Ethernet connection not found

I have an iMac (retina 5K, 27 inches, end of 2014).

After the start, today, I had no Internet connection. Network preferences showed not connected Ethernet port (it was). I also have the same cable to my MacBook and it worked perfectly.

Network Diagnostics didn't help: it simply says that the computer does not seem to be connected to Ethernet, etc., and ND couldn't do anything.

I have reset the SMC and the PRAM, nothing.

I removed the network Ethernet interface in the network preferences... and he couldn't add. The option is not simply there:

According to this post is not enough spot - we , I deleted



(/ Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist)

and restarted. Nothing.

I tried ifconfig in a Terminal and got this:


lo0: flags = 8049 < LOOPBACK, RUNNING, UP, MULTICAST > mtu 16384

options = 3 < RXCSUM, TXCSUM >

inet6: 1 prefixlen 128

INET netmask 0xff000000

inet6 fe80::1% lo0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x1

ND6 options = 1 < PERFORMNUD >

gif0: flags = 8010 < POINTOPOINT, MULTICAST > mtu 1280

stf0: flags = 0 <>mtu 1280


ether b8:09:8 has: ba:a4: ff

inet6 fe80::ba09:8aff:feba:a4ff % en1 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x4

INET netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast

ND6 options = 1 < PERFORMNUD >

Media: AutoSelect

status: Active


options = 60 < TSO4, TSO6 >

ether 0: 00:00:75: ff: 50

Media: AutoSelect < full duplex >

status: inactive


options = 60 < TSO4, TSO6 >

ether 0: 00:00:75: ff: 51

Media: AutoSelect < full duplex >

status: inactive

fw0: flags = 8863 < UP, BROADCAST, SMART, RUNNING, SIMPLEX, MULTICAST > mtu 4078

LLADDR 00:0 a: 27:02:00:61:b8:1 d

ND6 options = 1 < PERFORMNUD >

Media: AutoSelect < full duplex >

status: inactive

P2P0: flags = 8843 < SQUARE, RELEASE, running, SIMPLEX, MULTICAST > mtu 2304

ether 0: 09:8's: ba:a4: ff

Media: AutoSelect

status: inactive


ether da: cc:a3:a3:90:8 d

inet6 fe80::d8cc:a3ff:fea3:908 %d awdl0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x9

ND6 options = 1 < PERFORMNUD >

Media: AutoSelect

status: Active

bridge0: flags = 8863 < UP, BROADCAST, SMART, RUNNING, SIMPLEX, MULTICAST > mtu 1500

options = 63 < TXCSUM, TSO4, RXCSUM, TSO6 >

ether ba: 09: 8A: ab:b5:00


0:0:0:0:0:0 priority 0 0 fwddelay hellotime ID 0

maxage 0 holdcnt 0 proto stp maxaddr 100 timeout 1200

port root id 0:0:0:0:0:0 priority 0 ifcost 0 0

IPFilter disabled flags 0 x 2

Member: en2 flags = 3 < LEARNING, DISCOVER >

path of priority 0 ifmaxaddr 0 5 0 cost port

Member: en3 flags = 3 < LEARNING, DISCOVER >

ifmaxaddr 6 priority path cost 0 0 0 port

ND6 options = 1 < PERFORMNUD >

Media: < type unknown >

status: inactive

Any thoughts?

If you use 10.11.x:

Try this:

Start the computer in Safe Mode, and then restart normally. It will be slower than a normal startup.

MacIntel: Reset of the controller (SMC) system management

Reset the PRAM and NVRAM on your Mac.

Repair the hard drive and permissions - El Capitan

HD recovery start:

Restart the computer and after the buzzer, press on and hold down the COMMAND and R until the menu screen appears.


When the recovery menu appears, select disk utility and press the continue button. Disk utility charges and select Macintosh HD entry indented from the list on the left.  Click the first aid tab in the toolbar... If disk utility reports any errors that have been corrected, then re-run first aid until no errors are reported. Wait until the operation is complete, then quit disk utility and return to the main menu. Select restart from the Apple menu.

