Evolution of the iPhone, backup and icloud

Hi all, I'll soon change my iPhone, and I want to back up only certain content such as messages and photos, without applications or settings, put them in the new phone. Also I do not quite understand some option in icloud in my phone.

1. What is the difference between the Safari option in iCloud and the other located in icloud drive? Also, what is the content the other application downloaded from the store sync in icloud drive if the option is enabled? This is something I will never understand

2. If you want to back up my photos and my messages to put in the new iphone, I have to do a full backup using iTunes or icloud, or there is a way to save only the 2 things? Or possibly make a full backup and then restore only photos and messages, but I don't know if there is an option to do so. For the pictures on that I think activate "icloud library" and then re - download on my new iphone, but for messages?

3. now I have ios 9.3.1 on my iPhone 5, I won't be able to restore the backup if the new iphone ios 9.3.2?

Thank you very much!


Hello Matteo,.

1 - you don't need to so much backup data of safari at all. If you use your password will be that there anyway, if you're not, having own Safari in a new device could be a good idea to keychain. iCloud drive is another application, you can use it to store any desired data, whereas iCloud parameters in app use their own space, you can see it in settings > general > software & use of iCloud.

More about this

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2 - when you save, you cannot back up a few apps or elements, you back up your device all or nothing. If you have the space available, use iCloud music library and photo library iCloud, so all your media go. Anyway, there is no harm in doing a full backup locally in your computer using iTunes, you can remove it once you have restored your device and will be likely to recover more quickly.

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3. - you will be able to restore your files. Files and OS go separate ways, and if your machine is new, it will prompt you to update as soon as you connect it to your computer, but you will be able to get all your files, photos and films it.

Enjoy your new device!

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    Hey AmnonMikeCohen,

    Thank you for being a part of the communities of Apple Support.

    I understand that your Mac is not start properly after the power went out.  Let's start with resetting the SMC and NVRAM on your Mac and see if he can start from there:

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac.

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    See you soon.

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    You will find Guides for the use of the Apple in the iBooks (inside the iBooks app) store, not in the App Store.


  • If I subscribe to the monthly backup on iCloud, one plan will support all three of my devices?

    If I subscribe to the monthly backup on iCloud, plan a backup all three of my devices?

    Yes provided that:

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    Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!

    I tried another solution - put Printopia on my Mac.  Works very well.

  • How we can add support for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus - the site seems too small or zoomed to and blurred

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    Thank you


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    Here is the specification.

    iPhone 6

    Start screen

    750 x 1334


    [email protected]

    Resources or resources/iphone

    iPhone 6 more landscape

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    2208 x 1242


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  • iPhone backups and where they are stored on a Mac?

    My old MBPro is full and my iCloud and I would like to delete older backups of the iPhone. Tutorials on how to remove them from my MBPro and iCloud would be greatly appreciated!

    Hey there dugjay,

    Looks like you're wanting to remove some backups of the iPhone to your computer and your iCloud storage.

    Delete, view, or select what is included in iCloud backup

    1. On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, tap Settings.
    2. Scroll down and tap on iCloud > storage > storage management.
    3. Tap to choose a backup. Then you can see more details about it, choose the information to back up, * or delete the backup.

    Delete backups

    1. Mac: Choose iTunes > Preferences.
      Windows: Choose Edition > Preferences. Learn how transform in menus Windows 7 and 8.
    2. Click devices.
    3. Choose the backup you want to delete. If you have multiple devices or backups, hover the mouse on the backup for more details.
    4. Choose the backup to delete, and then confirm.

    This info comes from the following article:

    Find backups of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

  • Problem with vibrations of the Iphone 5 and SE

    Hello, my name is Alexander, im of the Brazil and I speak very well English. I owned an Iphone 5 purchased in Italy in September 2012 and I used it until today 02/08/16 when I decided to buy a SE 64 GB my iphone because Iphone 5 was a problem that could not be resolved. I used it and noticed the battery was swelling and suddenly the Iphone 5 continues to vibrate in all operations. I took it to the interview and they changed the vibrating motor and the power cable, cable, but does not work. I thought it might be a problem with the motherboard by the blown battery occurried. So I decided to buy a SE 64 GB and when I restored the Iphone 5 in SE, it runs with the same problem. The store give me another a 64 and after the restored backup, the same problem occuried. They had upgraded the operating system, but the only way to solve it was a complete reset of fabric and make a backup of restore contacts and photos through the Icloud

    Can someone help me?

    There are a few app couldn't stop the iphone vibrates? without all my applications and files, the SE Iphone works fine

    I don't know if you want vibration on or off. Anyway, this is the setting you are looking for...

    Settings > general > accessibility > vibrations

  • Remove the old backup in iCLOUD

    CANNOT DELETE / REMOVE the OLD iPhone 6 more backup (13 GB) from iCloud - answer is "Impossible to delete at this time."

    Have you tried all the possible permutations and combinations to remove old iPhone 6s MORE backup that blocks 13 GB of memory in iCloud.

    Turn off, disconnect iCloud etc etc and tried all the suggestions on the site of the community but without success.

    Appreciate any suggestions.  I traded in my old iPhone for 1 year 6s MORE and got a new 6 s more on 3 June 2016. I deleted also removed the old iphone in my Apple devices. TKS a lot

    Have you tried to remove it from your computer.

  • How to remove the iphone backup 5

    I don't want to keep iPhone 5 backups. I set myself now iCloud not to backup my iphone when I plug in, but how do I delete an old backup, I created which can be on my computer rather than iCloud? I don't know, actually. I think that my iPhone has been saved just once before. And the backup actually on iCloud and on my computer as it would have been in the past?

    Is always a good idea to keep a backup copy

    That being said - you can have backups in iCloud and iTunes

    The iCloud maximum return can be deleted by  - system preferences - iCloud - backup management

    What about iTunes - if you're bent on deleting of backup - you can google for where the backup is stored on your computer and delete it

  • Lost iPod, but has date of the last backup for iCloud

    iPod 5th generation, iOS 9.2.

    Last, known to have Tuesday dec 22, by car.  Could not locate mode lost in 'find my iPhone', says offline.

    backup to iCloud says date and time of the last backup performed Wednesday, December 23 at 12:17.  What this means he had access to my wireless home network to do?  It would be good to know if yes, then it is lost somewhere around the House and not elsewhere in the world!

    Thank you

    your iPod touch would be in the House because it was connected to the internet

    If it was in the world then it will not be able to connect to internet

Maybe you are looking for