everybody else out there to me who did the OCS certifications and are NOT part of the OPN?

Someone out there (except me) who did the OCS certifications and do NOT part of OPN?

I had done a few these just for you to introduce new concepts.

When there is sometimes an ECA and a certification of the OCS for a subject, I try to stay with the ECO.

What are the experiences people?

Thank you Roger

I are actually eligible for your first condition since my employer is a partner of Oracle.  That said, I don't take the OCS reviews in order to earn stars of gold for my employer.

Reviews of the OCS are less technically oriented types of certification. They are intended for vendors and integrators that need to be able to talk about his products and reasonably knowledgeable Oracle making.  Exams I've taken were much more focused towards the fact that there is a given feature and functionality, there with the implementation of the function in the real world. This is not to say that the information that you need to learn how to pass exams of the OCS are not valid. It's good to know what are the features of Oracle products. I have been asked by my employers and past to the opportunity to integrate the feature 'X' into our solutions. Preparation for OCS-level exams can give you an overview of how (or if) given the capabilities of Oracle products can help (or not) in a given situation.

That said, the OCP and OCE certifications are much more valuable when you really want to learn how to use the various technologies of Oracle.

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