Exception on the creation of a second task with Analog channels?

I'm getting an exception '{error =-50103 = "is reserved for the resource specified. The operation could not be performed as specified.\n\nTask name: _unnamedTask<5>\n\nStatus Code:-50103 "} ' when I call Control(..Commit) on a task with Analog channels, I just created."

At the time of creation, I have another task set and running in the "we demand" move that uses another set of analogue channels in the same card to acquisition of data (NI6229).

Is there a limitation on the number of tasks that can use analog in the channels of a single card?

Thank you

Go Paul


Because the analog inputs share a unique clock, you can have only one task running. You can have as many channels as you want in a single analog input task, however.

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    Kind regards


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    Unfortunately, the maximum size of virtual disk to a virtual computer is 2 TB - 512 bytes. In you case it should create two or three separate virtual disks and combine them (disks RAID 0 or concatenate). Another way (IMHO besser way) is to create several virtual drives and mount using NTFS mount points.

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    Kind regards


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    Hi Duane,

    Try a boot minimum http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929135. If the problem goes away then it's just a matter of tracking down the culprit at the origin of the problem.   Follow the procedures described in the article. Once found, remove, delete, disable or uninstall.  Once remember to put Vista in normal status, as described in the procedures. If the problem occurs in clean mode then just restore the system to normal and reboot - this solution will not work.

    Start in safe mode with network and see if the problem is here.  Each result allows
    refine us the search for the cause.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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    I installed Essbase and IST version 11 and created meta-model and Meta outline in the environmental impact assessment.
    Also created an application in the service of the Administration of Essbase. I need help to load the dimensions of the environmental impact study in the
    Application using a batch file.

    Any help/input would be really appreciated.

    EAS/IST/Essbase all three are installed on the same server (windows platform) and database is oracle 10g on the same server.
    I need to automate the process of creating the sketch.

    Thanks in advance.

    If you have used EIS, you will notice in the console, when the dimensions of the building or loading data, you can run it immediately, distributes them or save them to a file of cbs. IF save you it as a file of cbs, you can then plan their use with a batch file to run them. The Administrator's guide has a very good explanation of what do the different commands and how to run them

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    Anyone know how to set the ea3500 as a second back with (or other IP) and not as a gateway?

    Use the bridge mode. Do not use the LAN - LAN configuration with the new EA series routers. Bridge mode is supposed to do all that and better.

    Configure the type of internet connection in bridge mode.
    the value static ip, dns & gateway

    wire the internet port of the main router.

    Do not forget after the change in your computer needs to get a new IP address of your main router, for example reboot to regain access to the 192.168.0 network. *.

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    I already exported only and it works very well.

    I would now like to export the clip on V1 by single with alpha channel so that I could put a different background in a new sequence.

    Read and followed the instructions as described in the forum, but they must use something different than what I use (first Pro CC on a laptop with windows 7 Professional), because I do not see the indicated settings.

    Once the clip is exported with an Alpha channel, I'll bring Premier Pro and everything just change the background several times so I will gradually in with several different sequences.

    How could I accomplish this export with an Alpha channel?

    Thanks for the info.


    Hi Bert,.

    I think you have your tracks reversed, the stills would be on background on V1 and V2. Of course, if a SINGLE export with alpha and no background, then you can simply use V1 (but later, we clip you made must be V2 or higher to insert background on a bottom rail to show areas of the alpha channel). Export using QuickTime > GoPro 12-bit with Alpha codec.

    Thank you

    Jeff Pulera

    Safe Harbor computers

  • Acquisition of data &amp; MDI - Exception after the closure of the MDI child with execution of the task-Daq


    while I make my first steps with Measurement Studio and c# in Visual Studio 2008, I tried to close an MDI child with a running task Daq breast. This throws an exception because the task has already been deleted. So, how can I avoid this?

    THX, Peter

    Hi Peter,.

    Sorry for the delay.

    It is normal behavior when the DAQmx task is still running.

    You must stop/clear the task before closing the window. It's especially good style to work with only one user interface / window.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards

    N. Ralf


    A good starting point are the DAQmx-examples:

    Where can I find examples of NOR-DAQmx?

    Measurement Studio installed NOR-DAQmx examples

  • Will be performing tasks VISA with a data acquisition (Dev1) in a VI block tasks with the second DAQ (Dev2) VISA in a second VI?

    Hi all

    I have two functional screw a loop a set of read and write tasks with device 1 (NI USB-6008).  The second loop a set of writing with device 2 (another NI USB-6008) tasks.  2 VI has a massively slower than VI 1 time scale, which means that it must run in a separate loop.  Otherwise, VI 2 was created by copying and modifying 1 VI and variable names actions with him (though not, for example, global variables).  The two screws are meant to run at the same time on the same PC.

    However, if VI 1 is running at the same time as VI 2, any read operations or in writing to 1 VI 1 device are executed - but the VISA read and write operations to a serial device work.  When VI 2, all VI 1 functions work fine.

    Although I configured channels for tasks using the GUI DAQmx, I execute tasks using reading DAQmx write commands and have correctly defined the task 'create' and 'stop the task' live out the beginning and the end of my loop, respectively.

    Does anyone have suggestions for what could be the cause?  My thoughts so far:

    a. maybe it's some conflicts in the names of variables in memory between the two screws?

    b. LabVIEW for some reason any cannot read and write two devices on two separate screws?

    should c. I avoid to use DAQmx to configure these tasks (a sort of memory)?

    I know I can make it work if I have all together in a single massive VI, but for my application, it is much easier and better to do them in two separate screws.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    In case anyone wondered, I found the solution:

    When I copied the original code for a new VI, it turns out that the structures of loop timed in the new VI had the same object name in the delivery structure of LabVIEW as timed in the original VI loop structures.  This prevents effectively regardless of the VI was executed the second execution of the timed loop.  (The serial number read/write suite to work because he was in a different timed loop.)