Now, download and reinstall OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 Combo Update.

If the problem persists then discovered this: Re-built-in ethernet disappeared.

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    checkpoint.vmState = «»

    ethernet0.linkStatePropagation.enable = 'TRUE '.

    No need to reboot your host between changes in the configuration file of comments.

    You do, however, need to have comments shut down/off voltage (only suspended not) to make changes to the file (whether you use the Workstation GUI or manual editing).  Verify that the changes you made still exist in the file.

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    I hope someone can help me... I just bought a new laptop s205 and it does not find the connection Wireless in my apartment. The wireless feature is enabled on the laptop and it is another link in the building but did not find my router.

    I use another laptop which connects to the wifi perfectly, and so do other devices, but my new laptop just has not even listed.

    I tried to connect via the Ethernet cable which works fine, but I want to use wireless. If someone can help me to work on the problem I'd be very grateful - I tried to find an answer in the other posts, but I can't find exactly the same problem. Please use some basic terms that I am certainly far from an expert

    Thanks in advance!

    Problem solved of YIPEEEEE! I called my ISP and after changing of many parameters, I'm now operational wireless!

    The problem was that my router has been configured as WEP, and apparently for many new computers, it will not work, it must be rather WPA - as soon as I changed this setting it detected my router immediately.

    Thanks for your time anyway - and I hope that this solution will be useful for others = 0)

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    You can try the suggestions in the link given below and check if that helps.

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    Amrita M

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    The laptop has 8 windows pre installed.

    The laptop can't work respective with Windows 8, so I tried the downgrade it with Windows 7.

    The problem is that there is no drivers anywhere for Windows 7 for ethernet and network cards, so I can't install updates.

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    Install the software below ASTRA32 version of automatic Installer (recommended) the first link and you will get the details of the ethernet card and the other device. Talk about those in the next reply and you will get the drivers.

    How to use the software

  • HP laptop. J8C07PA-model: Wi - Fi connection not found. HP laptop. model-J8C07PA; 8.1, WINDOWS 64-BIT

    Mr President, I am from Kolkata, India. I bought the laptop through flipkart. Model - J8C07PA;  OS 8.1 64-bit windows. Iniatially he detected wifi for 4 or 5 days. last 15 days, the laptop cannot detect wifi. Router is OK, because my android phone can detect the router. I tried several times, installed so drivers software and drivers from hp support, formatted the hard drive. but the laptop cannot detect wifi. But it can detect LANS and I can go through internet. He can't detect BLUETOOTH also.  ROUTER MODEL: TL-WR841 N version 9.2. Please send me the solution. With our thanks.

    Yours truly,

    Anantadeb Datta

    Good Hello!

    Look try this

    Start press F10 on reboot and try to turn on Wi - Fi or reset to The Default, or put the PC in Legacy go into BIOS

    Good luck!

    Best regards: 1029rjmenvy17t

    Please "KUDO" if you like for thumbs to the top and "Accept as Solution" if this fixed your problem

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    Hey @m-ax,.

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! This is a great place to find solutions and help our community!

    I understand that you are having problems with the networking on your 15 HP laptop. I'd be happy to help you with that.

    The following pages are useful for troubleshooting wireless connectivity problems.
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    In addition, you can watch the the power management of your wireless adapter:
    Turn off the power to the adapter:
    1. open Device Manager. (Win Key + R > type devmgmt.msc > OK)
    2. expand the network adapters.
    3. right click on the Ethernet adapter / wireless, and then click Properties.
    4. click on the power management tab.
    5 remove the check mark next to allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.
    6. click on OK.
    7 test cycle.

    Forget a network (Windows 10)
    Forget wireless network profiles in Windows 10

    Reset TCP/IP on your PC:
    1. go to your start screen/menu and type CMD.
    2. right-click on the command prompt icon and select run as administrator.
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    4 restart your PC and test.

