Events calendar for the refreshment of blackBerry Smartphones

My 8310 will not refresh appts now.  I can get them on the screen before, but they don't change when I change date time or add a new one.  I had to change the theme just to change the main screen to view the updates.  Y at - it "Refresh" setting I should know about?  Thank you in advance.


Please, try the following

Remove the battery while the device is activated, replace after one minute,

Let the device reboot 1-3 min, retry the function that was the problem

Please let me know!

Thank you

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  • Address book for the transfer of blackBerry Smartphones

    I got a new blackberry to my company because my old had hardware problems.  I would like to transfer my address book from my old to my new blackberry.  When I use the Desktop Manager to do this and make a backup and then proceed to do a restore of the AddressBook is grayed out on the left side. In order to transfer to my new blackberry.

    I even tried the device switch Wizard and he transferred a game that I downloaded from my old blackberry to my new but my address book, calendar, tasks, Notes and password Keeper not transferred. I'm not on an Entreperise of Blackberry server.  She just basically transfer my information from a Blackberry to the new.

    This is the same model (8130) for the Blackberry.  Does anyone have any suggestions.  Thank you

    Oh dear - your new device has a COMPUTER policy. And, since you received the device in your company, you must seek their help because it is most likely that it is this policy that prevents you from doing what you want to...

    Now, if they come back and say "we don't know anything about"... so there are some things that you can do... all are 100% destructive of any data that you have on your BB, then plan on what it is once more "nines"...

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!

  • Phone number for the change of blackBerry Smartphones

    I have a Blackberry Curve 9360 and receive the unwelcome calls. How to get the number changed?

    Thank you very much.

    1. your mobile operator changes your number, it is not a function within the BlackBerry itself, other than to insert a new SIM card with new number. You begin this process with your mobile operator.

    2. you have your phone number listed on your 'My Mobile provider' or the carrier. Put your phone number on the internet on these public forums for the world to see, is not wise. To change this, at the top of this page, click my settings > personal profile > personal information and in the entrance of the block of type 'Carrier' the name of your mobile operator.

    Display your number like that on a public forum could be a source of nuisance calls.

    Good luck.

  • Edge of b/w for the Switch from blackBerry Smartphones and MOBILE on Blackberry Curve 9380

    Hey, a few days back I bought Blackberry Curve 9380. Basically, I am new to the world of Blackberry.

    Usually when I'm at home, I prefer to use GSM only coz I have Wi - Fi. But when I swtich off the coast of data usage, connect to Wi - Fi, the browser and other internet applications say they are unable to internet.

    Also guide me how to change b/w GSM & edge network...

    Firstly your need BIS - Blackberry Internet Serives from Vodafone subscription, this is the unique feature that separates other Blackberry devices.

    Browser, Facebook, twitter and other applications require the BIS subscription. Only the appworld will work in Wi - Fi mode.

    You can change the settings of the browser for Hotspot to work over wifi, but I think the 7 OS will automatically detect it.

    If you have BIS subscription 3G is free.

  • Numbers of numbering for the speed of blackBerry Smartphones

    Is it possible to change the speed on the following letters dial:

    A-I don't want the lock here button.

    W don't want Voicemail here.  -Why wouldn't Blackberry put this under V (voicemail) given that most people probably wouldn't use this key for a speed dial?

    I can't find a way to change these two.

    w because it's also the 1 key... logic.

    Press the green phone button
    Menu button
    Select "speed dial list.
    Amine for the 'A' and press on enter. (Return key)
    Select new contact

    When you perform a battery pull reboot or if you upgraded the operating system, default is the default setting and you will just need to change it again.

  • Issue of guardian for the password of blackBerry Smartphones

    I like this app on my 9700, but affected by the loss of the phone and ergo my long list of passwords that I haven't recorded anywhere else in a nice centralized fashion.  In any case to remove what I have on the phone in order to print and keep safely between my mattress?  Or it is only available when I save?  How to get out of here if I don't get another BB right?  Thanks for the ideas.

    The password Keeper app is a basic application, without frills and other features.

    It is included in the backup made with Desktop Manager. It is not visible via the backup... you can try to use a software on your PC that reads the backup IPD files, MenaStep MagicBerry or ABC Amber IPD Extractor to read the IPD file.

    But otherwise, it is intended on the use of the device.

    If you want a more complete password recommended guardian app, try KeePass or DataVault.

    Both have PC interface you want.

  • Texts of reading for the evil of blackBerry Smartphones

    Don't know what I did for my Blackberry Curve 9320. I can still send and receive texts, that the problem comes from trying to read them. For example, when I send a text message that he disappears from the display. If I return to the page that lists all the texts and click New to re read the text, it just goes to a completely blank screen. The only way to read the text sent is to click on the menu button and will forward it, then the message is displayed in the bottom box.

