Every time I open a file in Media Player 11, I get a dialog box telling me that Windows Installer is "preparation for installation.

Whenever I open a file in Microsoft Media Player 11, (11.0.5721.5280) I get a dialog box telling me that Windows Installer is "preparation for installation.

He tell me what it is trying to install and crashes

No media plays back.

Cancellation does not - it retrys with encouraging them. The only way to get rid of the dialogue is Ctrl/Alt/Del and end task. It also closes WMP11

SP3 Win XP32

I just installed Office 10

I ran the repair of Office 10

I uninstalled WMP11 and reinstalled

I ran "Fix IT" page Support MS

I run MS Security Essentials... It is to this day and I run a full scan


I think you meant:

"a. initially, box run, type"msiexec /unreg", and then press ENTER."

I did and it helped somewhat. Message anyway, but he went and the media played.

If I did:

"(b) then type" msiexec/regserver"and press ENTER."

The problem comes back

I went a step further and ran a restoration of the system to the day, I installed Office - it worked.

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