    It can also help to reset the Winsock Catalog:
    1. go to your start screen/menu and type CMD.
    2. right-click on the command prompt icon and select run as administrator.
    3. in the window that opens type "netsh winsock reset" without the quotes, and then press ENTER.
    4 restart your PC and test.

    Reinstall the NIC drivers:
    1. download the drivers from here, but do not run them again.
    2. go to your Start menu/screen and type Device Manager.
    3. expand network adapters.
    4. right click on the wireless adapter and choose uninstall.
    5 install the drivers downloaded in step 1.
    6. restart your PC and test.

    Test an ethernet connection:
    Not call explanation. Test if the problem persists on a wired connection to the adapter hardware troubleshooting wireless can be directed to the appropriate areas.

    Test another connection:
    Many people excluded their home network as a problem if another device working on the same network. Networking is not as simple as that. Each device interacts differently with your router or modem and it is impossible to exclude the settings for this device until the laptop has been tested on another network.

    Please hold me.

    By pressing the Thumbs Up button below, you can always say thank you!

    See you soon.

  • WRT54GS2 v1 connection expired and server not found

    OK I got the connection expired issues and server not found on both my PC and my Laptop.I I use Zoom ADSL ISP x 5 provided. series 1605. I have a router Linksys WRT54GS2. I followed the installation program in full and was surfing without delay. The problem started there when I bought the router and plugged in about 5 months. I already spoke with technology specialists to my ISP and they said that I have an excellent DSL connection and they have not seen any problems at their end. I had disconnected the router completely my network and removed the Ethernet cable and hooked the cable directly to a DSL modem and had no problems until I plugged the router in the modem. I factory reset the router a few times and implemented accordingly to make sure everything was good. Well, I still have errors in time-out for laptops and PCs. I have tried almost everything in the book and I'm out of ideas. Am I missing something here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I tried changing the settings through the router and nothing seems to work. I checked both PC and laptop computer for viruses and nothing. I talked to my ISP and they tell me that my DSL connection is excellent and which was not disconnects or connection has expired at their end. It is located between my router and two computers. An Ethernet cable is plugged directly from the computer to a DSL modem. And an Ethernet cable is connected directly to the rear of the router. I am just totally stumped. The internet is totally fine when I cut out the router completely. I have no disconnects when the main PC is connected to the DSL modem with router disconnected completely. I have reset the router completely and followed Linksys technical support online for the T and I still get the connection has expired. Initially, I got a Belkin wireless router and thus became the message timeout through it. I thought something was wrong with this one so I went out and bought a Linksys WRT54GS2 router Linksys Wireless G. can someone offer some advice or ideas that I have not already tried? Please? The wife and I are really frustrated.

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    This can have several reasons:

    first make sure that your firewall/security software allows firefox to fully access the internet.

    then you can try the solutions (proxy settings, the change of dns server) provided in this support thread:

    If this does not help, also try disabling ipv6 as described here:

  • Cannot connect the Satellite A660 to WLan - card not found Intel

    I unboxed it today and connected to my home wireless network. Everything was fine.
    I propose then my laptop in the living room where the router and the modem is, the connection dies less than a minute or two.
    Then he says that there are no networks in range at all, cannot detect everything.

    I troubleshoot it and the results are: he says: problem with the router / access point is fixed; and another notification that says a network cable is disconnected or may be broken. I have no cable so idk why he tries a wired connection. I reset my router and tried everything.

    I take her back to połączyćto left home in my room and it works fine, no drop outs.
    It's all new, satellite a66. I made sure that my data was on and the wifi is good.

    Another notification appears when I troubleshoot that says "My technology Intel wifi adapter not found" idk what it is all...

    Thank you.


