Excel template for the spreadsheet

Hi all. With your help, I'm almost finished. I use a 'writing on worksheet' and would like to know how I can create a header, so to speak. The operator will have to create a new file each time the Vi is executed. So, along the top, I need each column for writing 'Capacity' to the column 1, column 2 "impedance" and "Temperature" of column 3. Then, as the Vi is executed above the row filled with the names given above, then the data will be listed under each of the headings.

The second thing and I don't know if it's possible, I would like the spreadsheet to have the first two columns present themselves in the form of scientific notation, and the last of them in general, form on the actual spreadsheet. I don't know a lot about Excel, but I think what I would do is create a model, have the data written to it and then force the operator to perform a save as then the model is left as it was before the test. I hope that makes sense. Join I am I 'play' with, trying to make it work.

Thank you very much.


If my understanding fits your needs, you can follow this... instead of be confused with excel and the spreadsheet...

Go with spreadsheet... If your application is simple, it's that you requires the use of additional tool kit /ActiveX in the worksheet you need in excel...

Steps to follow

1. create a spreadsheet with headers file in your initialization steps of the
2. then add the data in the same file
This may solve your problem...

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    If you want to make a spreadsheet, you must use the spreadsheet software as ms excellent.  Adobe does not have the spreadsheet software.

    and you could google that if you want something free or other choices.

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    Not without applying all the liquid layout rules to the objects in the model, but why would you do that?

    Double direction is a waste of time and effort and double the size of the folio. My advice is to spend this time making a better orientation.

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    However, in the example I mentioned above, you will notice that layouts and data sets are different in each of the sheets.

    you have 2 sets of data for 2 sheet?

    try to combine the

    as an example, if you have







    no problem to create no excel template with PGE to first sheet and DEPARTMENTS for the second sheet

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    I have an Excel template with the worksheet Sheet1 and XDO_METADATA. When I use XDO_? ELEMENT_NAME? in Sheet1, all right.

    Now my question. Is is possible to add another worksheet in Excel - sheet sheet2. And then reference data in this sheet, for example, using XDO_? ELEMENT_NAME?
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    the impossible (unknown Source)
    at java.util.Vector.elementAt (unknown Source)
    at oracle.xdo.excel.user.biff.RowBlock.getRow(RowBlock.java:488)
    at oracle.xdo.excel.user.bimpl.BSheet.getRow(BSheet.java:942)

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    No this is not possible, as far as I know if you need different columns in different sheets, you use xsl only excel template.

    You can do this by using the rtf model but it will not be as same as regular exit excel and you should be on bi publisher 11g to do you can do like this

    When you preview xslx output using the bi publisher rtf model addresses as new sheet page breaks



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  • Action of 'Reply with template' missing the Message filters choice "perform these Actions."


    I just installed the latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird (24.4.0) and I am trying to create a "vacation response." I read on Mozilla's Support site:

    Another option is to create a message filter and respond to all incoming messages with a model.

    (see https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/vacation-response?esab=a & s = out + of + the + office & r = 3 & as = s )

    I created a template and saved, and then I tried to create a message filter. However, there is no option for "Reply with template" in the list of choices for the action to perform. I see choices of action, for "Copy Message To", "move the Message to ' and"Forward Message To", but not"answer with model.

    Why is it missing and how to get what it appears?

    Thank you for helping.

    Hi sfhowes,

    I think I knew what is happening.

    First of all, I am a new user of Thunderbird. I have been using e-mail program from Apple on my Mac for many years. Since the upgrade to Maverick, his remark that the Mac mail program is unstable sometimes causing my Mac to freeze, sometimes lose my ability to change windows desktop, and slow clumsy scrolling problems in the e-mail program, but also the temporary e-mail program freeze.

    I installed the latest version of Thunderbird this weekend and am just become familiar with it. I have configured all 8 of my email accounts and they all worked very well. Then I added the Conversations module and I wanted to be able to rearrange the order of my eight accounts and found that Folderpane Tools was the ticket and it worked... had not noticed it was only up to 23... but it worked on 24.

    I said incorrectly that the Folderpanes changed the way that my folder pane displays things. It's the Conversation that made... FolderPane Tools let me reorganize and that's all. But information changed the way the things that have been presented in that in records added to organize by inboxes, sent, trash, etc. And models was one of these records, he added.

    Being unfamiliar with the models as I'm new to Thunderbird. Here is what happened. I created a message and saved as a template. I didn't realize that it was married to a particular account. And when I looked at the file of models I do not remember to see a subfolder for the specific account, for which the model was.

    After reading your last email that I removed the two add and my accounts appears in the folders pane as they did originally, most notable was the Inbox and folders of model disappeared.

    I tried to create a filter for a specific account and the problem remains, but I was wondering where my registered design went because I couldn't find it. So I created another and discovered that has created a new folder called Templates for the account that I was trying to make the filter "reply with template". And then I could see the "reply with template" option when creating a filter.

    To understand what was wrong in the first place, I reinstalled the Conversations, and all folders (Inbox, sent, trash, models) have been reinstated. I looked in the template folder and saw two subfolders, one for the account that I just created the new model and one for my default account. In my default account was the original model I've saved. And now when I try to create a filter by using the original template, I see the answer with the template option.

