Explore Windows 7 crashes when you try to copy files, pictures, etc.

I have Windows 7 and since a few weeks ago, every time I try to copy files, documents, photos from one folder to another or photos from my SD card to my computer, or unzip compressed files, when I try to paste, explore Windows crashes and closes.

Can someone help me please.

Thank you.

If you mean that you see something like this:

If this is the case, read this:

Maybe you have a distressed Explorer Shell Extension.

Several recent systems of the incidents involving Acer and MyWinLocker of EgisTec (which is already known to include some suspicious Explorer shell extensions) that could come preinstalled on your system.

Even if your system is not at Acer there installed MyWinLocker and since there were many reports indicate that it contributes to crashes explore it seems a good place to start looking.

If you look in your installed programs and find MyWinLocker or whatever it is of EgisTec and you don't know what that is, or why it is there consider just uninstall, restart, and then see how things work.

If you have determined that MyWinLocker or any other program EgisTec intervene follow GP below, so you will be able to see all Explorer shell extensions.

If you see all the extensions of EgisTec, software security PSD, eDataSecurity, DragDropProtect (they will be some of pink extensions) start with these first.

If none of these things exist, continue:

When the Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) is wrong (especially when right click), begin to suspect third-party add-ons explore extension.  You can also see some errors of NAT (DEP, Data Execution Prevention).  DEP errors are reported when XP will be threatened by a program and Windows stops threatening program.  Windows should never feel threatened by the Explorer Windows (or Internet Explorer) to less that some add-on is the cause.

Those who would be the Explorer extensions that do not belong to Microsoft.  This means that extensions that you have added.  Solution Explorer extensions are generally well and installation of certain applications will install extensions from Explorer solutions for you, give you a choice and sometimes they can be added without your knowledge when you install the new software.

Solution Explorer extensions are sometimes added as a new right-click option, you see on folders and files (like the scan of this file, open that file, play this song).

If there is something in particular that you do during exploration that you know will be the cause of the problem, which will help focus on the problem and the help that you suddenly know, when you have found and corrected.

If you can get there when you want it, make an adjustment and then there is no message the next time you don't do anything, you do, you have found and corrected.

First of all you need a way to see what modules explore you have installed now and a way to turn them off (not uninstall them) so you can understand that we are at the origin of the problem.  You can have a lot of extensions not installed Microsoft don't even know you about.

Download ShellExView here to see what Explorer extensions you have loaded:


ShellExView does not install anything on your computer, simply of runs and displays.

After you launch ShellExView (shexview.exe double click) and acknowledge the security warning, adjust the column widths, so you can see everything clearly.  Under Options, choose "Mark non-Microsoft Extensions" and extensions not Microsoft will be pink, clear, but on some systems, which is a difficult color to see, so click on display, choose the columns and move up or move down in the column of Microsoft is narrower upwards (Mount) so you can see on your screen without having to scroll left and right.

Click on the header of column called Microsoft (it can be the way out of the right side of the screen) to sort the display (by clicking on the column heading in Microsoft) so all non Microsoft extensions are at the top and easy to see.  They will say 'No' and be marked in pink because they are not extensions Microsoft, something like this:

Non-Microsoft extensions would be things you have added (non-Microsoft) and are what you should be suspect.

If you see extensions which do not have anything that is listed under Description, Version, product name, company or have special names that looks like they might be letters and numbers just randomly, you might want to look at these first.

You can also Google the name of a suspect add-on and see if there is any success on the Explorer accidents or mistakes DEP and what other people have done about it.

You can Google something like:

Windows Explorer crash

You must complete your suspect on behalf of adds on.

See what kind of search results hits you get and are looking for solutions or situations that sound like yours.

I'm not a defender of trial and error, but I can't think of another way to do...

Right click and disable the non Microsoft extensions one at a time (or maybe in small groups of 3-5), keep a list, so you can enable them again later if you wish. The result of the change is immediate and no reboot is necessary.  Test your failure condition (right click).  If the Explorer starts to act normally, you'll know that some extension you just disabled in this group of 3-5 is the culprit, then you can start to enable them one by one until the Explorer fails again.

A user reported that it was necessary to restart the browser after each adjustment to do that press Ctrl-E since in ShellExView.

