneous, activations facilities.

    subscriptions allow mounting on an unlimited number of computers.  connection is limited to a maximum of two computers at a time.

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    In my old workflow, I spent the time of photo montage liquidated as TIF files, and stripped of any program that I used to edit the EXIF from them. Thus, for example, a photo that was taken on March 4, 2001 has the information EXIF showing it was taken on March 10, 2001, the date on which I edited and made the TIF. All other EXIF data is stripped as well, the data on exposure, lens information, ISO, if the flash is triggered, etc.. Basically, the TIF file seems to have no other than my name and the size of the file EXIF data.

    I can't live without the other info, really, but the change of information on the initial date/time means that the TIF file is not sort next to the original file in Lightroom, which I want to do. There are not thousands of photos that I have hair, a few hundred maximum.

    Is it possible with a plugin or an external program to copy EXIF information in the original program and insert it in the TIF file?

    To change the date to use the Edit capture time option located under library > metadata menu.

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    Using iCloud photo library on all your devices?  Then editing you do in your iCloud library library of photos on a device should update on all your devices, Yes, as long as you use pictures to change the dates "Image > Date & Time setting.

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    and find it very annoying that the apparently immutable fate are default by date added.

    Only the album 'Pictures' is sorted by date added. The goal is to help you find your most recent matter quickly.

    View Photos of the library (Moments, Collections, years) is sorted by the date of capture.

    Any other album is sorted by the date of capture.

    You can create your own album 'All the Photos' as a smart album and ascending or descending sorting, for example like this:

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    I want to get rid of the time stamp that can be found on some of my photos that are in the windows photo gallery, so when I print photos I can frame without seeing the date on them. Help me please I need to understand this.

    I would like to delete a stamp date of my pictures in Windows Photo Gallery.  Please show me how to do this.
    Thank you.

    The easy way would be to use the Live Photo Gallery
    Crop tool to remove the part of the picture.

    Directions for use: cropping photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery

    More info...

    To remove some date from the face of the digital stamps
    photos... you need image editing software that
    has a Clone tool.

    It is a painful process that requires you to
    copy parts of the picture are similar to
    the area where the timbre is and paste the new
    Article on it to hide.

    The following freeware has a clone brush:


    Paint.NET clone stamp

    More information:

    Several Techniques to remove a Date from a Photo
    (tutorial page 7)

    The following software are not free but can be useful to
    a try... it has a trial version.

    Photo stamp Remover

    John Inzer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

  • How to get the data of the photo outside processRenderedPhotos?

    LR SDK is still new for me. I'm fixing some issues of a project open source. It plans to export files to Wikimedia Commons from LR. There are two places where it is necessary to fill in a text based formular by actual values of the selected photos: (a) export, (b) to the dialog box export, it is possible to get a glimpse of the form, it takes as the first photo of the selection. (b) can be called before (a).

    (a) works very well. An iteration is performed, the context is available by setting calling 'exportContext' of function 'processRenderedPhotos '. "exportContext" is used to get the 'exportSession '.

    (b) is caused by a push button to "viewFactory: push_button" in "sectionsForTopOfDialog". It is nor a "'exportContext ' or a 'exportSession' available. "

    So far I have no idea, to get data from a photo outside of ""processRenderedPhotos ", like"sectionsForTopOfDialog". "

    Thank you for your interest to this thread!

    Any help is appreciated.

    Another description of this problem recently, I've done here: here.

    If you run these lines with a debugger, you see the following error message:

    This error message is from LR to tell you that you must call the method from one task other than the main task of the plugin:

    Because a large part of the SDK must be called from one task other than the main task, my plugins used to do all their work within a work started by LrTasks.

    In general, when a plugin generates an error, LR will be silently to complete this task and does not display the error (which is what has happened to you).  To get the errors displayed, you must wrap the text of each task in the following:

    My debugging Toolbox has syntactic sugar that makes it easier, for example

    You should also encapsulate callback functions that are passed to UI elements created by LrView.

  • Adobe/Apple you have a solution like how to import the Photos App library in Lightroom?

    I had the idea of moving off iPhotos unfotunate to the new application Photos. Later, I decided to migrate to LR6. But there is no way that I was able to migrate my library by keeping the organization I did in iPhotos/Photos and albums... Arrival in any solution for this?

    I don't have a Mac, and can just Google to find answers to your question, but the last item in the following article seems reasonably simple and involved with the importation of iPhotos plugin I think is built in LR, but change the location from where to import from.  I have no idea if it keeps albums intact or if he'll just give you a big file of all your photos, perhaps grouped by year or some other big division.

    How do you import the new OS X Photos app in Adobe Lightroom? -Exchange of battery photography

  • Using the trial version of creative cloud. You try to start with Lightroom. I imported the photos that come in Lightroom and are visible for a second and then go black and I am unable to do something more. Is this due to the mode of assessment? Not much o

    It seems that even this part has poor instruction for beginners. I imported the images that are visible for a moment and then go black.

    Hi Tim,

    This problem occurs when the auto tone has been applied to your images.

    For existing photos, select all your images in the grid view, and then click the Reset All button in the quick develop Panel. Then, click the auto tone button to correctly apply this feature.

    To avoid this problem in the future, choose Lightroom > preferences > Presets (Mac OS) or edit > Preferences > Presets (Windows). Select again to apply auto tone adjustments.

    Related link: the pictures are black in Lightroom CC 2015.2/6.2

    Let us know if that helps.

    Kind regards

    ~ Mohit

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