    > Another notification appears when I troubleshoot that says "My technology Intel wifi adapter not found" idk what it is all...
    Because of this message, I would recommend checking the status of the WiFi (WLan card) adapter in Device Manager.
    You could uninstall the WLan driver in Device Manager.
    Then you need to download the latest driver from this page:

    and should install the new drivers.
    Reconfigure the Wlan connection and test functionality.

    PS: Please make sure that the WiFi was enabled (FN + F8) before trying to set up the connection.

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    HP officejet 6830 does not respont in mode 'sleep' via an ethernet connection.

    This isn't the case via a usb connection.

    What can I do?

    Hey @George5500,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I understand your JO 6830 unresponsive when it is in standby when you are using the Ethernet connection, but it does not occur when connected via USB.

    We will perform a hard reset. To do this, leave the printer and unplug the power cable for 1 minute. While it is unplugged, press and hold the power button on the printer for 10-15 seconds to release built his power, then after the minute, plug the printer in. Also, even if you have used a surge protector/power bar this whole time and you feel this isn't the cause, please plug it in to a wall outlet so that we can eliminate the source of energy as the primary cause.   Questions when it is connected to an uninterruptible power supply/Strip/surge protector power

    * In this document, you will see, QUESTION: questions or problems may occur when a printer HP LaserJet series printer is connected to a UPS (UPS), a power strip or a surge protector that is not limited to the Laserjet printers.

    I can't wait to hear back on your part. If performing a hard reset, or move the printer to a socket solves the problem, please click Accept as Solution button below so that the community can see your problem is solved. If the problem persists, please don't forget to leave me and I'll do everything I can to help.

  • EXEC file not found OCX, virtual, or low memory, connection has expired in Web sites

    Original title: frustrated Surfer

    Get "OCX file not found Exec" and every day I have ASUS virtual memory low or out. Scroll often does not and most of the time 'egg timer' turning, so slow sometimes websites Time out until I'm done. PLEASE HELP, or it's time for the big trash can in the sky? Lap top is more than 10 years old now.


    It would help if you could answer these questions in order to solve the problem.

    -What version of Windows you are using on the laptop?

    -When exactly you get the error "Exec of OCX file not found '? It is when you start the computer or by accessing any program?

    -How did the laptop connected to the router? Is it wireless or wired?

    -What anti-virus software is installed on the computer? You have scanned the computer?

    -Remember to make changes on the computer? Updates/programs installed?

    Try these steps and let us know if they help.

    a. for the error message "exec OCX file not found", put the computer in start state in minimum mode and know what software is causing this error message.

    Note: Once done troubleshooting, put the computer to normal mode according to the steps in "how to regain a normal Windows startup mode.

    b. increase the size of the virtual memory according to the steps in . Restart the computer so that the changes are applied.

    Note: the steps apply to Windows 7 and Windows Vista. (Windows XP)

    C. follow the steps in and check if you have full connectivity when you access Web sites. Also, download and install the latest drivers from the laptop manufacturer's Web site network.

  • Error 'nmapp.exe.unable to locate the component. This application has failed to start because MSVCP 70 .dll is not found"when you connect to the computer.

    Original title:

    Problem: I use DeLL Desktop.When I connect, these messages appear on my screen: nmapp.exe.unable to locate the component. This application has failed to start because MSVCP 70 .dll not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem. Pls help. Thank you.

    1. what version of Windows is installed on the computer?
    2. are you aware of any changes made to the computer, before the show?
    Assuming you have Windows Vista or Windows 7, follow the steps mentioned below.

    Method 1:

    Step 1: Perform a boot minimum troubleshooting and check which application reports this error
    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7
    Note: once you have determined the problem by using a clean boot procedure, follow step 7 in the article to restore your computer to normal startup.

    Step 2: reinstall the application.
    Uninstall or change a program

    Method 2:
    Run an analysis of auditor of system files on your computer and check for the issue.
    How to use the System File Checker tool to fix the system files missing or corrupted on Windows Vista or Windows 7

    I hope this helps.

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