Excite AT10 Pure does not load


I bought two excite Pure AT10-A-104 in November 2013 as birthday gifts. #After 3 days the first tablet refuses to charge the battery more than 30% and showed "Charge AC unknown" in the window of battery within the "Settings" area, even when the USB charger is not plugged in.

The dealer agreed there was a fault and has replaced immediately.
Unfortunately the supplied replacement unit also failed for the same reason after three days.
The dealer said once more it was defective and he should be deported for repair.
I protested against this offer fiercely on the ground that it was a replacement unit and a few days old.

I pointed out that he showed the same fault as the original excite Pure AT10-A-104.
Reluctantly, they gave me a credit note for the value excited, whereupon I bought another piece of equipment.

The second bought at the same time excite Pure AT10-A-104 developed a similar fault even after a week, i.e. would not charge or wouldn't show the "pulsed" "Battery" load the image on the screen when you plug the USB charger unless I plugged and plugged into the charger of 20 or even 30 times.

The excited would then charge the battery to only 2% and gave three minutes of use before powering down. Fortunately, I was able to assign a 'Factory Reset' now the 'Volume Up' and the button / stop together but that doesn't change anything.

It was defective and the dealer said once again the USB "looked damaged" and will be sent for repair. It as a "loophole" in my opinion, the USB contacts appeared perfectly well using a jeweler's eye glass politely, I pointed out that they would be damaged if a record has been repeatedly pressed in one of their ports of hundreds of times.

That cut no ice with them and the unit was sent for repair and a 'New' Assembly USB was apparently mounted at my expense.

My Excite a ' kind - of ' worked under and turned off for several weeks, however, he now returned to the previous 2 percent State is if I am lucky enough to get it started in the first place load.

Please, can someone offer a solution to this; It already has cost dearly in sweat, tears and extraordinary species.

Thank you



I assume that you have no choice to contact the maintainer authorized Toshiba in your County to correct this fault of hardware.

I m not very good if the card of the dealer is to replace the defective device. I think that the dealer can replace, but in most cases the dealer who would do as a gesture of goodwill

In which case the dealer doesn t want to replace the unit, you can contact Toshiba to repair the device in conditions of warranty.

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    Also, I thought first of all a problem of the internet, because the pages worked very well a momment and the other nothing worked, I called call support my Internet access provider and we did an uninstall of root of firefox, that didn't work either, we also checked the ports to Skype to see if the traffic was slowing down Firefox , but this isn't that.

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    Thank you!

    It was very good work. Play well.
    Please report your last post as solved while others will know.

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    Many programs can "phone home" for the updates and such.
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    Type of topic: preferences #advanced< enter > in the address bar.

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    Release date of version 65 update 8 October 20, 2015

    • see if there are updates for your graphics card disk drivers


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    Nothing I know have changed since I was able to view this site 2 weeks ago for example, I'm not going through a proxy server, nor do I have any secondary security or anti-virus running.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    This Web site does not work with a Firefox 12 user agent.
    13 Firefox works, so it would be best to install Firefox 16 because it is the last version that works on your operating system.

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  • Firefox does not load.

    Firefox does not load. I have installed Kaspersky Internet Security and everything was working fine until it wasn't. I then uninstalled Kaspersky, but Firefox still load.

    Since I love Firefox I restored my computer to an earlier state and that fixed everything, then I installed another Kaspersky product and everything was perfect. Now the problem is back.

    I don't know if the problem is on the side of Kaspersky or Firefox, but I would prefer not to restore again and I have no more troubleshooting ideas.

    Firefox starts in safe mode of Windows.
    When I double click on the Firefox icon the mouse indicates the load of the FF, but then, it does not start. Chrome starts very well.
    Contacted Kaspersky, but their first troubleshooting tip didn't work.
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    You can start Firefox in its own Mode safe? Hold SHIFT and start Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/troubleshoot-firefox-issues-using-safe-mode#w_how-to-start-firefox-in-safe-mode. You could at least make backups of Mode without failure. I heard wrong with anti-banner Kaspersky features, if you can try to disable browser protection components in Kaspersky to see if he can coexist with Firefox on your system or not.

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