Example: Pavilion p6-2350 pc: How do I change bytes to feature on a Pavilion p56-2350 pc with Windows 8

I replaced the motherboard, but is unable to change the featurebyte in the BIOS for windows 8 will be activated.


This must be done when a motherboard is installed in the device, and not to do so can lead to errors during the HP recovery discs use and give a "Code Purple" in windows, causing the operating system to be blocked down and unable to serve. How work the HP recovery discs is they compare the featurebyte and build entry ID information on the motherboard and compares them to a list of models that the specific recovery disk is available for. If it does not match any of the models it will give an error that the disks are not compatible with the computer and will not go further, this error will occur before the coming Recovery Manager. If records are poorly done, or the model selected incorrectly on them through the comparison of ID featurebyte/Build then it incorrectly partition the drive and give a fatal error with a 0 x error code, this happens because the partition for the operating system is so small that the image that HP uses or they are installing additional software are unable to fit on the partition that is made. Once again, the recovery are at fault in this case, or the tattoo is the question itself.

For offices of consumption, this process breaks down into two procedures. If the BIOS is a v5, then you are out of luck because you will need a CPC_DMI drive, which is available only to technicians certified HP. If it is a V6, then you have a thin ray of hope. Press CTRL + F10 to enter the BIOS instead of just normal F10. If you go in the Section ID system, or if you have the latest BIOS (which has File, storage, starting at the top), then you will need to press CTRL + A to enter this section. In this section, the system IDs or CTRL + A, you will have a bunch of entries, where different values can be entered. If you don't select anything, then you are not in the Advanced BIOS and must try to enter it again. If you can highlight things but not press on enter and edit them, then you're out of luck that you need a BIOS_UPDATE utility for reeset DMI information, it is also disclaimed except to HP certified technicians.

If, by chance, you are able to highlight and change the values that you are very lucky because you don't need the disc. Simply fill out the information on this screen with two small notes which must be known. The model he is claiming is actually the number of unit. The Reference is in fact the model number. The featurebyte is case-sensitive, do not use spaces, and certainly include the. XX at the end. The build ID should not include the "*" but should include the #DABA #SABA. If you get an error that the featurebyte was not accepted, something is not entered correctly, try again (this is always the case, it is always bad when this error.)

If you use a laptop, you are out of luck, as special files to a bootable USB key are needed, I am not very familiar with this process, but only HP Certified technicians are given files.

If you use a commercial desktop or all-in-one, then you can just enter the IDs system and edit them in the BIOS, it's super easy and you shouldn't need to disks.

Hope this clears somethings


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    If you are lucky, you could always find a copy of Vista to your local computer repair store


    Why not see if your device is Compatible Windows 7

    Windows 7 upgrade advisor


    Windows 7 system requirements


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    Hi Trialsfan,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I have read your thread on your HP Pavilion computer and don't read does not correctly when it is attached to the TV. Only, you should be able to have the HDMI cable connected from the computer to the TV.

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    I hope this helps.

    Thank you.

  • How I managed has installed Windows 7 on my pavilion g6-2346nr provided with Windows 8?

    I disabled the secure boot and activated the legacy os support. When running the installer I get this error: missing cd/dvd device driver.  I know that the cd / dvd readers have not specific drivers. which chipset driver I have to load? I tried to download a few different Intel 7 series chipset drivers but when I try to get the installer to install it fails. Any suggestions please? I really hate Windows 8.

    I found this on google and it solved my problem. It's something that I never would have guessed.

    I guess that each of you is using USB key to install.

    When Windows request driver, click Cancel. You will be taken back to the Welcome screen. At the Welcome screen, remove your USB key, insert back to the DIFFERENT USB PORT. Click Install now again. The installation process will be as usual.

    This problem happened to the newest version of the Windows 7 Installer updated. In my opinion, it's because of the failure of Windows install to stay its detection on the USB drive. He has lost the connection and became confused, don't know where to find the USB key that he used to read before.

    When we re - insert the USB, Windows install detects the rear USB and continue as usual.

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    There are two ways to bring them into OE.  You create a new folder in OE and open it so that it displays a list of empty message.  In Windows Explorer, open the folder under local folders and then proceed to one of the subdirectories.  Then highlight all eml files in the directory and make sure that you have selected the eml files.  Then let them slide over the emptiness of messageliste OE and drop and they get incorporated into the file, as long as they are only eml files (try it with a first and so you get the idea of how it works).

    You can then do this for each folder.  Or you can get my program OEX (www.oehelp.com/OEX/) and authorizes the import into OE or WinMail in Vista from a directory of eml files.


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    Permissions and security issues with Vista/Win7?

    Check the following settings.

    All the users who are allowed to share need to have an account on all computers that they are allowed to connect to.

    Everyone is an account, that means a group of all users who already have an account now as users.

    Using the functionality of all saved the need to configure authorization for each of the established users, it does mean not all those who feel that they would like to connect.

    Users who do not have an account on the computer are not part of the Everyone group.

    If the LAN security is useless and users are not established, then move on the guest account provides the semi-open configuration.



    Point to a folder that wants to share do right click and choose Properties.

    In the properties

    Click on the Security tab shown in the bellows of the photo on the right) and verify that users and their permissions (see photo below Centre and left) are configured correctly. Then do the same for the authorization tab.

    This screen shot is to Win 7, Vista menus are similar.


    The Security Panel and the authorization Panel, you need to highlight each user/group and consider that the authorization controls are verified correctly.

    When everything is OK, restart the network (router and computer).

    * Note . The groups and users listed in the screen-shoot are just an example. Your list will focus on how your system is configured.

Maybe you are looking for