If you recognize all the extensions that have been added or recently downloaded, start with these first.

Disabling the extension does not uninstall the extension - it is just disabled.  You can always enable it later, so keep track of things by writing them down.

Disable them one at a time or in small groups (to make things go faster) until your right click does not generate an error, then restart and test again to be sure.   You have disabled the last extension would be suspicious.

You can also disable all non-Microsoft extensions, restart, test your fault condition and allow them one at a time until you find the one that generates the failure condition.

If you have a large number of extensions, you can disable them is small groups, 3-5 at a time instead of 1 at a time until your system starts to behave.

When it does not, you will know that the problem is one of the extensions of this small group and you can enable members of the Group at a time until the problem returns, then the problem is with the last extension that you enabled.

The hope is that you will find extensions that is causing the problem and then you can figure out what on this subject - either uninstall it or see if you can get an update of the author of the extension of their web page.

I have not your problem, but I can when you toggle extensions, the extension is immediately disabled, so disable an extension does not seem to require a restart, but if you think that you have found the problem, I reboot and repeat the test in any case to be sure the problem disappeared.

If you post your non-Microsoft extensions list, maybe someone will recognize it as a potential problem.

If you find the offending extension that's the problem, please let us know what it is that I can add to my list!

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    This is the error I get, copied from the technical details of UAC.

    I tried to create the new account and sfc/scannow
    sfc/scannow pointed out problems and errors, but is unable to repair.
    The Explorer.EXE version 6.1.7600.16450 program ceased to interact with Windows and was closed. To see if there is more information about the problem, check the history of the problem in the control panel of the center of the Action.
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    One of the recurring errors in Event Viewer was the 'Source' following 'KScsiPrt ':

    The description for event ID 9 source KScsiPrt is not found. Either the component that triggers this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.

    If the event is on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.

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    Can you try disabling the controller SCSI KernSafe in Manager devices as suggested hereand see if that makes a difference.

    You may need to restart the computer after you disable the driver.

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    I have never had any problems to copy files to a flash drive in the past, but recently, I encountered this problem. Windows Vista, connected to the flash player, open the folder, dragged 1 file, and copied correctly. Attempted to copy a second file and he hung up then says windows does not. I pushed cancel and it also says windows does not. He would not cancel function so I went to the Manager of tasks to complete, but without success. I had to reboot the computer, I have tried to reboot several times and tried to copy but without success. Any suggestions on how to fix it?


    The same information on the key USB applies to map drives
    so do not put all the files and folders to the root of the drive.

    Have you tried the card in other card readers? Sometimes the reformatting
    the map will refresh it.


    It is the troubleshooter for the readers of SD cards which of course is very similar.

    If you can not get the card reader to work, it can be replaced or an external card reader is not

    They go bad sometimes. Try these:

    / Settings (BIOS/CMOS) often F2 when you start then look at the screen - make sure that the USB port is enabled.


    Control Panel - Device Manager - hard disk - drive SD card or similar - double click - tab driver-
    Click on update drivers (this likely will do nothing that MS is far behind the certifying drivers) then right click
    following the UNINSTALL.

    Now bring the controllers USB - right click - UNINSTALL everything in category one at time EXCEPT
    the category itself - REBOOT. This will refresh the USB driver stack.

    Here is the similar procedure under XP, Vista is the same, except that we need to clear the specific device if present.

    Do 1 above.

    USBDeview is a small utility that lists all USB devices currently connected to your computer, as well as
    all USB devices that you previously used. Run Options and check the 1st three choices to see if one is
    it. you can remove all instances of the drive and restart again.

    Start - type in the search box - Windows Disk - find Windows Disk Management on the list above.
    Right-click - look RUN AS ADMIN to see if there is a drive letter assigned or a conflict.

    Check with the manufacturer of your system for the updated drivers - some card readers to do not use windows


    If necessary try these two:

    Tips for solving problems of USB devices - and a Mr Fixit

    Hardware devices not detected or not working - Mr. Fixit

    Hope that helps.

