Exchange account password

I get the message following 'Incorrect.Enter the password for the exchange Hotmail account password.

I entered my password, but it did not so I then changed my password to Microsoft and have received an email on my other email address

the same message that the password has been changed however keeps appearing.

What I don't get my emails on our main e-mail address.

IF you have changed the password for the e-mail account, you must either remove and reinstall account Hotmail on the iPad, or you need to go into the account itself and change the password, since the account would have the old password in it.

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  • Cannot configure the Exchange account on the iPhone 6

    I have an iPhone installed 6 9.3.2. I tried to add my work Exchange account to the native application and the Outlook application and will not work. He says no more it cannot check account details or it asks me to check the user name and password. My exchange account will not also add to my old iPhone 4S or iPad 3.

    Other users of the iPhone to work added to their Exchange accounts without problem. Mine is the only one Exchange is aware of this does not work. They were not able to help. There is no IMAP settings, so I can only add an Exchange account.

    I tried to reset the network settings, but that didn't help. I even tried the soft CloudMail and does not work either.

    Any ideas?

    I saw a few times at my work. Cause is more than likely the local rather than on iPhone, mail server because it does not work in the Mail as Outlook App application.

    It could be that the settings on the e-mail server does not have Activesync devices – might be useful to check with HER to see if they enabled that.

  • Cannot send mail to an Exchange account after v38.0.1

    I set up an Exchange account in Thunderbird and used for years (since the v31.7.0 v3).

    I just upgraded to v38.0.1 and although I can receive/download new emails, I can't send new emails: Thunderbird keeps asking me the password (which is registered and protected with password manager) although I correctly every time, Thunderbird seems unable to authenticate to the SMTP server.

    I use port 465 on the SMTP Exchange Server, with NTLM as an authentication and STARTTLS method for the security of the connection. These are the settings that SMTP server used for years without recent change at all.

    I just down to v31.7.0 and reinstalled my lightning v3.3.3 so module: without modification I can send emails once again, is clearly a problem of authentication in v38.0.1.


  • authentication fails after adding Gmail like Exchange account with 2 steps of authentication

    Hi, I have recently updated my iPhone and had to set up my Gmail account on the mail again app. I did similar to what I have on my iPad-

    1 has created a new Exchange account, as far as I know, this is the only way to get new messages via push notifications

    2. registered in Google Web site security preferences, created a demand for specific password, copied this password to a page, you press 'Done' on the Google Web site

    3. back in the settings, entered this password, my gmail more hurry and complete in the email address field address

    4. in the additional settings page, entered my full gmail address in the field user name, the address in "" in the host field and the arrival in a hurry.

    5. it is said that the account was added successfully, but when I open my mail application and go to the Exchange folder, it says "connection to the server failed.

    What I am doing wrong? Things have changed recently? The Gmail app is now the only way to receive push email notifications?

    The only reference I see to notifications for Gmail, speaks to the application, so I'd say it's the only way now.

    If you check the settings > mail, contacts, calendar > retrieve new data > Gmail... There is only Fetch and manual.

  • "Security error" when setting 'Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services' Exchange account (user in company)

    I am a user in a company with a very large company that actually uses Microsoft Hosted Exchange services hosted by Microsoft employees in their facilities.  I called Palm support and they were clueless and zero help.  The lady pointed me to some Palm article I had already read and only remotely had nothing to do with my problem.  I don't see anything about this error message in the forums and google searches. Sprint has even replaced my other reasons palm pre, and the same error occurs once I configured the exchange account. I also see the error when I set up my account on my pixi nine wives. Our pre and pixi have already exchange accounts set up with success on our phones that are hosted by sherweb. Sherweb's exchange accounts work fine. I tried to set up this account of microsoft hosted exchange 5 - 6 times with the same result. He accepts my configuration information and adds to the list of email accounts available in the meadow. However, it keeps popping up the message stating "error of security policy:"Exchange..." Tap for details"(with a yellow exclamation point). Then he said "Security policy error" the Exchange (first part of my email address) account is disabled because it is impossible to define security policies. "'Leave this option disabled' or 'delete account '. I know that something does not work because it applied a policy of password or PIN on my phone which is not necessary, unless the account has been added. I can also see it in the "Mobile devices" section of outlook web when I login. This is the place in web outlook where you can see the last time the device synchronized, if remote, you can wipe the phone etc. If anyone has an idea how to solve my problem please post. Any ideas? I'm fresh out of ideas on this issue and very frustrated by the Palm developers. Just another example of evil-development and practical tests by Palm. I hope they correct this problem on later versions, but I'm only slightly optimistic that they will never get this medium of exchange e-mail at the level necessary for the support of large corporations. What I know is that my Microsoft Hosted Exchange account works fine on a Windows Mobile phone and an iPhone 3GS (confirmed by the other coworks who have set up their phones using our Exchange services). Accordingly, I have no choice but Palm to blame for this problem instead of Microsoft. Please, Palm fully support microsoft exchange e-mail users!

    After a lot of research on the subject, here is my point of view on the State of support for MS Exchange @ Palm and other companies.

