Event.attendees () access number

I'm not successful in getting the calendar event participants. No matter what I do the list is always empty. I use attendees() method on the CalendarEvent object. Can someone explain how it is suppose to work. What it means to wait and how to recover a part of the event?

Figured it out. I forgot to use DetailLevel::Full in the search parameters.

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    Seanna wrote:

    I have 941 for USA only use once in the USA?

    Have a 705 for the Canada and use it only once in the Canada.

    Yes, you do.


    I recommend that you always run the latest version of Skype: Windows & Mac

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    Hi TodFranklin,

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    Kind regards



    If I interpret your request correctly, I think your best bet is simply to use the event has changed value, and then use a structure of the case to determine what value the dial has changed.

    Something like this:

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards


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  • Skype to go access in Poland number does not


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    try to u every time, the call is dropped.

    Any ideas?

    Hi Im having the same problem (in Poland)... can give you a sign if learn you more about what's going on?

  • Can't remove number of invitation in the calendar in the dock

    I use the calendar, but I received an invitation that I accepted.  When I did he put a '1' in the upper right of the calendar in my dock.  After the date, I deleted the thought of the event that the number "1" would just leave.  It's still there and I can't find out how to get rid of.

    Launch Notifications.

    Select the calendar.

    Uncheck the box "the Badge application icon.

  • Removal of access numbers

    I did not know that whenever I have move and update the Skype To Go number, I get a new access number. I have now 3 from different States. I'm in the United States. Any way I can delete the other access numbers while I only have 1?


    There is no need to delete. Just use the number of the location where the local rate is applied


    I recommend that you always run the latest version of Skype: Windows & Mac

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  • STG access numbers do not work: they do not respond

    Twice in the last month, the access number for my STG does not work. I compose, but no response, no voice prompts, etc.

    The first time that I have updated my online site, which has not changed the access number, but does not seem to put something else because it started to work again. This second time this thing did not work. I also tried two other access numbers in Sacramento, California, and they did not work either, just the silence.

    Access numbers that do not work at the moment are (all U.S..):

    (530) 554-1364
    (916) 756-4248

    (916) 596-3019

    Fixed! And it turns out to be the residential gateway to AT & T (modem/separator/WAP gizmotron) that was the problem. AT & T has sent a new (different model entirely) and once connected the access number for Skype-to-Go has worked.

    No thanks AT & T so. I'm sure that AT & T knows that they have modems problem, but they never admitted this way:

    Me: I don't think it's a problem of AT & T. I'm going back to Skype to try and work with them.
    Cat at & T Rep: try to replace the residential gateway and see if it works.
    Me: But why he would only block numbers from Skype?
    Cat at & T Rep: I'm going to go ahead and process the order in lieu of the residential gateway.
    Cat at & T Rep: as far as I am concerned, it will be a problem with Skype.
    Me: ok
    Cat at & T Rep: However, you and I don't want to give any reason to Skype, when we return to the question.
    Cat at & T Rep: so for this reason, let us go ahead and replace the RG and see if it works.

  • down arrow key in the structure of the event


    I use arrows on my keyboard to control program (UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT)

    Using the button down in the structure of the event, I know what key

    But I need to detect that 2 buttons are pressed at the same time make different case for this. I don't know haw to handle this.

    Any suggestions appreciated

    Keep a table of four Boolean values in a shift register, then turn on each element or off function on a key or key release events. The number of values Boolean true will show you the State of all buttons at any time.

  • An event, a passage of the different event data, erase them old data

    Hi all

    I'm developing of movement for a single engine control system. Has been having some trouble, so I decided to simply work the value of the input/output control via control buttons.

    I started with radio buttons example LV then add my bit.

    I have two options.

    First of all, moving the engine gradually. The user enters the degrees, selects CW/CCW, then GO! Degrees converted to microstep, then multiplied by 1 or - 1 pending management. This works as expected. I bring it in my VI of motor control, data are needed.

    The second engine is jogging. The user selects the speed, measures/second (Converts degrees/sec later). Then, they should be able to press the hourly or counterclockwise and the motor shortening until the button is released. The selected speed should stay for the jog buttons until a different value is selected. It does not work. (too bad that my locking may not have the correct value.

    What is happening, it is only after pressing the time button, or counterclockwise, erase everything and replaced by 0. Feels like it feeds back?

    I tried to use some time in case of loop to continue to send the same value. I have no success. I tried the moving parts of the radio button outside the case of the event and the loop While in hand. Without success.

    Any thoughts?  The VI is attached.

    Thank you!

    The way you have it, the setting "use default if wired" on the channel tunnel, leaving the structure of event deletes your 'number '.

    You must use a shift register to keep the number.

  • registration / strangeness event management

    Hi all

    I just stumbled upon something weired with recording of the event and handling.

    In my project (it comes to AF, but this is probably not relevant to the question) I'm passing some clusters/paintings reference UI control to a sub - vi for the recording of dynamic events and handling. I have attatched a screenshot of the central part of the subvi.