  • Muse crashing when you try to copy guides

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    Yes everyone who arrives, you can not copy or cut a guide... the bug is that Adobe put the option to when you click right one

  • File modified icons and error when you try to copy files: 0 x 80070052

    ll of a sudden, I found my Word document files, pdf and other files differnet looking and I got this message eorro 0 x 80070052 when I tried to copy

    I tried to solve this problem, but I forgot:

    I have norton antivirus on my pc and windows vista, I suddenly found that all my files (documents, photos odfs... etc) all have a strange icon placed in the original top icon it looks like Media Player. I can open them on the pc, but I have treid to opencoy to my USB, he initially said no space and I deleted files. ND, then I tried to copy these fields to it, I got this error message:

    0 x 80070052

    and I think that it is aa problem with my antivirus it diesnt run correctly.

    pelase advise I can't afford lossing my documents.

    Thank you


    Error 0 x 80070052 occurs usually when you try to copy files to an external storage device. You can format the drive to the FAT32 file system format and check if this solves the problem.

    Come to your icons of files problem, I suggest you perform a system restore to restore the computer to an earlier point in time before the problem occurred.

    See these articles for help:

    Kind regards
    Afzal Taher
    Microsoft technical support engineer

  • Windows Explorer crashes when you try to copy a file

    Win xp Pro

    When you try to copy a file using windows Explorer, the application crashes. I tried to use select times of right mouse and select menu with the same results.

    All solutions short of re - install XP

    Win xp Pro

    When you try to copy a file using windows Explorer, the application crashes. I tried to use select times of right mouse and select menu with the same results.

    All solutions short of re - install XP

    This happens with any file or a particular file?

    Have you tried the copy command from a command prompt window (start > run > cmd > OK)?

    For the full syntax of the copy command, see http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb490886.aspx

  • Illustrater crashes when you try to save files

    Hey guys,.

    We have big problems with our illustrator cs5.1 on windows 7 since today.

    For some reason, it started crashing when you want to record new and existing files...

    If we open a document existing in cmyk color mode and just text or shapes etc. in the file it will record it as normal, but it will break trying to save if we whatever it is placed in the file as a jpeg file, and it will also crash if we changed the mode to RGB color.

    We have tried everything we can think OFF... remove configuration illustrator files... Uninstall and reinstall... even with the cleanup tool on adobe...

    any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.


    You possibly updated your graphics driver or Adobe AIR / Flash Player and is playing with the sincxe of things UI components are related to this... In addition, since file dialog boxes are involved in the present, it is possible quitre, you have changed a Windows Explorer folder view option and the program bombs now using this new default. Reset to one of the non-thumbnail view as list types then.


  • In Windows 7 when you try to copy files to an external hard drive, getting the error "are you sure you want to copy this file without its properties?

    I know there have been a few posts on this in the past, but I have a slightly different query.

    To copy files from my drive NTFS of Windows 7 64 bit for my Western Digital My Book World Edition II 2 GB player manually, not with the WD software provided), for some files, the following message appears.
    "Are you sure you want to copy this file without its properties?  The X file has properties that cannot be copied to the new location. »
    After investigation, it appears that Western Digital My Book World Edition II is not NTFS format and is, in fact, driven Linux.
    Their technical support has confirmed that, despite the message, it is safe to copy files and rely on this backup (I want to backup my drive HARD whole so I can do a clean install - so it's really important!).
    Is anyone able to advise exactly what means the message in terms of properties lost?

    If you right-click on one of the files in Windows Explorer, then select Properties, you will see the Details tab of the properties he wouldn't if the files have been copied to a drive not NTFS. They are written in an Alternate Data Stream (ADS), and the FAT format readers include ADS.

    It depends on the file type of the importance of these properties. If you have spent a lot of time, adding titles and comments and authors and authors e-mail addresses to docprops your Word documents, for example, that the work would be lost.

    If you can live with the loss of these properties, go ahead - standard properties will be re-writings in the file when you restore from backup. It's of course time and resources.

    To avoid this problem, format your external drive to use the NTFS system.


  • error 0 x 80070052 when you try to copy files to a USB

    Original title: error 0 x 80070052

    When you copy a file on a USB key, I get error 0 x 80070052 - failed to create the directory or file. Here's the odd part. When the file is named "114721_typ.jpg", I get the error. When he was appointed "114721_ty.jpg" I don't get the error. (Same file renamed.) When you rename the file is not an acceptable solution, because the files are installed by an installation program and must be used with the original names. If I copy the file and try to change the name to add the last letter that will fail. Good luck to find this one!