    Unfortunately, Palm Pre and Pixi, WebOS is not fully supported Microsoft Exchange.  This has led to numerous reports of frustrated customers and countless hours of time wasted by consumers and technical support trying to figure out how to connect these Palm devices to the MS Exchange e-mail servers.  Way to go Palm!  Provide support for all the free email accounts worldwide and decide not to develop a product that is able to support your most rich and more influential-based email clients.  These are the people who are most likely able to spend more money on your mobile products or make decisions for companies that are able to buy huge amounts of smart phones.  Way to go guys!  Penny wise and dollar foolish if you ask me!  Palm supports only partially a handful of MS Exchange security policies.  They document what they take in charge, but they do a very poor job of documenting or even explain the limitations of the software.  Their States of documentation that the security policies that are not supported will not be applied and that users will still be able to connect to the exchange server.  This is certainly not true based on the reported error and other similar user reports.  Here is how iPhone and Palm compare in regards to the support of MS exchange security policy.  Notice in the quotes below the iPhone supports the policy of 'require the encryption of devices' which is very probably used by your greater and more security conscious companies or Government institutions.  I'm sure that Palm's inability to support "device encryption" is why I get this error, even if I have really no way to prove it at the present time.  Come on Palm, if you go to support full POP3 and IMAP, you must provide the full support of the binding protocol and political security by Microsoft Exchange product.  Here is the comparison between iPhone and Palm WebOS:

    ' Said the site of Apple, the iPhone supports the camera allow, password enabled, allow a Simple password, alphanumeric password, Password Expiration, history of password, Maximum password attempts failed, minimum password length, maximum idle lock, policy, Minimum refresh interval complex character devices. ", require manual synchronization while roaming and - in iPhone OS 3.1 only - require Device Encryption". (13 security policies)

    "Palm Web site says its WebOS 1.1 and later support active password, alphanumeric password, password history, Maximum password attempts failed, maximum length password, lock of inactivity maximum, Minimum peripheral characters complex and Password Recovery." (8 security policies)


    Windows Mobile 6.1 supports all THE policies.

    BlackBerry does not support the EAS (MS Exchange)

    Google's Android is not compatible EAS (they may have recently released some support but not full)

    Conclusion: If you want a mobile device that fully supports MS Exchange, buy something that is running Windows Mobile 6.1 (or higher) or even an iPhone 3 g (or more).  At least, until Palm decides they want to throw a development more $$ to support Microsoft Exchange E-mail to enhance their level of support.

    Reference: "how to avoid the lie of the foreign exchange policy by smartphone', 1

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  • BlackBerry smartphones, I can't configure BIS with our Exchange accounts


    my company has an Exchange 2007 SP1 server.

    Some of my colleagues have configured your Exchange account on their Blackberry using Blackberry Internet Service, by using the URL of Outlook® Web Access configuration.

    Everything was OK until last Monday.

    Monday, they received a message requiring to change them on the site of the password of the account of their Exchange BIS and they can not receive or send the email from BB via Exchange account.

    I tried to connect to for a bis account of BIS of my colleagues on the site of : the Exchange results invalid account.

    If I try to validate the password for the Exchange account this error is reported: "your password to the email address is invalid. Please try again. »

    If I try to modify the Exchange account this error is reported: "an error occurred during validation of the email account. Please check your information and try again.

    If I try to set up a new email account using one of our Exchange accounts existing, this error is reported: "a connection could not be established to the server address.  Please check that the server name is correct and that the server is available.

    Can you help me to solve this problem?

    Exchange certificates could be the reason for this problem?

    I renewed the self-signed certificate expired created by Exchange 2007 installation.

    OWA does not use https, but that the http protocol.

    Thank you.


    Configuration of the ISS does not require SSL for OWA folder, but SSL is required for the default Web Site.

    I removed the request for SSL.

  • Connection option removed PIN when adding the exchange account

    Initially, I set up my account and added a PIN. Next, I added my work exchange account (which has a policy active sync which disables any connection other than the code pin and password). I accepted additional restrictions, but the option to connect via a pin code has been removed.

    So two questions:

    * Is the login to pin on a surface treated differently the PIN on a phone connection

    * Remove my OWA account has no restrictions from field. How can I remove them completely?

    Thank you


    Hello DarganR,

    Thank you for the question!

    I'm sorry to know that have problems you with the Exchange account. As I understand it, you need to remove the domain restrictions.

    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet Forums. You can follow the link to your question:

    Meet us if you face any problem of Windows, and I'd be happy to help you again and try to correct the problem as soon as possible.

    Good day!

    Hope this information helps.

  • Palm pre Exchange account "reply-to" address

    I use a gmail account that transmits all messages from my exchange for active sync account. I exchange installation using my gmail address as the reply address for all the emails I send. Whenever I have send emails from my pre, however, he was sent "reply-to: [email protected]" in the header with more wrinkles that

    is it possible to disable it, or even better to have the 'reply-to address' configurable for Exchange accounts in the same way, it's for IMAP/POP accounts?