    The function "Save for events" has a number of entries (~ 25) but most of the work as expected and the events seem to be properly taken into account.

    However the last couple of objects seems not to register at all, although the references passed to the function 'Register' are correct and the events are defined in the structure of the event. I even tried plugging a reference from the VI even to see if it would work, but the problem really seems to be somewhere between the 'register of events' and the structure of the event.

    Height of the green marked event events are handled OK, red, those that are not processed at all for unclear reasons. It seems to be independent of the type of event.

    (I don't join the VI because it has too many dependencies).

    Did someone encountered a similar problem again? Something obvious I might have forgotten?

    Thank you.

    Please check the registry for the events node does not create an error. I think there is like a property and an element node that causes an error prevents the node of the completion. Order of execution is top-> down.


  • multiple messages from several loops in the structure of the event

    Hey guys,.

    I have two questions, first of all, what is the best way to receive messages in case of structure? I've been watching the user events, and which seems to be a good option if I want to never send a single message. Ive never found an example where the regester for events has a second event its looking. I currently use queues to the structure of the event to my other loops.

    My second question is I want to even send messages to the structure of the event, my current thinking is that it would make things easier to follow if the structure of the event sent all messages to the individual lines. Is it more appropriate to have just a loop of talk directly to one another through the queues already in place?

    IM thinking ill put in place a user for handlng errors event but I'm not sure on other messages.

    Thank you guys

    You can get events for individual events. Better yet, you can use clusters to group the different events and access them individually (see below).

  • Why my event structure reacts to an event of "change value"?


    I created a VI with 2 while loops and structure 1 integrated event. The first while loop creates a square wave and the value of the pass signal periodically - this event is registered by a property node and also shown on an indicator. I've linked the second event called "Mode-number: changed value" so that the signal and tried in various ways to "activate" the structure of the event (I tried to use event dynamic registration, property nodes, event tool etc.

    Attached to this message is a png of the VI file.

    No idea what could be the problem?

    Thanks much :-)


    You must use "user events. You should also look at some of the examples/tutorials on how to use them, see here: http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361K-01/lvhowto/creating_user_events/

    What you have done is to try to enter a value in both structures change event - this is not actually generate a value change event. Value change events are generated when you (as a user) change a value of a control on the front panel.

    Alternatively, you can use the 'Value (signalling)' property that will allow you to update the value of an indicator and also generate the event changes its value. I think in your case if you are better to use user events.

  • question of 3102 - cell phone access


    I think to buy a SPA3102 after seeing the reviews that you can access from a mobile phone or fixed.

    My wife's family is from abroad, and I want to use my Voip provider free international calls when she calls from his cell phone or his job.

    I want to check that it is compatible with the following scenario.

    I don't have any phone PTSN service.  I've only voip services.

    I have a voip with unlimited international calling service.

    Can I set up one of the ports on the 3102 with my current provider of voip and the second port of the provision on the 3102 to use another service of voip (such as gizmo5 etc...).  My wife would dial the number of the gizmo from his mobile phone, enter a PIN and be able to dial internationally via free international voip service?

    As an alternative, is anyway to do this with just the voip provider (and not to worry the second digit)?

    I just changed my current voip service because ATT cancelled CallVantage.  I'm not very happy with the service, but I chose because it was the only one with unlimited calling in South America and had the ability to dial an access number to call for free from a mobile phone.

    I'd rather have a new voip service which has better quality, even if they do not have cell phone access, if I can get access the 3102 celll.

    Thanks in advance.

    The SPA3102 cannot fill of voip-to-voip call.  It only helps fill a voip with a line call (port FXO) call RTC.  You can optionally use the SPA3102 to fill a call to another service of voip so you interface ata of the other service to the SPA3102 FXO port.  Even if you do this it is not quite optimal, and you might have problems.

    Some voip providers don't allow you to configure your own card and insist that you use a locked card they provide.  Others don't have this restriction.

    When South America with VoIP calling, you may experience some severe quality problems according to the voip provider and the provider that they use to deliver and to end the call.  Day of the week and the time of day can also make a significant difference.  This probably has something to do with the bandwidth available to the supplier in the long term for South America.

    A nice benefit of the SPA3102 is that you can configure up to four additional outbound-only suppliers on the adapter and it allows you to use additional providers PAYG (pay per minute) and have a choice on appeal.

    I would try different vendors for a sampling of the quality of the voice to the destination (s) require you to find the right combination of voice quality of cost vs.

    Four distribution providers (pay per minute) to check out are CallCentric, future-nine, CallWithUs and OneSuite.   Future - nine and Callwithus have different quality levels (roads of termination) that you specify when you call the number.

    Suppliers also have "access numbers" that you can call without having to use a PIN, even though some have more than others and with future-nine numbers, you can also access their "calling card" function through access SipBroker numbers. Access numbers are nice because you can use them without having a physical voip service.

    With CallCentric, you can also get a CallCentric DID (incoming number) and configure your own inbound number private as an access number.  CallCentric has also a few South Americans is that you can set as your own private access number...

Maybe you are looking for