    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Communities. From your problem description, I understand that questions from the front during the copy of the files on the USB key. Please correct me that I misunderstood.

    I suggest you to follow the steps suggested by Fahimulla K and check if it helps.


    Try the steps mentioned in the link and come back if the problem persists while we can help you to repair.

  • Windows Update crashes when you try to install an update.

    Running Windows Vista Home-system hangs at the screen that says: do not unplug or turn off your computer - installation of update 1 of 1.  Has been hung for 2 hours on this same screen.  Update is currently set to automatically install updates.  Should have started last night.  Cannot use the computer without defying the screen that says do not unplug or power off the computer.   What should I do?

    Here are two methods you can try: method 1: start with the Windows installation disc and use the repair feature method 2: start the computer in safe mode and then use the system restore feature

    Source: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/949358




    TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2011 - Update Services

  • Windows Update crashes when you try to download updates. (2 different BIT errors)

    Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. AVG free.

    When I press "install updates" in the windows update window, it says downloading updates... 0 percent and it freezes.

    After a long time, itll fail and give me code error 80246008. I did what was said on this site, and it still doesn't work. http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows-Vista/Windows-Update-error-80246008

    I don't know if because it is not windows 7 specific, that i should even have to do that. The problem is that whenever I start CUTS in services, itll give me the error:

    "Windows didn't start the Service on the Local computer's Background Intelligent Transfer." For more information, see the system event log. If it is a non-Microsoft service, contact the service vendor and refer to service-specific error code - 2147024891. »

    In the event viewer, I have 2 errors. The first said "the BITS service was able to start. 2nd one that follows, error 0 x 80070005. ' said ' the Background Intelligent Transfer service completed with the specific service error %-2147024891.. »

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you!

    Thanks Kim, but could you be more specific about where the path of % ALLUSERSPROFILE might actually be on a standard installation of C:?

    I don't think that this folder exists nowhere in C:/users, including hidden files. Would be - it different in Windows 7?

    EDIT: Thanks for the help guys, I decided just to format, because that would be a guaranteed solution and everything seems to be working again now.

  • Explorer Windows Vista crashes when I try to open some files containing new real player files whose icons are not yet open.

    Also the RealPlayer downloader is closed by the DEP and direct control host quick time windows will stop working.

    I tried to reinstall realplayer, but does not work.

    It could be Aproblematique with the codecs trying to preview the files. Go to the Control Panel, reports on problems and Solutions, click on "View problem history" on the left pane, scroll down to Windows Explorer, under click twice on the problem that correspond to the date and time that you have encountered the problem. Note the name of the file next to the heading ' fault module name: ', google for the file to see what program it is. Uninstall, update or reinstall the program.

  • Vista Windows Mail crashes when you try to download.

    Email download freezes and restart the computer to receive emails.  This method works for about 12 hours and then need to reboot again to get new e-mail messages.  Unable to find a fix anywhere.

    Try to repair the database (www.oehelp.com/WMUtil/) and also see point 3 here: www.oehelp.com/OETips.aspx#3

    Email download freezes and restart the computer to receive emails.  This method works for about 12 hours and then need to reboot again to get new e-mail messages.  Unable to find a fix anywhere.

  • Adobe Illustrator crashes when you try to copy


    When I use Adobe Illustrator and I am trying to copy an object, the program crashes.

    I use Adobe Illustrator with a cloud subscription.

    The following attempted to fix the problem.

    1. I tried to remove folder user profile settings and data from the program (Windows 7).
    2. Also, I reinstalled the VGA drivers.
    3. I uninstalled the creative Cloud platform and all of its components (Photoshop and Illustrator).
    4. Then I updated Windows with all the latest updates and I reinstalled the creative cloud with all updates.

    The problem still exists. I need your help.

    Finally, I installed a newer version of the VGA drivers and the problem resolved!

  • "error when you try to copy files from music for the cd drive.

    CD or dvd

    tried to copy the music files for the disk. The disc said that DVD and the radio do not play it says: "cd error". Do I need to use a CD or I'm doing something else wrong? Thank you.


    Check with the experts here

    Burned CD does not not in car CD player

    Why the CD player in my car does not play the CD that I burn?

    I hope this helps.
    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

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