    I found this error when I ran the VI in execution of highlight mode and noticed that the output of 'error' on the timed loop flashed.  When I plugged it on my error stream, I found error-808, which explains the above problem.

    I have it set by right-clicking on the timed loop, change to a while loop, then change to a timed loop and plug the broken wires.  LabVIEW gave the new timed loop object a new name, and all was well in the universe.

  • Why does take so long to clear a task (with the DMA transfer) using the PXI bus?

    I am migrating from a system that has the habit of using a PCI-6133 (8 channels HAVE simultaneous) and PCI-6733 (8 channels AO) to one that uses a PXI-6133 and PXI-6733 mounted in a PXI-1033 chassis.

    In general, things seem to be working (synchronized I / AO to run near the maximum speed on both devices), with the exception that the compensation an AO task on the PXI-6733 takes always (the order of 20-30 seconds).

    Even when I try the generation of the sine wave for the PXI-6733 in MAX test Panel, it takes the same amount of time to stop the task. If I switch to the use of interrupts as transfer mechanism, it stops immediately.

    I tried to use the transfer mechanism of interruption on my more demanding set of synchronized tasks, but that does not produce good behavior (even if he doesn't give any errors).

    Is there a trick (or the best diagnosis) to help get my tasks working with DMA under PXI that worked very well on PCI?

    Thanks in advance!

    Thank you, Patrick. I tried on another computer (Dell T5400) and everything worked as expected. I think that the problems I have experienced on the first computer were due to a conflict with a PXI driver for another card I have not installed during my tests (and which I did not know was PXI, but he appeared as a PXI device in M & A once I put it in it should have a kind of PCI - PXI bridge internal?). So ultimately, pure card / slot / pilot shenanigans and everything seems to be fine now.

  • Desktop does not - black screen with the cursor and access to Task Manager

    Well, I played recent MMO and to do this, I had to update my sound drivers and graphics. I managed to finish my first uninstall all the old drivers-flawless and it worked perfectly thereafter with no video issues (that I had before the uninstall, but nothing harmful to the system). Eventually however, I started to get some pop ups Windows 2008 C++ REDIS saying that atieclxx.exe had asked to be terminated in an unusual way. No problem, I close the error message and everything always works as it should. No random crashes.

    My problem is that wermgr.exe (I am fairly certain that this is the title, but I did not work right now), began leaving me with a black screen and the cursor when I connect. In most cases, I can open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete, however, it sometimes won't start, and when I start to kill unnecessary tasks, they take some time to die. I know that black screens are often a defective start of explorer.exe, which manages office and file, browsers so I use the Task Manager to run it and it dies or continues to do nothing without making the office. Whenever this happens, wermgr.exe was running (Windows error handler). When I kill this task, which often has duplicates, I can finally get explorer.exe to load. I have the same problem with safe mode, except that the display shows the version of windows and the details in each corner until explorer.exe load finally. I've also had freezing issues long whenever Werfault.exe jump upward and the only thing that those fixed has been disable Werfault.exe in the services menu.
    It is clear to me that the windows error reporting programs consume a lot of the capacity of the CPU of my computer and they are probably the source of the biggest problems I'm having. I should stop start, or they are just neutral, awakened by a bigger problem?
    On a smaller note, C++ error is probably due to me not having is not the correct edition of the redistributable C++ installed, or perhaps too many distributions. The last edition, I have installed is 10.0.40219 of the x 86 and x 64 redistributable and runtimes (2010). Are the oldest, I installed some updates ATL and 5 2005 Redistributable (2 x 64 versions). Atieclxx.exe is the program having the pop-ups demand 'unusual termination. " The version of my ATI Radeon drivers are included in Version 2012.1116.1515.27190 of the AMD VISION Engine Control Center.
    Now, finally, I think it's useless, I'll give you my specs:
    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit
    Processor: AMD Athlon TF-20, 1.60 GHz
    RAM: 3.00 GB
    Model: Acer Aspire 5534
    BIOS: InsydeH2O V1.12
    Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 3200, using aticfx64.dll and aticfx32.dll
    I do not believe that a reinstallation is necessary, because I got my computer in good enough condition that I can write this message and use it as usual, however, it's a nuisance to do, because it requires waiting a few minutes while the wermgr.exe process is stopped by the Task Manager.

    HiJack This help "fix selected", I removed the SmartShopper and BHO entry no name, as well as a few more suspicious looking files and those to the left of the old installs (windowblinds). I also deleted all entries in ø16 because I didn't need them and didn't like their operation. Then, I deleted two mistakes of R3, who looked extremely suspicious.

    I restarted and connected to be greeted with my office. The second csrss.exe is still underway, and atieclxx.exe works well as well. Although they appear to be the cause of the problem, because I am intimately familiar with the process of my computer, it is also clear that many of the comes from problems of registry and the programs that I have only half managed to uninstall. I hope this helps people to the problem in the future, and if my problem recur soon, I will return to this article with more information.
    As a final note, I was extremely impressed with HiJack this, because I used it for the first time in order to solve this problem. He kindly explained to me why he alerted me and what kind of problems listed that would cause a lot of things helped me to decide what to remove. Now I know why divert this is recommended everywhere on the internet as a diagnostic tool.
    To not appear as an advertising bot, but it's the tool that solved my problem for this, I have it suggests. in any case, good luck and I hope you can fix this problem yourself. With the help of google, an open mind and careful decision making, it is possible to solve anything. I do not recommend using a shotgun to do so ;)

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