    Ok... I found an answer to this (maybe). Here are the steps I took:

    1 remove the phone exchange account

    2. tap Add an account and type the e-mail address you want the answer-be

    3. tap on the field of password to enable the field (cannot be nessary)

    4. tap on the app menu in the upper left corner and go to manual settings

    5. finish filling in info server, user, domain, Word of past

    Worked for me


  • How to configure microsoft exchange account

    How to configure Microsoft Exchange account on iPhone.

    I'm getting a problem while creating a Microsoft Exchange account on the iPhone. Can any body tell me How to set up a mail in iPhone because I want to set up an account for Microsoft exchange on iPhone

    Thank you in advance

    Alondra Cooper

    You can read this article to learn how you can put your email on iPhone

  • Strange folder Mac Mail with Exchange account

    At our office we have recently moved from an internal e-mail to the Office Server Exchange account to Office 365. There is a strange folder appear on all Macs do anything ranging from the El Capitan back to the Lion where a folder called "Files" appear in the list of folder icons in the sidebar. This folder does not appear when connected to Office 365 via a web browser, but it behaves like a single folder, because it can not be removed (a bit like the record of Conversations and new background image file).

    In the folder named "Files" appears to be a collection of recipes from any email that had an attachment either sent or received. Not actually content, just a bunch of time and date stamp info, file name and a few times the code. Always displayed as SENDER of NO.

    No idea what it is and how make us it go away?

    I have also experienced this problem.

    Not sure what exactly is the cause, but all attachments sent or received are stripped of its text and an empty email with no recipient is located in the folder "files".

    When I start Outlook on Mac or Office365 in the browser, I can't see the folder "files".

  • There is a problem with Firefox 'remembering' my Verizon residential account password. Using Firefox, I have to enter my username and password each time.

    There is a problem with Firefox 'remembering' my Verizon residential account password. Using Firefox, I am obliged to enter my ID and password every time I closed my browser and then restart or close my e-mail for a while, even though I checked the option "keep me connected" significant given by Verizon. I spent a lot of time today working with the technical support of Verizon and they (and I) can verify that it's specific to Firefox and IE is not the case. So far, this seems to be limited to the connection from Verizon, but there may be other affected accounts protected online. If it helps, I run Firefox under Windows 7 with Norton Security and the active Norton toolbar. It is a real pain and needs to be repaired.

    With the modules form filling;

    Go to the web site. After you enter data in a form, tell you the
    fill in form to remember what has been entered, save him form fill
    information based on the address of the site and the name of the
    field of that information was concluded. If the same field shows
    upward on a different page for the same site, or when you return to
    This page, the stored information is entered automatically
    For you. So far, I have not found a web page that prevents them from working.

  • How can I add an exchange account?

    An exchange account has been created on a private server for my use. How do I enter it with thunderbird? I tried to use the tools-> account settings-> account-> actions add the path of e-mail account, but it does not indicate that it is an exchange account account, not an imap or pop3.

    I suspect that Thunderbird cannot connect to an Exchange Server using Microsoft protocols. I guess that there are reasons related to the patents that the function is not present in.

    Some Exchange servers are configured to allow IMAP access, but if you were not provided details of the IMAP, then perhaps it is not available to you.

    An add-on is available with a $10 license cost / year (first 60 days free):

    Or you can use the Mail on Windows 8.1 application, although it seems a bit simplistic compared to a traditional e-mail client.

  • Does not mark the emails as unread - iOS 9.3 and Exchange account


    It drives me crazy! I'm an iPhone user for many years since the first iPhone.

    I use the mail with exchange account application.

    Given that I have updated to iOS 9.3 I does not mark the emails as unread after they are read.

    The status "unread" is constantly reset to 'read '.

    I lose emails because of it!

    Who can help on this?

    Thank you


    This isn't the behavior that I'm observing.

    Have you tried a simple Reset by pressing the Home and Power buttons until the Apple logo appears.

  • Cannot add Exchange account to Outlook on iPhone 6

    I use Outlook on an iPhone 6. No problem adding and Google accounts. Failed to add the Exchange account - after minutes of trying to connect to the server, the error message indicates that the connection to the server failed. Strangely enough, it is just another application I use, email + Outlook, works perfectly (mail, calendar and contacts) with the same only inserted settings in Outlook. I had the same problem with my iPhone 5

    It could be something with the way the Outlook application communicates with your Exchange Server. I would check with the Exchange administrator to see if the application is in fact communicate with the server. They can view this information at their end Exchange servers can be very specific with what kind of external devices communicate with the server. If that does not reveal a problem, check with Microsoft, which created the Outlook application, to see if they can provide an overview of this.

  • MacBook pro stolen the question, 'Find my mac' still works to erase personal information if I put it before changing the icloud/itunes account password?  or is my phone app stop working when I change the password?

    MacBook pro stolen the question, 'Find my mac' app still works to erase personal information if I put it before changing the icloud/itunes account password?  or is my mac app stop working when I change the password?

    Unless you fully active 'find my Mac' BEFORE that your mac has been stolen, it can't do anything for you now. It is not active, and there is no way to make it active after the fact.

Maybe you are looking for