    When I receive a text at the beginning, he's sitting there with a yellow bubble next to it. Once I click to play it, I get a blank screen. When I return to the page that lists all the messages in the speech bubble is now white and I can only read the message if I use the menu button, choose forward, and here is the message crushed in the bottom of the screen again.

    Any ideas? had the phone for 14 months and this just started.

    Thank you very much for your useful post.

    Before I had a chance to read your advice my partner tried a reboot "soft"? Simultaneously pressing the keys alt, aA, and delete and the problem is now solved.

    Always useful to know what to try when something odd happens.

  • Voicemail for the removal of blackBerry Smartphones without listening to the entire message

    One of my children made a habit of 'butt dialing' me by mistake, leaving messages of 5 minutes.  Lack of knowledge what else to do, I have to listen to him walk around with a voice hushed for a full 5 minutes before I can hit "7" to remove the message.  There must be a better way forward quickly at the end of a message. I tried all the keys as well as the # and *... Help!

    So you kick 7 is not fast enough?

    Delete, repeat, fast forward, etc., keyboard shortcuts for your voicemail come from your operator, not BlackBerry. You should check with your carrier about voice shortcuts.

    For example, on mine, typing press the 3 deletes the virtual machine.

  • Procedure of termination for the seller to blackBerry Smartphones

    Could someone tell me what is the procedure for termination of the seller?  I plan to close my account BlackBerry provider, to focus my efforts elsewhere.

    Thank you and best regards,


    Since this section of these forums is dedicated to end-user support AppWorld, I doubt that anyone here knows the answer to that. The portals of the seller are supposed to have dedicated information for developers and suppliers, however. In addition, the development of these forums section could have someone around who could have an idea about your question:

    Good luck!

  • Suggestion of security for the Hub of blackBerry Smartphones

    One thing I noticed when reading emails.  The BB10, if you click a hyperlink in an e-mail message, you will show the real link and invite you to go there.

    On the PRIVATE hub, just asking the browser you want, which is extremely dangerous, because it does not say if the link is real or fake.

    If I can see the URL before you choose a browser to open with, I can decide if I really want to go, or if I'm looking at a phishing link, etc.

    It is a small, but VERY important hub improvement which should be done as soon as POSSIBLE in the name of security.

    Love the PRIV and I know it's a work in progress, I hope that we will see some settings important hub soon.

    Thanks for your @timaster feedback\suggestion

    I'm going to mark my answer as the answer that I captured that he will share with our team of product in your name.

    Someone else who finds this thread, if you would like this feature please give this post and @timasterpost Bravo.

    Thank you!

  • Email account for the work of blackBerry Smartphones

    How can I set up my e-mail account Novell Groupwise on my Blackberry Pearl 8130? I install all my POP3 accounts. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you


    Now how do I know that my company has a? Is this something they buy for Novell? Thank you, I am a newbie

  • Assistant device for the switch to blackBerry Smartphones

    It seems that the wizard only supports palm desktop 6.01 and 6.2.2 (the latest version of Vista) - mine is so am I toast in regards to the easy way of migration of the 700 p to the 8330?

    No work around?



    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    Please read this MILOSBERRY article: re: Pocket mirror (potential workaround)

    Thank you

    Don't forget to adjust your thread. Put the check mark in the green box containing your answer! Thank you

  • Mobile app for the natwest Bank blackBerry Smartphones

    Hi can anyone tell me when there will be an app for my Bank be available for my mobile

    Then send * them *. Is there a support email on the page I linked.

  • Question of synchronization for the certificate of blackBerry Smartphones

    My 8330 wants certificates with Synchronization Manager (don't think I have) and I tried to put the 0000 password. Did not work, 9 times, now he says as if I do it again and do not type the password he will wipe my pocket... eeeak.

    Anyone know how to disable this sync or what would be the password?

    0000 is the key for Bluetooth.
    You mean the key store? If this is the case, simply click Cancel. It is useful if you have specific X.509 (electronic signature) certificates.

  • Connection Manager for the Office of blackBerry Smartphones

    I hope someone can help me with my Desktop Manager. I can't it connect with my BB "BOLD".

    I downloaded the Desktop Manager 4.7 version (I already got 4.6, but could not get it to recognize the BB) and I downloaded the USB driver software.

    When I connect the BB to the USB I know it connects because Adobe will light up and the photos appear.

    But I can't connect the device in the lower left corner of the Desktop Manager away from the connection of the device (PIN) NONE. Frustrating, it's only once or twice during the 3 months, it is connected, but most of the time does not and will not at all now.

    I also tried Bluetooth.The BB and the pc recognize each other but still no connection to the Desktop Manager.

    I use MS XP

    Thank you

    Binge, it worked for me as well.

    Thank you very much Urumilton for your expertese and persistence and ggergs to travel with me and with the upcoming final turn.

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