    I can no longer reproduce the problem since the Conversations, creating a second template and then uninstalling reinstalling Conversations.

    So, the problem is solved, but something is not quite write when the first model created during the installation of the add-on of Conversations. I don't remember see a subfolder in the Templates folder when I created the first model... I could be wrong, but all I remember is the model itself in the Template folder, and not in a subfolder. So I guess that the answer with the Template option did not appear because the model I made did not seem to be assigned to an account.

    Thanks for help.

  • Graphics drivers M70-147 (for the 3rth times)

    OK, that's the time 3rth im askig when they will release the new graphics drivers?
    I have problems with Star wars galaxies, he always chashes (virtual memory problems) when I want to move to another character (if I play more then 30 min on 1 character).
    I don't know about the hardware lock and I'll use drivers such as omega or something like that bc im still in warranty.
    And please don't give me the default answer on that my cell phone is a new model and that they have new drivers still becomes pretty boring here always get the same answer.
    I never had problems with my normal pc don't and I can't put my normal pc up due to lack of space, I.

    Thank you.

    PS: apologies for this post not so friendly

    Hi like

    Sorry but here on this forum someone can give you information about this. How is - someone must know when Toshiba updates a graphic driver for your unit?

    I agree with James. Your device shared memory graphics card and you can't wait a few excellent performance for the games. AFAIK your unit has Intel graphics card and I think that it is there no possibility to change how the MBs must use the RAM for graphical operations. On models with ATI graphics card, it can be changed.

    In any case if you decide to install another driver and will have better results if you please let us know.

    Good luck!

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    So, this is the first time I try to customize an ecommerce solution beyond the normal stuff of the BC. Customer wants a specific view for related products, so my first thought was to use a custom template, but it doesn't seem to work.

    So I almost with the help of the model of module, a decline in the amount of 1 - and hoping I can use a custom template for the display of the small product instead since I use that related products.

    I forgot something? Is it possible to use a custom template for the {tag_relatedproducts}?

    Thank you Joel however I have more control over the layout as a few styles of it. I ended up jumping in with the beta version of liquid to get what I need, what gave me some other customizations.

    TAGS cannot take a custom template variable, I chose to store it in a tag "capture." So based on some conflicts of naming of my catalog images, I was able to target specific catalogs, then browse related products and build them up as I wanted.

    Here is an example of what I chose to go with.

    {capture products %} %

    {tag_productlist, true true, 3,}

    {% for %} endcapture

    model {module_catalogue catalogId = "{{this.id"}} "=" "collection ="cat"}


    {% If {cat.imageUrl} contains 'show' and ({{this.id}} == {{tag_productlist_5_8.catalogId}}%}}

    {tag_productlist, true true, 3,}

    {% elsif {cat.imageUrl} contains "display" %}

    {% for %} tag_productlist_5_8.items products

    REF #: {{product.custom3}}

    MFG #: {{product.custom2}}

    Price: {{product.saleprice}}


    {% endfor %}

    {% products.items %} elsif

    {tag_cataloguelist, true true, 2,}

    {% for %} tag_catalogueList_3_9.items products

    Price: {{product.saleprice}}

    {% endfor %}

    {% other %}

    {tag_cataloguelist, true true, 2,}

    {tag_productlist, true true, 3,}

    {% endif %}

  • Different templates for albums photos at Revel similar to photoshop elements 8

    I used a function of 8 items for my Photo Albums which had different templates making albums take on a different appearance, and also I could pick one that showed the number of the photo file. This feature is available at Revel?

    If so, how can I make it work?

    Hello Moses,.

    This feature is not available to Revel. In 11 items with a direct connection to Revel, you can add graphics and templates for the images. Then download the image in a jpg to Revel

    Please see our FAQ Forum post "How do I download photos from Revel" http://forums.adobe.com/message/5114160#5114160

    For more information about Revel, please see our main FAQ Forum http://forums.adobe.com/community/ps.com_sharing_and_storage

    Thank you


  • change the appearance of the default template for pdf to excel


    I created a model of provision .rtf. When I run the program simultaneously, the default layout in pdf format. Is anyway to change that to Excel so that the user doesn't have to go into the options each time and select excel?

    Thank you.

    Yes, but you will probably need to apply a couple of patches. Lead article here: http://garethroberts.blogspot.com/2009/01/revisited-changing-default-layout.html

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    Please find the attached procedure.

  • I still have not found "help" to tell me how to remove all the lines and columns beyond those needed for my spreadsheet.

    I used several worksheets.  More allows me to specify the rows/columns and then delete them.  This is to remove all the lines/columns beyond those set up and formatted for my spreadsheet.   I tried many ways to remove all additional lines/columns, but without success.  I even took the time to scroll down/on to highlight all the unnecessary lines and columns, but they do not remove it.
    Any suggestions?  I used spreadsheets most allow me to specify the number of rows/columns for my worksheet

    You can ask your question in the office | Excel Forum because it is not really a problem of Windows XP performance and maintenance.

    Office | Excel


    Also, providing specific information may help to get a faster response or better, such as the version of Office or Excel? version of Windows XP? Home, Pro, 32-bit or 64-bit.

    I hope this helps.

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